Top 10 Best Electric Mosquito Traps in 2024


Mosquitos, as harmless as they might seem, are actually a rather major threat. Thriving in the warm season, mosquitos can spread disease and cause skin irritation. There have been many documented cases in which mosquitos have been found responsible for infecting humans with various pathogens. The rate of occurrence of such cases are not that high but mosquitos are still an annoying threat.

Dealing with mosquitos is fairly annoying. There are multiple ways to do this but the most common ways of getting rid of mosquitos are to get a mosquito killer. Mosquito killers are electric devices that are usually in the form of a set and forget. All it takes is to plug them in and then just let them work. Nothing else is needed other than a cleaning from time to time.

How Do Electric Mosquito  Traps Work?

Mosquito killers are also known as bug zappers. They usually work with insects that are attracted to light. They emit light and attract insects. Around the light, a grill can be found that holds a high electric charge. When the mosquito touches the grid, it will get electrocuted with a high voltage. For safety reasons, the grid is surrounded by a plastic cage. This prevents anyone from touching the grid and getting electrocuted. Many bug zappers are also equipped with a small tray at the bottom that collects the electrocuted mosquitos. Others allow the insects trapped to just fall on the ground. There are a few mosquito killers that use a fan to pull insects into it. They work the same for the most part but the simple models with just the lamp and electric grill tend to offer the best results.

Best Electric Mosquito Traps in 2024

For our list, we went for simple mosquito killers that are known to work and have positive customer feedback. With these things said, here are the top 10 best electric mosquito traps in 2024 reviews.

10. EasyGoProducts 40W Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper

No products found.

EasyGoProducts is a good pick for the ones that need a large zapper to deal with their mosquito problems. It is a powerful indoor unit that delivers a charge of 40 watts to an open internal grid. It has a strong UV-A lamp that attracts mosquitos and a small tray at the bottom that keeps everything clean. The zapper itself is quite interesting as it has a modern design that makes it look more like a lamp. It requires absolutely no setup as all it takes is just to plug it into a power source and leave it there. Being lightweight also makes it easy to move it around.

The zapper works quite well. In fact, it works with more than just mosquitos. What seems to be not so great about it is that the light can be a bit annoying. It is very large and having it running in a room with the lights closed can be quite annoying.

  • Good price tag
  • Very efficient
  • Works with other insects as well
  • A bit too large and the light can be disruptive

9. VENSMILE Indoor Fly Killer Mosquito Bug Zapper

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The VENSMILE indoor mosquito bug zapper is one of the more compact models that was made to be used in small to medium rooms. It has a lower price tag and a simple construction with a plastic cage and a small lamp on the inside. It has a grill that carries a high electric charge and a tray at the bottom to collect the dead insects. The model needs to be powered by a wall plug and emits a continuous UV light that attracts insects. The model is UL-certified and RoHS-compliant.

For what is worth the model is quite decent given the fact that it is so cheap. The flaw that it has is the UV light. It is not that powerful and tends to be less effective than larger models. It attracts insects but it is less effective but still works.

  • Very cheap
  • Compact form factor
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lamp is not powerful enough

8. YIER Solar-Powered Outdoor Insect Killer

YIER Solar-Powered Outdoor Insect Killer/Bug Zapper/Mosquito Killer- Hang or Stick in The Ground - Dual Modes - Bug Zapper & Garden Light Function

The YIER solar-powered mosquito killer is one of the few models of its kind available. It was made with an internal battery pack that saves the power collected during the day. The insect killer uses a UV lamp inside an electrified fence, protected by a plastic cage. Its bottom side is made out of a tray that collects all the zapped mosquitos while the top side has a small attachment that makes it easy to hang or it can be left on a flat surface. Since it is a solar-powered zapper the model has a built-in battery that charges during the daytime.

For the most part, the mosquito killer works quite well. For a solar-powered model, it is more than decent. The only complaint about the YIER zapper is the build quality. There is a lot of plastic and feels a bit flimsy.

  • Easy to install
  • Looks like a regular lamp
  • Inexpensive
  • The zapper is a bit small and made mostly out of plastic

7. PestZilla Robust UV Electronic Bug Zapper

No products found.

PestZilla Robust UV electric bug zapper is a great pick for the ones that are sick of having to deal with mosquitos and other insects. It is a large 20-watt zapper that can cover a surface of up to 6,000 square feet. The device features a very powerful UV lamp that attracts insects. Around the lamps, an electrified grill has been installed. Beneath it, a collection tray can be found that makes sure the bugs do not fall directly on the floor. The model is recommended mostly for indoor use.

According to some users, larger insects tend to get away. They get zapped. Fall onto the tray then after a few seconds they fly away. Mosquitos do get killed which is the main purpose of the zapper. Large flies can get away.

  • Covers a large area
  • Decent price tag
  • High electric charge, instantly kills mosquitos
  • Large insects can survive the electric shock

6. Hausbell Nontoxic Mosquito Trap

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The Hausbell mosquito trap was designed to be used in small rooms. It is an excellent choice for the ones that need quiet sleep. It is very small and extremely useful. The model has a built-in auto shut-off feature. Basically, the zapper turns itself off during the day. Its lamp is fairly powerful and manages to attract mosquitos. Due to its design, the electrified grill is impossible to touch. To improve its efficiency the model also has a small fan that traps mosquitos and prevents them from escaping.

For the most part, the lamp is quite decent. It does have a design problem. Because the top side covers the UV lamp, mosquitos are a bit more difficult to attract. It would have been a better product is the lamp was better to expose.

  • Compact
  • Auto shut-off during daylight
  • Quite fan to trap mosquitos
  • The UV lamp is a bit concealed

5. Eliminator Electronic Fly and Bug Zapper

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Eliminator electric zapper is a powerful model that is designed for indoor use. It is quite large and can be used successfully in large rooms. It has a simple design with an outer cage that prevents anyone from touching the elements that carry the electric charge. Its UV lamps are very powerful which attracts mosquitos and other insects. The bottom collection tray is very easy to remove and it comes with just an on and off button.

Similar to other zappers it seems that the electric charge is not powerful enough for large insects. Mosquitos stand no chance but larger flies can get zapped and still fly away. As a simple mosquito killer, it works as expected.

  • Made for large rooms
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean, large collection tray
  • Needs to be more powerful to zap larger insects

4. Dynatrap Ultralight Insect and Mosquito Trap

Sale DynaTrap DT150 Indoor Mosquito & Flying Insect Trap – Kills Mosquitoes, Flies, Moths, Gnats, & Other Flying Insects – Protects up to 300 Sq Ft

Dynatrap ultralight insect and mosquito trap is a great choice for the ones that are looking for a portable zapper. It is very compact but it still needs to be powered by a wall plug. It has a small UV lamp on the inside and a quiet operation mode. The model is made mostly out of metal and it is completely safe as it has an outer case that keeps the electric cage insulated. As for maintenance, the zapper has a small chamber beneath that traps the dead insects. It is very easy to remove and quite large so it does not need to be emptied too often.

The device itself is great against mosquitos even if it is so small. Its UV lamp does a good job at attracting insects. What it cannot do is zap larger insects. This seems like a common issue with most zappers in our list but mosquitos will not survive.

  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Not very effective against large insects

3. PestiTech PTH-8 20W Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

No products found.

PestiTech PTH-8 is one of the more popular insect zappers that works well and does not take a lot of space. It has a slim profile with powerful UV lamps and a metal enclosure. It has a protective cage that prevents unwanted accidents by touching the electrified components around the lamps. According to the manufacturers, the model is capable of covering surfaces of up to 6,000 square feet. It is an indoor unit which means it comes with a collection tray at the bottom to prevent the zapped mosquitos from falling on the floor.

One issue that users will notice is the fact that the collection tray is difficult to remove. This makes it a bit more difficult to clean. The collection tray is usually easy to remove but in this case, it seems a bit stuck. The issue does not seem to be present in all the models.

  • Inexpensive
  • Recommended for rooms of up to 6,000 square feet
  • Good construction with few plastic elements
  • Collection tray tends to get stuck

2. Aspectek Powerful 20W Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

ASPECTEK Powerful 20W Electronic Insect Indoor Zapper, Bug Zapper, Fly Zapper, Mosquito Killer-Indoor Use Including 2 Pack Replacement Bulbs

The Aspectek indoor insect and mosquito zapper is quite similar to some of the other models in our list. It is one of the best-selling mosquito killers in its class and it manages to get the job done quite well. The model uses powerful UV lamps to attract the insects that get instantly killed by the electrified grill around the lights. For safety reasons, everything is protected by a metal cage to make it impossible for children or pets to get electrified. It is an indoor unit that was designed to cover medium to large rooms.

The model seems to have a design problem. If the unit is on and then gets unplugged, the electric charge stored is not released. The inner cage can still shock someone. If for example, it would be necessary to check a light bulb, unplugging the unit and touching the inner cage will cause an electric discharge.

  • Affordable
  • Large works with medium to large rooms
  • Easy to clean
  • Still, holds an electric charge after being unplugged

1. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

Sale Flowtron Electric Bug Zapper 1/2 Acre Outdoor Insect Control with Dual Lure Method, 15W UV Light & Octenol Attractant for Fly & Mosquito, 5600V Kill Grid, Made in USA, UL Certified

Flowtron BK-15D is by far the best-selling model in our list. This simple inset zapper works extremely well, especially against mosquitos. It uses a special lamp that attracts the mosquitos while the inner cage releases an electric charge that kills them instantly. The zapper is shaped like a regular street lamp and can be used both indoors and outdoors. All the zapped mosquitos will fall on the small tray at the bottom of the unit.

The only problem that the model has is the fact that the bottom tray is not removable in order to clean it, the entire outer cage needs to be removed. However, this is quite easy to do and does not take a lot of time.

  • Affordable
  • Great design, looks like a street pole lantern
  • Very effective against mosquitos
  • A bit more difficult to clean

Things To Know

These bug zappers or mosquito killers rely on using special lamps to attract the insects. If the wrong type of lamp is used, the bugs will not get tempted to fly close enough to get zapped. Some models are indeed quite inefficient. Also, the electric discharge needs to be powerful enough. Most models struggle when it comes to killing certain types of flies but mosquitos aren’t a problem. A mosquito will die quickly even from a lower intensity discharge.

For some, the size of the zapper can be important. There are some rather large zappers that might not seem suitable for use at home. There are also outdoor units as well. We managed to include a wide range of models in our list which should make it easy to find a decent mosquito killer.

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One Comment

  1. Electric mosquito traps are designed to ensure that it won’t be hard for mosquitoes and other pests to be kept out of a space. Today’s mosquito traps are design to lure in mosquitoes and keep them from flying all around any public space. Great traps like these can be important to have but it’s even more important to ensure that the right support is available. Here’s a look at some of the top 10 best electric mosquito traps in 2015 to find and how they can all be used to create a protected and cleared-out space.

    10. P3 International P7880

    This can use a UV light and has a whisper quiet fan and a collection net that is very easy to remove and clear out. It can work in a very quiet and easy to handle setup that isn’t too hard to manage.B0013F7JX2

    9. JDM Auto Lights Electric Mosquito Zapper

    This can be hung on many surfaces. It uses a soft light and does not require the use of added insecticide. It will not emit any smells, poisons or other harmful materials.

    8. Dynatrap Insect Trap

    Designed to be used in many conditions and environments, this mosquito trap is designed to be used outdoors. It can work for up to half an acre of space and does not require propane or other attractants.

    7. Eachbid LED Electric Mosquito Fly Bug Insect Trap Killer

    Available for less than five dollars, the Eachbid model plugs into a wall outlet and operates as a night light. It uses a strong UV light that lures in many different pests. It can especially help to keep pests out of the way in practically any space in a home.

    6. Stinger Indoor Insect Trap

    Mosquitoes can often come into a home. This unit is a chemical-free material that is made with a pull-out material. It also uses a UV white light that will get insects into a trap the right way.

    5. Aspectek Electronic Indoor Insect Killer Zapper

    Aspectek made this model as a 20-watt unit with a UV support system and even comes with a chain hanger. It uses no chemicals as it uses heat and light to lure in insects.

    4. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

    Designed as a hanging lantern, this unit has a 15-watt bulb and can work consistently and without any problems. It works with a half-acre radius although it should not be used within 25 feet of people. This is for the safety needs that people hold in any space.
    Read also: Top 10 Best Battery Operated Fans in 2017

    3. EarthTraps Mosquito Eye Trap

    3. EarthTraps Mosquito Eye Trap

    This is a zapper that is designed with a circular body. It uses a CCFL ring tube that is more efficient than traditional LED lights. It can work with up to 100 square meters of space. The fan is also silent and will create a better sense of suction. It can even connect to a mobile charger with a USB cable as a means of keeping the battery in this unit under control and ready for use.

    2. Pest Sentry #1 Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper

    Designed with a body that can be hung from any surface. This Pest Sentry model uses two 20W UV bulbs that can emit light from all sides. It also uses a long cable to keep it from having to bear with annoying electric cords and other things getting in the way. This is to keep the setup running with care and control. The tray on the bottom is also washable and will not warp or lose its potency.

    1. Flowtron PV-440 Galaxie Power-Vac

    This is a fine model from Flowtron that is designed in a body that could fit in quite well with many of the other ground walkway lights that are around. The PV-440 has a one acre range and has a collection tray that is easy to see through, thus ensuring that dead insects can be cleared out as well as possible. It uses a vacuum system and works with electric power while also working with individual scent, color and heat attractants. An octanol cartridge can be used every month to make it work well and to keep it in check.

    All people should take a careful look at how well this material can work when it comes to getting different kinds of electric zappers ready. You can ensure that it will not be too hard for you to get many materials cleared out the right way without being any hard to handle than it should be while clearing out insects of all sorts.

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