Top 10 Best GoPro Head Strap Mounts in 2024


GoPro cameras gained so much popularity that nobody is even thinking about looking at models made by other manufacturers. They are extremely versatile and reliable but for active individuals, holding them to record something is nearly impossible. Head straps for the GoPro are a decent way to get footage without worrying about the camera. It is also a great way to offer a POV or point of view angle of the action.

Best GoPro Head Strap Mounts in 2024

Most of the models available are quite similar but some do offer a few extra features or have a different design. Out of all the available head strap mounts we managed to select a handful that is worth spending money on. Here are the top 10 best GoPro head strap mounts in 2024.

10. eCostConnection Head Strap Mount For GoPro

Head Strap Mount for ALL GoPro HERO Cameras + an eCostConnection Microfiber Cloth

The eCostConnection head strap is an affordable model that works with most GoPro cameras. It has a simple design with an adjustable strap made of a soft and stretchable textile material and a solid camera mounting bracket. The model is fairly sturdy and comes with a decent design but it was not built for high-impact activities as it can slide off the head. Overall it has a decent grip and can be recommended to active individuals that like to climb, hike, enjoy cycling and similar other sports.

9. AmazonBasics Head Strap Camera Mount for GoPro

Amazon Basics Head Strap Camera Mount for GoPro, Black

AmazonBasics head strap for GoPro cameras is yet another affordable and simple model that comes with a waterproof case and a comfortable design. It is made using soft nylon straps and non-slip rubber on the inside. The buckles are made of polycarbonate while the camera case offers excellent protection against water and bad weather. The model works with most GoPro cameras and can be used over helmets.

8. Grapevine Head Strap Mount For GoPro Cameras

Head Strap Mount for GoPro (Camouflage)

The Grapevine head strap mount for GoPro cameras is a great option for the ones that need something to match their camouflage outfit. It is an excellent pick for users that enjoy paintball, airsoft, and other activities in which camouflage is important. The model includes a waterproof case for the camera and comes with a simple thumbscrew that secures the GoPro. It is made using flexible nylon straps with an anti-slip interior and durable polycarbonate buckle.

7. LuxeBell Adjustable Chest Mount Harness / Wrist Mount / Head Strap for GoPro

No products found.

The LuxeBell kit is a great option that offers great value for money for the ones that need a head strap or a harness. It is fairly well made with nylon straps and durable buckles. The model can be tightened easily using the thumb screws while the straps come with a rubber interior that prevents the mount from slipping even when exposed to water. It can be used even over helmets and can withstand mild shocks but it is not recommended for high-impact activities.

6. WoCase GoPro Head/Wrist/Hand/Glove Mount for GoPro

Vented Helmet Strap Mount for GoPro HERO3+ 3 2 1 Cameras WoCase®

The WoCase GoPro head mount is one of the most affordable models on our list and probably the most simple one. It has a straightforward design with a long strap that can be attached to a helmet. Due to the way it secures onto the helm the model can be used to capture shots of even high-impact activities. The model fits almost any kind of helm and takes just a couple of minutes to install it.

5. Wild-US Head Harness Mount Strap For GoPro

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Wild-US made an excellent head mount for GoPro cameras. It is an affordable harness that comes with a rather familiar design but a much more secure way to prevent the mount to slip off. It actually comes with an additional strap that goes beneath the chin to keep it tight on the head. The model can be used for most popular activities and sports even high-impact ones and comes with straps made of nylon that are soft and stretchable.

4. Rangers Head Strap Mount For GoPro

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The Rangers head strap mount for GoPro cameras is a great budget option. The model comes with soft straps made of textile material with rubber on the interior that prevent it from slipping. The buckles are made of durable polycarbonate while the nylon straps will ensure a comfortable experience. It is not recommended for high-impact activities.

3. GoPro Headstrap Mount And Quick Clip

Sale GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip - Official GoPro Mount,Black

The GoPro headstrap was designed to be used with their cameras. It is a relatively affordable model that offers just enough functionality. The model works well with anything that is not considered a high-impact activity. To secure the camera in place the manufacturers included a simple case that gets mounted onto the strap. It also makes the camera waterproof thus offering the option to record even in the rain.

2. Etubby 10-in-1 Kit For GoPro Cameras

Etubby 8' Ring Light with 45-165cm Tripod, Monopod, Phone Holder & Remote for Live Stream Photography, LED Lamp Lighting [3-Mode, 10 Level] Selfie Stick for iPhone, Android, Webcam and Camera


Etubby offers a rather complex accessories kit for GoPro cameras without asking for too much. It is an affordable kit that comes with a head strap, a harness, a carrying case, a selfie stick, and many more. It works with a wide range of GoPro products and takes but a couple of minutes to mount or take it off. The model is also fairly reliable as almost all the straps in the kit come with rubber that prevents accidental slips.

1. Smatree Head Strap Mount For GoPro

No products found.

The Smartree kit is one of the most popular models in our list and for a good reason. It is extremely affordable and requires almost no expertise to install or take it off. The model can be used for a wide range of GoPro cameras and a decent selection of activities. It comes with an anti-slip interior and several other useful features and accessories.

The head strap mounts listed in our top 10 might seem similar to a certain degree but the truth is that they are quite different with regards to how they can be used. Some models include additional accessories but for most part they are all affordable. Our top 10 includes a wide selection of models and designs making it easy for anyone to find a suitable head strap for GoPro cameras.


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  1. How can you talk about the best GoPro head mounts and not include The Cyclops Bandana? It makes using your GoPro soooo easy. It’s comfortable, good looking and you always know where your camera is pointing. They are sold on Ebay for less than $10 and are shipped free in the lower 48 states..

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