Top 10 Best Winter Gloves for Women in 2024


Gloves are seen as an optional accessory by men but women take it a bit more seriously. Medically speaking, keeping your extremities warm also helps the blood flow and improve body temperature. At the same time, having cold hands can be extremely uncomfortable.

One of the reasons why some women do not like wearing gloves is the fact that they make it difficult to use a smartphone with the gloves on. However, there is a solution to this simple problem. Most gloves these days are tailored to work with touch screens while still looking stylish or keeping the hands warm. There are even some models made out of leather that work with smartphones.

Best Winter Gloves for Women in 2024

Regardless of what they will be used for, gloves should serve as a means to keep the hands warm. Some models are better at it than others which is why we went ahead and selected the most popular and appreciated models for their design, ability to keep the hands warm and their price. To keep things short here are the top 10 best gloves for women in 2024.

10. Yan & Lei Women’s Knitted Winter Gloves with Roll Up Cuffs

YAN & LEI Women's Snowflakes and Cats Knitted Winter Gloves with Roll Up Cuffs Design Color Grey

Yan & Lei is a small brand that sells decent products. The Women’s Knitted winter gloves are both affordable and quite comfortable. The gloves are made of soft Acrylic fibers that can keep the hands warm even during the coldest winter days.

Being a knitted model means that they do not protect the hands all that well against the wind but they do keep them warm under normal conditions. They are available in multiple colors to choose from but with the same pattern.

9. Metog Suede Thinsulate Thermal Insulation Mittens

Metog Suede Thinsulate Thermal Insulation Mittens Beige L

Metog Suede Thinsulate thermal mittens are great for women that do not like to take off their gloves whenever they need to grab something or use their phone. It is a half finger pair of gloves with mittens that can be removed or cover the fingers.

The model is fairly comfortable and can keep the hands quite warm. It is a knitted model thus they might not be the best option for windy days. However, they are inexpensive and really soft.

8. Dreamy Winter Outdoor Windproof Gloves

DREAMY Winter Outdoor Cycling Glove Touchscreen Gloves for Smart Phone (Black1, Medium)

The Dreamy winter gloves can be used for a lot of activities including cycling, skiing, and other outdoor activities. Its fingers have been designed to work with touchscreens making it easy to use a smartphone without taking off the gloves.

The model is available in four different color themes and comes with a thin insulation that protects the hands from wind and cold. They are designed to look good, feel great and provide warmth. Also, their exterior fabric is waterproof while the interior of the palm has an anti-slip coating.

7. Fownes Women’s Cashmere Lined Lambskin Leather Gloves

Fownes Women's Cashmere Lined Black Conductive Lambskin Leather Gloves 7.5/L

Fownes women’s gloves are more of a premium model that was made using only the highest quality materials such as genuine leather and cashmere. The model uses natural lambskin that protects the hands from water and wind.

The interior of the gloves is made to be soft and silky while the outer layer is extremely resilient against all types of weather. They are available in multiple colors and sizes. The model is a bit more expensive than others but the materials used to justify the price.

6. ELMA Women’s Wool Knit Gloves

ELMA Women's Wool Knitted Winter Gloves Mittens Super Warm Lined Texting Touchscreen (One size, Apricot)

ELMA women’s knit gloves are one of the few models on our list that are made mostly out of wool. They are actually made of 70% wool, 20% nylon and 10% rabbit fur. Its interior is made out of polyester.

The model features special fingertips that allow the enable the person wearing them to use a smartphone with a touchscreen without taking them off. They are available in multiple colors and sizes and come with a modest price tag.

5. Warmen Traditional Womens Winter Gloves

Warmen Women's Lambskin Leather Cold Weather Gloves with Crossing Bow (7.5, Black (Touchscreen Function/Wool Lining))

The Warmen traditional women gloves are not only well made but comfortable as well. Using high-quality leather for the exterior and fleece lining, the gloves will protect the hands from wind, water and cold. They are quite stylish and reasonably priced.

According to the manufacturer, they offer about 200 different variations of the gloves and all of them use the same high-quality materials. They are also sold in multiple sizes and colors.

4. MATSU Casual Women Winter Warm Leather Gloves

MATSU Casual Women Winter Warm Lambskin Leather Long Fleece Gloves M9229 (M, Black-Non TouchScreen)

MATSU casual women winter warm leather gloves are not only gorgeous and stylish but functional and well made. The model uses high-quality lambskin and a soft interior. The model was tailored to perfectly fit the female hand as long as the sizing is right.

The model comes with a reasonable price tag and an excellent build quality. It is available in 3 different colors and multiple sizes to make sure that all women find the right pair for themselves.

3. Alki’i 3M Thinsulate Thermal Insulation Fingerless Texting Gloves

Alki'i 3M Thinsulate Thermal Insulation Fingerless Texting Gloves with Mitten Cover - Cream

Alki fingerless gloves can be an excellent companion during a cold winter day. The model has a simple design and a modest price tag. It is made of heavy duty acrylic that makes them durable and able to keep the hands warm at the same time.

The gloves have a fingerless design with mitten covers that can be used to protect the fingers. Their design makes it easy to use a smartphone without taking them off which is a great plus for a lot of women. Men will enjoy the two as they have a unisex design and come in brown and black.

2. Eforcase Women’s Crochet Long Fingerless Gloves

Aftermarket Women Lady Girl Knitted Crochet Long Soft gloves Winter Warmer Braided Arm Fingerless Gloves Stretchy Wamer Knitting Thumb Hole Gloves Mittens Winter Hand Warmer Great gif t for Xmas (Dark Grey)

Eforcase women’s crochet long fingerless gloves are some of the most popular ones available due to both their design and build quality. The model is quite affordable and comes in the form of fingerless gloves. They are not suitable for use during the winter but they can keep the hands fairly warm.

The model is knitted out of acrylic and comes with a thumb hole. According to the product description, the model is available in six different colors and multiple sizes to select from.

1. Novawo Women’s Scale Design Winter Warm Knitted Long Arm Warmers Gloves Mittens

Novawo Women's Scale Design Winter Warm Knitted Long Arm Warmers Gloves Mittens

For the ladies who want to combine comfort, elegance, and warmth, Novawo women’s gloves could be the best choice. Doubling as arm warmers, it’s hard to top the level of warmth that this glove/mitten design has to offer. Not to mention, attention to detail and a beautiful design ensures that style isn’t overlooked. Produced with nothing but high-quality materials, it’s made to last.

The best part is the price point though. For less than 12 bucks you can get your hands on this set of gloves which happens to be cheaper than many sets of gloves currently on the market. Keep in mind that this is the price offered over at Amazon, so make sure you don’t get charged more by shopping elsewhere.

Leather and knitted gloves are both great but in some situations, one type is better than the other. As a general fact, knitted gloves can keep the hands warmer but they will not protect them from wind or water. Leather gloves, on the other hand, can keep the hands dry, protect them from wind but they will not provide the same warmth.

Our selection includes both types and most of them have special fingertips that work on touchscreens. Their pricing can vary a bit but not by much. Even the most expensive models on our list are still considered affordable.


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  1. Plain black knitted fingerless gloves, very stretchy, to fit adults. The perfect thing for keeping your hands warm at the computer or while driving.

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