Top 10 Best Soccer Cleats For Men in 2024


Soccer has been called the king of all sports many times and for good reason. It is the most played sport worldwide. Even if it is not as popular in the US and Asia, it still dominates in terms of popularity. A cool thing about it is that soccer is getting more popular even in regions where another sport is dominant. This gaming industry did play an important role since the FIFA series has proven to be a very popular title.

While for the most part soccer can be played pretty much anywhere, the game is much more enjoyable when playing on a field. For this, we need a good pair of soccer cleats. Fortunately, they are very easy to find. While brick-and-mortar shops might not have a good diversity of models, online retailers offer a wide range of cleats from all price tags and of various models.

For a beginner, a good pair of soccer cleats does not need to cost a lot of money. They just need to offer a decent grip and stability. Pricing can vary and there are several different types to choose from. There are cleats with metal or plastic spikes, hi and low tops and many others. Today we will go through 10 different models of soccer cleats for men that managed to impress us for various reasons such as value for money, build quality and many others.

Best Soccer Cleats For Men in 2024

With these things in mind let’s get right into our list of the top 10 best soccer cleats for men in 2024:

10. Asics Men’s Lethal Testimonial 3 IT Soccer Shoe

ASICS Men's Lethal Testimonial 3 IT Soccer Shoe,Black/White/Blood,9.5 M US

Asics is one of the few major brands that spends less on marketing in order to create high-quality products for competitive prices. Their Lethal Testimonial 3 soccer shoes have the great advantage of offering professional performance but without costing hundreds of dollars.

  • Genuine leather construction that ensures durability
  • Flexible sole and padded interior for added comfort
  • High-quality rubber studs that will not wear off after a few uses
  • Can slip out if the laces are not tied properly due to the use of leather on the inside of the heel
  • A bit expensive for beginners
Despite being called affordable the cleats are not for beginners. They are a great pick for the not-so-casual players but for some beginners, there are cheaper alternatives. The quality is not the same but a beginner does not need to invest in professional-grade soccer cleats.

One major advantage that these shoes have is that they are made from genuine leather. Most soccer cleats, even the mode expensive ones are usually made out of synthetic leather. Their design is somewhat conservatory but they still look and feel good.

9. PUMA Men’s Evospeed 4 H2H FG Soccer Shoe

Puma Men's Evospeed 4 H2H FG-M, Orange Clown Fish, 12 M US

If the budget for cleats is limited, the PUMA Evospeed 4 H2H will prove to be a decent option. They combine a modern design with durable studs and a comfortable fit. They are not perfect but they do manage to get some things right.

  • Durable plastic studs for firm and short-grass fields
  • Soft inner padding for added comfort
  • Appealing design
  • Sizing is a bit off. They seem to be smaller than regular shoes
One issue that the cleats have is their sizing. Getting them the same size as regular shoes will end up with having a pair of cleats that are too small. Also getting them too big is as well a bad idea since it will affect stability and control.

Looking at their performance, the cleats use hard rubber studs. They will not wear off easily and are mostly recommended to be used on the firm ground or short-grass fields. The synthetic material from which they are made resembles leather but has a texturized feel that makes them much more long lasting.

8. Diadora Soccer Men’s Brasil Classic MD PU Soccer Cleat

Diadora Soccer Men's Brasil Classic MD PU Soccer Cleat,Black/White,9.5 M US
Diadora Brasil Classic MD soccer cleat is one of the more expensive models. It is an intermediate cleat that will serve a long time well and an intermediate player. They have a decent construction and durable studs but their strongest point is the comfort they offer.

  • Genuine leather design
  • Soft padded heel for added comfort
  • Anti-stretch lining
  • Soft cushioned insole to better absorb impacts on firm-ground
  • Very wide. Some men might find them comfortable while others will see the cleats as unwearable
Most cleats have a standard shape and men with wider feet do struggle when it comes down to finding a suitable pair. The Diadora Brasil Classic MD cleats seem to offer a solution for those specific men. They are much wider than usual which means that for everyone else they might not feel like a good choice.

What can be praised about the model is the comfort they offer. There are very few other shoes that use such soft and flexible leather. This can also count as a con since soccer cleats are expected to be a bit harder but it all comes down to personal preference.

7. PUMA Men’s Evospeed Star IV Soccer Shoe

PUMA Evospeed 5.4 SG Mens Leather Soccer Boots/Cleats-Orange-10.5

PUMA Evospeed Star IV soccer cleats are aimed to become a go-to option for casual players. They offer good performance without having to break the bank. Also, they can be a great pick for the ones that never used soccer shoes with studs.

  • Anti-stretch lining that provides better support
  • Durable synthetic leather construction
  • Good balance with well-placed studs
  • The shape of the shoes makes them have a tighter width than usual
The fact that they have a narrower width will prove to be an issue. Usually, men have wide feet. Only a small portion of the male population will be able to comfortably wear the cleats. Also, sizing is a bit off but not by much. It is not as bad as with other big brands.

Looking at their performance the cleats are far from stellar but good enough for the price. They have a simple design with classic PUMA stripes on the side and a rather colorful theme that makes them appealing. The studs are durable enough for a casual player and the interior is padded with a thin foam material to ensure comfort.

6. PUMA Men’s evoPOWER 4 Firm-Ground Soccer Shoe

PUMA Men's evoPOWER 4 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe,Ombre Blue/White/Fluorescent Peach,11.5 M US

PUMA evoPOWER 4 is the perfect choice for a beginner at least from a pricing standpoint. These entry-level cleats offer surprisingly reliable quality and a modern design but it is not without flaws. From the outside, they look quite good with the traditional PUMA stripes and vibrant colors but it has the same issue that most other cleats have and that is sizing.

  • Attractive design with 3 colors to choose from
  • Cleated outsole and asymmetrical lacing that provides better support and traction control
  • Works on natural surfaces, firm-ground and short-grass fields
  • Sizing is not very accurate. Some might end up getting a pair that is one size too small
For such a cheap pair of cleats, it is difficult to dismiss the small cons they might have. Sizing is usually off on cleats as they tend to be smaller than regular shoes. Getting one size larger should solve the problem. As for build quality, the synthetic leather used is quite resilient and has a waterproof construction.

Besides being waterproof and durable the cleats are also quite comfortable. They have soft inner padding and they are not as rigid as professional-grade cleats. For the most part, they are mostly recommended for the rookie or casual soccer players.

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5. Walstar Mens Soccer Shoes Copa Stadium Blue

WALSTARUSA Walstar Mens Soccer Shoes Copa Stadium Blue (12 D(M) US)

It is kind of difficult to go wrong with the Walstar soccer cleats. They are by far the most affordable model in our list. They are far from being reliable but for a beginner or casual player, they should be good enough. The design is decent and the durability is acceptable for the price.

  • Very low price tag. The most affordable in our list.
  • True to size. What this means is that there is no need to get them to one size larger or smaller. They fit normally.
  • Attractive design. They look as if they cost much more than they actually do.
  • Not very long lasting. The outer synthetic leather layer will get stretched easier than more expensive models.

4. adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Shoe

adidas Men's ACE 16.4 FxG Soccer Shoe, Solar Yellow/Black/Metallic Silver, 10 M US

adidas has a lot of different cleats for men and some sell better than others. The Ace 16.4 is one of the more popular mid-range models that uses a simple design and high-quality synthetic leather. Their pricing also makes them an appealing pick, especially for casual players.

  • Simple design with just the three Adidas stripes and a texturized synthetic leather.
  • Good control, stability, and traction.
  • Can be used on a wide range of field types including firm-ground, natural grass, and synthetic fiber grounds.
  • The synthetic leather is very thin.
Using a very thin synthetic leather does raise some questions with regard to their durability. They can last for quite some time as long as they are used by casual players. Like with anything, wear and tear will occur except for this particular model, the durability is a bit inferior.

Performance-wise the cleats are quite good. They offer good comfort, reliable precision and traction, and good ankle protection. Having a tighter fit also helps improve precision and control.

3. PUMA Men’s Adreno Firm Ground Soccer Cleat

PUMA Men's Adreno Firm Ground Soccer Shoe, Black/White, 9.5 M US

PUMA Adreno firm ground soccer cleats have been at the top of the best-selling list. Despite having some mixed reviews, the cleats are more than decent. They have a simple leather construction that makes them waterproof and offers good traction and precision.

  • Padded interior and soft synthetic leather that makes them flexible enough and comfortable
  • Durable studs that will not wear off easily even on firm surfaces
  • Waterproof design for the ones that like to play even on wet grass
  • Look a bit cheap despite being a rather decent pair of cleats
Looks can be deceiving as it proves with the PUMA Adreno cleats. They are a decent pair of cleats with an equally decent price tag.

2. adidas Performance Men’s F5 Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

adidas Performance Men's F5 Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat, Solar Red/Running White/Black, 10 M US

The adidas Performance F5 soccer cleats manage to maintain a low price tag while still offering reliable performance. These particular cleats not only look great but they are durable as well. The synthetic leather used without any perforations and with a stylish pattern will ensure that they will survive for a long time on the soccer field.

  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Great design and soft padded interior that ensures a comfortable fit
  • Shot yet hard plastic studs that offer stability and great traction
  • Sizing is not accurate. The cleats are smaller than regular shoes. Some customers end up swapping them for a larger model as they are nearly impossible to wear
Getting the same size for these cleats as for regular shoes is not such a great idea. In fact, they might not fit at all and prove to be quite uncomfortable. Most customers end up getting them in one size larger in order to be able to wear the cleats.

Looking at their performance the shoes use a flexible rubber sole and a soft heel insert. They are very comfortable to wear and offer good stability and precision at the same time. The shoes are completely waterproof and can be found in two different colors with the same texturized synthetic leather.

1. Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory IV FG Soccer Shoe

Nike New Men's Mercurial Victory V FG Soccer Cleats White/Blk/Volt 7

Nike Mercurial Victory IV FG soccer cleats have been selling well for two reasons. The price tag makes them very appealing. Their design and resilience simply sweeten the pot. The leather used is quite durable and it does not have perforations. They have the classic Nike logo on the front and a leather interior.

  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Firm and well-placed studs that ensure stability on firm ground and short-grass fields
  • A wide selection of colors to choose from
  • A little narrow. They might seem uncomfortable to some
The fact that they are a bit more narrow than other shoes does affect the level of comfort for some players. The ones that do not have wider feet should have no problem wearing them. Sizing seems to be right on these cleats but their width is a bit smaller.

In terms of performance, they are flexible but still firm. This offers greater precision and with the aid of the plastic studs, stability is also quite decent. The cleats are available in a wide range of colors and various patterns. All variations use the same durable synthetic leather and the same stud placement.

What Matters the Most When Choosing a Pair of Soccer Cleats

For the average occasional soccer player, design and price seem to matter the most. Everyone wants a good looking pair of cleats but just because they have an interesting design does not mean that they are also good as a product. Design should be at the bottom of the list. Pricing can matter as some soccer cleats are extremely overpriced and are not worth spending money on. Here are the most important things to consider when looking for soccer cleats.

  • Real or synthetic leather. Real leather cleats are usually more expensive. They are also significantly more durable and resilient to wear and tear. However, this is not an absolute truth. It might be much more lucrative to get two pairs of synthetic leather cleats rather than to pay the same amount of money or even more or a single pair of real leather cleats.
  • Metal or plastic suds? Metal studs are usually recommended for grass soccer fields. A person that plays soccer occasionally will usually go on artificial grass courts which are much more firm for obvious reasons. Metal
  • With or without venting perforations? This does matter. A reliable waterproof pair of cleats needs to have absolutely no venting perforations anywhere.

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  1. 10. adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleat Mens

    The adidas Copa Mundial soccer cleats are extremely popular amongst amateur players. One of its greatest assets is the fact that they are made of genuine leather. The model comes only in black and features a rubber sole and a firm-ground outsole that offers excellent protection and superior grip.

    9. ASICS Men’s Lethal Tigreor 5 IT Soccer Shoe

    ASICS is well known for their products and the ones that are into sports surely head of the brand. The Lethal Tigreor 5 is made of a combination of both synthetic and genuine leather. It has a simple rubber sole and a great interior padding that protects the ankle and the leg from powerful impacts.

    8. PUMA Men’s Evospeed 4.3 Firm-Ground Soccer Shoe

    The PUMA Evospeed 4.3 are a great pair of cleats with a visually pleasing design and a solid construction. They come in 4 different colors and they are made of synthetic leather. The interior is padded to provide a comfortable feel while the sole is made of rubber. It is also one of the more affordable pair of cleats which recommends them to beginners.

    7. Walstar Mens Soccer Shoes Copa Stadium Blue

    If budget is a concern Walstar has everyone covered. The Copa Stadium Blue are a great pair of cleats for the money. They are extremely affordable and offer a decent experience. The model comes in multiple colors and they are made of synthetic leather. The shoe mold is injected with TPU for extra durability and strength.

    6. PUMA Men’s Evopower 3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

    The PUMA Evopower are what some might call a simple pair of cleats that does not brag with an ingenious deign. They were made to be affordable and reliable. The shoes are made of high quality synthetics leather and come with a high durability sole. Amateurs will benefit the most from these shoes as they come with an innovative design that enhances kicking precision.

    5. adidas Performance Men’s 11Questra FG Soccer Shoe

    Soccer cleats do not have to be expensive in order to provide durability and comfort. The adidas Performance Men’s Questra is a light and comfortable pair of cleats with a manmade sole and a comfortable padded interior that protects the ankle from injuries. The shoes are made of synthetic leather while the sole provides superior grip.

    4. adidas F50 Adizero TRX FG Mens Soccer Cleat

    The adidas F50 is what some might call an exotic pair of shoes with an interesting design that will surely grab the attention of the ones around. It is available in 5 different colors and patterns and features high durability syntetic leather. They are a bit more expensive but their quality compensates the high price tag.

    3. Under Armour Mens Blur Challenge II FG Soccer Cleat

    If there is one thing that makes under armor products popular is their durability. They are made of high durability synthetics leather and come with a TPU outsole and a bladed heel. In terms of performance the model offers excellent grip on all types of fields and are scratch resistant. Overall the model is a great choice for the ones that need to replace their old pair of cleats.

    2. adidas Performance Men’s F5 FG Soccer Shoe

    The adidas Performance F5 FG cleats are one of the few models that are manmade. Using a manmade sole with rubberized cleats the model provides superior grip without costing too much. It is an affordable model with high durability syntetic leather and an attractive exterior design. The model is available in two colors and feature a soft cushioning interior that provides superior comfort.

    1. Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory IV FG Soccer Shoe

    The Nike Mercurial Victory soccer cleats not only look great but they feel great as well. Their attractive design will surely grab attention on the field while the rubber sole will provide excellent control and grip. The model is made of high durability synthetic leather and come with an innovative design that automatically corrects the position of the foot.

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