Top 10 Best Signal Amplifiers in 2024


The problem with cable TV in a big house is the quality of the signal. As the signal travels trough cables it begins to experience losses. The signal is not strong enough at the end of the cable is the cable is too long. In a large household this is a common problem. Also, splitting the cable can make the things worse.

What most home owners tend to do is to get a signal amplifier. These signal amplifiers usually need to be placed around the middle of the cable in order to provide a boost that should improve image quality. Most of these amplifiers also work as splitters. What this means is that one cable goes in and two go out. This will amplify the signal for two or more TVs using a single source. Some models have even 3 or more outputs which means it is important to actually look for multiple models to get something suitable rather than getting 2 or 3 amplifiers in order to split the signal to 3 or more TVs. Overall things are fairly straight forward with signal amplifiers.

Best Signal Amplifiers in 2024

For our list we went for several types of amplifiers with 2 or more outputs. Some of them even require an external power source to increase the signal. To keep things short let’s jump right to our list of the top 10 best signal amplifiers in 2024 reviews.

10. Sobetter 4 Port Distribution HDTV Antenna Splitter Amplifier Signal Booster

Sobetter 4 Port Distribution Amplifier HDTV Antenna Booster Splitter Amplifier Signal Booster 7dB Gain Cable Satellite TV Splitter for Outdoor/Indoor TV Antenna - Black Splitter 1 to 4 …

Sobetter offers a great little amplifier that comes in a compact form factor and a low price tag. The model is very small and comes with 4 outputs and one input which should be enough for a regular household.

The device offers a gain of +7db which should be enough. It can carry HDTV signal to a maximum of 4 TVs and works only with coaxial cables. The amplifier was made to reduce signal interference, graininess and pixilation. Also it comes with a one year warranty and support from the manufacturer.

9. Viewsonics 1-Port Mini Cable Signal Booster

Viewsonics 1-Port Mini ACTIVE RETURN Cable TV HDTV Signal Booster / Amplifier (Retail Package) - VSA-10/10-1000-2WZ(PI)

The Viewsonics signal amplifier is an excellent choice for the ones that have just one TV. It is a simple device that is destined to be used to extend the length of the TV cable but it is important to know that it does not work as a splitter.

In terms of performance the amplifier offers a signal boost of about +7db. It comes with a dedicated power adapter and it has special wall mounting brackets. The device is fairly simple and straight forward to install and it does not require much expertise to set it up properly.

8. Audiovox VH140N Signal Splitter/Amplifier

10DB 4-Way Video Signal Amplifier/Splitter

Audiovox offers a great little device that works as a combo. It is a 2-in-1 device that can be used as a signal booster and a splitter. The way the device works is quite simple. There is 1 input and 4 outputs but the user can use just 1 output if needed.

The device itself is fairly small. It needs to be powered by a wall plug in order to improve the signal and it comes with mounting brackets. It was made to work with regular coaxial cable and it supports a frequency range of 50 to 900MHz.

7. SSL SVA4 Video Signal Amplifier

Sound Storm Labs SVA4 Video Signal Amplifier Single Source in Four Outputs

SSL or Sound Storm Laboratories offers one of the more affordable 2-in-1 signal amplifiers and splitters in our list. It is a simple and compact device that comes with wall mounting brackets and a small power adapter.

Similar to other devices the SVA4 works with regular coaxial cable. It has 1 input and 4 outputs but not all of them need to be used at the same time. The device also comes with an interesting feature. They have gain control for each output although there is no point in actually keeping the gain at anything less than maximum.

6. Antennas Direct 4 Port DTV Distribution Amplifier

Antennas Direct 4-Port TV Distribution Amplifier, Connect Up to 4 Televisions to 1 Antenna, Power Supply, Coaxial Cable, for Indoor Use, 4K Ready, Silver - CDA4

Antennas Direct offers a great little amplifier and splitter that comes in a compact form factor. It is a bit more expensive than other models but it has superior performance making it a great choice for the ones that live in a large household.

In terms of performance the device has a gain of 7.5db per port. It offers a total of 4 outputs and requires an external power source that is provided with the amplifier. The model works with regular coaxial cable and it is quite simple to install on a wall.

5. Motorola Signal Booster 2-Port BDA-S2 Signal Amplifier

No products found.

Motorola is a brand many should be familiar with. The signal booster they offer is a great pick for the ones that need to use a long cable. It has a compact form factor with 1 input and two outputs. The only downside is the higher price tag.

The device itself is powered by a 12 volt adapter that is included in the kit. It works with regular coaxial cable and can carry HDTV signal. It can also be mounted onto a wall and it does not have any kind of buttons or controls for the signal amplification.

4. Electroline EDA2100 1-Port Signal Amplifier

Electroline EDA2100 Bi-Directional Signal Booster 1-Port Cable Modem TV HDTV Amplifier with Passive Return (Retail Package with 5-Year Warranty)

The Electroline EDA2100 is a simple device that was made mostly to work as an amplifier. What this means is that it comes with just one input and one output so no more than one TV can be connected to it.

Being just an amplifier also makes it a bit more affordable. The device does however offer a significant signal boost with a gain of +15db. It is fairly small and needs to be connected to a wall socket in order to work.

3. Channel Master CM-3410 1-PortSignal Amplifier

Channel Master Ultra Mini TV Antenna Amplifier, TV Antenna Signal Booster for Improving Antenna or Cable TV Signals to a Single Television (CM-3410),White

Channel Master CM-3410 is one of the more popular signal amplifiers in our list. It is a simple device with a compact form factor and a sturdy construction. The device is just an amplifier and it only features one output.

The model offers a great gain of up to +15db meaning that it can significantly extend the range of the cable. It has professional performance and requires and external power source that is included in the kit.

2. Channel Master CM3418 8-Port Signal Amplifier

No products found.

Channel Master CM3418 is one of the few models available on the market that actually comes with 8 outputs. Now many households would need that many but for the price it offers a great deal.

The model offers a gain of 4.5db per port. It is powered by an AC adapter that is included in the kit and comes with a wall mounting bracket. The device is also available with less ports for the ones that do not need 8 outputs.

1. PCT 2-Port Bi-Directional Cable TV HDTV Amplifier Splitter Signal Booster

Sale 2-Port Bi-Directional Cable TV HDTV Amplifier Splitter Signal Booster with Passive Return Path

PCT is one of the biggest manufacturers of signal amplifiers. Their 2 port bi-directional amplifier is also one of their best-selling model. It is a simple and compact device that features 1 input and 2 outputs.

Similar to other models the device works with an AC adapter that is included in the kit. It offers a gain of +11db per port and it is very easy to setup. The device can be mounted onto a wall and it does not require any kind of expertise to install.

There are a lot of different TV signal amplifiers. The vast majority of them are also splitters meaning that they have multiple outputs. What is important to notice is that the models that have four or more outputs usually offer a smaller signal gain. For best performance simple amplifiers with one output are recommended.

For the sake of diversity we included multiple signal amplifiers with multiple ports. Their pricing is fairly low and as a general advice it is better to go for something simple rather than for a large multiple output model.


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