Top 10 Sexiest Female Athletes in 2015


Historically, sport has become the center of attention to every man long decades ago. In recent days, however, because of gender equality women demand to be included in any sports that men could do as well. Most of the times, we only see women display their soft and gentle characteristics, but when it comes to sports women can also exhibit their fierce and competitive personalities. Though sports require them to show off their physical strength through daily practices, does not mean those female athletes totally sacrifice their beauty and sexiness for sports. Here are the top 10 sexiest female athletes in 2015. You can take a look and see how hot they are!

10.Soo Yeon Lee (Table Tennis)

10. Soo Yeon Lee (Table Tennis)

9.Maria Kirilenko (Tennis)

9. Maria Kirilenko (Tennis)

8.Christmas Abbott (Crossfit)

8. Christmas Abbott (Crossfit)

7.Alex Morgan (Soccer)

7. Alex Morgan (Soccer)

6.Lindsey Vonn (Skiing)

6. Lindsey Vonn (Skiing)

5.Gina Carano (MMA)

5. Gina Carano (MMA)

4.Blair O’Neal (Golfer)

4. Blair O’Neal (Golfer)

3.Atonija Misura (Basketball)

3. Atonija Misura (Basketball)

2.Ellen Hoog (Hockey)

2. Ellen Hoog (Hockey)

1.Maria Sharapova (Tennis)

1. Maria Sharapova (Tennis)


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