Top 10 Best Fitness Wristbands in 2024


The biggest problem most people have these days is spare time to work about and live a healthier life. It can be difficult and time consuming to keep a good track of everything and experience some sort of progress. Over the past few years we’ve seen technology coming to improve certain aspects of how we work out, how active we are and our progress on a day to day basis.

One interesting piece of technology that can help keep a close eye on most of the activities mentioned above and more is a fitness or activity tracker. These small devices incorporate multiple technologies and offer rather reliable results. Also they can be paired with a smartphone in order to provide more details with regards to the data gathered. The market is actually filled with such devices, some more expensive than others. A basic one should be good enough for a regular person but active individuals might want to check some of the high end models.

Best Fitness Wristbands in 2024

Today we will have a quick glimpse at 10 different activity and fitness trackers. The price variation is quite steep as the premium models are quite expensive. However they are still worth the extra money. Without delaying it too much, let’s jump right into our list of the top 10 best fitness wristbands in 2024 reviews.

10. CUBOT Wireless Activity Wristband


The CUBOT activity wristband is one of the most affordable devices in our list but for most part it manages to do its job quite well. It is able to compete with much more expensive models and it is quite stylish.

On the list of features the model is advertised as being able to learn the habits of the user. It can count calories burned, base metabolic rate, sleep times, distance, steps and many more. The model cannot be paired with a smartphone but its display should be able to show all the relevant information.

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9. Xiaomi Mi Band Smart Wristband Bracelet


Xiaomi Mi is one of the fist fitness bands introduced by the manufacturer. They spread their product line and they are no longer limited to just smartphones. The fritness band they offer is inexpensive and works quite well.

One interesting feature is the built-in battery that is estimated to last for up to 30 days. The device can monitor most activities including calories burned. In order to make everything easy to track the device can be paired with a smartphone as it does not have a built-in display.

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8. Sokos Fitness Tracker


The Sokos fitness tracker is a great little device that comes packed with features despite its low price tag. It has a built-in heart rate monitor and can be paired with a smartphone over Bluetooth.

As with other activity trackers the model has a built-in battery that should last for quite some time. The device comes with a dedicated smartphone app to help track stats and set goals. The band was made ot be quite stylish and very comfortable to wear.

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7. adidas Fit Smart


adidas released their own activity tracker which is to be expected since they are a company focused heavily on sports products. The Fit Smart wristband is a compact device that can help set goals and improve performance.

Placed side by side with some of the other models the device is a bit more expensive. It does offer similar features such as connectivity with a mobile device, tracking of various stats and some extra bonuses such as an accelerometer.

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6. Atlas Wristband 2


Atlas offers one of the most advanced wristbands in our list. It is also considerably more expensive than the basic models. What makes it so advanced is the fact that it is a standalone device with a large built-in display.

The capabilities of the device are quite impressive. It can track virtually any type of stat imaginable from sleep times to calories burnt or heart rate. All the data is showed on the large display. It is also worth mentioning that the model is waterproof and can survive even when swimming in a pool.

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5. Play X Store Bluetooth Smart Activity Wristband


Play X Store might be a brand that many did not heard of before but that should not be a turnoff. Their Smart Activity tracker is a great pick for the ones with a limited budget.

The device comes with a small display that can show basic information. When paired with a smartphone that has the dedicated app installed, the wristband can provide more detailed information. It can have goals set, alarms and it can track plenty of useful stats.

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4. Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate


Fitbit is one of the largest brands in the industry. They have several interesting models such as the Charge 2 which is also one of their newest releases. It is small, stylish and quite reliable.

Looking at its features the device comes with a reliable battery that can last for several weeks. It has a small display that can show some basic stats but the details can be tracked using the dedicated smartphone app. The model is also a bit more expensive but it is considerably superior to low budget activity wristbands.

Sale Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband, Teal, Large (US Version)

3. Garmin vívofit Fitness Band

The Garmin vívofit fitness band is a great pick for the ones that plan to spend a limited amount of money on such a device. It is inexpensive, simple and quite reliable.

The device comes with all the features one would expect. It can track sleep, steps, calories burned and even the metabolic rate. All these stats can be explored in great detail using their mobile app which also allows for goals to be set. The model is very easy to setup and comes with a waterproof construction.

Garmin vívofit Fitness Band - Black

2. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Wristband


The Fitbit Flex is one of the best-selling models from the manufacturers. It is also one of the first one introduced which uses a very compact design and a minimalistic look. Without having a display the device will require a smartphone to show all the stats in great detail.

In terms of build quality the wristband is completely waterproof and quite stylish. It has a rubber band that is very comfortable to wear and it is quite inexpensive when compared with other Fitbit devices.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Black, Pedometer, Small/Large

1. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband


Fitbit Charge HR is quite similar to the Flex at least in terms of design. It is a bit more expensive and has an actual LED screen that can help see activity stats in real time without having to rely on a smartphone.

The device has its own dedicated up and can be synced with a smartphone over Bluetooth. It features a comfortable rubber wristband and can track more than enough stats. The device also allows for goals to be set for daily stats or have an alarm.

Sale Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband (Black, Large)
A good activity band should be able to track all the regular activities from walking to pulse and sleep. Without having this information it is difficult to track any kind of progress. Most of them feature a very small display that does not help much but they can usually be connected to a smartphone over Bluetooth to transfer and monitor data.

For our list we picked some of the most popular models that have good feedback from their users. Even the cheapest one should be able to provide valuable information in order to improve lifestyle and become a bit more active.


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