Top 10 Best Electric Air Pumps in 2024


An electric air pump is a valuable utility even if it will not be used very often. Regardless of the purpose of the pump, as long as it is not used commercially, it will not be used all that often but when the time comes, having it around will help a lot. Inflating something like an air mattress without a pump will prove to be a nightmare.

Also, putting more pressure into the tires of a car is the kind of job that only an electric air pump can handle. These two examples show how electric pumps can help a lot in various situations but they also show that there are different types of pumps. Getting the right type of pump is important but it is equally important to avoid spending money on a poor quality product.

An electric pump is much heavier than a manual one but they can inflate items much faster and more efficient depending on how powerful it is. Even if an electric pump is more expensive than a manual one, it gets the job done faster and it is much more convenient to use as long as there is a power outlet close by. There are models that are battery powered but they are less reliable as the motor is smaller and their airflow output is inferior.

Most electric pumps come with various extensions that give them a bit of versatility when it comes to purpose. The nozzle will determine what it works and most models have several included. What is an important aspect is the airflow output and motor power? For our list, we picked 10 different models that have been selling well for obvious reasons. Without delaying it any further here is our recommended list of the top 10 best electric air pumps in 2024.

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Picking One Electric Air Pump Out Of Many

There are a lot of electric air pumps available and things get confusing because there are quite similar. In fact, there are some air pumps that are identical but have different branding and a different price tag. We tried to find as many different air pumps as possible for our list and for the most part they are worth spending money on. Picking a suitable electric air pump from the list can be a bit confusing but here are some things to keep in mind:

  • With or without a hose: Electric air pumps that come with a hose are a bit easier to work with but they take more storage space and this tends to matter for some.
  • 110-120 volt or 12-volt pump: There are basically two types of pumps. There are the ones that are meant to be used at home and work with a regular wall plug and there are the ones that work with the car lighter socket
  • Noise: Some pumps tend to be much noisier than others. This is because of the air intake and exhaust. It can be different from one pump to another.
  • Nozzles: The vast majority of pumps have several different nozzles included in the kit but this is not a general rule. It is possible for some models to have just one nozzle that is not detachable.

Best Electric Air Pumps in 2024

10. FMS Electric Air Pump


FMS Electric Air Pump 12V DC/ 100-240V AC with 4 Nozzles Portable Quick-Full Inflator/Deflator Air Pump for Outdoor Camping, Air Mattress Bed, Cushion, Inflatable Boat and Other Inflatable Products

FMS electric air pump is a compact and practical little device that can be used to inflate all sorts of inflatables. The unit comes with 4 different nozzles, allowing it to work with all types of valves. Powered by a small electric motor, the pump has a decent airflow but it should not be used for more than 10 minutes continuously as it needs to cool down. The pump also comes with a car cigarette lighter socket.


  • Compact form factor
  • Includes 4 different nozzles
  • Can be powered by a cigarette lighter socket
  • Can be used to inflate or deflate

Reasons to buy:

  • The compact form factor makes it very practical. It is travel friendly and very convenient as it can be powered by a car cigarette socket.
  • The 4 nozzles included should be enough to have it working with all types of valves. Swapping them is quick and easy. All it takes is to just switch the pump on.
  • Similar pumps of the same size tend to get hot very fast. Usually, after 5 minutes, small pumps need to cool down. The FMS pump can be used continuously for 10 minutes before needing to be cooled.

9. RAVE Sports Rave 3 PSI Hi-Speed Inflator/Deflator


RAVE Sports 01083 High Speed Inflator/Deflator, 3.0 psi, 48 CFM 120 VAC, with Adaptors, Black

For regular inflating jobs, the RAVE Sports pump can be a decent choice. It is a compact pump with several adaptors included so that it can be used with any inflatable. The pump can also be used to deflate. It requires power from a regular wall plug and has just an on and off button. The motor used is quite powerful as it can supply constant air pressure of 3 PSI. For more convenience, the pump was designed with a small carry handle and a 36-inch hose.


  • Long 36-inch hose
  • Swappable nozzle heads included
  • Maintains a constant 3 PSI pressure
  • Can be used to inflate and deflate

Reasons to buy:

  • For its size, the pump is quite powerful. Regular air pumps for inflatables deliver about 2 PSI. The pump can handle a constant output of 3 PSI air pressure.
  • The pump comes with several attachments that make it easy to use with any inflatable. It works with anything that requires inflation or deflation.
  • Build quality is always important especially when it comes to air pumps. The model is larger than the kind of pumps that are thrown for free with inflatable mattresses and uses a much more potent electric motor.

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8. FLEXTAILGEAR – MAX Pump Portable Air Pump


FLEXTAILGEAR - MAX Pump Portable Air Pump with 3600mAH Battery USB Rechargeable lightest Air Pump -Quick Inflate Deflate for Air Mattress, Pool Toys, Floats, Swimming Ring, Lifebuoy, Air Bed(White)

The FLEXTAILGEAR air pump is one of the smallest that can be found. It is extremely compact, using a very small motor that is powered by an internal 3600 mAh rechargeable battery. The pump itself comes with a USB cable that can be used to charge it. Inside the package, 3 nozzles have been included that can be used to inflate or deflate. The airflow pressure of the device is a maximum of 2 kPa or 0.3 PSI. A full battery charge is enough to power the pump for 40 minutes.


  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Includes 3 different nozzles
  • Compact form factor
  • Works for up to 40 minutes on a full charge

Reasons to buy:

  • Having a built-in battery makes it practical, especially in situations in which there is no power source available. The pump will prove itself most useful especially on camping trips or on the beach.
  • A full battery charge lasts for 40 minutes of continuous use which is enough to inflate two mattresses. Fortunately, it can be charged with a power bank which will help go beyond those 40 minutes.
  • Being so compact makes it a portable pump that is easy to carry around in a backpack while on a trip. It weighs less than a smartphone and charges quickly.

7. WOW Sports Air Pump for Inflatables


WOW Sports High Pressure Air Pump-Powerful Electric Air Pump, 5 Universal Adapters, 120 volt 600 liter / minute,Orange

WOW Sports air pump for inflatables is a great pick for the ones that own large inflatables such as airbeds, pools, islands or boats. It has a powerful motor that can deliver 2.0 PSI consistently. The pump needs to be powered from a regular 120-volt wall plug and outputs 600 liters of compressed air per minute. For the pump, 5 different nozzles are delivered that can be connected to its long flexible hose. The unit can be used to both inflate and deflate.


  • 2.0 PSI pump
  • 600 liters per minute
  • Includes a long flexible hose and 5 nozzles
  • 12-foot power cord

Reasons to buy:

  • Because it is quite powerful, the pump can inflate and deflate large items quite fast. It takes just a few minutes to completely inflate a boat while a small pump can take tens of minutes.
  • The pump comes with plenty of accessories. The box contains 5 nozzles and a long flexible hose. These accessories make it usable with virtually any inflatable.
  • The pump is very reliable using a powerful motor. To show confidence in their product, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty.

6. OKPOW Air Pump for Inflatables


OKPOW Electric Portable Air Pump 110V AC/12V DC Pump for Inflatables Air Mattress Raft Bed Boat Pool Toy

OKPOW air pump is a fairly basic and simple product. It has a compact form factor and it is relatively cheap. The pump comes with a regular power adapter and a power cable for a 12v car cigarette plug. It includes 3 swappable nozzles and a basic manual. The pump has just an on and off button and can be used to inflate both small and large inflatables. Alternatively, the pump can also be used to deflate but it is recommended to allow the pump to cool every 5 minutes when using it.


  • 3 swappable nozzles
  • AC adapter and 12v car adapter
  • 0.35 PSI pressure
  • Can be used to inflate and deflate

Reasons to buy:

  • The pump is quite small but decent. It can be used to inflate large items such as boats and swimming pools but it needs to cool down after 5 minutes of use.
  • The 3 nozzles included and the car adapter will prove to be quite useful. It can be used even on camping trips since it can be powered from a regular car cigarette lighter socket.
  • Being compact is a plus. It can be carried in a small backpack and it will not feel as carrying extra weight. It weighs just over 1 lbs. which is not much at all.

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5. Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump


INTEX 66639E QuickFill 120 Volt AC Electric Pump: Inflates and Deflates Air Mattresses – Includes 3 Interrconnecting Nozzles – Sleek and Compact Design – 650 L/Min Air Flow – Indoor Use

Intex Quick-Fill is a small and practical pump for not a lot of money. It is inexpensive and does exactly what it is supposed to do. The pump ensures a constant airflow of 650 liters per minute and a pressure of 0.35 PSI. It runs on a small electric motor that needs to be powered by any standard 110-120 volt wall outlet. The unit has just an on/off switch, air intake, and an air exhaust valve. Inside the kit, the manufacturers included 3 swappable nozzles to make it work with as many different inflatables as possible.


  • 650 liters per minute max airflow
  • 3 swappable nozzles
  • Can be used to inflate and deflate
  • Compact form factor

Reasons to buy:

  • The nozzles it comes with work with most valves meaning that it should be usable with a lot of different inflatable items.
  • The airflow of 650 liters per minute is more than enough to inflate large items quite fast. It should take only a few minutes to completely inflate or deflate something as big as a boat.
  • Since it is so compact, the pump is easy to travel with. Even if it needs a wall outlet, on camping trips, it can be powered by an inverter that can be connected to a car cigarette lighter socket.

4. XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro Multi-Use Electric Air Pump and Blower


XPOWER A-2 Cyber Duster Electric Air Duster for Dusting, Drying, Inflating, Blowing, Car Detailing, Computer, Leaf Blowing, 90 CFM, 7 Nozzles + 2 Brushes, High Performance Motor, Eco-Friendly, Blue

XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro is more of a multi-tool that can have a wide range of applications. First of all, it can be used as a blower. It uses a powerful motor that is capable of an airflow output of 90 CFM. The unit is shipped with multiple nozzles that can be attached so that it can be used as an air pump for inflatables. The pump has 2 operating speeds and an air filter that can be washed. It can only be powered by a wall socket with 120v/Hz power standards.


  • 2 operating speeds
  • Max airflow of 90 CFM
  • Can be used as a blower and air pump
  • Includes 9 swappable nozzles

Reasons to buy:

  • The fact that it can be used as a blower makes it a very versatile and useful little tool. It is powerful enough to be used as a blower and as an air pump for inflatables.
  • No less than 9 different nozzles are included with the unit. This makes it usable with virtually any type of inflatable item.
  • The unit is well-made and durable. Its electric motor can withstand intense use without heating up too much. It is encased in an ABS housing which is much more resilient to hits or drops.

3. Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Electric Pump


Sale Sevylor High-Pressure Electric Pump, 12V Portable Air Pump for Paddle Boards, Kayaks, Inflatables, and Balloons - 15 PSI

Sevylor electric pump is more of a heavy-duty model that can be used to inflate large items such as boats, SUP boards, and many more. It can inflate up to 15 PSI and with the aid of the included nozzles, it works with virtually any type of inflatable. The unit is larger than regular air pumps but it comes with a small handle and a long power cord. Additionally, the pump comes with an extra power cord for car cigarette lighter sockets.


  • Can inflate up to 15 PSI
  • Includes 3 different nozzles
  • Can be powered from a wall socket or cigarette lighter socket
  • Digital display and air pressure measurement unit selector

Reasons to buy:

  • The pump is quite powerful. Compared to regular air pumps, the Sevylor model can reach much higher pressures, making it an ideal pick for large inflatable items.
  • Having the additional nozzles and the car cigarette lighter adapter surely count as a major plus. It can serve as a portable air pump for camping trips.
  • The build quality and sturdiness of the pump make it easy to recommend. It is less likely to overhead like smaller pumps and can be used continuously for longer periods.

2. Coleman QuickPump


Coleman QuickPump Portable Air Pump for Air Beds, Inflatables & Sports Equipment, Versatile Power Options (Battery, Rechargeable, 12-Volt, 120-Volt)

Coleman QuickPump is one of the cheapest pumps available yet it performs quite well. The unit has a maximum airflow of 36.56 CFM which is enough to inflate an air bed. For other types of inflatables, several extra nozzles were included. The model is available in several different iterations. It can be found as with a built-in battery, a regular model that is powered by a 120v wall socket, and a portable model that works with car cigarette lighter sockets. The manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty for the pump.


  • Max airflow of 36.56 CFM
  • Includes several different nozzles
  • Available in a rechargeable version with a built-in battery
  • Does not overheat

Reasons to buy:

  • The 120v version of the pump has superior airflow, allowing it to inflate air beds very fast. It is also the cheapest as the battery-powered one is more expensive and has inferior airflow.
  • Because it is quite large and has big air vents, the unit does not overheat after 5 minutes of use. Regardless, because of its airflow, it is highly unlikely that it will need longer than that to inflate large items.
  • The pump is well designed with its handle and on a switch placed in such a way that it only needs to be held with one hand. It is practical and very easy to use.

1. Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump


Sale Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump, 110-120 Volt, Max. Air Flow 21.2CFM

Intex Quick-Fill AC electric air pump is the ideal choice for the ones that do not want to spend a lot of money and need something small that works. The unit uses a small electric motor with an airflow output of 21.2 CFM. This amounts to approximately 600 liters per minute. It can be used to inflate or deflate and has more than enough swappable nozzles included. To power the unit, the pump needs to operate on a 120v AC power outlet. The power cord is quite long and the build quality is decent, to say the least.


  • 21.2 CFM, 600 liters per minute
  • Compact form factor
  • Includes 3 swappable nozzles
  • Long AC power cord

Reasons to buy:

  • The practicality factor makes the Intex air pump a good buy. It is very small and easy to operate. All it takes is to plug it in and hit the switch.
    With an airflow of 21.2 CFM, the pump should be able to handle an air bed in just a few minutes. It is powerful enough and has a large air debit.
    Being inexpensive makes it a good bargain. The pump is well built and does its job quite well, even compared with much more expensive pumps that have larger motors.

Buying tips:

Included accessories. Most pumps come with several different nozzles. These are a must, otherwise, the pump will work only with one type of valve. Other pumps may also have additional accessories such as a car cigarette lighter socket power plug.

Airflow. The ability of a pump to quickly inflate something depends on its airflow and maximum pressure. Anything above 20 CFM airflow should inflate things relatively fast. It should also be able to put out a decent pressure, otherwise, it will not be able to inflate large items such as an air bed.

Practicality. Air pumps come in many sizes. Some are larger than others meaning that some models may be easier to carry in a backpack than others. For regular home use, this aspect may not matter at all. For camping, it is better to get a more compact model.

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