Top 10 Best Barcode Scanners in 2024


Bar code scanners can be used for multiple things. They do not necessarily need to be used only for commercial purposes. Some people even like to make use of them at home to create inventories of various items in a garage, books, DVD collections and the list can go on and on.

For business owners, bar code scanners are almost mandatory. Without a barcode scanner it is not only much more difficult to serve customers, but keeping an accurate inventory would be extremely hectic. As long as everything is properly labeled it will be much easier to manage.

The technology for these essential devices has not changed much. Barcode scanners still work the same way they always did but some new features can be found in newer models. Wireless and Bluetooth technologies have been added to make them more mobile and easier to work with in a warehouse or store. Also the Bluetooth bar code scanners can work with mobile devices such as tablets. This sets the trend for mobile applications for warehousing using cloud software that can be run even on small Android or iOS devices.

Best Barcode Scanners in 2024

In terms of pricing they can vary a lot and the most expensive ones are the models that use wireless technology. A wireless device not only has more expensive hardware but also needs an internal battery pack which explains the difference in pricing. We went ahead and selected the 10 best-selling models that managed to gain positive reviews due to their reliability and features. Here are the top 10 best barcode scanners in 2024 reviews.

10. WoneNice USB Laser Scan Barcode Scanner

WoneNice USB Barcode Scanner Bar Code Reader

WonNice barcode scanner is a small device that can be connected to any computer or laptop with a USB port. It has a simple construction with a long USB cable and a large trigger which makes it easy to operate.

The hardware inside the device was configured to recognize a wide range of types of barcodes. It is capable of recognizing even Chinese postal codes. It includes a sound alert whenever the sensor is activated. The model is also quite affordable which makes it a good option for the ones that need to buy more than one or individuals that need some testing hardware.

9. Esky 2.4G Wireless Handheld Automatic Laser Barcode Scanner

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The Esky 2.4G wireless barcode scanner is one of the more affordable cordless models from the well-known manufacturer. It comes with an internal memory that helps store scanned codes and a high-speed sensor that can handle about 200 scans per second.

In terms of compatibility, the model works with any Windows-based computer and can recognize the most popular barcode types. It is fairly small while its internal battery is powerful enough to keep it running for multiple days.

8. BrainyDeal Wired Handheld USB Automatic Laser Barcode Scanner Reader With USB Cable

HWAYO Wired Handheld USB Automatic Laser Barcode Scanner Reader With USB Cable

The BrainyDeal corded USB barcode scanner is yet another budget solution for the ones that need something simple that just works. It does not have any advanced features but it can be just right for a small store or someone that thinks about creating an inventory of a personal collection.

Like any other barcode scanner, it has a bi-directional light source and can decode multiple types of codes including Chinese ones. As for its compatibility, the model can be used with any computer that has a USB port and does not require any special software to be installed.

7. Smart&Cool SC FJ-5 USB Plug and Play Automatic Barcode Scanner

Smart&Cool SC FJ-5 USB Plug and Play Automatic Barcode Scanner Bar-code Scanner Barcode Reader Bar-code Reader (Black)

The Smart&Cool brand is relatively unknown but this should not be much of a concern. Their corded USB barcode scanner is one of the best models in its price range. It has a simple design with a large handle and a small trigger button that activates the bi-directional light source.

The model can be used with most computers and laptops and it does not require any software to be installed. It will automatically detect the type of code its scans and as expected it can decode a wide range of barcodes.

6.RUBAN USB Automatic Barcode Scanner

RUBAN USB Automatic Barcode Scanner, Scanning Bar-Code Reader with Hands Free Adjustable Stand, Black

RUBAN’s USB scanner is one of the models that is mostly popular for retail businesses. It includes a high-quality ABS docking stand and a long USB cable. The sensor of the device is capable of high-speed reads, reaching several hundred per minute.

The installation of the scanner is straightforward as it is a plug-and-play device. No software is needed to start reading barcodes. As for its capability to decode various types of barcodes, the model has been configured to work with the most popular types.

5. LotFancy 2.4GHZ Wireless Cordless Handheld USB Automatic Laser

LotFancy 2.4G USB Wireless Barcode Scanner Reader - Cordless Automatic Laser Handheld Bar Code Reader, Portable and Rechargeable

LotFancy wireless barcode scanner is a great device for the ones that need to work in a warehouse. The model uses 2.4Ghz wireless technology making it rather mobile. The downside is that it needs to be a bit close to the computer it is connected to but it will work just fine with a laptop.

The model runs on a rechargeable internal battery that offers about 50 hours of usage. It does not require any installation software and it can decode a wide range of barcode types.

4. Honeywell MK9540-32A38 VoyagerCG Handheld Barcode Reader

Sale Honeywell MK9540-32A38 VoyagerCG Handheld Barcode Reader with USB Host Interface, 5V DC, 25 mW, Black

The Honeywell VoyagerCG barcode scanner is a professional-grade device that comes with a rather high price tag. It was made to be durable, portable, and quite resilient which recommends for intense commercial use. The model is a corded one that includes a high-quality ABS stand.

It can be connected to any computer or laptop that comes with USB ports and features a simple plug-and-play setup. Despite being so expensive the model has been reviewed positively by many small to medium-sized businesses.

3. Tera Wireless Automatic Barcode Scanner Reader Bar Code Scanner

No products found.

Tera barcode scanner is a budget-friendly wireless barcode scanner. Using 2.4GHz wireless technology the model can be used in a somewhat free manner without being constrained by a cable.

Its autonomy is provided by an internal rechargeable battery pack that lasts for multiple days on a full charge. Its USB dongle can be connected to any computer or laptop and just like the corded versions, it is a plug-and-play device.

2.TaoTronics USB Barcode Scanner

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The TaoTronics barcode scanner comes as a kit that includes a convenient ABS holding dock. The scanner itself is made of a durable plastic material with a yellow trigger. Its sensor uses a bi-directional light source and can scan at a high-speed rate.

Its compatibility makes it work with a wide range of devices as long as they have a USB port. The hardware inside is able to decode and process all popular barcode types.

1. TaoTronics 2.4G Wireless Cordless Handheld Barcode Bar Code Scanner Reader Kit

No products found.

TaoTronics 2.4GHz wireless scanner is a highly appreciated model not only for its modest price but also for its craftsmanship. It is a reliable model with a resilient ABS build and excellent hardware. It is capable of high-speed scanning due to its advanced sensor and works with all types of computers with a USB port.

The model can decode all the regular barcode types. It can be used for several days without charging due to its internal battery pack and requires no installation software.

Barcode scanners are straightforward devices. All of them tend to work just by plugging them into a computer or laptop. Only a handful of them come with Bluetooth connectivity that enables them to work with tablets or smartphones. The vast majority of them are either wireless using 2.4GHz technology or they are corded.

The more expensive models do not offer much extra except for the way they connect to a computer. Other than that they tend to have the same capabilities. Some might even argue that the high-speed scanning features might not be as helpful as advertised but it all depends on how the device will be used. Our picklist includes even such models and the pricing can vary a lot depending on the manufacturer and the features they offer.


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