Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Steadicams in 2024


Everyone that owns a DSLR camera knows how difficult it is to get good video recordings. All DSLR cameras are now capable of recording high-quality videos but there is a great problem when it comes it image stability. Simply holding the camera with bare hands will not cut it. There will always be shaky images and simply put bad footage. Without the use of some accessories, it is nearly impossible to get high-quality shots. Professional vloggers and other users of DSLR cameras know how important it is to have the right tools in order to get professional results.

The Magic Accessory That Makes Up For Great Footage

In order to get better results, most DSLR camera owners spend money on stabilizers or steady cams. These simple devices use mechanical systems to keep the camera balanced at all times even when walking around while holding it. The balancing system makes use of counterweights that reduces shakes and provides more smooth recordings. A simple glance at such an accessory will make it easy to understand how they work. What is left now is to find a few decent models to have a quick look at.

Best DSLR Camera Steadicams in 2024

For our list, we went ahead and selected 10 different DSLR steadicams that have a proven track record of offering great results. There are several things to look at when searching for a Steadicam but these will be discussed in detail when analyzing each model. What is important to know upfront is that the prices can vary a lot but cheap models should not be disregarded. Their built quality might be inferior but their ability to keep the camera steady is just as good. Without spending too much time getting into details let’s have a quick look at the most popular models that professionals have been using. Here are the top 10 best DSLR camera Steadicams in 2024.

10. Liinmall S40 Handheld Steadycam

S40 40cm Handheld Stabilizer Steadicam for Camcorder Camera Video DV DSLR

The Liinmall S40 is a great handheld Steadicam that offers reliability and great customization in a single package. It was made to be easy to use and with a clever weight design, it can work with a wide range of DSLR cameras. Its weights can be adjusted individually on each side on the bottom part of the stabilizer.

One great design choice of the manufacturers is the use of a mobile handle. It makes it very easy to have a free hand movement while still holding the camera stable. Its top-mount works with most cameras and has a simple design that makes it very easy to install or take off a DSLR. The selling price of the stabilizer is also a great plus although there are more affordable options on the market.

  • Easy to adjust
  • Reasonable weight
  • Works with a wide range of cameras
  • Quite large, difficult to pack

9. BINKO VS-C7 0.2lb-3lb Carbon Fiber Stabilizer

BINKO VS-C7 0.2lb-3lb Carbon Fiber Stabilizer with 4 Balance Weight, Cell Phone Clip and Carrying Bag

BINKO VS-C7 is a great option for the ones that never owned a stabilizer before. It is great for beginners but it can just as well serve someone who needs to replace an old one. Its simple design and lightweight construction have contributed to its popularity

The stabilizer uses a lightweight frame that weighs 2.2 pounds. It can support most cameras that do not exceed 3 pounds and comes with a quick release system. This makes it even more convenient and with the aid of the dual weight system, the stabilizer provides, even more, options to take great shots even at an angle. Inside the kit, the manufacturers included a small carry bag which will prove to be a great bonus.

  • Carbon fiber frame
  • Adjustable angle
  • Quick release system
  • Easy to balance
  • Feel cheap
  • Rotations are not as smooth as some would like

8. Glide Gear DNA 1000# Small Camera Action Video Stabilizer

Glide Gear DNA 1000 Small Camera Stabilizer OPEN BOX

Glide Gear is a brand that focuses mostly on gimbals and stabilizers. Their DNA 1000# is a great pick for the ones that are looking for a model that can be used for professional video recordings. It provides great stability and it is quite lightweight which can help reduce stress when holding it for extended periods of time.

As expected the model is compatible with a wide range of cameras. It has a 3-axis system and has a great range, supporting cameras of up to 1.5 pounds. The model has a sled based platform and a handle that enables smooth rotations. Its mount has a quick release system and can be disassembled without the use of any tools.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable metal construction
  • Padded hand grip
  • Easy to balance
  • Not as easy to disassemble without tools

7. Opteka SteadyVid PRO Video Stabilizer System for Digital SLR Cameras

Opteka sv-pro Hand Camera Stabilizer Black Stabilizer for Camera

Many might not agree with the design choice for this stabilizer but it balanced properly it works great. The major downside that it has is the fact that it can be quite difficult to get it balanced even when adjusting the weights. Other than that it is a great pick as it comes with a low price tag and a simple design that makes it very lightweight.

The model is shaped like an arch. This gives it a distinctive look. The entire body of the model is made out of metal and yet it is still light. At the bottom, the model has several weights that can be removed individually. The mount is very easy to use and the grip has been wrapped in a soft foam that improves comfort when holding it.

  • Lightweight
  • Simple design
  • Cheap
  • A bit difficult to get it properly stabilized

6. Glide Gear DNA 5050 DSLR Stabilizer

Glide Gear DNA 5050 Video Camera DSLR/Mirrorless/Camcorder Stabilizer 2-7 lb. Cameras Protective Carry Case

Glide Gear DNA 5050 is quite similar to their 1000 series. It has several changes to its design but nothing major has changed. What is not more convenient is the weight distribution that makes it much easier to properly balance. Also, the mount supports a larger capacity as it can hold even cameras of up to 2 pounds.

To help balance it properly the manufacturers used a 2-axis system. Its shaft can have its length adjusted while the handle rotates very smoothly. Also, the handgrip is covered with a rubber material that helps maintain a good grip when holding it. The only negative side is the price tag as it might make it unreachable for some.

  • Simple weight balancing system
  • Great mounting bracket
  • Supports heavy DSLR cameras
  • Lightweight construction
  • High price tag

5. IMORDEN S-60C Carbon Handheld Camera Stabilizer

IMORDEN Camera Handheld Stabilizer (S-60c-Carbon Fiber)

IMORDEN S-60C is one of the many different stabilizers offered by the manufacturer. What makes this one special is the build quality and how lightweight it is. To reduce its weight the manufacturers used a carbon fiber frame and adjustable weights. This makes it easier to balance and because it is so light it is much more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time.

The model itself comes with a small carry bag. It is very easy to setup and works with a wide range of DSLR cameras. Its handle rotates without any kind of issues and to improve its ease of use the hand grip has been covered with a rubber material. Last but not least the price tag of the model will make it a very appealing purchase. It is available only in a black paint and with a durable green handle.

  • Affordable
  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Adjustable weights
  • Premium feel
  • Quick release system does not feel very reliable

4. Opteka SteadyVid EX MK II Video Stabilizer

Opteka SteadyVid EX MK II Video Stabilizer Gimbal System for Digital Cameras, SLR's & Camcorders (up to 3 lbs) ~ (New & Improved Version)

Opteka SteadyVid EX MK II is basically an oversized model of the stabilizers made for action cameras. The difference is that being bigger means it supports more weight and it is compatible with a wider range of DSLR cameras. On the other hand, despite being larger the model still feels lightweight. It makes it quite easy to hold it for long periods of time without experiencing intense fatigue and pain in the forearm.

Having a simple design makes the stabilizer a great pick for beginners. The weights are distributed at the bottom beneath the camera while the mount is very simple and straightforward. Its 3-axis system helps with smooth movements even when walking while still holding the stabilizer.

  • Lightweight
  • Minimalistic design
  • Inexpensive
  • Compatible with a wide range of cameras
  • Quite large, difficult to pack

3. DVC 17837 DSLR Flycam Nano Camera Stabilizer

DVC 17837 DSLR Flycam Nano Camera Stabilizer with Free Quick Release (Black)

DVC 17837 is one of the most popular models amongst both amateurs and professionals. To make a successful product, DVC went for a slim frame and a simple mount that fits all the popular DSLR cameras. At the same time, all movements are smooth and the camera itself will be capable of recording perfect footage even when used by an amateur.

Amongst the many great things that can be said about the stabilizer is the fact that it is very easy to assemble. What this means is that it can be very easy to pack and can fit even in a small backpack. It was designed to work with DSLR cameras and because it is so lightweight all movements are smooth and it does not cause fatigue after recording for just 10 minutes

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to balance
  • Not the cheapest model in its range

2. Opteka SteadyVid SV-HD Camera Stabilizer

Opteka SteadyVid SV-HD Camera Stabilizer with Quick Release for Digital SLR and Video Cameras up to 6lbs

Opteka SteadyVid SV-HD is one of the most popular picks when it comes having a limited budget. This inexpensive stabilizer manages to offer excellent results that make it comparable to Steadicam stabilizers that are even two times more expensive. No sacrifices were made and the model is even quite lightweight.

For the money, users will get a small kit that consists of the stabilizer and a carry bag for it. The stabilizer has an aluminum construction and a 3-axis system. Its handgrip is covered with a soft rubber that ensures optimal grip. The weight adjustment system has been placed on the two ends of the bottom stand while the handle is closer to the camera in order to ensure optimal weight distribution.

  • Easy to stabilize
  • Good weight control
  • Lightweight construction using aluminum
  • None

OUR FAVORITE PICK: 1. Roxtant Pro DSLR Steadycam Stabilizer

Sale The Official Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer Limited Edition (Midnight Black) with Low Profile Handle for GoPro, Smartphone, Canon, Nikon - or Any Camera up to 2.1 lbs. - Comes with Phone Clamp.

The Roxtant is a very versatile mainly because it has such a basic design. The handle is placed directly beneath the camera while the weight distribution is placed on the extension that comes out of the mount. Its design also helps achieve a rather low weight without having to use carbon fiber. This helps it reduce its manufacturing costs which in turn means a very low price tag. It comes covered with a black paint and its lightweight design makes it convenient to use for longer periods of time.

The stabilizer has a small grip with a rubber coating that improves stability even when used by someone with sweaty hands. The weights can be adjusted without any tools and the mount supports a wide range of DSLR camera models. Last but not least the Steadicam is very easy to stabilize and can be folded in order to be easier to pack.

  • Foldable design takes very little storage space
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Works with a wide range of DSLR cameras
  • Very easy to stabilize
  • None

Things To Keep In Mind

Steadycams or stabilizers need to provide several things in order for the footage recorded to be acceptable. First of all, they need to have a good balancing system. If the camera weight and the counterweights are not properly set, the stabilizer will turn into a useless piece of metal that does absolutely nothing to improve image stability. Another aspect is their weight. It is important to get something that has a reasonable weight since using them can lead to fatigue and pain in the forearms. It is a common issue that most people have and it is very difficult to deal with. The DSLR camera itself is heavy enough. Having a heavy stabilizer does not help in any way.

One thing that should be expected is the link between pricing and quality. Many might be tempted to think that there are no significant differences between a cheap and an expensive stabilizer and this is a great misconception. Lightweight stabilizers are not more difficult to make but they also require more expensive materials such as carbon fibers. Cheap models are usually made out of metal entirely. In both cases their stability is decent but it is not the only thing that matters. It is important to take all these things into account when looking for a decent DSLR Steadicam stabilizer.

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  1. An average user will always have a hard time getting perfect shots and crystal clear video footage without the image shaking with a simple DSLR camera. It can be done without additional gear but it is very difficult and the result depends a lot on the patience of the person holding the camera.

    Professional photographers and camera men use stabilizers as a means to record perfect footage with minimal gear. They work on a simple principle that moves the gravity center of camera to a higher point above the hand. This causes it to be more stable and with less distorted images due to shakes. They also make use of pivoting heats that keep the camera from changing its angle while the user has the freedom to use the holding handle as he pleases.

    Best DSLR Camera Steadicams In 2016
    The options available on the market are quite varied. We are talking about all sorts of options that can range in size and stabilization technology. There are even some shoulder stabilizers for DSLR camera that are known to offer the best results. For our picklist we went ahead and selected 10 models from a wide range of categories. Here are the top 10 best DSLR camera steadicams in 2016.

    10. IMORDEN Carbon S-40C Camera Stabilizer

    IMORDEN is a relatively small brand with only a handful of products available. Their Carbon S-40C is a lightweight and simple stabilizer that works with a wide range of cameras including GoPro, Canon, Sony, Panasonic and any other DSLR with a weight of maximum 3 pounds.

    The model features a carbon fiber shaft with a quick release system that makes the installation and removal of a camera a matter of just pushing a button. Its handle comes with a rubber cover that improves the grip of the user. It also has a pivoting arm that reduces image shakes.

    9. Afunta Pro Handheld Camera Stabilizer

    The Afunta Pro camera stabilizer has a rather interesting design with a small handle and a pivoting head that is connected to an arc with weights at the bottom. Depending on the weight of the camera, the bottom weights have to be adjusted in order to keep it steady.

    It has a comfortable grip with a rubber cover and a pivoting head. The model is not recommended for cameras that have a weight over 2.1 pounds. It has a weaker structure and the weights included cannot compensate for DSLRs that go over the weight limit.

    8. EC S40 Handheld Stabilizer

    The ECS40 is a versatile camera stabilizer that attempts to offer a professional grade recording experience for a much lower price. It does not offer much in terms of features but it is quite stable and works with a wide range of DSLR cameras.

    The model has a carbon fiber body with a pivoting handle covered in a foam material that improves the hand grip. Its base comes with adjustable weights that make it stable regardless of the type of camera used. All its joints are low-friction and features high-precision bearings.

    7. AW Handheld Steady Stabilizer

    AW offers a great deal for the money for most of their products. The Steady camera stabilizer is a 2-in-1 product that can also be used as a tripod. Its pivoting handle comes covered with a soft foam to protect the user’s hand while the joints are low friction.

    The model uses an aluminum frame with polished steel counter weights. Inside the kit the users will also find a small carrying case and the unit itself. It is worth saying that the model supports cameras of up to 4.4 pounds which is much more than what other stabilizers support.

    6. Videook Carbon Fiber Stabilizer

    Videook stabilizer is one of the more expensive models with a premium build yet a simple design that makes it a great pick for beginners. The model uses a light carbon fiber frame and aluminum parts for the handle and base. As with all other stabilizers it uses weights to compensate the weight of the camera.

    The model works with a wide range of DSLR cameras and features a quick release system. It was made to be portable and easy to use. It is not the most compact model available but it is sure one of the lightest.

    5. Neewer Carbon Fiber Handheld Stabilizer

    Neewer is a small brand that offers multiple products that seem to have received positive reviews. Their carbon fiber stabilizer is an affordable model that is both lightweight and quite versatile.

    The model has a long carbon fiber frame with weights at the bottom and a top plate with a quick release system. Its handle is placed close to the top mounting plate and comes with low friction joints. It is quite stable and comes with a rubber cover on the handle for improved grip.

    4. Neewer Aluminium Alloy Foldable Handheld Video Stabilizer

    Neewer foldable video stabilizer focuses on portability more than anything. It can be folded to fit inside a small backpack. The weight holder at the bottom can also be folded which significantly reduces the storage space it needs.

    The body of the stabilizer is made mostly out of metal with just a few plastic elements. Its handle is covered in a soft foam coating which improves comfort when holding it. In terms of weight the model is fairly decent and does not cause fatigue when used for reasonable amounts of time.

    3. Opteka Action Stabilizing Handle For DSLR Cameras

    Opteka’s stabilizer has a rather different designed when compared with other models. It has a simple design with a horizontal handle and a small stabilizing plate with a pivoting head. The build is fairly lightweight even if it is made out of metal.

    The model is one of the few stabilizers that can also be mounted on a tripod. The shoe mount makes it easy to install accessories. Due to its build the model supports cameras of up to 10 pounds.

    2. Opteka SteadyVid SV-HD Camera Stabilizer

    Opteka SteadyVid is a full size handheld camera stabilizer that was designed to work with DSLRs of up to 6 pounds making it one of the more sturdy models. It has a full aluminum construction with black powder coating and high quality bearings. Its joins are low friction which makes every movement as smooth as possible.

    Like all other stabilizers it has adjustable weights at the bottom and a pivoting handle. The handle is covered with a rubber material that improves the grip. Its plate comes with a quick release system making easy to install or remove any DSLR camera.

    1. Glide Gear DNA 1000# Camera Action Video Stabilizer

    Glide Gear makes some rather interesting accessories for video and photo enthusiasts. The DNA 1000# is a great stabilizer that works for a wide range of DSLR cameras and regular video cameras. It has a sturdy construction with a large base that hosts the weights and a pivoting arm for the handle.

    To keep things simple the manufacturers included additional weights and a quick release top plate. In terms of the weight supported the model is limited to cameras between 0.7 and 1.5 pounds.

    It is quite common to see the same camera stabilizer wearing the same brand. In reality they come from the same factory but various third party companies purchase them and resell them. The most lucrative ones are the compact models or the ones made of carbon fiber. Weight becomes quite important since a DSLR camera is quite heavy on its own. The handheld stabilizer also needs to be reasonably light to make it possible to use it for at least 30 minutes without taking a break.

    Out picklist includes a wide range of models from all categories. Like with anything else, more expensive stabilizers offer better quality and work with more DSLR models. Overall, all stabilizers work with the most popular DSLR cameras.

  2. I wish you included the maximum weights with each of your picks. I had to go researching that info to figure out which steadicams I was excluded from using… even though I would consider my camera quite popular, it wasn’t within the spec of many models.

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