Top 10 Best Blender Bottles in 2024


More and more people are becoming self-aware and started to realize just how healthy the modern society man is. We have sedentary lifestyles and the food we eat is usually low in nutrients. A proper diet is vital but it needs to be complemented by an active lifestyle which is why gyms are now more popular than ever.

All the work invested at the gym can be meaningless without a protein supplement. If the body does not receive enough, muscle and strength growth will never occur. Most people carry a blender bottle or a shaker with them so that they can have their protein shake right before or after the workout. For the ones that are just starting to work out, a blender bottle should be the first thing on their list. For this reason, we decided to check which are the best ones to get. With no further ado, here is our selection for the top 10 best blender bottles.

Best Blender Bottles in 2024

10. BOTTLED JOY Protein Shaker Bottle

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BOTTLED JOY protein shaker is a must-have accessory that should not be missing from the gym bag. It is inexpensive and practical while also offering a large capacity. The bottle can hold up to 27 oz. of protein shake.

The bottle is made for polypropylene. It is a non-toxic material that will not contaminate the liquids inside. To help mix the shake better, the bottle has a mixer ball inside which moves freely when the bottle is agitated.

As far as practicality goes, the bottle is easy to hold as it has anti-slip rubber grips on the side. The lid completely leaks and spill proof while the thickness of the bottle is just enough to fit properly in the hand.

We recommend this because:

  • Non-toxic polypropylene construction, BPA free
  • Leak-proof and spill proof lid
  • Silicone grips on the outside
  • Wisk mixer ball inside

9. Cyclone Cup Black Cyclone Cups

Black Cyclone Cups - 2 Pack - Blender Mixer Bottle Protein Powder Shaker 22 Oz
Cyclone Cup blender mixer bottle is a great shaker that has an extra feature to add even more practicality. The extra feature comes in the form of a small compartment at the bottom of the bottle that can be used to store supplement capsules.

Inside the bottle, a stationary mixer system has been added that can be used to emulsify and properly mix the content inside. The total capacity of the shaker is 22 oz. which should be enough for a regular protein shake.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, the bottle cap locks into place and provides a tight seal. This makes it completely leak proof and preserve the shake better. The material used is durable, recyclable and non-toxic. It does not contain any BPA and it is DEHP free.

We recommend this because:

  • Stationary cone mixer inside the bottle
  • Storage compartment at the bottom for dietary supplements
  • Secure locking lid to prevent leaks
  • Non-toxic, recyclable, BPA and DEHP free

8. Blender Bottle Full Color Bottles

BlenderBottle Shaker Bottle, 28oz - BlenderBall Wisk Mixer Ball - Blend Protein Powder, Sport Drinks, Shakes, Smoothies & More - Pink
Blender Bottle Exclusive Colors shaker is a great choice for the ones that are looking for something cheap and stress-free. It is a regular shaker bottle with a practical design and a durable build quality.

The bottle is made from a flexible BPA-free plastic material. Inside the bottle, a stainless steel ball can be found that will help mix the shake better. It is also quite easy to clean as the bottle is dishwasher safe, however, it should not be used with warm liquids or in a microwave.

For practicality reasons, the bottle was designed with a non-smooth surface on one of the sides which improves hand grip. This makes it easier to hold. The cap of the bottle is easy to open. It is a flip-cap so that it can never get misplaced.

We recommend this because:

  • Non-toxic, BPA free bottle
  • Stainless steel mixing ball inside
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stay-open flip cap, leak-free

7. Blender Bottle Single 20oz Sundesa Blender Bottle

Single 20oz Sundesa Blender Bottle, Colors Vary
Blender Bottle Sundesa is a great pick for the ones that are looking for something small and easy to fit inside a small gym bag. The bottle has a capacity of 20 oz. and it is less tall than regular shaker bottles.

Like any other shaker from Blender Bottles, the Sundesa has a stainless steel mix ball inside. Its purpose is to mix the shake faster and better. The bottle is also very easy to clean. The cap can be taken off and the bottle itself is dishwasher safe.

The bottle itself is made from safe materials, BPA free and non-toxic. It has a secure lid that prevents leaks and comes with a modest price tag. It can be found in one standard size but colors may vary.

We recommend this because:

  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Includes a stainless steel mixer ball
  • No leaks, secure sealing lid
  • Compact form factor

6. BluePeak Protein Shaker Bottle

BluePeak Protein Shaker Bottle 28 oz with Dual Mixing Technology, Strong Loop Top, BPA Free, Shaker Balls & Mixing Grids Included - On-The-Go Large Protein Shakers (2 Pack - Blue & Black)
BluePeak protein shaker bottle is one of the larger models in our list. It is quite tall and has a capacity of 28 ounces. The shaker comes as a 2-pack, making one bottle extremely cheap. Unfortunately, BluePeak only sells the bottle in 2-packs or 3-packs.

The bottles are made from a non-toxic plastic. They are BPA free and do not contaminate the liquids inside. Cleaning it is very simple as it is dishwasher safe. The lid can be completely removed so that it can be cleaned easier as well.

To make things easier, the shakers come with mixing grids. The grids help mix the protein shake faster and smoother. As far as practicality goes, the bottles are made from a flexible plastic material so that they do not break. They are dishwasher safe and completely leak and spill proof.

We recommend this because:

  • Dishwasher safe, easy to clean
  • Leak and spill proof
  • Durable BPA-free plastic bottles
  • Large 28-ounce capacity

5. Contigo Shake & Go Fit Snap Lid Shaker Bottle

Contigo Shake & Go Fit Shaker Bottle, 28 oz., Neon Pink Lid
Contigo Shake & Go shaker bottle is one of the most inexpensive offerings from our selection. It is a simple shaker with a basic but functional design. The bottle is quite large but easy to carry and practical.

The total capacity of the bottle is 28 ounces. It is made from a durable plastic material that is non-toxic and recyclable. For practical reasons, it uses a clear plastic so that it can be easy to see the contents inside.

A useful feature is a carry on a handle for easier transportation. The top lid seals the bottle properly so that no liquid is spilled. On the side of the bottle, volume markings have been added. Also, cleaning the bottle is straight forward as both the lid and body are dishwasher safe.

We recommend this because:

  • Dishwasher safe lid and bottle
  • Large 28 ounce capacity
  • Carry handle attached to the bottle
  • Tight sealing cap to prevent leaks

4. Hydracup 28oz Dual Shaker Bottle

Hydra Cup - 2 PACK, 36 oz High Performance Dual Shaker Bottle, 2 in 1, 14oz + 22oz, Leak Proof, Awesome Colors, Patented PRE + Protein Shaker Cup, Save Time & Be Prepared, Get Shit Done Black
Hydracup Dual Shaker bottle is a good pick for the ones that want to take the gym as seriously as possible. It has a large 28-ounce capacity but because the bottle has a dark color, it makes it difficult to see the liquid volume inside.

One thing that makes this particular shaker different is that the shaker has a dual chamber design, each split in 14 oz. This makes it easier to prepare the shaker with 2 equal servings. The locking clips prevent both chambers from leaking liquid.

The bottle itself is made from a BPA plastic. It does not break if dropped and with the air of the rubber gasket, no liquid is leaked even when agitated. Cleaning is the same as with other shakers as it is dishwasher safe.

We recommend this because:

  • Dual chamber design
  • Large 28 oz. capacity
  • Rubber gasket and sealing top lead to prevent leaks
  • Very durable BPA-free plastic construction

3. Hydra Cup Dual Threat Shaker Bottle

Hydra Cup - 30oz Dual Threat Shaker Bottle, Shaker Cup + Water Bottle, Leak Proof, Awesome Colors, Save Time & Be Prepared (Pack of 1, Original Black)
Hydra Cup Dual Threat shaker bottle is yet another model with a dual chamber design. Each chamber has its own sealing lid and volume markings on the side. Basically, the bottle is split into two sides which allows the user to have 2 different 14 oz. shakes in one bottle.

The bottle itself is made from a clear plastic material to make it easier to see the volume inside. Like most other shakers, the bottle is non-toxic and BPA-free. It can survive drops without cracking.

Since it has two top caps, both have been made to provide a perfect seal in order to avoid leaks. The entire top side can be taken off so that the shaker would be easier to clean. It is machine wash safe and can even hold warm or hot beverages.

We recommend this because:

  • 2 individual 14 oz. chambers
  • Top sealing caps to prevent leaks
  • See-trough bottle with volume markings
  • Non-toxic, BPA-free, durable plastic bottle

2. BlenderBottle ProStak System Bottle

BlenderBottle Shaker Bottle with Pill Organizer and Storage for Protein Powder, ProStak System, 22-Ounce, Black/White
BlenderBottle ProStak system bottle can save some storage space due to its design. It has a special compartment beneath the bottle that is shaped like a small cup which is screwed on. The compartment can be used to carry protein power, pills or supplements.

The bottle itself is made from a safe, non-toxic, BPA-free plastic material. It is fairly flexible so that it does not break and has a total capacity of 22 oz. The volume markings on go up until 16 oz.

Like most other bottles, it has a stainless steel mixer ball. The top lid has a locking mechanism and seals completely the bottle. Additionally, the bottom compartment is interlocking so that more compartments can be added.

We recommend this because:

  • Interlocking bottom jar that can be used for pills and supplements
  • Leak-proof flip cap
  • Durable, BPA-free, dishwasher safe bottle
  • Available in over 25 different colors

1. BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle

BlenderBottle Classic Shaker Bottle Perfect for Protein Shakes and Pre Workout, 28-Ounce, Clear/Black/White
BlenderBottle classic loop top shaker bottle is a great choice for the ones that need something simple and inexpensive. It is a highly popular shaker bottle with a capacity of 28 oz. and a practical stainless steel ball to make it easier to mix the protein shake.

The bottle is available in over 25 colors. All of them are made from a non-toxic, BPA-free material and comes with a lifetime warranty. It has a wide mouth so that it can be easier to add mix scoops or liquids.

To prevent leaks, the top cap seals the bottle and features a small loop top to make it easier to carry. The bottle fits properly in the hand and has volume markings on the side. Last but not least, the bottle and the cap are dishwasher safe and can hold hot or warm beverages.

We recommend this because:

  • BPA-free, phthalate-free construction
  • Available in over 25 different sizes and capacities
  • Comes with a stainless steel mixing ball
  • Wide mouth opening and sealing top cap

Things to keep in mind when looking for the best blender bottles

Truth be told, it does not matter all that much which blender bottle to get. They are fairly similar, and they fulfill the same role. Surely, some are more convenient than others and may have special features or perks that might be worth spending a bit extra on.

Since there are a few things worth mentioning regarding the differences between various types of blender shakers, we took the liberty to list them down below. Here are some key features worth keeping an eye out for.

  • Mixer balls. More and more manufacturers use stainless steel balls that can be placed inside the blender bottle which will help mix the shake faster. It is a useful additional feature that will prove to be useful
  • Blender bottle capacity. The size of the bottle can be important. Some might not like a big bottle. There are different types of capacities ranging from 14 oz. 28 oz.
  • Dual chamber or regular bottles. Some shaker bottles have two individual chambers which can be used to prepare different shakes. Not everyone needs this type of feature but for some, it can be useful.


Blender bottles are essential for the ones that hit the gym on a regular basis. Almost everyone uses their blender bottle almost on a daily basis. They are inexpensive and very practical. On top of everything, they are made to be non-toxic, durable and reliable.

There are several different types of blender bottles available to choose from and hundreds of different brands. Choosing one out of them can be a bit confusing which is why we went ahead and picked the 10 most popular ones. Our list includes plenty of different models so that everyone can find a suitable blender bottle.

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