Top 10 Best Car Air Purifiers in 2024


A lot of people complain that the air inside a car is not breathable. Things get worse during the cold season when it is nearly impossible to drive with the windows down. The air inside gets cluttered with dust particles, exhaust fumes and a lot of various types of bacteria.

In some cases, the air inside can even get a bad smell that can make it quite inconvenient for both the drivers and passengers. This becomes a rather bit problem especially since the space inside is limited.

The upside is that a small air purifier can be enough to remove odours and clean the air inside. It can do what an air freshener cannot and that is to remove undesired particles.

Benefits of Using Car Air Purifiers

Best Car Air Purifiers

Reduces Air Particles

The main purpose of an air purifier is that it makes the air that is inserted inside the car and that you breathe healthy and free from any dust and virus particles. With most of the systems that have Air, purifiers can help you clean your car air with high extent.

Makes Breathing Easier in the Car

People with breathing issues, such as sinus or asthma patient, will notice the difference in air quality as it would make hard for them to breathe.

But with a Car air purifier that can be removed as they would get proper and fresh air and you don’t have to have any type of illness to notice that you will just feel it.

Reduce Rather Remove Bacteria

Have ever got sick constantly like when you are cured and then again you are sick? There would be several reasons but you may not think that the car you are travelling in has to do something with it.

Well, you are wrong the average working people spend 90% time in their car for a year hence this is enough to cause and create bacteria. But this can be removed as if you have a fresh and new Car Air Purifier this can help you to reduce that development exponentially and sooner or later there would be no bacterias in your car.

Reduce Unpleasant Odour

Most of the car air purifiers are known to remove or either I would say reduce, Cigarette odour, pet odour, new car smell, and etc. With that Ionic purifiers are known for this service as they remove odour and viruses the process or system is called a HEPA system.


These types of air purifiers do not equip or require a filter hence you don’t have to check every time whether your purifier is working or not.

But some are equipped with a metal plate that helps in catching the particles and that you have to clean but it is unconditional to find that in a car air purifier. HEPA system purifiers may have a filter installed that need to change couple of time in 2 to 4 month per year.

How Do They Work?

Most car air purifiers tend to use small fans that circulate the air through a filter that can retain small particles. In some cases, these air purifiers also act as ionizers. This helps charge negative oxygen ions to normal levels that are found out in the wilderness.

This process has many health benefits. It can improve breathing, prevent dust particles from being inhaled directly into the lungs and remove bad odours and contaminants.

On paper, it all sounds good. The only thing left to do is to pick a model but this is where things get a bit confusing. There are many different models and not all of them do the same thing. Some models are better than others and it may happen for someone to get an air purifier that offers modest performance without realizing it.

Best Car Air Purifiers in 2024

Best Car Air Purifiers

To make it easier we decided to put together a list of 10 popular air purifiers that can be used inside a car. Some are stand-alone units while others need to be powered using the cigarette lighter slot. Without wasting too much time let’s just right into our selection of the top 10 best car air purifiers in 2024.


FRiEQ Car Air Purifier, Car Air Freshener and Ionic Air Purifier | Remove Dust, Pollen, Smoke and Bad Odors - Available for Your Auto or RV

The FRiEQ car air purifier is quite similar to other compact models in our list that are powered using the cigarette lighter slot.

It has a very compact design with a sturdy metal body and a blue LED indicator light that makes it easy to see when the device is actually running. Using it is very straightforward and unlike other models that use filters, this device does not require any kind of maintenance.

Being capable of removing most bad odors means that the device will prove to be useful for smokers and the ones that have pets. It also has an ionizer function that turns on by default when using the device.

This means that it releases negative oxygen ions that are known to have many health benefits. Also since it retains small particles it significantly improves the air quality inside the car.

  • Efficient
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • None

Best Car Air PurifiersBuyer’s Guide

Best Car Air Purifiers

Function Of Car Purifiers

Car and home air purifiers have similar functionalities such as they are used to purify the air that you breathe hence same is the case with Car Air Purifier as they help in providing you with fresh and bacteria-free air in your car.

With that said, Car Air Purifier runs on 12V of power hence consumes less power than Home Air Purifier. This is because the Car Air Purifier is calibrated to work with the car hence the car produces less power.

There are many variants that consume less power than standard hence when you are buying you should consider all your options.

Other than that, Car Air Purifier is a lifesaver as you can collect the level of bacterias and dust particles hence the job of this Purifier is to reduce or remove them instantly so that you don’t feel sophisticated and suffocated in your car.

There are several manufacturers that can provide you with efficient air purifiers specially designed for cars hence when buying you should consider what is your use and if you have any type of illness.

Cleaning Air

When it comes to cleaning Air from your car then there is no better option than Car Air Purifier as this can help you to regain the original odour of your car or to remove any type of bad odour from your car.

These Air purifiers as mentioned in the above heading are designed especially for cars hence they consume less energy and power to overloading your car.

With that said, they help you to clean your car air and provides it with fresh air that has been generated with this Air Purifier. So, if you are having trouble breathing while driving then the main problem is that you are not accessing fresh and pure air that can cause accidents and other problems.

With this, you can avoid those circumstances as this can help you to get fresh and sufficient ar supply while driving.

Reducing Odour

This also helps you in reducing odour from your car. Let’s sup[pose you have a night out in your car with your friends that can leave an unbearable odour smell and remove that this product can be useful.

Other than that, Car Air Purifiers not only help with that it also helps in removing new car smell that can be sometimes unbearable while your windows are rolled up.

Built Quality

Now, this is where things get interesting as the built quality of every car air purifier is different this depends on the manufacturer.

Some use light quality material to make them and some use advance material and technology to make them. Either way, you will get different types of built quality on every car Air purifier.

This also matters when you have durability and sustainability issues with a product. As if a car purifier is made with durable and high-quality material then this can bare any type of harsh conditions as they are installed near your car engine they can bare heat, or other problems if it is made with premium materials.

With that, you have to decide by testing this as some offer you with return policy hence providing you time to check your vital purchase.


When we talk about maintenance yes, some car air purifiers require maintenance but this is only the case with those who are made with low-quality materials or the lack of some features.

As some Car air purifiers provide you with not net or plate that can be very useful when it comes to maintaining them as you don’t have to clean them every 2 or 4 months gap as they are working is synthetic way to improve your car air.

But some manufacturers provide or make them with a steel plate that needs to be cleaned after 2 or 4 months hence making it hectic but they are also cheap and affordable.

Hence now this is up to you that what is your requirement and what you need. And after you have determined it you should consider buying such a product.

Car Air Purifier Maintenance

We have discussed this topic before but I will explain this to you in detail. You might be wondering how to maintain a car air purifier.

Well, the answer to that is quite simple you just have to clean it after 2 to 4 months gap as it has collected ample amount of dust and air particles that if not done it won’t work properly hence you would get impurified air in your car.

And do not mention the dust particle can also enter your car hence maintaining it is a vital option for you. But the maintenance is basic and simple as you just need to clean the car air purifier with water that is mixed with basic acid water that can help to remove all the small and tiny dust particles from the net hence making it more efficient and working.

With that said, maintaining your car air purifier is a vital option to keep your health stable and to not feel suffocated in your car.

Sources of Air Pollution In the Car

As we are on the edge of the world break down because of air pollution hence you might be wondering what can be the sources of air pollution in the car.

Well, there are several sources of air pollution is a car as the car is an open vehicle you open your windows to get fresh air or through AC vents these are the main sources through which polluted air enters the car.

With that said, You have every right to roll down your window to get fresh air but if you are passing through a dense vehicle traffic jam them it is recommended to roll up your windows to block the entrance of polluted air.

The same is the case with AC vents if you have well-maintained air purifier then there is no issue with that as it can stop that polluted air and it even also makes that air fresh air and sends it in the car hence the vital importance and key feature it to maintain your air purifier and keep it clean.

With that, there are other sources of car air pollution that have a minor effect but they can be harmful such as:

01– Odours: this can create an uncomfortable environment in your air because of different unpleasant odours hence making this the main and vital source.

02– Cigarettes smoke: If you are a heavy smoker it is preferred to not smoke in your car while windows are rolled up as this can create an unpleasant environment and unbreathable air while damaging your air purifier.

03– Other Odours: other odours include pet scent, manure of your pet, or exhaust and engine fumes.

FAQ’s about Best Car Air Purifiers

Best Car Air Purifiers 1

How do Car Air Purifiers Work?

They are simple yet exquisite as they work efficiently to remove or reduce impure and saturated air from your car while inserting fresh and breathable air in your car. With that said, it also stops any type of dust particle as this stops or filters all the dust particles before letting in purified air.

They are effective in providing you with fresh air and reducing odours from your car.

How To Install Car Purifiers?

It is quite simple yet hectic. You might be wondering how ca a work can be both simple and hectic well, this is as this requires a certain amount of expertise in the car and other engine knowledge as this product fit in the front side of the engine.

Hence making it hectic as you have to remove most of bolts and nuts to fix that but there is a compartment to fix this hence making this simple. But it is recommended to consult a mechanic or car specialist.

Difference between air filters, air ionizers, and ozone generators?

All of these products provide you with similar function but they are all different from each other. As Air ionizer differs from the other two with the built quality and maintenance as this requires a certain amount of maintenance hence the Ozone generator requires less and air purifier does not require that much.

With that, they all differ inbuilt quality as Air ionizer is made with premium built structure than an air filter and Ozone generators.

With that they also differ in the service as all of them provide you with a unique and different set of features hence this would depend on your use and which set of feature is important for you.

Do Car Air Purifiers Really Work?

Yes, they do as their vital job is to provide you with pure and clean air hence they do that with that they also help you in removing odours from the car while reducing the rate of bacteria that are created in your car. So, the final verdict is that yes they do work and they work pretty well,

Things To Keep In Mind:

Small car air purifiers can work well but they are nowhere near the performance offered by regular purifiers that are designed to be used at home. Regardless they can remove the smell of smoke, pet odours or small particles in the air.

Each model is different and their performance can vary a bit. The cheaper models work well but for better performance, it is better to spend a bit extra.

What can be noticed is that most devices have an air ionizer function. This can prove to be helpful as negative oxygen ions do have some health benefits and the levels found inside the car are quite low. Such a device can help bring the level of oxygen ions to normal ranges.

At the same time, all the small particles retained by the device will no longer end up being inhaled by the user. In terms of pricing, they can vary a lot. It is important to make a list of the models that do not exceed the budget and compare them in order to get the best car air purifier.

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  1. I have seen your product i have liked it(CARAIRPURIFIER) and i need to be your market agent.what is terms and conditions?

  2. The air quality inside a car can be disturbing to say the least for some. Even without smoking inside there can be odors and all sorts of micro particles that makes it difficult to breathe. For smokers things get even worse. Air can be unbreathable especially when someone that does not smoke enters the car.

    An idea would be to leave the window open but this does not feel like a good option when it is cold outside. Also the air conditioning system does not bring in fresh air from outside. It will only recirculate the interior air which does not improve the quality. It seems like there is no genuine way to have clean air inside of a car but there are options. A good solution would be to get an air purifier.

    Car air purifiers use advanced filters that are able to retain most micro particles, bacteria and odors. They work in a similar way to regular air purifiers but come in a much smaller form factor since the volume of the car’s interior is significantly smaller than a room. We were able to select 10 different models that use various technologies to filter and purify the air inside a car. Keeping things short here are the top 10 best car air purifiers in 2016.

    10. Hs Air Car Freshener

    The HS Air Car Freshener is a compact little filter that comes with a rather high price tag when compared with other models. However its efficiency and performance does make it a desirable air filter.

    To achieve excellent results the model uses multiple filter layers and a fan that offers two speeds. Its carbon and heap filter should last for about 8 months while the model itself comes just a 45 day warranty.

    9. Homdox True HEPA Air Purifier for Car With Cigarette Adapter

    Homdox car air purifier is one of the most expensive models in our list which can be a big turnoff for some. For the money the buyer will get a true air purifier that is perfectly capable of removing about 99% of all allergens, dust particles, bacteria and odors.

    The model comes with an advanced carbon treatment and HEPA filters which help it clean the air. It has a cigarette lighter adapter which means it can be installed in any car in just a matter of seconds. It can also be used at the office or at home as it comes with a power adapter.

    8. E Support Mini Auto Car Oxygen Bar Freshener Smoke Air Ionic Purifier

    While the E Support might not be the most efficient air purifier for a car it surely is the most affordable one. It is inexpensive and can work well as long as it is maintained clean.

    The model can be powered by a regular cigarette lighter 12 volt port and takes very little space. In fact it is one of the most compact models. The filter uses a small fan and basic filters. It has a fairly quite operation mode and a sterilization function that removes common bacteria, odors and viruses.

    7. Beauty World Solar Power Car Air Purifier

    Beauty World Solar Power Car Air Purifier is a stylish and compact model with decent filters and an independent operation mode. It is one of the few models that does not need batteries to run. Its solar power cell keeps up and running as long as it is exposed in sunlight.

    Being a solar powered model can be inconvenient at times for example when driving at night. As for its performance, the HEPA filters are able to capture any particle that is at least 0.03 micron in size.

    6. Earth Air Healthy Car Air Purifier

    Earth Air Healthy Car Air Purifier is a compact solution for the ones that feel the need to clean the air they breathe inside their car without opening the window. The model was made to be small and easy to use. It can be installed directly in a cigarette lighter port which means it can be used in any type of car.

    The filters used are rather basic but they can retain dust, gases, bacteria, viruses and other small particles. It is also capable of removing unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke smell.

    5. Dr.Luck DR301 12v Car Power 3 Speed Ajustment Car Air Purifier

    The Dr.Luck car air purifier is a gorgeous little gadget that comes with a stylish design and efficient filters. It is not as small as some would like but it is definitely compact. The model is powered by regular 12 volt cigarette lighters and comes with a large power cord that makes it easy to place it anywhere inside a car.

    To keep the air clean the air purifier uses an ion generator and advanced filters that can remove small particles, dust, pollen, odors and bacteria. In terms of build quality the manufacturers estimate that the model will run for up to 19,000 hours without any performance degradation.

    4. FRiEQ Car Air Purifier

    The FRiEQ car air purifier is a great option for the ones that have a limited budget and need a small model for regular daily use. Its compact form factor makes it small enough to fit inside a pocket. It fits inside a 12 volt cigarette outlet but it can also be used at home with its wall power adapter.

    The air filter offers decent performance. It does not have expensive filter but it can remove most common particles such as dust, pollen, bacteria and even odors. The negative ion generator used by the model also improves the quality of the air and acts as a sterilizer.

    3. Pursonic Compact Air Purifier

    Pursonic air purifier offers great value for money as it is one of the more affordable models that uses advanced HEPA filters. It is capable of removing 99% of all airborne allergens and particles while also removing unpleasant odors.

    The model uses carbon filters that can last for months before needing to be replaced. It has two fan speeds and runs plugged into a regular 12 volt cigarette outlet. It also includes an USB cable making it usable at home or at the office.

    2. Philips GoPure Compact 200 Air Purifier

    Philips GoPure 200 air purifier is the ultimate solution for the ones that are not happy with the air quality in their vehicle. The model is notably more expensive than regular no name purifiers but its performance is difficult to match.

    Philips made the model to be easy to use as well as independent. It can work with any power source that can provide 12 volts. The kit includes a 13 feet cable that can be used to install it inside a car.

    1. EasyCare Car Air Purifier

    The EasyCare car air purifier is the ultimate solution for any car owner, regardless if they smoke or not. Its carbon filters are able to retain almost all nano particles of dust, pollen, microbes and viruses. It is also capable of retaining odors and maintains the interior air fresh and clean.

    The model stylish design with capacitive buttons and a simple display that makes it easy to read the air humidity, temperature and fan speed. It was mainly built to be used as a car air purifier but it can also be used at home or at the office.


    Car air purifiers usually come with a fan that circulates the air inside the car. The filters that they use make the biggest difference. Even the most compact model can retain almost all particles as long as the filters are of decent quality.

    On the other hand the size and power of the fans determines how much air it can purify per hour or how long it takes to clean a large volume of air. Some models might offer poor performance not because of their filters but because of the volume of air they can process. We selected models that offer a decent performance in from both perspectives but as with anything else the more expensive a model it the better it performs.

  3. Nice article and best reviews I like Item #2 FRiEQ Car Air Purifier I’ll own this to put in my car ,
    Thanks for sharing !

  4. How good is it with a new car smell
    How long does it take to clean air after entering the vehicle. I am
    Very sensitive to new car smell
    Heavy metals and chemicals is this removed ? If so what model is most
    Effective and has a garentee ?

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