Top 10 Best Snowboard Bindings for Men in 2024


Any man who loves snowboarding knows that having the right snowboard binding is a must. Good bindings connect you to your snowboard. They transfer the movements of your body to the board, and that translates directly into a good riding experience.

Since there are lots of snowboard binding available, we thought it might be helpful to sort through what’s out there and review some of the best snowboard bindings. We’ve compiled a list of ten and listed some pros and cons for each so you can make an informed decision.

What to Look for In Snowboard Bindings

Before we list our favorite snowboard bindings, let’s talk about some of the features that make a snowboard binding worth buying.

  • The flex of your bindings should match your riding style as much as possible. Most snowboard bindings give a rating of 1-10 to help you judge the binding’s flexibility. In general, 1-2 is considered soft; 3-5 is medium; 6-8 is firm, and 9-10 is very firm. Snowboarders who spend most of their time at the terrain park learning tricks probably want relatively soft bindings for maximum flexibility; those who free ride in tough terrain should look for a firm flex. Riders who do a little of everything should aim for a medium flex to keep them covered.
  • You’ll also have a choice between strap-on and rear-entry bindings. Riders who want the maximum stability will probably choose the former, while those who are most concerned about comfort will elect the former.
  • The highback runs from the heel up toward the calf. The rigidity of the highback can vary from binding to binding. As a rule, guys who want to shred on challenging courses elect a very firm highback for stability, while a more flexible highback may be best for tricks.
  • You’ll also want to consider the fit and the compatibility with your board. In some cases the manufacturer will talk about which boards a particular binding is suited for; in others, it may be more a case of trial and error.
  • Finally, it’s important to make sure that the bindings you buy will fit over your snowboard boots. The cut and shape of bindings can vary quite a bit, but usually looking at the manufacturer’s size chart is enough to help you determine if a particular binding will work for you.

Keeping these things in mind when you shop for snowboard bindings can help ensure that you get the right ones to suit your board, boots, and riding style. Now, here are our picks.

Best Snowboard Bindings for Men in 2024

10. Rome United Snowboard Bindings

Rome United Snowboard Binding 2016, Black, L

The first snowboard binding on our list is the Rome United Snowboard Bindings. This is an affordable product with some significant benefits. Here are some of the reasons we picked it:

  • Lightweight, injected base plate offers maximum responsiveness to all of your movements
  • Contour, 3-D ankle strap is designed to hug your ankle and provide support
  • Full highback rotation offers a combination of support and flexibility

As you might expect, there are also a few potential issues you should consider before buying:

  • This binding has five straps, and that may make it a big cumbersome to re-strap in the event that you need to make adjustments
  • While these are decent bindings, they don’t have the same quality as some of the bindings at a higher price. If you’re doing big tricks or challenging tough slopes, you may want to spend a bit more.

All in all, these are good, affordable bindings for snowboarders who want some strength and stability without spending too much.

9. Burton Custom Snowboard Binding – Men’s

No products found.

Coming in at 9 on our list is the Burton Custom Snowboard Binding – Men’s. Here are just a few of the reasons we picked this binding for our list:

  • Single piece baseplate construction delivers a consistent feel no matter what terrain you’re on
  • Single component high-back construction allows for maximum adaptability – it’s buttery for smooth cruising and super-responsive when you need it
  • Super lightweight bomb-proof polycarbonate won’t weigh you down on the slopes

While these are very good bindings, there are a few potential caveats to keep in mind:

  • Ratchet straps are a bit difficult to adjust while wearing gloves
  • If you’ve got big feet these binders might not do – they’ll fit up to a size 11, but not over that
  • Good for intermediate riders but not necessarily for beginners

These bindings will work with all Burton boards and many others as well. If you’re not sure, ask the seller for confirmation.

8. K2 Men’s Hurrithane Snowboard Binding 5

No products found.

The next snowboard binding that makes our list is the K2 Men’s Hurrithane Snowboard Binding. Here are some of the reasons that we chose it:

  • Tweekback high-back offers great support and flexibility
  • Two-strap system is easy to put on while still providing stability with easy-feed housing for quick adjustments
  • Center lock rotates to let you pick how far you want your feet to be from the center of the board
  • Durable bindings can take a beating even on challenging courses

Here are a few possible downsides to think about before you buy:

  • The only colors available besides black are bright orange and bright blue – that may not be for everybody
  • The leash may be difficult to attach to the boot and require the removal of your gloves

On the whole, these are great lightweight bindings that you can count on to last.

7. Burton Mission Snowboard Binding – Men’s

Burton Mission Snowboard Binding 2016 - Men's Blue Print Medium

The 7 snowboard binding on our list is also our second product from Burton. It’s the Burton Mission Snowboard Binding – Men’s, and here’s why we chose it:

  • Short glass-nylon composite offers a bit more stability than a traditional park blend but is still flexible enough for tricks
  • Re-flex bindings and base plates reduce weight and improve flexibility
  • Single-component highback and baseplate construction make these bindings super-responsive no matter where you are

As always, there are a few things that could use improvement. Here they are:

  • During intense rides, the ratchets on the bindings may loosen a bit
  • The straps on these bindings require more frequent adjustments than might be desirable for some riders
  • Limited colors of blue, red, and black

These binders make a good choice for people who want the adaptability to be able to ride at the terrain part or the slopes.

6. Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Binding

New 2016 Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Bindings Medium Orange

The 6 snowboard binding on our list is the Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Binding. Here are some of the reasons we selected these bindings:

  • Glass-filled nylon baseplate is especially good for riding at the park but also provides comfort for a day on the slopes
  • Canted BankBeds offer a great fit for everybody
  • Nylon offset multi-disk means that these bindings can be adjusted to fit any board on the market

And here are a few potential downsides to consider before buying:

  • More suitable for beginner to intermediate riders than advanced riders
  • The downside of the multi-disk is that there’s a learning curve when it comes to adjusting the bindings
  • Double-check sizes before buying as they run a bit small

If you’re looking for bindings that you can use with multiple boards, these are a good choice.

5. Burton 2016 Custom (Grassland) Snowboard Binding

Burton Mens Custom Grassland MD (Men's 9-11)

The 5 binding on our list is another Burton product, the Burton 2016 Custom (Grassland) Snowboard Binding. Here are some of the reasons that we like it.

  • Available with your choice of Re-Flex or EST models
  • Provides great comfort, flex, and feel
  • Great binding for all terrains

There are a few potential downsides to consider. For example:

  • Available in only one color, bright green
  • Compared to some of the other bindings on our list, these are a bit on the heavy side – but it’s not a huge difference

If you don’t mind the bright green color and want binding that are good enough for the pros, these are a good choice.

4. System MTN Men’s 2017 Rear Entry Flow Style Snowboard Bindings

System MTN Men's 2024 Rear Entry Flow Style Snowboard Bindings (Large)

Coming in at 4 on our list is the System MTN Men’s 2017 Rear Entry Flow Style Snowboard Bindings. This is a versatile binding with some great features:

  • Rear-entry step style makes for easy mounting for all riders
  • Fully-compatible multi-disk baseplate means you can use these bindings on all boards, including standard four hole, Burton three hole, and the BurtonChannel EST boards
  • Molded ankle strap is durable and responsive
  • Backed by a 3-year limited warranty

We really like this board, but there are a few things to be aware of:

  • Easy to put on, but the heels may stick a bit when you’re trying to remove them
  • The XL bindings only fit up to a size 12, and although they are adjustable men with very large feet might not be able to use these
  • Available only in black

These are extra-comfortable bindings that allow you to be riding in just seconds.

3. 2015 Flow Flite LTD Stormtrooper Snowboard Bindings

No products found.

The 3 snowboard binding on our list is the 2015 Flow Flite LTD Stormtrooper Snowboard Bindings. We like these for a number of reasons, including:

  • A combination of comfort and convenience make these a great choice for snowboarding newbies
  • EVA toe and heel pads make these bindings very comfortable
  • Adjustable to fit almost any board

There are a few potential downsides to consider here:

  • Men with feet over size 13 may not be able to use these, even in the extra-large size
  • Will not fit Burton boards with the channel system
  • The clinch may be tricky for some people to use – it takes some practice

As long as you have the patience to learn to work with the clinch and straps, these bindings are a very good choice for beginners and intermediate riders alike.

2. Flow Nexus Snowboard Bindings Men’s

No products found.

The bindings coming in at 2 on our list are the Flow Nexus Snowboard Bindings Men’s. There’s a lot to love about these bindings, including:

  • The Locking Slap Ratchets, 2.5-degree Bunkbed Footbeds, and a glass-filled nylon uni-back offer great support in every conceivable position
  • Mid-flexing binding allows for easy movement of the leg and foot while still providing support
  • Easy to put on and take off

We can’t find much to complain about here, but there are a few things to consider:

  • Depending on which boots you have, you may need to shave a bit of rubber off the heel to get a good fit
  • The rear-entry design requires a bit of getting used to – but there are YouTube videos to help!

This is a great snowboard binding if you’re looking for something with medium flex to use both on the slopes and in the park.

1. Union Force: Snowboard Bindings – Men’s

Union Force Snowboard Binding 2016/2017 - Black Medium

And finally, the 1 snowboard binding that we have picked is the Union Force: Snowboard Bindings – Men’s. There are plenty of reasons that we chose this binding as our top pick, including:

  •   The stiff base combined with dual density injected bushings provide a high-performance response
  • Duraflex blended nylon construction is specially designed for cold weather and offers maximum durability
  • Lifetime warranty on all baseplates and heel cups

There really isn’t much to dislike about these bindings, but keep in mind:

  • They are available only in black, so if having a selection of colors is important to you, you may want to look elsewhere
  • Replacement parts are pricey enough that you may decide to simply replace the bindings instead of buying parts

These bindings are virtually indestructible, and they provide a high level of performance that’s great for snowboarders at every level.


Whether you’re a beginning snowboarder or have been riding for years, you know that it’s important to choose the right bindings. The 10 products on this list represent the best snowboard binding available. Riders at every level are sure to find something that suits their needs.


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