Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks for iPhone in 2024


A selfie stick is a great way to capture photos from a distance. If you are out with friends and want to include yourself in the shot, or if you wish to capture something from a distance, and include yourself in it, the selfie stick is going to allow you to do just that. If you are an iPhone owner,, you have to find one which is going to fit your phone, and properly secure it. These are top 10 best selfie sticks for iPhone in 2024 for you to consider, for your iPhone, when you are deciding on a new selfie stick.

 10. Splash eTech Selfie Stick

10. Splash e Tech -Selfie Stick

It features a tripod, extendable hand, built in wi fi, a built in shutter button, and 180 degree projection, allows you to take both intimate shots with a smaller group, or you can easily extend it out further, so you can capture a larger group when you are taking photos with it.

9. UR Power

9. UR Power - Selfie Stick

The blue tooth remote allows you to share wirelessly, there is no need to set up or set an auto timer any longer. It is compatible with all iPhone models (after the 4) , it features a rubber grip handle, as well as a wrist strap, so you can secure it when stretching out a bit further to capture a shot.

8. Quick Snap

8. Quick Snap - Selfie Stick

The three in one selfie stick has wireless blue tooth, wireless remote shutter, and built in wi fi, so you can easily share every photo you capture using it. With an extendable stick, you can reach further, and a built in remote means no more setting auto timer and missing the perfect shot.

7. Kiwii – Extendable Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick

7. Kiwii - Extendable Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick with built-in Bluetooth

You can extend up to 31.5 inches in distance, there is a built in shutter button for continuous shooting options, and you simply turn on the selfie stick when you are ready to snap photos, and you are connected via blue tooth, so you can capture shots and directly share them through social media.

6. Cam Kix

6. Cam Kix - Selfie Stick

From 11” up to 40”, you are in total control of what is included, and how much is included in each selfie which you snap with this stick. It is light and compact, it is easy to carry, it folds up easily for storage, and it is compatible with all iPhone models, and also features blue tooth connectivity.

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5. Nilogie

5. Nilogie - Selfie Stick

It has a built in remote along with shutter, allowing for continual shooting, or snap and shoot if you wish to capture one single moment. It can extend up to 90 cm in distance, capturing larger groups, and it has a built in 180 degree perimeter, allowing you to capture more.


4. UFCIT - Selfie Stick

Wireless remote so you can set up for the perfect shot, a continual shoot mode with optional built in shutter, extendable selfie stick, which is compatible with every iPhone model which you own. The screw on monopod can be used for full 180 degree rotation as well.

3. Mpow

3. Mpow - Selfie Stick

Built in blue tooth remote with shutter, allows you to capture more than one shot, and avoid missing the perfect one when you are taking photos. Can extend from 7 in up to 31 in, so you can easily store away when not in use, and the u shape clamp with silicone finish, will keep your phone securely in place.

2. Flexion

2. Flexion - Selfie Stick

The wireless selfie stick has built in blue tooth, it also features the auto shutter, so you can capture more shots, with one touch. It is fully adjustable for the selfie artist who wants to capture a shot from every angle, and is customizable in length, up to 3.5 ft away from the target.

1. Version Tech

1. Version Tech -Selfie Stick

Telescopic selfie stick is extendable, features blue tooth, and built in wireless, for great image sharing and taking. With built in image stabilization, even if you are bumpy grounds or tough conditions, you can capture the perfect shot. Self timer, lever, and other upgrades, make this a great option for the true selfie enthusiast.

If you need to capture the perfect image, of you doing everything, then a selfie stick is something you have to own. As an iPhone owner, these are some of the top options to consider when choosing one. They are not only affordable, but have wifi, blue tooth, are wireless, and fully extendable, offering more image capturing benefits, regardless of where you are taking photos with your iPhone.

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