Top 10 Best Water Tubes in 2024


The cold season is approaching and the ones that own a home with a pool have one more thing to worry about. Pools are high maintenance during the summer which is why there are so many companies that offer pool maintenance services but just because the summer is over it does not mean that there is nothing left to do. Everyone should be familiar with pool covers.

These are mandatory for the ones that know for sure they will not use the pool for a long period of time either them being away or fall and winter set in. However, pool covers will not just float over the water by themselves. Pool covers need weights placed on the sides to keep them from falling into the water. The best way to tackle this is to use water tubes. There are other options available but these are the most convenient ones for several reasons.

One important aspect regarding water tubes is that they take up very little storage space. They are basically the same as inflatable water tubes but they are straight and have a wider bore which allows them to be filled with water. They are available in several different sizes and colors. Also, the diameter of the filling bore can vary but for the most part they are almost the same because there is not much that can be changed to how they are made. Pricing is also a variable even if most models are nearly identical. One important aspect to take into account is that packs of multiple water tubes may prove to be cheaper.

Top 10 Best Water Tubes in 2024

For our list, we picked both singles and packs containing tubes of various dimensions and shapes. To keep things short let’s jump right into our list of the top 10 best water tubes in 2024.

10. Swim Central 10′ Blue Water Tube for In-Ground Swimming Pool Winter Closing

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Swim Central makes a few decent water tubes of different sizes. Their 10-foot blue water tube is a good option for the ones that only need one. It is inexpensive and practical. The product comes as a single water tube that can be filled with water through the wide bore at one of its ends. Durability is fairly decent as it is made out of vinyl and it should be able to survive even during a harsh winter as long as it is filled with water only three-quarters.


  • Inexpensive
  • Made out of durable vinyl
  • Easy to fill


  • Not a very good deal when purchased individually

Even if the water tube is inexpensive it is still not a great deal. The same company offers the tubes in multi-packs which offer a lower price per piece. Not everyone will need an entire set which is why getting just one is still a good option even if it is not the best deal on our list. See more: Top 10 Best Electric Air Pumps in 2024

9. Blue Wave 10-ft Double Water Tube for Winter Pool Cover

Sale Blue Wave 10-ft Double Water Tube for Winter Pool Cover - 5 Pack

Blue Wave 10-ft Double Water Tube is a great product in terms of durability. It is made from a thicker vinyl material which means that it will survive even in the harshest weather conditions. To ensure that it will not break when the water inside freezes, the tube should not be filled completely. Also, being a double chamber water tube means that if needed, just one side can be filled with water. Last but not least, the valves were designed to have no leaks and completely seal the tubes.


  • Leak-proof valves
  • Thick vinyl construction
  • The double chamber, can be filled individually


  • Expensive

For a single water tube, the price is a bit steep. In fact, it might be better to just get two single ones or a kit of multiple ones. Still, in some situations, only double chamber models can be used thus the Blue Line water tube still remains relevant despite the higher price tag. See more: Top 10 Best Water Filter Systems in 2024

8. SWIMLINE 6 Pack 8 Ft Double Chamber Water Tubes

SWIMLINE 6 Pack 8 Ft Double Chamber Water Tubes for Inground Swimming Pool Winter Cover W2050

SWIMLINE makes an inexpensive double chamber water tube. It is one of the best deals available as the double chamber model costs almost as much as a single chamber model. As with other water tubes, the product is made out of durable vinyl material. To fill the tube, a wide bore was placed and a sealing valve that prevents the water from escaping. In order to avoid damaging the tube, it is better to fill the tube no much than three-quarters as the water expands when it turns into ice.


  • Very affordable
  • Sealing valve
  • Double chamber design


  • Only one valve that fills both chambers

One interesting fact is that the double chamber design does not come with individual valves for each tube. What ends up happening is that both chambers are filled at the same time meaning that it is not possible to use it as a single chamber tube by not filling the second chamber. See more: Top 10 Best Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems in 2024

7. Pool Mate Double Water Tube Complete Kit for Winter Pool Cover

Pool Mate 1632BLKTK-PM Double Water Tube Complete Kit for Winter Pool Cover, Black

Pool Mate double water rube is a good pick for the ones that are looking for a high-quality product. By high quality, we mean a durable vinyl material that is thicker than usual and much less to get punctures. The product has two valves that allow for each chamber to be filled individually or just one if needed. Each tube is rectangular in shape and measures 16 by 32 inches. The tubes are available in other sizes as well and in either black or blue.


  • Dual chamber
  • Each chamber can be filled individually
  • Thick and durable vinyl


  • Expensive

Even if the price is a bit steep for the Pool Mate double chamber water tube, it is a bit farfetched to call it overpriced. It is well made and very durable. Maybe if the price was lower, the product would have been considered a rather good deal for the build quality it offers.

6. Robelle Deluxe 16g. Single-Chamber 8-Foot Blue Winter Water Tube

Robelle 3808--06 Pool Cover Weights, 6-Pack, 8 ft. Blue Single Chamber, 16 Gauge

Robelle Deluxe single chamber water tube kit should be enough for the ones that do not have any water tubes at all. It is a multi-pack that consists of 3 single chamber tubes. Each tube is made out of heavy-duty 16 gauge vinyl that should be able to endure extremely low temperatures. The tubes can be filled using the sealing valves on each one of them and they should be filled only halfway to avoid having the water expand when freezing and breaking out.


  • 16 gauge vinyl construction
  • Sealing valves
  • Comes with a kit of 3 water tubes


  • Valves are difficult to close

The caps on the valves are fairly flexible and work quite well when it comes to sealing the tubes and preventing water leaks. The problem comes from the fact that the caps are quite difficult to close. They are difficult to snap into place which can be quite annoying.

5. In The Swim V-Shaped Corner Water Tube

In The Swim V-Shaped Corner Water Tube Winter Pool Cover Weight - Blue 4 Pack

In The Swim V-Shaped corner water tube is a different kind of water tube. Instead of being long and straight, the tube is just V-shaped. It was made specifically for the corners of the pool. Regular, straight tubes only cover the sides. The tube is made out of the same durable vinyl material and has a large gauge with a valve and a cap. It is quite easy to fill and it has great strength. It is puncture resistant and it is very compact, making it very easy to store.


  • Made from high gauge vinyl
  • V-shaped for corners
  • Improved strength and puncture resistance


  • Expensive

For such a small water tube, the price is kind of high. Sadly there are not that many V-shaped water tubes which means that most people will end up buying this model anyway. Still, it is not much more expensive than a regular square-shaped water tube but for its size, it should have been cheaper.

4. In The Swim 8-ft. Ultimate Double Winter Pool Cover Water Tube

8 Foot Ultimate Double Winter Pool Cover Water Tube Weight - Blue

In The Swim, an 8-foot water tube is one of the longer tubes on our list. It is also higher priced because of this but not by much. As with their other tubes, the product is made out of a thick vinyl material which gives it superior strength. Being a double chamber tube means that it has two valves and they can be filled individually. The tubes are meant to be filled only to have a way through in order to avoid the water from damaging it when it freezes and expands inside.


  • Double chamber setup
  • Thicker vinyl construction
  • Heat sealed, anti-cracking resistance


  • Sealing valves are difficult to close

The fact that the valve caps are difficult to close is a common issue. Many other water tubes have this problem. They manage to offer a good seal but closing them will prove to be difficult as a lot of force needs to be applied. It is as if the cap is just a bit smaller than what it should be.

3. Robelle 1636TANTK-20 Premium 20g. Tan Complete Winter Water Tube

Robelle 1636TANTK-20 Premium 20g. Tan Complete Winter Water Tube Kit For 16-Foot x 36-Foot Pools

Robelle winter water tube set is what the manufacturers call, premium products. The reason for this is their durability. The water tubes are made from a heavy-duty 20 gauge vinyl material which ensures they will not tear, develop punctures or cracks during the winter. A kit consists of 3 double chamber tubes with individual valves. Each chamber can be filled separately. The kit can be found in multiple different sizes and in 3 different colors to choose from.


  • Set of 3 double chamber water tubes
  • Multiple sizes and colors to choose from
  • Heavy duty 20 gauge vinyl


  • Difficult to open and close the cap on the valves

The caps of the valves are quite difficult to open or close. Closing them is simple if enough force is applied but it can be annoying. Still, it should be done with care, especially when opening them. If they are not opened carefully, the vinyl can stretch or even tear.

2. Blue Wave 8-ft Double Water Tube

Sale Blue Wave 8-ft Double Water Tube for Winter Pool Cover - 5 Pack

Blue Wave double chamber water tube set is probably the best deal available on our list. It is an inexpensive set consisting of 5 individual water tubes. The tubes are made out of thick vinyl material and are 8 feet long. Each tube has two chambers that can be filled separately. All of them are quite easy to fill and have leak-proof valves. To avoid damaging the tubes, it is recommended to only fill them halfway through.


  • Inexpensive
  • Set of 5 individual dual chamber water tubes
  • 18 gauge vinyl construction


  • Some water tubes have punctures straight out of the box

In some cases, users reported that one or two water tubes were leaking from the first time they were filled with water. This does not happen all that often but it should be a concern for the manufacturers as their quality control is not as good as it should be.

1. Robelle 3809-20-BLK-06 Premium 20g. Double-Chamber 8-Foot Black Winter Water Tube

Robelle 3809--20-BLK-06 Pool Cover Weights, 6-Pack, 8 ft. Black Double Chamber, 20 Gauge

Robelle premium double chamber water tube set is one of the best-selling products on our list for several reasons. First of all, the tubes are made from a thicker 20 gauge material which is more resilient. The second reason is the price tag. The tubes come as a set of 6 for a modest price tag. All of them have a double chamber construction and individual valves. Also, the tubes can be found in a wide range of sizes and in blue, black or tan.


  • 20 gauge vinyl construction
  • Excellent value for money
  • Easy to fill


  • Some issues with the filling valve cap

For the most part, the water tubes work quite well. They are easy to fill and they are durable enough. The issue is that some tubes come with slight imperfections on the valve that causes them to leak. It does not happen often to receive a defective product but there are some occurrences reported by the ones that already tried them.

Which Water Tubes To Get?

For the most part, water tubes seem to be identical with some minor differences in color and size. That is true for the most part but there are some characteristics that make some water tubes better than others. Also, if one water tube is more expensive than a different one it does not mean that it is better. Here are some pointers to help determine which water tube is worth the money.

  • Material thickness: Most water tubes are made out of vinyl. The thickness is important and most manufacturers state it clearly. Most of them use 16 gauge vinyl but the 20 gauge ones are more durable.
  • Size: Size is important. Since pools can vary in size, so will the pool cover and implicitly, water tubes will have different dimensions. Usually, the bigger the tube is, the better it can hold the pool cover in place.
  • Shape and chambers: The vast majority of pool water tubes are shaped like straw. Some have a double chamber design but there are other shapes as well. There are water tubes that are V-shaped which are mostly recommended to hold the corners of the pool cover properly in place.


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