Top 10 Best GoPro Skeleton Housings in 2024


GoPro cameras are more popular than ever due to just how reliable they are. On top of their high performance and excellent image quality, the GoPro Hero series comes with a very decent price. What ends up happening with most GoPro is the need to get additional accessories. The camera itself is fairly basic with some features that are and in some cases depending on what they will be used for a case or a separate microphone will be required.

Today we will go through several different cases. Some of them are meant just as a means to protect the camera for impacts although GoPro devices are fairly sturdy. Other cases offer extra protection against water which is a more than welcomed feature especially for the ones that need to use it in difficult conditions or even beneath water.

Best GoPro Skeleton Housings in 2024

For our picklist we had to browse through several hundreds of different cases. What becomes obvious that the exact same case is being sold under different brands but for most part they are identical. Out of all of the current cases for GoPro cameras we managed to select 10 different models. Some might seem similar to others. All of them are affordable and can fulfill a certain role without major problems. Here are the top 10 best GoPro skeleton housings in 2024.

10. Shoot Metal Aluminium Alloy Protective Housing Case Shell for GoPro Hero 3 3+ (Black)

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Shoot offers a great protective housing for GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 3+ cameras. It is a simple model that goes around the camera but leaves the front and back open. It can provide decent impact absorption and it comes with screw holes to have various attachments.

The model is made out of an aluminum alloy that will prove to be durable enough. It is painted in black and it is relatively easy to install. The model is also quite lightweight even if it is not made out of polycarbonate.

9. Neewer Metal Skeleton Thick Solid Protective Case

9. Neewer Metal Skeleton Thick Solid Protective Case

The Neewer offers a great value for money. For the price the manufacturers included quite a few accessories as a bonus. It actually comes the snap on frame, a lens cap and a high definition lens.

In terms of protection the metal skeleton case is more than enough for almost any kind of activity or sport. The lens that is included has a 37MM UV filter that can protect the camera from dust and dirt. Also it has a 2x zoom which will prove to be quite useful under certain conditions.

8. GoPro Camera AHBSH-401 Blackout Housing

GoPro Blackout Housing (Matte Black) (GoPro Official Accessory)

GoPro Camera AHBSH-401 is actually one of the few housings made by GoPro. It is a decent option that comes with an excellent price tag and superior protection. It completely covers the camera thus protecting it from dust and small particles.

Looking at compatibility the model works only with the Hero4, Hero3 and Hero3+. Its solid construction also makes it completely waterproof and can be submerged under water but to a maximum depth of 40 meters.

7. Nechkitter Black Frame Mount Housing Anti-exposure Frame with Lens Hood

Nechkitter Anti-Exposure Frame with Lens Hood for GoPro Hero4 Hero3 3+, Black Frame Mount Housing with Quick Release Buckle and Thumbscrew (Black)

Nechkitter has one of the more affordable housing for GoPro cameras. Their model offers a great value for the money with a sturdy build and a modest price tag. It is made out of a durable polycarbonate with an additional lens hood.

Unlike other models it does not fully cover the camera which means it is not waterproof or completely dustproof. What it can do is to protect the camera from physical damage. It was made to work with the GoPro Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4.

6. GoPro The Frame

GoPro Frame Mount (ANDMK-301) for HERO3 and HERO3+ Cameras

GoPro The Frame is one of the most popular models from the manufacturer. It has a simple design and it is reasonably priced making it a decent pick for the ones with a limited budget that need a minimum level of protection.

The model has a sturdy minimalist design that covers the edges of the camera. It includes a convenient extendable support arm that can be used to get steady shots. As a bonus, GoPro included a protective lens cover that will keep dust and small particles away.

5. WiserElectronic Side Open Skeleton Housing

WiserElecton Side Open Skeleton Housing for GoPro Hero4 Hero3+ Hero 3 Cameras with Touch Function Protective Backdoor and Lens

WiserElectronic is a great option for the ones that need something simple and efficient without having to spend too much on a skeleton housing. It is made out of a durable polycarbonate that completely covers the camera. However it was designed to be used for underwater shooting. It can be used under rainy conditions.

The housing was made to work with the GoPro Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4. It is very easy to put on and comes with cutouts for the buttons and the ports on the sides.

4. Nechkitter Generic Black Frame Protective Skeleton Housing

JINHEZO for GoPro Hero 5/6 / 7 Frame Clear View Shell, Protective Skeleton Housing Case, with Quick Release Buckle, Long Thumb Bolt Screw, and Lens Cap, Action

The Nechkitter black frame protecting skeleton housing is difficult to beat in terms of value for money. It is extremely affordable and can be compared with other models that are several times more expensive.

Looking at its built the model is fairly simple. It is a solid frame made out of polycarbonate with a straight forward design. It is easy to install and works with any GoPro Hero3, 3+ or 4 camera model. It is available only in black and comes with slots for the connections placed on the sides.

3. Joyoldelf Skeleton Protective Housing compatible with Lens for all GoPro Hero4 Hero3 Hero3+ cameras

3. Joyoldelf Skeleton Protective Housing compatible with Lens for all GoPro Hero4 Hero3 Hero3+ cameras

Joyoldelf offers a simple protective housing that should handle even the most difficult conditions. It was made to fit GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4 cameras and it is very easy to install.

The model is made out of a durable clear polycarbonate that should survive all kinds of shock s and impacts. Its transparency allows the lens to capture perfect footage. One important not is the fact that the housing will not fit the GoPro Hero4 Silver model.

2. SLFC Skeleton Housing For GoPro Cameras

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The SLFC is a great option for the ones that need full protection for their GoPro. It can fit only the GoPro Hero3, Hero 3+ and Hero 4. Like other similar products the model covers the camera almost completely yet leaves openings for its connections thus it cannot be used underwater. However it can protect the camera from rain.

Looking at its build quality the model is made out of a clear plastic material. The lens are also covered by a high transparency material that does not alter the picture quality.

1. Fotasy HEROHCU CNC Aluminum Skeleton Rugged Cage Protective Housing Case for GoPro Hero 4

(2 Packs) Fotasy Black Aluminum Tripod Buckle Mount Adapter with 1/4' Screw Holes for GoPro HD Hero Hero2, Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4, Heor5, Hero6 & Hero7 with Quick-Release Clips

Fotasy can prove to be an excellent solution for the ones that need a skeleton housing for their GoPro camera but have a limited budget. The model is made out an aluminium alloy that will be able to absorb most shocks and impacts.

As with other similar models it is fairly easy to install and needs to be secured in place with just a few screws that are included in the kit. The model is available in several different colors and it includes protective UV lens.

There are several different categories of skeleton housings for GoPro cameras. Most of them are simple frames that do not cover the front and back of the devices. There are some that have a waterproof design which tend to be the more popular picks.

For our list we were able to find multiple models and all of them are worth looking at. What is important to note that some models might not work with the GoPro Hero4 Silver but for most part almost all of them work with the Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4.


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