Top 10 Best Glass Computer Desks in 2024


It does not really feel like home until we have our own little spot. These days, everyone owns a computer and we do spend a bit too much in front of the PC but this is the way society works now. Since we are dedicating so much of our time to gaming, social media or to the PC in general, we all need a proper desk and chair somewhere around the house. The desk is probably the most difficult one to choose because, frankly speaking, they do not look like much. Regular desks simply look dull, unappealing and just boring.

Also, most of them are unjustifiably expensive for absolutely no reason. For this reason, we will just write off our list all classic office and computer desks. If we want something a bit special and appealing that might actually be worth spending extra, a glass computer desk is a way to go.

Truth be told, glass computer desks are not particularly durable. Wood is more reliable but the glass used for desks is quite thick and can support a decent amount of weight. It is still a bad idea to put the PC unit on the desk. Glass computer desks are still durable enough but the true reason why they are worth spending money on is their design. Glass desks simply look modern and are perfect for a gaming PC or work area. With these things said here is our list of the top 10 best glass computer desks in 2024.

Best Glass Computer Desks in 2024

10. Studio Designs 50707 Calico Designs Colorado Desk

Calico Designs Colorado Desk, Black/Silver, 47' W x 23.5' D x 29.25' H
Studio Designs Calico Colorado desk is a good pick for the ones that want something simple and inexpensive. The desk measures 47 by 35 inches and has a height of 30 inches. It has a small shelf beneath the glass for extra storage while the glass itself is tempered to increase durability. The frame of the desk is made using steel with a black lever going across the desk for improved stability. The desk itself is easy to assemble and has a very modern design. It is not particularly large but it is good enough for a small room.

  • Modern and simple design
  • Tempered glass
  • Reinforced frame with cross levers
  • A bit small
The desk itself is great for a laptop user. It offers plenty of workspace and some storage with the black shelf beneath the glass. The only users that might not agree with the size of the desk are desktop users. It is a bit small and a keyboard, mouse, monitor and all the needed cables will not leave a lot of workspace.

9. OneSpace 50-JN110400 Ultramodern Glass L-Shape Desk

OneSpace Ultramodern Glass L-Shape Desk, Silver and Clear
The OneSpace glass L-Shape desk is large enough even for the most demanding user. It has two work areas with a small sliding drawer for the keyboard and a dedicated support for a desktop computer. The other side of the desk can be used as a workspace or storage area. The frame of the desk is made out of steel while the glass is tempered for added durability. As for options, the desk can be found in 3 different color combinations including a version with black glass.
  • Multiple color combinations
  • Plenty of workspaces
  • Steel frame and tempered glass
  • Small build quality problems
The desk offers a good deal for the money but it is far from perfect. It has some build quality problems such as minor paint imperfections but the most annoying issue is the keyboard slide tray. It is not smooth and sometimes does not slide properly.

8. Bell’O CD8855 Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray

Bell'O Clear Modern Glass Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray, Black/Clear, CD8855 - for Laptops, Desktop PC & Monitor
Bell’O computer desk is a great option for the ones that need something compact for their living room or office. It is reasonably sized, has a sliding keyboard tray and uses tempered glass to improve durability. The frame of the desk is made out of steel and has a scratch-resistant black glossy coating. For such a small desk it is quite sturdy as it can support a maximum load of approximately 125 pounds. The keyboard shelf will be able to withstand no more than 15 pounds.

  • Compact and durable
  • Dedicated sliding keyboard shelf
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Uninspired design
The design of the desk is not very impressive. It is just decent in simple words but it will not blow anyone away. The frame has curved legs with small cross bars to improve rigidity and stability. For the price, it offers a decent value but the design is a bit disappointing.

7. Christopher Knight Home Eghan Glass Computer Desk

Sale Christopher Knight Home Eghan Tempered Glass Computer Desk, Black
The Christopher Knight Home Eghan glass computer desk is a great option for the ones that like a plain, simple, and modern design. Using a durable steel frame with a black coating, the desk offers more than enough workspace. It does not have legs obstructing the front side but it is stable in terms of construction. The glass used is tempered to make it more durable. In terms of pricing, for a desk of this size, it is a rather great deal, especially for desktop computer users.

  • Plenty of workspaces
  • No obstructing legs in the front
  • Modern and simple design
  • No storage or keyboard sliding tray
Truth be told, not everyone wants a keyboard tray since they are not very reliable and they do not feel sturdy. However, the desk does not have any kind of storage which is a bit of a shame as the ones that need extra storage will actually have to buy a matching cabinet.

6. Target Marketing Systems World Map Desk

Target Marketing Systems World Map Desk with a Clear Tempered Glass Top, Silver
Target Marketing Systems glass computer desk can be extremely alluring at least in terms of design. The desk has a very thin steel frame and a tempered glass top. What makes it so attractive is the fact that it has the world map on the glass that is printed beneath to prevent it from being damaged by scratches. The desk itself offers a workspace of 24 by 51 inches and has a height of 50 pounds. The price of the desk is quite appealing even if it does not have any fancy features.

  • Minimalistic design
  • Stylish world map printed on the glass
  • Thin but durable frame
  • World map has some imperfections and it is not practical
Having the world map printed on a desk is not very practical. The problem is that the desk will be populated by a keyboard, mouse, monitor, mouse pad and other items. Also, the map has some imperfections and some borders or countries might not be properly drawn.

5. Z-Line Claremont Desk

Z-Line Designs Z-Link ZL81001DU Desk,Wood Frame,Glass
Z-Line Claremont desk is a great pick for the ones that value functionality more than design. The model is made using a metal frame and wooden elements. This gives it a more conservative and classic design. The glass used for the desk is tempered and has a smoked tint. It is supported by chrome poles. As for functionality, the desk has a keyboard sliding tray and a small opening in the back that can be used to hide cables behind a wooden panel. As for the workspace, the desk is quite large and suitable for both laptop and desktop users.

  • Plenty of workspaces
  • Sliding the keyboard tray and opening it to hide the cables
  • Tempered glass with a smoked tint
  • Boring design
There are almost no issues with the desk itself. In fact, some might even like the design but most people might find it uninspiring and maybe too conservative. The combination of metal, wood, and glass is not executed in a visually pleasing way.

4. Z-Line Nero Desk and Bookcase

Z-Line Designs Z-Line Nero Desk and Bookcase, Black
Z-Line Nero is actually a great-looking desk. Compared with their Claremont model, this one is both cheaper and much better looking. What makes it so appealing is the fact that it has a work area and a storage area with 3 trays attached to it. The desk uses a steel frame with a black glossy coating and has only tempered glass. It also has a simple sliding keyboard tray that uses the same durable tempered glass.

  • Modern design
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Durable steel frame
  • Poor assembly instructions
The desk comes with a small booklet that illustrates how it needs to be assembled. Sadly, the instructions are not very good and it misses to mention all the screw holes and how they need to be assembled. It takes a bit of guesswork and a bit of time to get the desk fully assembled.

3. LeCrozz L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk

Le Crozz L-Shape Corner Desk Computer Gaming Desk Table, Black
LeCrozz L-Shaped office desk is a great pick for the ones that need a stylish work area. The desk is also surprisingly inexpensive. It uses tempered glass with a black glossy coating and a steel frame that also has a black coating. Assembly is fairly simple and all the needed instructions are provided in a small booklet. Durability is quite decent as for practicality, it comes with rubber feet so that it will not scratch the floor. It also has footrest bars and offers a generous workspace.

  • Inexpensive
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Easy to assemble
  • More difficult to maintain
The black glossy glass is much more difficult to maintain than clear glass. Black makes it easy to spot smudges, dirt, and dust. The desk will need to be cleaned and degreased frequently, otherwise, it will look dirtier than it really is.

2. Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard Tray

Sale Flash Furniture Jude Tempered Glass Computer Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard Tray and Crisscross Frame, Small Computer Desk for Home Office, Cherry/Clear
The Flash Furniture glass computer desk is a very practical solution for the ones that need a new desk. It has a simple design with a wooden frame and steel reinforcement, as well as a reliable sliding keyboard tray, made also out of wood. The glass used for the desk is tempered to make it more resilient to scratches and shocks while the frame comes with floor glides. The model is available in 2 different options that have different shapes for the frame.

  • Simple but robust and stable design
  • Floor glides and steel reinforcement
  • Crisscross legs and tempered glass surface
  • Assembly can be frustrating
The assembly instructions come in a booklet that only contains pictures. This does not tell much in terms of how the parts should fit and what are the differences between nearly identical ones. It can take at least 30 minutes to properly assemble the desk even while using the instructions booklet.

1. Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

Z-Line Designs Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk
The Z-Line Belaire glass computer desk offers more than enough space. It is an L-shaped desk with a shelf and a keyboard tray. Both the shelf and keyboard tray use tempered glass and the entire desk itself uses the same durable glass. The steel metal frame has a black coating and features height-adjustable plastic feet that will prevent it from scratching the floor. One interesting aspect is the fact that the desk will need to be assembled but it has very clear instructions and it includes all the needed hardware and tools.

  • Plenty of workspaces
  • Durable steel frame and plastic feet
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Keyboard tray does not seem very reliable
Using glass for the tray is not such a great idea. Usually, people keep their hands on the tray and apply a bit of force when resting or just using the keyboard and mouse. Wood might have been a better option since it is less likely to break and supports more weight.

Not All Glass Computer Desk Are Created Equal

There is a wide selection of glass desks and even if not all of them are being advertised as being dedicated to a computer, they work just as well. The difficulty appears when presented with too many models and having to choose one. Making the right choice will avoid having to assemble a desk, realizing that it is not suitable, having to disassemble it, send it back then wait for a refund. It does not sound all that bad but this whole process is even worst in reality. This can only be avoided by looking at things that matter the most when picking a desk as a design is not everything. Just because it looks good it does not mean it is the right thing.

  • Size. Size is the most important aspect when picking a desk. For a laptop user, even the smallest desk might be enough. A desktop user will need something bigger for obvious reason.
  • Wood or metal? Glass desks can be found with metal, wood or metal and wood for the frame. Wood offers a more conservative look while metal is considered to be modern. It is a matter of personal preference and nobody can say that metal is more durable than wood when it comes to desks.
  • With or without a sliding keyboard tray? Sliding keyboard trays do have a functional purpose but they are not very practical. The space they offer for the keyboard and mouse do not allow for a lot of movement and they are not particularly smooth. The ones that will get a desk with a sliding tray but do not want to use it might just as well not install it at all.

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