Top 10 Best Aftershave Balms in 2024


These days, men rarely get a close shave. It is more common to see a man which a short beard or have a scruff or stubble beard. Still, nothing looks better than a man in a formal outfit with a clean shave. The classic style never gets old and women know it too. The ones that shave daily know how much of a chore it can be. Everyone is waiting for the weekend to wake up late and just skip shaving.

The biggest problem is that facial skin is very sensitive. Even after shaving for many years, the skin can never get used to it and it can develop all sorts of irritations, red skin, marks and so on. What matters a lot is to get the proper skin care products for men. Even if some products are not that different from the ones made for women, there are indeed some exclusive men skincare products. One highly important one is the aftershave balm.

There are many different types of products that can be used on the skin right after a shave. The aftershave balm is by far the most popular for several reasons. Being a balm means that it has less alcohol than a regular aftershave lotion. It is basically less painful. Also, its main purpose is to calm the skin and reduce redness. This makes it much less harsh and actually much better especially for the ones with sensitive skin.

Top 10 Best Aftershave Balms in 2024

To keep things short let’s jump right into our list of the top 10 best aftershave balms in 2024.

10. Aramis By Aramis For Men Aftershave Advanced Moisture Balm

Aramis Advanced Moisturizing After Shave Balm For Men 4.10 oz

Aramis is a well-known and trusted brand. They have been around for a very long time. The aftershave balm they offer is a great product that comes with a modest price tag. It is made out of high-quality ingredients and it is suitable mostly for men that do not shave too often. It has a moisturizing effect and it is quickly absorbed by the skin. The balm works for all skin types and it has a pleasant masculine scent that is not overpowering.


  • Inexpensive
  • Made out of high quality ingredients
  • Works with all skin types


  • Bottle looks very cheap

Aramis does have a certain conservative feel when it comes to their products. The bottle of the aftershave balm does not look like much. Many would be tricked into thinking that it is a poor quality product which is not the case. If Aramis would have worked a bit on the presentation of their product, maybe it would have been selling much better.

9. L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic After Shave Balm

Sale L'Oreal Paris Skincare Men Expert Hydra Energetic Aftershave Balm for Men with Vitamin E 3.3 fl; oz.

From a commercial point of view, L’Oreal is a big brand. Their Men Expert Hydra aftershave balm is a good product made mostly for ones with dry skin. It is good for tough, irritated, and dry skin. The formula used reduces razor burns and redness due to the added Vitamin E. It is an inexpensive balm with a pleasant scent that will work with most skin types. Last but not least it is worth mentioning that the aftershave balm also has SPF 15 protection which recommends it mostly for the hot season.


  • Inexpensive
  • Works for razor burns, irritations, red skin, dry skin, and tightness
  • Rich in vitamin E


  • Far from being natural

Despite being so effective, the balm is not made from natural ingredients which might be a concern for some. It may contain certain substances that would cause allergic reactions which is why it is important to read the complete list of ingredients before buying it. It is still a good aftershave balm for the ones that know they do not have a skin that is sensitive to certain substances used in cosmetic products.

8. Aqua Velva Sensitive 5 in 1 After Shave Balm

Aqua Velva Balm 3.3 Ounce

Aqua Velva Sensitive aftershave balm is an interesting product. It has a very low price tag but it works quite well. It has a soothing effect which reduces redness and razor burns. The balm is very effective when used immediately after a shave. It has a light scent and uses only safe ingredients. It is not advertised for a certain type of skin but it will work for most men.


  • Inexpensive
  • Quite effective
  • Mild scent, quite pleasant


  • It is not absorbed by the skin all that fast

Compared to other aftershave balms, the Aqua Velva Sensitive is absorbed a bit slowly. It is not a greasy balm which is a bit odd. Usually, greasy creams and balms are absorbed slowly. Still, after a few minutes, it should be gone if it is applied responsibly. Using too much of it might prove to be quite annoying to deal with and will need to be wiped off.

7. Shaveology Advanced 2-in-1 Anti-Aging After Shave Balm

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Shaveology Advanced aftershave balm is a great product for men of all ages despite being advertised as an anti-aging product. It has great effects on the skin with its special blend of ingredients that prevents razor burns. The product has a moisturizing effect and helps soothe sensitive skin. The balm is part of a kit that includes a pre-shave oil and shaving lather. All products use premium ingredients and offer excellent results when used consistently.


  • Soothing effect
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Rich in essential oils


  • Quite expensive

The kit that includes the after-shave balm costs quite a bit of money. It does offer a good value since it does include 3 products but some might not be willing to pay this much just to get the balm. The ones that need a lubricating pre-shave oil and shave lather will surely find that the Shaveology products are quite impressive in terms of quality.

6. Baxter of California After Shave Balm

Baxter of California Men's After Shave Balm for Men | Cooling Sensation | 4 fl. Oz (Pack of 1)

Baxter of California offers a great after-shave balm that was made with great attention to the ingredients used. It is an alcohol-free lotion that helps calm the skin and reduce irritation and redness. The balm also has a cooling effect due to its minty tone. According to the list of ingredients, the balm has a therapeutic effect due to the use of aloe, glycerin, and tea tree oil.


  • Soothing effect
  • Rich in essentials and natural extracts
  • Cooling effect


  • The scent is not very pleasant

Despite having a cooling effect, the balm barely has any mint in its scent. In fact, several users reported that it smells like lemon-honey cough drops which does not sound appealing at all. Fortunately, the scent does not last all that long. It goes away after less than an hour. Still, the balm leaves the skin soft immediately after application.

5. Nivea For Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

Sale NIVEA MEN Sensitive Post Shave Balm with Vitamin E, Chamomile and Witch Hazel Extracts, 3.3 Fl Oz Bottle

Nivea for Men sensitive after shave balm is a decent pick for the ones that do not want to spend too much money. It is a simple balm made using good quality ingredients that can help the skin right after a clean shave. It can prevent redness, dry skin, irritation, and razor burns. The balm is also absorbed quite easily as it is nongreasy and it does not contain alcohol. For best results, it is recommended to use the after-shave balm for longer periods of time.


  • Soothing effect
  • Inexpensive
  • Gets absorbed fast by the skin


  • A bit too thick

For an aftershave balm, the product is quite thick. It is like a paste and apparently, it is highly concentrated. Only a small amount is needed to get good coverage of the face and reduce irritation. Using too much might result in an excess balm that will get absorbed very slowly.

4. Dove Men+Care Face Care Post Shave Balm

Dove Men+Care Face Care Post Shave Balm, Sensitive 3.4 oz

Dove Men+Care after shave balm is a good pick for every man even if he has problems with sensitive skin on not. It is a great balm that was made to deal with razor burns and help moisturize the skin. This also helps reduce redness much faster and prevent irritation. The balm has been enriched with vitamin B and essential nutrients. On top of all this, the after-shave balm is not as expensive as some would think. Dove products are usually affordable.


  • Soothing effect
  • Fast absorbing
  • Rich in vitamin B5 and essential nutrients


  • Not very efficient when it comes to moisturizing

Despite being advertised as a good after-shave balm with a moisturizing effect, the product is lacking from this perspective. It does have a moisturizing effect but it is not as good as some of the other after-shave balms in our list. It is still worth giving a try since it is so inexpensive and it works on regular skin that is not excessively dry.

3. Proraso After Shave Balm

Proraso After Shave Balm for Men, Sensitive Skin Moisturizer with Oatmeal and Green Tea, 3.4 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

Proraso may be a brand with which not that many are familiar but the ones that do know them surely appreciate their products. Their after-shave balm uses a special formula that works for sensitive skin. It is an Italian product that combines the most efficient ingredients to provide immediate relief, reduce irritation and razor burns. The balm has a very pleasant scent and it is absorbed quite fast as it is not greasy.


  • Instant calming effect
  • Pleasant tea scent
  • Reduces irritation, skin redness, and razor burns


  • Feels a bit oily

Not everyone is willing to try an oily balm. There are a lot of facial creams and balms that are oil-based and despite the fact that they do leave the skin a bit greasy, they offer great results. The Proraso is still a great product but it is absorbed much slower than usual. Also, it will not be such a good pick for the ones that do not have dry skin.

2. Calvin Klein ETERNITY After Shave Balm

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men, 5.0 Fl. Oz. After Shave Balm

Calvin Klein ETERNITY after-shave balm is a very popular pick for a lot of men. Many pick the balm because of its amazing masculine scent. It also works very well with all types of skin as it is able to deal with all the common problems that men have to deal with when shaving. Being a designer product also inspires a bit of confidence in terms of quality and for the most part it is a rather good after-shave balm.


  • Soothes the skin immediately
  • Great pleasant scent
  • Concentrated formula


  • More expensive than regular after-shave balms

Being a designer personal care product means that it is more expensive than regular after-shave balms. It is still reasonably priced for the quality it offers which is why so many men prefer this balm over the standard ones from the usual brands.

1. Paul Sebastian After Shave Balm

PAUL SEBASTIAN by Paul Sebastian After Shave Balm 4 oz

Paul Sebastian after-shave balm is a premium product that comes with a modest price tag. It is made out of premium ingredients and has a very alluring masculine scent. It contains a rich mix of active ingredients that help soothe the skin and prevent irritations. The product works well like any decent after-shave balm and it is suitable for all skin types. For extra convenience, the balm comes in a small recipient with a dispenser pump.


  • Fast absorbing
  • Great alluring masculine scent
  • Highly effective when used immediately after a shave


  • A bit expensive

The balm has a modest price tag for the quality it offers but it is important to notice that the bottles are available in multiple sizes. It is much better to go for the largest bottle in order to get a good deal. Still, there are much more expensive after-shave balms that do not perform this well.

Which After Shave Balm To Choose?

The choice can be difficult because not everyone will enjoy a particular after-shave balm. Skin chemistry is different from one man to another. Some men might get irritations from one product while others might not have any issues at all. This means that some experimentation is required and it is possible for one person to blind test multiple balms before finding the perfect one.

Pricing can be an influencing factor. Some aftershave balms are really cheap. This does not mean that they are bad. There are plenty of decent aftershave balms that are very cheap but some might be willing to spend a bit extra to get a premium quality product.


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