Top 10 Best Gopro Smart Remotes in 2024


GoPro has plenty of interesting accessories. A lot of them are actually offered by GoPro but there are also many that come from third-party manufacturers. Odds are that if someone owns such an action camera he will inevitably find himself searching or owning accessories.

One interesting little gadget that some GoPro users have is a smart remote. The way the work is fairly simple. They need to be connected to WiFi with the camera. The camera itself will recognize the remote with the aid of its firmware and will allow for commands to be sent over WiFi. These remotes usually offer basic controls which can help record some interesting footage. The camera can be placed in a fixed position and turned on to start recording while not having to physically touch it. It is a neat feature that pretty much every go pro owner would find fun and useful.

Best Gopro Smart Remotes in 2024

The problem with GoPro smart remotes is that there are not that many options to choose from. GoPro offer their own remotes and there are only a few third-party manufacturers that actually make such remotes. We managed to put together a small list of the remotes that actually work. With no further ado here are the top 10 best GoPro smart remotes in 2024 reviews.

10. TELESIN Smart WiFi Remoted For GoPro Cameras

Remote Control for GoPro, TELESIN Wireless Smart Controller w Hand Strap for Go Pro Mini Max Hero 12 11 10 9 8 Bike Motorcycle Cycling Accessories

The TELESIN smart remote for GoPro cameras is an advanced model that offers all the standard features as the remote made by GoPro themselves. It is compact, easy to use and very straightforward.

The device is made using a waterproof construction and a great battery that should last for quite some time. It allows the user to connect it to WiFi to the camera and control all the basic functions such as turning the camera on or off, starting or stopping a recording and take pictures.

9. GoPro WiFi Smart Remote And Battery Bundle

GoPro Wi-Fi Remote and Battery Bundle

The bundle offered by GoPro is a great choice for the ones that are looking for a good deal. It is an affordable package that includes an extra battery and a small waterproof remote.

Similar to other remotes the device allows the user to turn on or off the camera and start and end a recording. On the front side, the remote comes with a small display that shows the length of the current recording and several other useful pieces of information.

8. TZYtech Wireless Smart Remote Bundle For GoPro Cameras


TZYtech is one of the smaller brands that offers several different accessories for GoPro Hero cameras including a smart wireless remote. The remote can be paired with the device over WiFi and offers just the basic features.

For this bundle, the manufacturers included a wrist wrap to hold the remote and a small pouch to carry it. It features a large capacity battery and a small charger. The device can be used to turn on or off the device and initiate video recordings.

7. LOPOO Wireless Remote Control For GoPro Hero Cameras


LOPOO offers a great wireless remote for GoPro cameras that works quite well and comes with all the basic features one would need. It is a simple device that needs to be connected to the camera over WiFi and works with most GoPro Hero series of devices.

The remote features a small LCD screen that can show the length of the current recording, battery status, wireless signal and video resolution. It can be used to turn on or off the camera or start and stop a video recording.

6. Pixco Waterproof Wireless GoPro Camera Remote


Pixco is a small brand with which most might not be familiar with. They offer a great little remote that comes with a decent price tag and works with most GoPro Hero cameras.

Similar to other GoPro smart remotes the model needs to be connected to the camera using WiFi. It comes with just two buttons to turn on or off the device and start a recording. The device also features a small LCD screen that can show relevant information with regards to the camera and the current recording.

5. Nechkitter GoPro Wireless Smart Remote Control


Nechkitter GoPro wireless remote control is a great option for the ones that need something cheap that works well with their camera. It is a simple remote that is very similar to the one made by GoPro themselves.

The remote offers just two features and those are to power on or off the device and to initiate a recording. To make it work the remote needs to be connected to WiFi to the camera. It has a built-in battery that charges quite fast and comes with a Velcro strap to secure it to the user’s wrist.

4. GoPro Original Smart Waterproof Remote Control And Memory Card Bundle For GoPro Hero Cameras

No products found.

GoPro Original Smart remote is the first device of this type that was introduced. It was the inspiration for most third-party manufacturers to actually develop their own versions.

The remote is fairly straightforward. It needs to be connected to the camera over WiFi and allows the user just to turn the device on and start a recording. The remote comes as a bundle that includes a 32 GB MicroSD card which will work with any GoPro Hero camera.

3. GoPro Smart WiFi Remote

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The GoPro Smart WiFi remote is the basic model that comes with absolutely no extras or bonuses. It is the original remote that was released by GoPro for all their Hero series of cameras.

One interesting feature of the remote is the fact that it can control up to 50 cameras at the same time. It comes with its own keychain and charging cable and it allows the user to start filming or to take pictures. The device is completely waterproof and connects to the cameras over WiFi.

2. Removu RM-P1 Wi-Fi Remote Control And Viewer For GoPro Cameras

No products found.

The Removu RM-P1 remote for GoPro Hero cameras is one of the most advanced devices on our list. It is even more advanced that the remote offered by GoPro themselves.

What makes this particular remote so special is the fact that it comes with a built-in color display. It allows the user to view the footage in real time and control the camera. The user can start or stop a recording, control playback and perform several other actions using the remote.

1. GoPro Original Smart Remote For GoPro Hero Cameras

GoPro Smart Remote Control - Compatible with HERO8 Black, MAX, HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session, and Fusion (GoPro Official Accessory)

The GoPro Original Smart remote is the second generation released by the manufacturers. It has a basic design and a very compact form factor with just 3 physical buttons and a small LCD screen that can show information about the camera.

Using it is fairly simple and it is limited to turning the camera on or off, starting or stopping a recording and open the settings menu. The remote needs to be connected to the camera over WiFi and come with a built-in rechargeable battery.

There are not that many different remotes for GoPro Hero cameras. Also, most of them seem to be identical despite coming from different manufacturers. In most situations, this is exactly the case which would make it a bit confusing for someone to pick a decent remote.

To make things easier we scouted for the 10 most reliable remotes. Their pricing varies a bit but they are all affordable. The best deals come from bundles that include additional bonuses and accessories.


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