Top 10 Best Car Cup Holders in 2024


Cup holders can be incredibly useful in vehicles. Unfortunately, your car or truck may not come equipped with as many as you’d like. The following list of the top 10 best car cup holders in 2024 will help you find a new addition to your vehicle.

Choosing the Best Car Cup Holder for Your Vehicle

You can add more cup holders, but they come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and styles. Before purchasing one of these accessories, consider the features that matter most. This might include:

  • Extra-large cup holders for big cups
  • Window cup holders
  • Cup holder caddies
  • USB charger cup holders
  • Cup holder organizers
  • Cup holder adapters
  • Multi-function cup holders

If you need a basic cup holder, think about the size of the cups that you’ll be using. Also, decide where you’ll place the cup holder.

For example, some cup holders fit into your existing cup holder to make the base larger. There are also holders that attach to your window, in case you don’t have a spot on your center console or dashboard.

As for the make and model of your vehicle, you generally shouldn’t need to worry. Most of these car cup holders are universal. This means that they will fit in nearly any car truck. Though, you should still look at the details to make sure the cup holder isn’t for a specific vehicle.

Best Car Cup Holders in 2024

Keep these details in mind as you explore the top 10 best car cup holders in 2024

10. Zone Tech Recessed Folding Cup Drink Holder

Sale Zone Tech Recessed Folding Cup Drink Holder - Black Premium Quality Recessed Sturdy Black Folding Vehicle Adjustable Drink Cup Holder (1-Pack)

First up is a portable clip-on cup holder for cars and trucks. This is a one-size-fits-all cup holder that clips to the mirror on your vehicle. This convenient design helps keep your drink anywhere you want or even keep it closes to the aircon to keep the drink cool when you let the air conditioner run. Another advantage is the durable design. It should last for years.

The base measures 5.2-inches, which is big enough. It should fit slim coffee cups and 20-ounce cans. But, you may have trouble holding larger cups. If you prefer big mugs, then this isn’t the best choice. Also, this cup holder will not always stick to glass surface if it is too hot. Though, for everyone else, it offers a simple solution for adding another cup holder to your car or truck.

Overall, this is a durable little cup holder that fits most vehicles. It keeps your drinks cool, by attaching directly in front of your air conditioner. The only drawback is the size and the fact that it only works with vents positioned at 90-degrees.

9. Car Seat Seam Wedge Cup Holder

Car Seat Seam Wedge Cup Holder, Portable Multifunction Vehicle Seat Cup,Car Cup Holder,Side Pocket Console Car Cup Holder,Cell Phone Holder, Food Drink Bottle Mount Stand,Car Seat Gap Storage Box

This next cup holder doubles as an organizer for people in the front of the vehicle. The cup holder attaches to the center console of the car – either driver’s side or the passenger side. It includes 2 cup holders and one phone/key holder. The cup holders fit 12-ounce cans, while the center storage offers space for gadgets.

This seat organizer and cup holder combo are great additions to your vehicle. But, there are a few limitations. First, this cup holder will require some modification, if the driver seat or passenger seat is not lower than or is the same level as the center console. You have to make sure that the gap between the seat and the console. You just simply slide it between the seat and the console. Also, this cup holder doesn’t help people in the back seat. If you need back cup holders, then you’ll need to consider another option.

In the end, this convenient car cup holder gives your front seat passengers extra storage space and a couple more spots for their drinks.

8. Topoint Car Cup Holder Adjustable 2-in-1 Car Drink Stand Cell Phone Holder

No products found.

This next cup holder also connects in front of your air conditioner unit and can hold a standard 12-ounce cup. When your AC unit is on, it will blow cool air on the cup, keeping your beverage cool. Though, there are other features to consider. It also has a mount along the front for holding your smartphone. You can easily mount your phone when relying on GPS navigation. The brackets on the cup holder are also adjustable. This lets you adjust the cup holder to work with different phones and cups.

There are no major drawbacks. Though, as with the previous AC vent cup holder, it may not work with all AC units. If your vents are angled, you may have trouble getting the cup holder to remain in place. Overall, it is still a top choice due to the unique way that it keeps your beverage cool.

7. FDS Universal Flexible Black Drink Cup Clip-On Mount Holder

No products found.

This is a versatile cup holder that has multiple installation options. You can easily install it in the front or back, along with the doors of your vehicle. It features a small loop at the top of the cup holder that fits over the door lock. The cup holder then rests against the side of the door. If your vehicle doesn’t have a pop-up door lock, the back of the cup holder also features a tab that slides into the car door window. This should work with most vehicles.

It should be mentioned that this won’t work with every vehicle. With some cars and trucks, the back of the cup holder won’t fit in the window. For example, it doesn’t fit inside the Hummer H3. Though, it should work with most sedans or cars with wide door panels.

In the end, you get another convenient option for adding a cup holder, if it fits your vehicle. It is cheap, durable, and versatile.

6. Zone Tech Recessed Folding Cup Drink Holder

Sale Zone Tech Recessed Folding Cup Drink Holder - Black Premium Quality Recessed Sturdy Black Folding Vehicle Adjustable Drink Cup Holder (1-Pack)

Here is a unique option for adding another cup holder in your vehicle. This product attaches directly to a car window and provides a single cup holder. There is a suction cup that mounts to the window and can be placed on the inside of your front windshield or a side window. This means that the cup holder will work with absolutely any vehicle. You just need a little window space.

Some consumers may be worried about whether the suction cup mount will hold. It features a tightening lever to ensure a secure fit. There are really no drawbacks to discuss. Though, some may not enjoy having a cup holder attached to a window, as it does block a little bit of your view. This is a minor convenience, depending on the design of your vehicle.

Overall, this is one of the best car cup holders in 2024 due to the basic design that lets you add a cup holder to any vehicle. It may even work with your boat, semi-truck, farm equipment, or other heavy machinery with windows.

5. Custom Accessories 91126 Grey Seat Wedge Cup Holder

Custom Accessories 91126 Grey Seat Wedge Cup Holder

The following cup holder wedges between a front seat and the center console to give you more storage space and cup holders. With this option, you get 2 cup holders and a small storage compartment in the center. This is great for any vehicles that don’t come equipped with cup holders or if you need extra storage for your phone or gadgets.

The only issue with this product is the size of the 2 individual cup holders. They are made to fit standard 12-ounce cans but may not fit larger mugs and cups. The organizer will work with most vehicles. Though, it doesn’t come with extra padding to ensure a tight fit.

Basically, you get a simple organizer with 2 cup holders, along with a couple of minor drawbacks. This all depends on what you’re looking for. If you need a couple of extra spots for 12-ounce cups, this is a wonderful choice. But, if you need a spot for larger cups, check out some of the other options.

4. Smart Kup Car Cup Holder for 32oz and 40oz Cups

Smart Kup - Car Cup Holder - For Hydro Flasks 32 oz and 40 oz, Nalgene 32 oz and other large bottles up to 3.8 inches wide. 3 inch upper cup will hold your items unlike the competitors.

This next cup holder is designed to fit large 32-ounce and 40-ounce cups. It is basically an upgrade from your existing cup holder. You simply place the cup holder inside your existing cup holder to fit larger cups and mugs.

The base of the cup holder is made to fit standard cup holder while giving you a larger space to fit bigger cups. There are no drawbacks. Though, it does lack some of the features found with other cup holders. For example, you don’t get any extra storage compartments for your coins and gadgets. But, if you simply need to hold a larger mug, then this is an affordable, convenient option.

In the end, this is one of the best car cup holders in 2024. It has a basic design without room for flaws. You get exactly what you would expect – a larger space for holding larger cups.

3. Rubbermaid Mobile Organization Cup Holder Organizer

Rubbermaid Automotive Cup Holder Car Storage Organizer Caddy, Standard - 3319-20 , Black

From Rubbermaid comes a cup holder and organizer that fits into your existing cup holder. If you’re tired of dealing with a small cup holder in your center console then upgrade the space with this product. The base of the organizer can hold large mugs and cups, while the two side compartments can hold phones, pads, and coins. These side compartments also feature openings to pass power cords through.

What about the drawbacks? Some people had trouble getting this cup holder to fit in their vehicle. This is a one-size-fits-most cup holder.

In some vehicles, the cup holder may have a tight fit or not fit at all. This depends on the size of your current cup holder. If it is on the small size, you might want to look at a different option. But, if you have a standard cup holder, then you’ll enjoy the extra storage compartments and the low price.

2. IOKONE Coin Side Pocket Console Side Pocket Leather Cover Car Cup Holder

Sale IOKONE Coin Side Pocket Console Side Pocket Leather Cover Car Cup Holder Auto Front Seat Organizer Cell Mobile Phone Holder (Black)

Next is a cup holder designed to wedge between the front passenger seat and your center console. It is a wide organizer with 2 cup holders that should fit 12-ounce cans. Though, the cup holders are slightly larger than the standard size, so you may be able to fit larger beverages. It also includes a small storage spot between the two cup holders for your phone or coins.

The exterior of the cup holder is lined with leather. Though, the leather isn’t stitched. It is simply glued to the exterior of the product and may start to peel with regular abuse. But, it is affordable and looks great when placed in the front of your vehicle. The leather looks beautiful if you don’t pick it.

The bottom line is that this cup holder should fit your vehicle and it looks classier than some of the other options. You get 2 cup holders and small storage space for one low price.

1. KMMOTORS Coin Side Pocket Car Organizer Cup Holder

KMMOTORS Coin Side Pocket Red Console Side Organizer Crevice Filler Console Side Organizer Multi-Functional Storage (Red. Passenger. With Cupholder)

At the top of the list of car cup holders is this compact cup holder with extra storage. It fits between the passenger seat and the center console, creating a small storage space for the front seats. The front features the cup holder, which can hold 12-ounce cans, and includes a storage pocket and a coin slot. No installation is required. You simply slide the organizer in place. It is also available in various configurations, to best suit the design of your car or truck. This cup holder also comes equipped with extra padding. This padding ensures that the product fits between the seat and the console.

There are no complaints. Everyone seems to agree that this is one of the most durable, easy-to-install cup holders available. It includes extra features and should fit just into any vehicle. If you had to find one drawback it is that you only get one extra cup holder. But, this might be just what you need to add extra storage and convenience to your car or truck.

That covers the top 10 best car cup holders in 2024. As you compare these options, remember to consider the details that matter most, such as the size of the cup holder or the extra features. Good luck narrowing your options!

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