Top 10 Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 8 in 2024


The iPhone X received a lot of negative backlash from the community mainly because of its price tag. For the vast majority of people, the iPhone 8 is still a better choice in terms of value for money and for what it offers. iPhone 8 still feels familiar and the changes it comes with does not make it feel like a completely new smartphone. However, no matter how much work has been invested in making the iPhone 8, one issue still remains unresolved. The screen is just as sensitive when it comes to drops and scratches. It seems like this problem that all modern smartphones have cannot be fixed in the near future and the only option is to get a screen protector.

The vast majority of screen protectors are made out of hardened glass. Not having a screen protector will just lead to a premature wear and tear of the screen at best. The risk of dropping the iPhone and having the screen shattered into pieces will always be there. When that happens, dealing with a screen replacement will prove to be quite inconvenient as the phone will be unusable for several days. Having a screen protector may help alleviate this type of damage to an iPhone 8.

The thickness may vary from one screen protector to another but the goal is the same. A screen protector needs to be capable to absorb impacts and prevent the screen of the phone from getting shattered by absorbing the force of the impact. Being easy to remove or replace, screen protectors are probably the best way to protect a brand new iPhone 8. With all these things said, let’s get right into our list of recommendations for the top 10 best screen protectors for iPhone 8 in 2024.

Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 8 in 2024

10. Mothca Screen Protector for iPhone 8


Mothca screen protector for the iPhone 8 is a great option for the ones that just got their smartphone. It is a simple protector made out of the hardened glass with an anti-glare coating. The manufacturers used 9H hardness glass to provide resistance to scratches and absorb impacts. Installation is fairly straightforward. What makes this a good pick is the fact that visibility is reduced for the ones that are around which ensures a bit of privacy. Also, it makes the iPhone 8 easier to use a light source.


  • Anti-glare coating
  • Easy to install
  • Case friendly size


  • The glass has a bit of a grip

To reduce glare, the surface of the screen protector is not as glossy as some other protectors. It tends to have a bit of a grip but it is not strong enough to become annoying. Most users might not notice it but the ones that are swapping out an older screen protector will see the difference.

Mothca Matte Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8 7 6s 6 Anti-Glare & Anti-Fingerprint 9H HD Clear Tempered Glass Film Smooth as Silk (Not for SE 2020)

9. Tech Armor Apple iPhone 8 Screen Protector


The Tech Armor Apple iPhone 8 screen protector is a good and inexpensive pick. Made out of a thin PET material, the protector offers optimal opacity that does not affect the screen quality. It offers good protection against drops, scratches, and contaminants such as dust. The film was also cut in such a way that it can be used with an iPhone case. The silicone adhesive will ensure that it will not fall off. Last but not least, the film comes as a pack of 3 and for a rather low price tag.


  • Optimal opacity
  • Made out of a durable Japanese PET
  • Case friendly


  • Difficult to install

Because it is a PET film, the screen protector is significantly more flexible than glass. This means that air bubbles can form when the glass protector is installed thus the installation can be a bit difficult. Fortunately, once installed, it will not move at all due to the silicone adhesive used.

Tech Armor HD Clear Film Screen Protector Designed for Apple NEW iPhone SE 3 (2022), iPhone SE 2 (2020), iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 (4.7 Inch) 4 Pack

8. Supershieldz Apple iPhone 8 Screen Protector


Supershieldz iPhone screen protector is one of the cheaper offerings that made it to our list. This simple kit consists of 2 tempered glass screen protectors with 9H hardness and 2.5D rounded edges. The glass used offers a 99.9% clarity which does not affect the display in any way and does not cause the touchscreen to be less responsive. It offers excellent protection against scratches as well as drops and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty from Supershieldz.


  • Cheap
  • 2.5D rounded edges and 9H hardness
  • Lifetime replacement warranty


  • Does not include any installation accessories

The vast majority of screen protectors come with extras that are used for installation such as wet wipes, dust removal cloth, and stickers. This particular kit only includes the screen protectors and nothing else, making the installation a bit more difficult.

Supershieldz (2 Pack) Designed for Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 (4.7 inch) Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Anti Scratch, Bubble Free

7. iCarez Screen Protector for iPhone 8


The iCarez screen protector for the iPhone 8 is a great deal that will save the smartphone from nasty scratches and cracks. This low price kit consists of 3 PET film protectors that will fit the iPhone 8, 7 and iPhone 6. They have a special cutout and narrower edges so that they can fit with a case. As for opacity, the film does not affect display quality or luminosity and it does not make the touchscreen less responsive. Inside the pack, users will also find a cleaning cloth, dust removal stickers and all the required indications on how to install the film.


  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with everything required for the installation
  • Case friendly


  • Very glossy

Being extremely glossy makes the film reflect light in a way that makes the display difficult to see when close to a light source. Also, it is more of a fingerprint magnet and will need to be cleaned often. On the upside, the touchscreen is very responsive and feels quite smooth.

iCarez HD Clear Screen Protector for iPhone SE 2020 iPhone 8 iPhone 6 /6S iPhone 7 4.7-inches,3-Pack Not Glass

6. TheCoos Apple iPhone 8 Screen Protector


TheCoos makes a rather decent screen protector for the iPhone 8. It is a tempered glass protector that can prevent damage to the screen from drops, scratches, and dust. To ensure optimal protection, the film has been made out of tempered glass with a 9H hardness. The pack includes 3 protectors, and all the needed accessories for the installation. Last but not least, the protectors do not extend all the way to the edges of the phone which leaves room for a case to be used.


  • Case friendly
  • Comes as a pack of 3 screen protectors
  • Durable 9H hardness reinforced glass


  • No cutout on the front facing camera

The front camera on the iPhone 8 will be covered by the screen protector. Most screen protectors have cutouts for the camera because the film or glass can interfere with the image quality as it can act as a filter. It is not a noticeable difference but it should not be there at all in the first place.

[3-Pack] TheCoos Tempered Glass Screen Protector Apple iPhone 8 & iPhone 7

5. Ailun Apple iPhone 8 Screen Protector


The Ailun iPhone 8 screen protector comes with a complete kit with everything needed for the installation. It includes 3 pieces of glass screen protectors, wipes, stickers and alignment aids. In terms of protection, Ailun used tempered glass like most other manufacturers. The tempered glass has a thickness of 0.33 mm and has a 2.5D edge which will make it quite smooth. A special coating has been used for the screen protectors in order to prevent them from collecting sweat or oil residue from fingerprints.


  • Anti-fingerprint coating
  • Smooth 2.5D edges
  • 99.99% opacity for optimal viewing


  • Not very durable

The screen protectors do their job very well. It is an added layer that prevents damage from occurring to the screen of the phone. The issue is that the Ailun screen protector beaks a bit too easy. If it is not abused, it should last for quite some time but minor hits can get it cracked.

Sale Ailun Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 8,7,6s,6 [4.7-Inch] 3Pack, 2.5D Edge Tempered Glass Case Friendly

4. Maxboost iPhone 8 Screen Protector


Maxboost iPhone 8 screen protector is a good pick for the ones that just got their new smartphone and are concerned about not damaging it. It is a simple protective glass with an enhanced hardness. According to the manufacturers, it is the thinnest film available with a thickness of 0.2 mm. The glass is capable of providing 100% accurate 3D touch sensing and has high clarity. As a bonus, the screen protectors come with a lifetime warranty and an online installation tutorial.


  • Very thin
  • High clarity glass and 100% accurate 3D touch sensing
  • Online installation guide


  • Not as reliable as thicker screen protectors

The fact that it is so thin does make it less resilient to impacts and scratches. In fact, it is one of the thinnest on the market and in all honesty, it does not matter that much because it is still visible. What it does right is how the touchscreen reacts with such a thin screen protector and the display image quality.

No products found.

3. JETech 2-Pack iPhone 8 Screen Protector


JETech iPhone 8 screen protector is a good option to help prevent scratches and cracks on a brand new smartphone. The screen protectors come as a pack of 2 and work with the iPhone 8 and 7. They are made out of tempered glass with a thickness of 0.33 mm and 9H hardness. The full retail package contains two screen protectors, cleaning cloth, dust removal stickers, guide stickers and all the required instructions. Also, JETech offers a lifetime warranty for the screen protectors they make.


  • 0.33mm thickness, 9H hardness
  • Covers only the flat surface of the phone, leaving space for a case
  • Includes all the required installation tools


  • Adhesive becomes weaker over time

Installation of the screen protector is fairly simple and for the first few months it will stay on firmly. After several months, the adhesive becomes weaker and the screen protector will need to be replaced. Fortunately, the pack comes with 2 screen protectors and they are quite inexpensive.

JETech Screen Protector for iPhone 7/8, 4.7-Inch, Tempered Glass Film, 2-Pack

2. Tech Armor iPhone 8 Screen Protector


The Tech Armor iPhone 8 screen protectors are probably the best option in terms of protection for a new smartphone. They are made out of the ballistic glass with 9H hardness and 99.99% clarity. The screen protector is 0.3 mm thick and quite resilient to scratches. As for compatibility, it works with the iPhone 8, 7, 6 and 6S while still leaving a bit of room around the edges for a case to be installed. Being made out of glass also means that it will not develop air bubbles and the installation is fairly simple.


  • Durable ballistic glass
  • 99.99% clarity, 3D touch accuracy
  • Lifetime replacements


  • Quite small for the iPhone 8

The screen protector is a bit small for the iPhone 8. By small we mean that it leaves a few millimeters extra uncovered on the edges. This helps leave room for the lip of a case but it would have been better if the protector was a bit bigger.

Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector Designed for Apple NEW iPhone SE 3 (2022), iPhone SE 2 (2020), iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 (4.7 Inch) 3 Pack Tempered Glass

1. amFilm iPhone 8 Screen Protector


The amFilm screen protector for the iPhone 8 is by far the most popular pick amongst iPhone owners. This is mainly because it offers excellent protection, has a low price tag and comes with everything needed for the installation. The retail package contains 2 screen protectors made out of a tempered glass of a thickness of 0.33 mm. They are ultra-clear with a transparency of 99.99% and have an oleophobic coating that helps reduce fingerprint traces on the screen.


  • 99.99% transparency and oleophobic coating
  • Easy installation, includes wipes, squeeze card, dust removal stickers
  • Premium protection, 0.33 mm thickness


  • Gets cracked easily form impacts

The screen protector does a very good job of protecting the display of the iPhone. In order to achieve this, impact force needs to be distributed evenly and properly dissipated. This causes the screen protector to crack easily but it prevents damage to the display of the phone.

Sale amFilm Essential Screen Protector for Apple iPhone SE 3 SE2, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S iPhone 6 4.7', Premium 9H+ Tempered Glass, Anti-Scratch, HD-Clear and Touch-Sensitive, Case Friendly, 2 Pack

Which Screen Protector to Pick?

If there is one thing that there is plenty of when it comes to smartphone accessories is diversity and screen protectors are no exception. The issue is that there are a lot of nearly identical products but with different branding. Most likely they come from the same factory and various brands pick them up and set their own pricing. It can be difficult to decide which screen protector to choose because it is highly likely to compare the exact same product. Regardless of all these industry problems we managed to pick 10 purchase worthy screen protectors and here are the important things we looked out for:

  • Thickness: Thickness can be quite important. If the screen protector is too thick, it becomes easier to notice and may become loose around the edges due to friction. An ideal screen protector should be anywhere between 0.20 mm and 0.33 mm.
  • Case friendly or not: The iPhone 8 has rounded edges. Some screen protectors are also a bit curved around the edges to provide full front side protection. This will make it nearly impossible to put a case on without moving the screen protector. Other models may be smaller so that they leave a couple of millimeters of uncovered screen space around the edges to allow a case to be installed.
  • Accessories included: The vast majority of screen protectors include everything needed for the installation in the retail box. Some of them only have the screen protectors and nothing else but they are also cheaper. It is up to each individual person to decide if they need the cleaning cloths, wet wipes and dust removal stickers that may come with certain screen protector kits.

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