Top 10 Best Portable Beach Umbrellas in 2024


The summer is all about getting that much-awaited week of vacation. There is no better time to get a few days off and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, under the sun, without having to deal with the rush of city life. Almost everyone that is getting some vacation days during the summer will most likely end up on a beach somewhere. Some might choose to go to a beach closer to home while others will be tempted to see more exotic places. The ones that chose to take a few days off and relax on a beach close by, know very well that there is more to carry in terms of luggage. A good beach umbrella is a mandatory accessory.

Portable Beach Umbrellas of 2020Portable Beach Umbrellas

While some beaches have places from which umbrellas can be rented, it is much more convenient to just have your own umbrella packed into the trunk. A regular umbrella should not be very big. The reasoning behind this is that it needs to fit inside the trunk and a full-size beach umbrella is definitely not an option. A reasonable beach umbrella should be portable in one way or another and fortunately, there are plenty to pick from. Today we will go through a quick list of the most popular portable beach umbrellas. There is a wide selection available but only a handful managed to get into our list.

Types of Beach Umbrellas

When it comes to determining the types of Beach Umbrellas then there are few types but these types are effective in their own sense. With that said, there are 3 main types of beach umbrellas:

UV-Proof Beach Umbrella

Umbrellas are designed in such a way that they can protect you from UV-rays that are emitted from the sun. And when you are in the market then first and common type of umbrella that you will come across with the UV-proof Beach Umbrella. This type of Umbrella is designed in a way that it completely covers you and protects you from the rays that are emitted from the sun. And when you are on a beach then you would need something that can assure you to protect yours from the sun. When you are relaxing and spending your weekend on a beach then that last thing you want is to get sunkissed or get sunburned. So, in that case, such protection can come in handy. You can not only get some shade against the sunlight but also protect your skin. Due to these benefits, it is often in high demand. This is the most common type of Umbrella that is used on the beach.

Clamp-on Beach Umbrella

This type of Umbrella is used in some compact situations and they are rather small in size when you compare then with normal Umbrellas. This is Clamp-on Umbrella that allows you to resist heat while you are chilling on your chair in the garden or beach. It is a perfect fit for blocking the heat while you are sitting. With that, this type of Umbrellas is equipped with 8 panels, and each individual panel clips on the table or anywhere you want. As I mentioned that you can clamp them on the surface of your choice then it becomes easy to get protection from the sun at any angle and at any position. If you’re going to spend a day on a calm beach, the clamp-on umbrellas are the perfect option for you.

Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella

When we talk about commercial-grade beach umbrellas you can guess their usage by their name, they are commonly referred to heavy-duty Umbrellas. They are made with exceptional materials and they are also found to be water-resistant. They are mainly used in some heavy-duty work and some rugged areas, because of the materials it uses to protect you from various elements of nature. As I mentioned their exceptional uses it is commonly used by the various policeman who controls traffic. Due to its high-quality built structure, it can bear all the wear and tear that you go through. This type of Umbrella can be the perfect companion for harsh and unbearable situations. They usually consist of fiberglass which provides them with flexibility and a significant amount of strength. Because they are equipped with some reinforced steel and the frame is of high-quality it makes sure that you don’t get harmed by some harsh weather conditions. The fabric in use is often canvas. Canvas not only provides high durability but is pretty

Best Portable Beach Umbrellas in 2024

Here are the top 10 best portable beach umbrellas in 2024.

10. Ammsun Folded Beach Umbrella

AMMSUN 6.5ft twice folded Portable beach umbrella with sand anchor windproof, Push Button Tilt and Air vent UV 50+ Protection Fits in a large Suitcase for Patio Garden Beach Pool Backyard Blue
Ammsun beach umbrella offers great value for money. It is an inexpensive product that is both functional and well built. It is a 6 ft. umbrella with steel ribs and a foldable design that makes it very easy to travel with. Basically, it fits in the 2.4 ft. holster that comes with the umbrella. The model is made out of a printed polyester fabric that is very durable and offers protection against the sun. for the ones that need a sand anchor, the manufacturers offer it separately.


  • Inexpensive
  • Very compact when stored in the carry bag
  • Steel ribs and pole


  • Tips at the end of the ribs tend to fall off

The umbrella uses plastic tips on the ribs to hold the fabric in place. This is pretty much how all umbrellas work but for the Ammsun, the tips are not long enough or simply they are not very well designed. They will slide off the ribs from time to time but they can be placed back. This can be a bit annoying on a windy day.

9. Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella

Impact Canopy 8FT-Rum-B Beach Umbrella Rainbow Carry Bag-8 Foot, Multi-Color
Impact Canopy makes a decent beach umbrella for a decent price tag. It is an 8 feet umbrella with fiberglass ribs and an aluminum pole. It is a large model that can offer shade and protection from the sun for two people. The umbrella has a vented top that allows airflow and prevents inversion. It includes a carry bag for easy transportation and even a ground spike to properly secure it.


  • Steel ribs and pole
  • Large 8 foot top
  • Comes with a carry bag and ground spike


  • Quite heavy

The umbrella is quite large which is a good and bad thing. Being large also means that it is heavy despite having an aluminum pole. It is easy to transport in the carry bag it comes with has shoulder straps but it is heavy. It is difficult to imagine someone actually carrying it because of its size and weight.

8. JGR Copa 46313 Classic Oxford Beach Umbrella

copa NEW Improved Quality Beach Umbrella Classic Oxford 6ft or 7ft Certified by The Skin Cancer Foundation
Not everyone needs an excessively large umbrella. The JGR Copa Classic Oxford beach umbrella is a medium-sized model measuring 6 ft. and sturdy construction with steel ribs. One useful feature is the fact that the umbrella can have the tilt angle adjusted. Also, the pole is made out of aluminum and it has a built-in anchor. The umbrella is available in several different colors and a larger 7 ft. version is also available.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable tilt mechanism


  • Built-in anchor does not work all that well

The design of the anchor is not that great when using the umbrella on the sand. It is meant to be screwed into place and the sand will not be able to provide the proper support. In order to get it to stand upright properly, the pole needs to be pushed deeper into the sand. It is not the greatest design for an anchor but it works to a certain degree.

7. Shadezilla Platinum Polyester Beach Umbrella

Shadezilla Platinum 6.5 ft Polyester 100 UPF Beach Umbrella with Vent & Tilt
Shadezilla offers a great beach umbrella that was made to be lightweight and provide a good amount of shade. It is made out of polyester and measures about 6.5 ft. The ribs are made out of steel while the pole is out of aluminum and can be collapsed. The umbrella also has a built-in anchor that measures 7.3 inches. It can be buried in the sand and managed to remain stable. As a bonus, the umbrella comes with a carry bag with shoulder straps. The umbrella is available in several different sizes and four different colors to choose from.


  • large, 6.5 ft. umbrella
  • includes a carry bag
  • built-in anchor


  • not strong enough for windy days

It is a bit unclear as to why this happens but it the umbrella will not survive a very windy day. It might have something to do with its design and how the ribs are arched. The fabric used is very dense and resilient but during a windy day, it can get damaged. As long as it is not used on a very windy day it should survive just fine.

6. Frankford Umbrella Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella

7.5 ft.Steel Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella Ash Wood Pole & Carry Bag
Frankford makes a great beach umbrella. It is a premium product which means it comes with a higher price tag. It is a 7.5 ft. the umbrella which means it is quite large. It is suitable for two or more people. The fabric used is marine grade acrylic which offers great protection against the sun. The ribs of the umbrella are made out of steel while the pole is sharp at one end to make it easy to place into the sand. Unlike other umbrellas, the pole is made out of ashwood. The model is available in multiple different colors and patterns and two different sizes.


  • ashwood pole
  • durable acrylic fabric
  • large 7.5 ft


  • very expensive

The umbrella is one of the best offerings on our list for a good reason. It has a premium build quality. It looks great and it is very durable. The only problem is the high price tag. It is an expensive umbrella and not everyone is willing to spend as much as four times the regular price of the regular beach umbrella.

5. Copa Band Beach Premium Umbrella

copa Brand Outdoor Patio & Beach Premium Umbrella Certified by Skin Cancer Foundation UV Protection UPF 50+ Reinforced with Metal Ribs (Assorted Colors and Sizes)
Copa Band beach umbrella offers a great deal of money. The manufacturers claim it is a premium product which is not very far away from the truth. It is a well-constructed umbrella with a steel tube structure and steel ribs. The model has venting holes at the top which means that it allows air to pass through making it much more stable on a windy day. The model is available in two sizes, 6.5 ft. and 8 ft.


  • very durable
  • all-steel construction
  • made in 6.5 ft and 8 ft. sizes


  • not completely windproof

Despite having ventilation holes at the top the umbrella is not completely windproof. It does manage to stay stable in place during a mildly windy day. If the wind is too intense, the umbrella might have some trouble staying in place. It can also get damaged as it can flip over and the steel ribs can bend and break.

4. AosKe Portable Sun Shade Umbrella

AosKe Beach Umbrella UV 50+,Umbrella with Sand Anchor&Tilt Aluminum Pole, Outdoor Sunshade umbrella with handbag, Portable Beach Umbrella with Carry Bag for Beach Patio Garden Outdoor-Orange
The AosKe portable beach umbrella is a great pick for the ones that need something with a few more features than a standard model. It is an umbrella with a tilt feature that makes it very easy to adjust without having to move around it. The structure of the model is quite durable with an aluminum frame and steel ribs. Polyester has been the fabric of choice as it can successfully block the sun and it is quite durable.


  • all-steel construction
  • built-in anchor
  • tilt system


  • not very stable

The tilt feature is great, especially since not that many beach umbrellas have it. It does imply one issue and that is stability. If the umbrella is tilted and it is windy, it will get knocked down almost instantly. Other than that it should not have any kind of problems. It is a great umbrella that is inexpensive and looks premium.

3. EasyGo Rainbow Beach Umbrella

EasyGo Rainbow Beach Umbrella - Portable Wind Beach Umbrella Large – Folding Beach Umbrella Set with Screw Anchor and Carrying Bag (Rainbow-6Ft)
EasyGo Rainbo beach umbrella is one of the cheapest picks on our list. It is a simple model with good construction and a carry bag included. This makes it easy to transport and pack. The umbrella is enhanced with fiberglass ribs that offer decent durability and measure about 6 ft. when opened. The model is available in two different sizes and just one color design.


  • carry bag included
  • large 6 ft. or 7 ft. options
  • stable design


  • the aluminum pole does not feel strong enough

One issue that most will notice is the aluminum pole. It is strong but not strong enough. It can bend if too much pressure is applied. The problem comes from the fact that the manufacturers used a thin pole. If it was a bit thicker maybe it would have been strong enough to not bend in certain circumstances.

2. Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather and Sun Umbrella

Sport-Brella Vented SPF 50+ Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella for Beach and Sports Events (8-Foot, Red)
Sport-Brella portable beach umbrella is a great pick that offers good value for money and excellent design. It can actually be used like a large canopy or a regular umbrella. The model has two windows that can be covered and vent holes at the top. The fabric from which it is made is completely waterproof and it blocks the sun offering shade over a large surface. Last but not least the umbrella becomes very compact and extremely easy to carry.


  • 2-in-1 can be used as an umbrella or small canopy
  • Lightweight
  • Large 8 ft. umbrella
  • Side windows and vent holes


  • Not recommended for windy conditions

Despite having vent holes at the top, the umbrella is not as durable as some would come to think. It is still decent on a windy day but under extreme wind conditions, it will not do well. Intense wind will knock it off or if it is used as a canopy it will simply get pushed around. For a regular day at the beach, it should be more than great especially since it is so convenient to use.

1. Sport-Brella Versa-Brella All Position Umbrella

Sport-Brella Versa-Brella 4-Way Swiveling Sun Umbrella (Midnight Blue)
Sport-Brella Versa-Brella is one of the most popular picks on our list for the ones that are looking for something for the beach. It is a simple, small but large enough umbrella with a different shape that will provide enough shade for a person. The model is made of an aluminum pole and it can have the tilt adjusted. Also, being a bit smaller also means that it is much easier to pack and travel with.


  • Very compact
  • Adjustable tilt
  • Very lightweight
  • Inexpensive


  • Quite small

The only complaint some would have about the umbrella is that it is quite small. It is suitable for one person and even the larger version is not large enough. On the other hand, for the price, it is difficult to find something better. It is well-constructed and very practical.

What Umbrella To Pick?

There are a lot of different umbrellas to choose from. Even the ones that are not specifically branded as beach umbrellas can work very well. We managed to pick several decent models that offer great value for money but it is important to compare them as they are not all the same. Here are some important features to keep an eye open for.

  • Tilt system: This is an optional feature and not all umbrellas have it. It is worth noting that these umbrellas are not as sturdy as the ones that do not have a tilt system
  • Size: The size of an umbrella can vary a lot. It is important to compare different sizes and some models might be too small for two people.
  • Vent holes: Vent holes are useful during a windy day but not everyone wants to go to the beach if the weather is not ideal. It can be useful but it is not something mandatory
  • Carry bag included: Not all models have a carry bag included and not all of them need one. Still, it is better to try and get an umbrella that has a carry bag just to make it easier to transport.

Best Portable Beach Umbrella – Buyer’s Guide

Portable Beach Umbrellas

There are a lot of different umbrellas to choose from. The ones that are not certified as beach umbrellas can also be a perfect fit for use in the summertime at the beach. The mentioned above models are decent and ideal for use at a beach hence we have tried to mention all those that can be ideal and suitable for a beach environment. But for your concern here are some factors to understand and to determine which Umbrella is the best option for you.

Tilt Mechanism

Well, this is an additional feature that is provided in some premium quality Umbrellas this option is not equipped by every Umbrella that you come across. The tilt mechanism involves a rotating component that allows the Umbrella to be adjusted at any angle but it loses its sturdiness as compared to normal without tilt mechanism Umbrellas.


Well, choosing the Umbrella according to size is completely dependent on you. Because there are several sizes of these Umbrellas available but choosing the perfect and ideal size for you is based on your requirement and preference.

Vent Holes

Why are vent holes important?

They are extremely feasible when you are going through a windy day. But we all can agree at this point that not every person likes to visit the beach when the weather is not ideal. So, I may say that this feature is useful but it is not necessary for your Umbrella to have it. When a Beach Umbrella is equipped with Vent Holes then you should be thanking the manufacturer that they have provided it because it maintains the balance of the umbrella and it also helps you to connect with the surrounding. Other than that, it is not a mandatory feature but if your Umbrella has it then that’s a good sign.

Carry Bag Accessories

Not all models have a carry bag included and not all of them need one. Still, it is better to try and get an umbrella that has a carry bag just to make it easier to transport. When you buy an Umbrella then you should be getting a bag for carrying it when it is not in use. Hence it is mandatory to get an Umbrella with a bag so that it is convenient for you to carry the Umbrella around while traveling.


When an Umbrella is mentioned under the waterproofing category then it does not mean that they are just wind and waterproof they are also weatherproof. There are some Umbrellas that are equipped with stainless-steel poles and ribbing parts that do not allow to rust make their place in that Umbrella. What I mean is that these features will avoid any type of rust formation process. This sit can enhance the lifespan of the Umbrella. The factor of weatherproofing enables various possibilities and makes it perfect and ideal for use in rigged situations, and near oceans where the atmosphere is full of debris and dust. The prolonged weatherproofing factor the better it will work against some harsh weather situations.

The UPF Rating

When it comes to protecting yourself from sun rays through an Umbrella then this factor is considered to be the most important factor for that. Basically, because of this beach Umbrella is categorized in its own category differentiating itself from other ordinary Umbrellas. The elaboration of UPF rating is the Ultraviolet Protection Factor, defending you from Ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun. The range of this rating is from 15 to 50+. Coming towards the numbers and details the range from 15-24 is considered to be healthy and good for protecting you from refined Ultraviolet rays.

Why you might ask?

Because it essentially blocks out 93-95% of UV radiations that are exerted from the sun. Well, moving up in the range, the range between 25 to 39 is then considered to be very good as it helps you block 96 to 97% of the UV rays. Now you have guessed it right that the best rating in this spectrum is ranging from 40 to 50+ because it prevents 97.5 to 98+ % of the UV rays.

Portability Factor

If your Umbrella lacks this factor then it is of no use. Because Umbrellas are made to carry around and if your Umbrella is not then why are you keeping or using it? The same is the case with Beach Umbrellas, they are made to carry around and even can be clipped on a surface. As they have lightweight with easy portability conditions such as grip, compact, and much more.

With that, they are extremely easy to set up and use.

The portability factor makes the day that you want to have on the beach pleasant and enjoyable. And when you are checking the portability factor there are some essential things and features to notice such as the size of the Umbrella when it is closed, the lightweight of the Umbrella, and the storage coverage of the Umbrella.

FAQ’s – Best Portable Beach UmbrellasPortable Beach Umbrellas

Does A Beach Umbrella Offer SPF protection?

When the research was conducted it was found that beach Umbrellas are no good in protecting you from harmful sun rays and it might actually get you sunburned if not adjusted at a proper angle.

But they are effective in blocking the sun yet they let pass through the rays with difficult penetration levels.

So, yes UV-rays in normal Beach Umbrellas are not deflected but when it comes to that it can make the penetration process tough hence resulting in low-density UV-rays penetrating towards you.

How Do You Anchor A Beach Umbrella in The Sand?

If you want to bury your Umbrella in the sand well, then you should take a look at the instruction that is provided with your Umbrella. You should bury the Umbrella using the process of rocking back and forth motion.

You don’t want to stab the Umbrella into the sand it can harm the umbrella and downsize its quality. When it comes to inserting the Umbrella then the rocking motion is the key to that.

Moreover, I’m saying it again that you should be always curious about reading the instruction that is mentioned on a Beach Umbrella or whether they can be mentioned on the packaging in which you receive your Umbrella.

How Do I Anchor A BeachUumbrella?

If you want to install your Umbrella in the sand then I would prefer you to use the rocking back and forth process with this it will reach a depth and will not risk falling either on you or away from you. You should not just stick it in the sand because eventually it loses its grip and fall away or on you.

With this rocking motion technique, you can make your Umbrella still in a fixed position with no risk of falling. The best way of burring the Umbrella in the sand is by using a 1/3rd portion of the depth of the sand to make it steady and fixed.

When you have done this process then there is another method that will make sure that your Umbrella stays in the sand for a long time and that is opening the Umbrella and using its rotation feature to set it against the force of the wind.

This can be helpful as the force of the wind will constantly keep pushing your Umbrella back into the sand. But this method has a flaw that throughout the day the direction of the wind will change so you have to change the tilt of the Umberall accordingly.

Do All Umbrellas Come with UV Protection?

According to various studies, it has been proven that a UV protection equipped Umbrella can block up to three-quarters of the rays on a bright sunny day.

And if your Umbrella color is black then that is even better in blocking the UV rays as it can block up to 90% of the rays.

Can I Use A Beach Umbrella As A Patio Umbrella Too?

When you are on a beach then you might find yourself carrying the Umbrella consistently. But when you are at home then there is you and your porch and the deck seat that you will sit on.

So, you can easily insert a beach Umbrella inside a hole that is provided either in the table or the chair depending on your choice and the availability of the products.

Their poles can be easily installed in any of these mentioned peepholes to make it still. But I would suggest that you get a patio Umbrella as they have a flat bottom that increases its stability.

What is A Vented Beach Umbrella?

This is another type of Umbrella but it is rather a feature, not a type as it is found in different types of Umbrella.

Even this feature is to be found in the Commercial-Grade Umbrella and this can be an exceptional feature.

Such a feature can be extremely advantageous as an Umbrella is equipped with some vents on the top of the Umbrella to let the air pass through and make you feel more viable and breathing while you are protecting yourself with an Umbrella.


When you are buying such an extraordinary discovery you would want to have some features that can take you off the edge hence if you are buying it from this article then we have mentioned every product that is rated on Amazon and they all have ideal to perfect reviews.

So, if you want a Beach Umbrella that you can carry on the beach for having some fun while not getting affected by the sun’s rays, then there are several options for you and if you want it then this article has more than enough product reviews that you can order for yourself from the online market.

For your convenience, we have also included a buyer’s guide so that you can have a look at its perks and features before buying such a product.

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