Top 10 Best Walking Shoes for Men in 2024


Walking is something that comes naturally to all of us. We don’t have to be taught how to walk. We pass through the stages – from sitting to crawling, and from crawling to walking – instinctively.

For all that walking is instinctual, though, we still need some assistance when it comes to being comfortable while we do it. Choose the wrong shoes and you can spend a day in pain and discomfort, ending up with blisters and aching feet.

Choose wisely, and your feet can feel just as good at the end of the day as they did at the beginning.

With that in mind, here are our picks for the top 10 best walking shoes for men in 2024. There’s something for everybody, so you’re sure to find a pair here that will suit you.

What to Look for in Walking Shoes

What should you look for in a pair of walking shoes? The first thing is to consider the shape of your feet. You should pick a shoe that conforms to the shape of your feet. You won’t be comfortable if you expect your feet to conform to shoes that don’t fit them.

Pay attention to the overall shape of your foot as well as its width. Most shoes are available in a variety of widths so if you have a wide foot, buy a wide shoe.
Another thing to consider is the height of the shoe as it relates to your toes. If you buy shoes with a cramped to space, it can exacerbate conditions such as corns and bunions.

Here are a few of the features you may want to consider when picking out a pair of walking shoes:

  • An Achilles tendon protector locks around your heel and holds it in place, thus reducing the amount of stress it has to absorb.
  • The upper of the shoe is the part that encases your foot. It may be made of mesh, leather, or synthetic materials. Mesh is the lightest and most breathable option.
  • Insoles are inserts that sit in the bottom of the shoe. They cushion your foot and protect the arches. All shoes have some insole, but adding removable insoles is an option too.
  • Air, foam, or gel midsoles protect your feet from the impact of walking.
  • A heel color cushions your ankle and ensures that your shoes fit properly.
  • The outsole is the part of the shoe that hits the ground. Walking shoes with treads provide protection against slipping and falling.
  • The toe box is the part of the upper that provides space for the toes. It’s important to have enough room for your toes to move around to prevent blisters and other injuries.

You should also consider the arch of your feet. A person with normal arches just needs a firm midsole to support the foot. Someone with high arches may need extra cushioning to provide extra support, while a person with low arches or flat feet may want to look for a shoe with a fairly straight midsole and some motion control design features to help to stabilize their feet.

How that you know what to look for in a walking shoe, let’s count down the top 10 best walking shoes for men in 2024.

Best Walking Shoes for Men in 2024

10. adidas outdoor Men’s Terrex CMTK Walking Shoe

adidas outdoor Men's Terrex CMTK Walking Shoe, raw Steel/Grey one/Orange, 12 D US
adidas outdoor Terrex CMTK walking shoes were made to offer the maximum amount of comfort when going for long walks. They have a modern design and a bit on the pricier side, but they do make up for it at least with the durability they offer and comfort.

The shoe is made using a mesh material that offers a bit of breathability. The interior is padded with a thick foam material. The outsole is made from rubber while the midsole is made from a softer material to absorb impacts which is also lighter.

To improve comfort, the ankle height has been lowered while the heel high is a bit taller. The model can be found in 4 different colors and in sizes for both adults and teenagers. Their modern design makes them suitable for a wide range of outfits.

We recommend this because:

  • Modern and appealing design available in 4 colors
  • Lowered ankle height to improve comfort while walking
  • Mesh fabric to help ventilate the interior
  • Durable rubber sole and soft midsole

9. Reebok Men’s DMX Max Supreme Walking Shoe

Reebok Men's Dmx Max Supreme Walking Shoe
Reebok DMX Max walking shoes look a bit like regular running shoes, but they were designed mostly for long walks. Their design focuses mostly on comfort and durability rather than performance and grip.

For the outsole, a rubber material has been used with a higher durability. The midsole is also made from rubber but of a lower density to reduce weight. Having a low-cut design for the ankles offers more flexibility and comfort while walking.

For breathability, Reebok used a mesh material and some synthetic leather. The shoes have a sporty and appealing design and have a relatively fair price tag. They can be found in just two colors, black or grey.

We recommend this because:

  • Lightweight construction with a durable rubber sole
  • Low-cut design for improved comfort
  • Thin but comfortable interior padding
  • Available in either black or grey

8. Skechers Men’s Go Walk Max Sneaker

Skechers Performance Men's GO Walk Max Sneaker,black/Black,13 M US
Skechers make shoes with fairly different designs when compared to other brands. Their Go Walk Max Sneaker has a very basic design, but it is still modern. Since it is not so sporty, the shoes work with different types of outfits quite well.

The shoe is made mostly from a mesh material that improves airflow on the interior thus making them a good pick for the hot season. For the sole of the shoe, Skechers skipped the midsole and made it entirely out of a durable and lightweight rubber material.

As far as model diversity goes, the Walk Max sneakers can be found in 4 different shades of black and grey. There is also a version made from synthetic leather which will work better during the colder months of the year.

We recommend this because:

  • Soft and lightweight cushioning
  • Great airflow, recommended mostly for the summer
  • High-rebound insole for improved comfort
  • One-piece sole made from rubber to improve durability

7. Reebok Men’s Cloudride Dmx Walking Shoe

Reebok Men's Cloudride Dmx Walking Shoe, Black/Alloy/Riot Red/White, 10.5 M US
Reebok Cloudride Dmx walking shoes offer good value for the money. Even if they are not the most affordable shoes on our list, they do offer decent build quality, are made to last and feel quite comfortable during long walks.

The shoe is made from synthetic leather with mesh fabric which improves airflow and prevents the feet from overheating. It has a low cut design in order to not obstruct movement when walking and a thin padding layer on the interior to provide cushioning.

For the sole, Reebok used a rubber material. The midsole is also made from rubber but of a lower density to reduce the weight of the shoe. Flex grooves have been added at the forefoot to improve mobility.

We recommend this because:

  • Durable rubber sole
  • Synthetic leather and mesh upper
  • Low-cut design in order to not obstruct movement
  • Thin but soft foam padding for better cushioning

6. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4 Expert Walking Shoe

Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 4 Expert Walking Shoe,Charcoal/Orange,13 M US
Skechers Walk 4 Expert walking shoes are a great pick for the ones that walk a lot in the city or plan on going on a trip. They are comfortable, easy to wear and reasonably priced. At the same time, they were made to be durable and endure many miles of walking.

To make them fit for the summer, Skechers used a mesh material that allows the air to ventilate the interior and reduce sweating. The fabric is durable and will not tear. To improve comfort while walking the shoe has a very low cut which leaves the ankle more exposed.

For the sole, a rubber material has been used. There is no midsole as the entire sole is just one piece. The interior is properly padded and the insole has a high rebound. For the model, 5 different colors are being offered with various combinations of white, black and grey tones.

We recommend this because:

  • Perforated mesh fabric for better air flow
  • One piece soft sole for impact absorption
  • Low cut design
  • Padded interior and rebound insole

5. Mxson Men’s Ultra Lightweight Breathable Mesh Street Sport Walking Shoes

No products found.

Mxson lightweight street walking shoes are great for the ones that are looking for a lightweight pair of shoes made mostly for a textile material that allows air to ventilate the interior and prevent the foot from sweating. It will turn out to be a great option for long walks during the summer.

The shoes have a one-piece sole that provides a decent amount of cushioning and good resistance to wear and tear. Having a low-cut design helps with comfort while the padded interior will reduce soreness and ankle pain.

As far as diversity goes, the shoes are available in 10 different colors including black, red, blue, grey or dark green. They are not that expensive and for the money, they are surprisingly durable.

We recommend this because:

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Mesh fabric for better air ventilation
  • Available in 10 different colors
  • Inexpensive and durable

4. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4 Lace-up Walking Shoe

Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 4 Lace-up Walking Shoe,Charcoal Mesh,10 M US
Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 shoes have a very simple design and focus mostly on functionality. The shoe is made from an elastic material with a mesh upper that improves comfort while walking especially during hot summer days.

To increase their durability, Skechers used a sole made entirely out of rubber. The midsole has a lower density and helps by providing cushioning. The interior of the shoe serves the same purpose as it is properly padded with a soft foam material.

Similar to other Skechers shoes, they are available in several different color options but they are variations of black, grey and white. Their price tag places them in the affordable category while the comfort from the soft midsole recommends them for long walking sessions.

We recommend this because:

  • Durable rubber sole
  • Cushioned midsole for better impact absorption
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • 11 different color variations to choose from

3. New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoe

New Balance Men's 877 V1 Walking Shoe, Grey, 11
New Balance is a brand that most should be familiar with already. Their MW877 walking shoes have been a popular pick especially for the ones that do a lot of walking. They were designed mainly for comfort with less accent on performance but they remain quite reliable when it comes to durability.

The shoes use a rubber sole for durability and a softer midsole to provide a bit of cushioning. The interior of the shoe has been padded with a soft foam to provide additional cushioning and a good degree of comfort. Having a low cut design leaves the ankle free.

As far as materials go, the shoe is made of suede and mesh. The mesh does allow for a bit of ventilation while the suede reinforces the shoe for extra durability. New Balance makes the shoes only in a grey color, unfortunately.

We recommend this because:

  • Made using suede to reinforce the shoe
  • Soft interior padding and midsole
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Padded tongue and collar

2. Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe

Rockport Men's Eureka Walking Shoe
Reebok Work N Cushion 2.0 walking shoes may look a bit more rugged but they offer excellent protection for not that much money. They are great for walking but not in hot summer days as they are made almost entirely from leather. This does make them a bit more durable than regular shoes.

The model is available in either black or white with a leather upper and a rubber sole. The midsole is made from a lighter material that is supposed to provide impact absorption. Having a low cut design helps especially when walking over long distances.

Because the shoes are made from leather, they are easier to clean and maintain. They are oil and slip resistant and quite comfortable to walk in even if they are a bit heavier. The interior is properly padded and the sporty design makes them very versatile.

We recommend this because:

  • Made mostly from leather
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable and affordable
  • Suitable for any type of situation

1. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoe

Sale Skechers mens Gowalk 4 Incredible - Athletic Slip-on Casual Loafer Walking Shoe, Black, 13 X-Wide US
Skechers Performance Walk 4 shoes are a great pick for the ones that are looking for comfort above anything else. Unlike regular walking shoes, the Skechers are made entirely from a mesh material that allows air to ventilate the interior.

The construction of the shoes makes them very lightweight and easy to wear. With a very basic design, the shoes will prove to be extremely versatile and can be worn in almost every occasion. They are available in several different colors offering a bit of diversity.

As far as walking comfort goes, the shoes have a lightweight rubber sole that provides a decent amount of cushioning while walking. The interior is properly padded and the low cut design makes it very easy to walk in the shoes for long distances.

We recommend this because:

  • All textile mesh construction
  • Improved airflow
  • Durable but the lightweight rubber sole
  • Low cut and modern design

Things to keep in mind when looking for the best walking shoes for men

Since there are so many types of shoes, it is quite easy to make a mistake and get something inappropriate. Walking over long distances will prove just how important it is to get a proper pair of walking shoes. The bad part is that walking shoes do not stand out in any particular way. There are no means of knowing if a pair of shoes is made for walking or something else unless clearly stated.

To make sure that you are getting the right pair of shoes, we highlighted a few things to look out for. Not all shoes are created equal thus some walking shoes may be better suited for a particular individual when compared to other pairs of walking shoes.

  • Upper material. Most walking shoes are made using textile mesh fabrics which allow air to ventilate the interior and reduce sweating. For the colder season, it is better to go for shoes that are made from leather.
  • Low cut design. Even if it might not seem like it, a pair of walking shoes needs to have a low cut design. The low cut design puts less pressure on the ankles which makes it much easier to walk long distances.
  • Weight. A good pair of walking shoes needs to be lightweight. The shoes that are made of leather are a bit heavier but in order for them to be comfortable while walking, they need to be lightweight.


If you’re on your feet a lot, it’s important to have quality walking shoes to protect your feet. These 10 pairs offer the best technology available to cushion and support your feet and keep them comfortable throughout the day. We hope you find a pair you like!

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One Comment

  1. Going out for long walks of hikes requires a decent pair of shoes otherwise it can become painful for the feet. Fortunately the market is no way near falling short on walking shoes and there are plenty of models to choose from.
    Best Walking Shoes for Men in 2017

    Out of all of them only 10 made it to our list. Here are the top 10 best walking shoes for men in 2017.

    10. New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoe

    The New Balance NW577 are a pair of entry level walking shoes that provide decent comfort for a moderate price tag. They do not have the most appealing design but they are quite suitable for the ones with a limited budget. The model is made of synthetic leather and comes with a padded collar and tongue for extra comfort.

    9. Rockport Men’s M7100 Pro Walker Walking Shoe

    Rockport made the men’s M7100 walking shoes to be a viable option for the ones that need something affordable. They are made of leather and come with a synthetic sole. The tongue and collar are both padded for extra comfort while the midsole comes with a form-fitting EVA. Their design might be a turn off but the price makes them attractive.

    8. Skechers Men’s Go Walk 3-LT Walking Shoe

    The Skechers 3-LT walking shoes are excellent for a long summer walk. Using a simple yet stylish design the model offers a comfortable feel and reduces the heat inside the shoe. It comes with a rubber sole and a leatherhex upper that reduces their weight and increases their durability. The interior contains a thin layer of padding that should be enough to protect the foot.

    7. Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Mens

    Vionic Endurance walking shoes were designed to provide maximum comfort for the ones that enjoy really long walks. They have a leather construction with a padded interior and come with the Orthaheel technology that protects the heel. The midsole is made of EVA while the sole is built out of rubber.

    6. New Balance Men’s MW1765 Walking Shoe

    The New Balance Men’s MW1765 walking shoes offer an excellent value for the money. They are a bit more expensive that other models but the comfort they offer is difficult to match. The model is made of synthetic leather and mesh materials that prevent the foot from sweating and come with a manmade sole. Their design makes them rather interesting but the downsize is the fact that they come only in one color.

    5. Skechers Men’s Go Walk 2 – Flash Walking Shoe

    The Skechers men’s Go Walk shoes were built to be both stylish and comfortable. For an entry level pair of shoes they perform quite well and manage to prevent the foot from sweating while still providing decent comfort. They come with a manmade sole and have an upper built out of a combination of leather and a textile material.

    4. Asics Men’s Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

    Asics became one of the trusted brands when it comes to sports shoes. The Gel-Tech walking shoes are one of their finest models that provides superior comfort and a great exterior design. Using a combination of textile and synthetic materials as well as a soft padded interior the foot is properly protected from fatigue during long walks.

    3. Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion Walking Shoe

    Reebok is considered one of the bigger brands in the world of sports shoes. The Work N Cushioning walking shoes are excellent for long walks and come with a low price tag. Using synthetic leather and a soft cushioning on the interior the model offers excellent support and proper comfort for long walks and hikes.

    2. New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoe

    New Balance has several products that are fitted for walking but the MW877 is probably one of their best. The model is made of natural leather and comes with a rubber sole and a padded interior. Its upper contains mesh insertions that lets the air pass through and prevent the foot from sweating. They are comfortable, durable and quite reliable.

    1. Rockport Men’s We are Rockin Chranson Walking Shoe

    Rockport’s Rocking Chranson walking shoes have everything one would expect from such a model. They have an attractive design and a durable built. The model is made of genuine leather with a soft padding on the inside and a rubber midsole.

    Regardless of how walking shoes are used the comfort they are offering cannot be matched by regular shoes. They have superior padding and a solid construction that makes them excellent walking companions. The models presented in our top 10 aim to provide a balanced combination between pricing, design and comfort making it difficult to go wrong with any of them

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