Top 10 Best Throw Blankets in 2024


There are plenty of ways to decorate a house. One forgotten decorative element is the classic throw blanket. They might seem out of fashion but the truth is that a decent throw blanket with the right design, can genuinely change the aspect of a room. There is a type of throw blanket for pretty much every furniture style and they are not that expensive to begin with. Throw blankets are quite affordable and there are a lot of different styles. Some of them can even be used for their utility as a blanket while others are just meant to be used as a decorative element.

It never hurts to have options and get one or two throw blankets. They can look sloppy but there are ways to use them in order to brighten a room. For example, a faux fur throws blanket looks better when it looks messy. A cotton, think blanket looks better when it is properly arranged on a chair or couch. Throw blankets should offer a color contrast. They can be used on couches, beds, and chairs but they must not have the same color as the object they will be used on.

Usually, a throw blanket measures about 60 by 50 inches. There are some variations and some models can be found in multiple different sizes. The fabric from which they are made is generally polyester. A few of them are made out of cotton but polyester is much more common. Also, most of them are machine wash safe with the exception of the ones that imitate fur or have a lot of microfibers to make them soft.

Best Throw Blankets in 2024

Today we will go through a short list of 10 of the most popular throw blankets selected from the hundreds of models available. To keep things short let’s jump right into our list of the top 10 best throw blankets in 2024.

10. Bedsure Knitted Throw Blanket

Bedsure Grey Knit Throw Blanket for Sofa and Couch-50 x 60 inches Cozy Soft Farmhouse Throw Blanket-Lightweight Cable Knitted Throw
Bedsure is a trusted brand and their knitted throw blanket feels like a premium product despite having a rather modest price tag. It is a simple blanket made out of acrylic. It is knitted and it is very soft. The blanket has a modern pattern, making it suitable for a living room on a couch or chair. It is a fairly durable blanket as it holds up well and it is machine wash safe. One surprising aspect is the addition of a 5-year warranty offered by the manufacturer.


  • Inexpensive
  • Modern knitted pattern
  • Machine wash safe and 5-year warranty


  • Material feels cheap

Overall, the blanket looks premium but the material itself is not upon touching it. It is easy to see that it is made out of acrylic and acrylic is not an expensive material. If the manufacturing process would have been just a bit better, maybe the blanket would not feel as cheap.

9. Northpoint Ruya Oversized Printed Throw Blanket

Northpoint Ruya Oversized Printed Velvet Plush Throw Blanket, 50 x 70, Ikat
The Ruya throw blanket is a good pick for the ones that do not want to spend a lot of money. It is a simple blanket made out of polyester with a printed pattern. Having a plush-like texture, the blanket is quite soft yet it is still machine wash safe. The model has a non-standard size of 50 by 70 inches. It is available in just one size and 8 different patterns. The model is mostly suitable for bedrooms as it might not fall into line with a modernly decorated living room.


  • Cheap
  • Very soft plush blanket
  • Machine wash safe


  • Feels cheap

The blanket feels cheap but this is to be expected. It is an inexpensive product which also translates into a product that looks and feels mediocre which is why it may not be suitable as part of the décor of a modern living room.

8. Dll Rustic Farmhouse Cotton Throw Blanket

Sale DII Chevron Throw Collection Handloomed Cotton, 50x60, Dark Brown
Dll cotton throw blanket is surprisingly good for the price. Also, unlike other blankets in the same price range, the model is made out of cotton which significantly improves the quality of the fabric. Also, this makes it machine wash safe. The blanket has a classic yet stylish pattern with small stripes. It can also be found in several other different patterns and multiple sizes including the standard 50 by 60 inches. The blanket can be used on a couch or chair as it has a very appealing design.


  • Made out of cotton
  • Multiple attractive designs
  • Several sizes to choose from


  • Falls apart after some time

The fabric looks like it is durable but that is just an appearance. After multiple wash cycles, the blanket will start falling apart with treads starting to come out. Since a blanket should not be washed all that often it should be good for quite some time but it is not as durable as expected.

7. DOZZZ Decorative Thick Chenille Throw Blanket

DOZZZ Fluffy Chenille Knitted Throw Blanket with Decorative Fringe for Home Décor Bed Sofa Couch Chair Gold
DOZZZ throw blanket is a great option if the living room needs a bit of extra color. The blanket is made available in red, yellow, teal, and brown. All versions are colorful and classy. They measure 60 by 50 inches and have a 6-inch fringe. The pattern makes it look modern and premium as it looks as if it is knitted. According to the manufacturers, the blanket is fade resistant, does not shed at all and it is suitable for all seasons. It is recommended to dry clean the blanket in order to avoid damaging the fabric.


  • Premium knitted design
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Was made fade resistant and does not shed


  • Dry clean only

This might not sound like a major issue for most but everyone knows this can be annoying. Having to take the blanket to a dry cleaner and picking it back is time-consuming and not everyone has such a place close to their home. The ones that are machine wash safe are less inconvenient to maintain clean.

6. Chanasya Super Soft Long Shaggy Throw Blanket

Chanasya Super Soft Shaggy Longfur Throw Blanket | Snuggly Fuzzy Faux Fur Lightweight Warm Elegant Cozy Plush Sherpa Fleece Microfiber Blanket | for Couch Bed Chair Photo Props - 50 'x 65' - Ivory
The Chanasya soft throw blanket is the type of blanket people love to cuddle in when it is cold outside. It is very soft, imitating fur but with thicker fibers. The blanket is made out of polyester and measures 65 by 50 inches. It is quite heavy but it offers a warming sensation. This type of throw blanket is most suitable for a sofa or bed. It may be a bit too big for a small chair. As for maintenance, the blanket machine was safe but only in cold water.


  • Very soft, faux fur texture
  • Suitable for couches and beds
  • 5 different sizes and 12 different colors


  • Fibers will come out

After each wash, small fibers will come out. It is difficult to notice at first since they do not come out all at once. In time, it will become noticeable. This means that it is not as durable as a blanket but it can survive for several years since a throw blanket should not be washed more than once a week.

5. BOON Knitted Tweed Throw Blanket

Sale Home Soft Things Yellow Throw Blanket Knitted Tweed Throw 50'' x 60'', Jojoba Yellow, Super Soft Cozy Warm Comfortable Breathable Throw for Living Room Chair Couch Bed Sofa Bedroom Home Décor
BOON makes a great throw blanket that works great on pretty much any couch. It has a simple yet universal design with a knitted pattern and a single solid color. The blanket is available in either 50 by 60 inches or 60 by 80 inches and has a wide selection of colors. In terms of quality, the fabric feels premium even if it is made out of polyester. It was made to be resilient and can tolerate even pets. It will not get torn apart. Also, it is machine wash safe and the colors will not fade over time.


  • Premium knitted fabric
  • Long lasting colors, modern design
  • Machine wash safe


  • Not very tolerant of pets

Knitted throw blankets are very comfortable and have a stylish look. Sadly, this blanket like many others, has a problem with pets. Dogs and cats will end up damaging the blanket with their claws which is why it is not recommended for those who own a pet.

4. Qbedding Inc. Luxury Collection Ultra Soft Throw Blanket

Luxury Collection Ultra Soft Plush Lightweight All-Season Throw/Bed Blanket, King, Gray
Qbedding Inc. claims to offer premium products. Their ultra-soft throw blanket is a great option for the ones that are looking to get a good deal for their money. The blanket is made from polyester microfibers which makes it very soft. It is specially made to attract less hair from pets and it is machine wash safe with cold water. The anti-static properties of the blanket make it repel dust and small particles. It is available in four different sizes and over 15 different colors.


  • Anti-static, does not attract hair or dust particles
  • Multiple sizes and colors to choose from
  • Machine washable


  • The fibers come out on time

The blanket has pretty much the same issue as most other plush-like blankets. Its small microfibers will come out in time. It is a slow process and it is not something visible at first. Also, it only happens when the blanket is machine washed.

3. Chanasya Fuzzy Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Chanasya Premium Wolf Faux Fur Throw Blanket - Soft, Fuzzy Sherpa & Minky Throw Blanket - for Bed or Couch - 50' x 65” - Gray
The Chanasya Fuzzy Fur throw blanket may not be something that everyone likes but it is still a great product. It has a simple design with a solid color and a very soft material. What makes it so appealing is the thick and very fluffy fabric. It is made out of polyester and it is suitable for a couch, sofa or even a baby bed. In terms of sizes, the blanket is available in 4 variations and several different colors to choose from.


  • Very soft microfiber cloth
  • Suitable for sofa, couch, and bed
  • Machine wash safe at low temperature


  • Not pet-friendly

The blanket is not anti-static. It will attract dust and especially pet hair. Also, a dog or a cat will damage it with their claws. The blanket is recommended mostly for the ones that do not have pets.

2. Pinzon Velvet Plus Throw Blanket

Amazon Basics Velvet Plush Throw Blanket, 50 x 60 inches, Sand
The Pinzon Velvet Plus throw blanket offers great value for the money. It might not have an impressive design but it is inexpensive and it does not feel all that cheap. The blanket is made out of a soft polyester fabric that makes it offers warmth and a comfortable sensation. It is a good option as a decorative blanket for a bed, couch, or sofa. Cleaning the blanket is fairly simple since it is machine wash safe. Last but not least, the blanket comes in a solid color and there are 8 to choose from.


  • Quite cheap
  • Simple, solid color design
  • Machine wash-safe polyester


  • Tends to shed

The blanket is very pleasant to the touch. If we were to talk about what is bad about it, the shedding is the biggest thing. The blanket will shed small microfibers in time. All it takes is to wash it or just to sit on it. The couch or the bed will require cleaning from time to time.

1. Bedsure Flannel Fleece Luxury Throw Blanket

Sale Bedsure Navy Blue Throw Blanket Fleece - 300GSM Throw Blankets for Couch, Sofa, Bed, Soft Lightweight Plush Cozy Blankets and Throws for Toddlers, Boys
Despite being advertised as a luxury throw blanket, the Bedsure is quite cheap. In fact, it is one of the most affordable picks on our list. The blanket is made entirely out of microfiber polyester, making it quite soft. It is fade and wrinkle-resistant and it works for all seasons. The blanket can be found in 4 different sizes and 18 different colors. It is machine wash safe and it includes a 5-year limited warranty.


  • Very cheap
  • Soft microfiber polyester
  • Simple solid color design


  • Tends to shed

Despite the fact the manufacturers claim it does not shed, the blanket does shed a bit. It tends to shed only when someone is sitting on it. Otherwise, the fibers should not go flying around or embedded into the sofa.

Choosing A Decent Throw Blanket

There are a lot of variations when it comes to throwing blankets. This is mainly a positive thing since it is an item that is supposed to be decorative so it needs to match the décor of the room in which it will be placed. Here are some key things to look out for:

  • Fabric: The type of fabric can vary a lot. The vast majority of throw blankets are made of polyester but some may be softer than others. The ones that are thicker usually have microfibers that can also shed. On the other hand, they are the softest.
  • Size: Even if the standard size is 50 by 60 inches, there are some variations. There are a lot of models for which manufacturers offer other sizes of the same throw blanket as well.
  • Color and pattern: While printed throw blankets are nice, the simple solid color ones are a bit classier. The vast majority of blankets do not have a printed pattern on them.




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