Top 10 Sexiest Korean Actresses in 2024


The Korean film industry is filled with beautiful and sexy multi-talented actresses who deserve to be acknowledged. A general common characteristic of Korean girls is nationalistic. When the sports are dedicating their victories or represent their home’s price, Korean girls have to put all her effort to fight as the winner. For instance, as country that popular in Taekwondo sport had brought many of young athletics won gold medal for their home country in Olympic game and other international competition.

Notably, many young Korean girls be like a night owl’s paradise, after work or during special occasion they like to get together and have dinner with a few drinks and went back home at very late night sometimes around 3, 4 and 5 am. However, this does not mark that they will come to work late in the next day; in contrast they still come to work on time and sleepless. And Korea is also fame of having many beautiful female stars as well.

Here is a list of the top 10 10 Sexiest Korean Actresses in 2024

10. Han Ye Seul

This beautiful actress was born with the name Kim Ye Seul Yi (or Leslie Kim in English) in Los Angeles, California on 18th September 1981. She was brought up in the United States of America where she attended high school and college and graduated with an associate degree in Computer Graphics. She is well spoken in English and Korean and as she later realized she wanted to be an actress and model, she moved to Korea to start her career.

Han Ye Seul’s doors opened with her first win at the SBS Supermodel Contest in 2001 and thereafter debuting her acting career in 2003 on the show Sitcom Nonstop 4. She also appeared in Forbidden Love in 2004 as well as summer’s Typhoon in 2005 which did not do too well but she never quit. Han faced controversy during in 2011 while filming Spy Myung-wol after failing to show up for her scheduled filming after she flew to Los Angeles but later made a major comeback in 2014 in the show Birth of a Beauty. She is now a Korean citizen having revoked her American citizen following her success.

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9. Song Hye-kyo

She is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Korea and most loved by her fans due to her jolly state. Song was born in November 22 in 1981 but was not registered until February 29, 1982. This is because she was a sickly baby and her parents and doctors did not think she would survive.

She debuted her entertainment career in 1996 as after she won a modelling contest and also became a model for a school uniform company which later led her to greater role with her first film being My Girl. She has appeared in many television shows including Autumn In My Heart, Love, The Wind Blows and All in.

8. Lee Da-hae

This is one of a kind Korean actress who in not only famous in Korean but China too. This is because she well-spoken in English, Korean and is the only actress who can speak Chinese and Japanese. This has earned her a huge popularity in China as she spoke Chinese in the drama Love Actually among others.

She was born in April 19, 1984 in Seoul Korea as Byun Da-hae but her family later moved to Sydney Australia while she was in grade 5. In 2001, Lee moved back to Korea with her mother to pursue her acting career. Her most famous and successful television dramas include My Girl, Green Rose and The Slave Hunter among others. In 2016, Lee left FNC Entertainment which she had signed with in 2014 and signed an exclusive contract with JS Pictures. Read more: Top 10 Best Stabilizers For GoPro in 2024

7. Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won is her stage name but she was born as Jeon Hae-rim on June 28, 1978 in Seoul, South Korea. She is loved by her audience for the many roles that she plays such as a sports girl, a comedian, an action heroine with martial skills too. She has featured in television dramas such as Hwang Jini, historical dramas such as Express Ki and romantic comedies like Secret Garden in 2010 which gave her numerous awards at the SBS Drama Awards.

Won is known for her ability to pick up challenging roles that include major aerobics as seen in the film Sex is Zero, martial arts in Deulist and boxing in the television film Miracle on 1st Street.

6. Shin Min-ah

This gorgeous Korean born actress and model was born on March 5, 1084 in South Korea. Her career begun in 1998 as a model for teen magazine in Kiki and over the years she became one of the most demanded and highest paid commercial endorses in Korea.

She is known for her acting role in television dramas such as A Love To Kill, The Naked Kitchen, My Mighty Princess (where she played two roles) and The Beast and the Beauty. She has also worked as a supporting actress and appeared in many music videos.

5. Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji Hyun also known as Gianna Jun was born on October 30, 1981 as Wang Ji-hyun in South Korea. She grew up wanting to be a flight attendant but her family wanted her to become an actress due to her tall and slim body shape. Her dream changed at the age of 16 when her model friend introduced her to a photographer after which she became a model in 1997 for Ecole Magazine.

She became a popular sensation after featuring in a commercial for Samsung My Jet Printer and later in 2000 she made a debut in the film White Valentine. The romantic comedy drama Sassy Girl is one of the many films that brought her to her fame with other dramas such as The Thieves, Wind Struck and My Love From The Star.

4. Park Shin-hye

This actress is a jack of all trades who can almost do it all. She is an actress, singer, dancer and a model who does it all with ease. Born on February 18, 1990 in Gwangiu, South Korea Park is one of a kind actress. She was ranked 33rd in Forbes Korea’s top 40 Most Powerful Celebrities in Korea in 2015. In 2016, she got a degree in film and theatre as well as a lifetime achievement from her school.

The actress made her first appearance in a music video called Flower and later underwent training in singing playing the guitar and keyboard, dancing and acting. She has taken up leading roles in dramas such as The Heirs, Heartstring and Flowers Boys Next Door among others.

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3. Han Ga-in

This beautiful actress was born on February 25. 1982 in South Korea. Her on screen potential was spotted by bigwigs on an interview footage captured with her and other students during a quiz show. This was the beginning of her career as she later debuted in an Asian Airlines commercial in 2002.

Later that year she was cast in Sunshine Hunting, a KBS2 drama as well as other films such as Yellow Handkerchief and Once Upon a Time in High School. She is known for her all-time best television drama Moon Embracing the Sun and Architecture 101.

2. Yoon Eun-hye

The second actress on the list Yoon Eun-hye was born on October 3, 1984 in South Korea. She is a multitalented actress, director, singer, entertainer and model. She was a member of a girl group called Baby Vox which she stayed in from 1999 to 2005.

She then moved to acting where she made a name for herself in television dramas such as Princess Hours, Missing You and Marry Him If You Dare.

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1. Choi Ji Woo

And the sexiest Korean actress is Choi Ji Woo with hot looks and amazing acting skills. She was born on June 11, 1975 in Paju, South Korea. She was first discovered when she won a talent audition in 1994 and later in 1995 made a debut in the drama series War and Love.

She is known for her roles in dramas such as Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven and Beautiful Days. Choi is a lucrative start and brand in Japan with high licensing/ broadcasting rights for her dramas and selling out concerts and merchandise.

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