Top 10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners in 2024


As a pool owner, you have certain responsibilities. You want to ensure that your pool is clean and safe for your guests. This requires regular cleaning. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the time to maintain a clean pool.

A robotic pool cleaner can help.

With the right cleaner, you can make sure that your pool is free of algae and other growth. These cleaners help you keep your pool in pristine condition so that you don’t have to spend as much time maintaining the quality of your water.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners in 2024Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

If you want to keep your pool clean, explore this list of the top 10 best robotic pool cleaners in 2024.

10. Aqua Cal ACLEAN1 115v Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aquacal ACLEAN1 115v 60Hz Robotic Pool Cleaner

The first option is a 115-volt robotic pool cleaner. It’s designed to clean all surface types and climb walls or other obstacles. In addition to being able to climb on its own, it offers these features and benefits:

  • No installation is required – operates without your pool pump and filter
  • Includes a clean filter bag indicator to let you know when to replace the filter
  • Uses PVA brushes for a superior grip on all surface types
  • Measures 20.9 x 19.9 x 17.2-inches
  • Weighs about 31.8-pounds
  • Works with inground pools
  • Easy to use – drop the machine in your pool and allow it to start cleaning

What about the disadvantages? The main issues include:

  • You need to dry the rollers before storing
  • Replacement parts are expensive

This is an older model. If you happen to need replacement parts, they will be expensive. While this is a durable cleaner, you should be aware that repairs may be costly.

Also, you’ll need to dry the rollers before you store it, which is a minor inconvenience.

Overall, this compact robotic cleaner does a great job of scrubbing and cleaning pool surfaces. It can work on vinyl, concrete, or tile. It’s also easy to use. You just need to decide if the expensive replacement parts are going to be an issue.

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9. Pentair 360032 Kreepy Krauly Prowler 830 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

No products found.

At number 9 is a newly redesigned pool cleaner that includes a wireless remote. Easily control your robotic cleaner and set regular cleaning schedules. Here is a closer look at the rest of the advantages and product details:

  • Measures 19 x 23 x 23.5-inches
  • Weighs 45 pounds
  • Scrubs, vacuums, and filters
  • Capable of cleaning most pools in just 2.5-hours
  • Auto-reverse prevents the cleaner from getting stuck in corners
  • No installation is required

There are also a couple of issues to consider:

  • The filter requires regular cleaning
  • The machine is relatively heavy

The 45-pound cleaner is heavier than some of the other options. This is quite a bit of weight to transport on a regular basis. Luckily, once you place the machine in the pool, it does the rest of the work.

The only real inconvenience is that you’ll need to clean the filter regularly.

In the end, this is a quality machine.

But, it also has a large price tag. Some people may find this to be too expensive for the benefits that it provides. Though, it does do a great job of keeping your pool clean.

8. Blue Wave NE3285F Aquafirst Super Rover Robotic Pool Cleaner

Blue Wave NE3285F Aquafirst Super Rover Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Blue Wave robotic pool cleaner is an affordable cleaner designed to clean the floor of your pool. It uses linear jet propulsion for fast cleaning and better suction. Other features include:

  • 50-foot cord length
  • Filters 80 to 85 gallons of water per minute
  • Cleans the floor of your pool
  • Comes with 2 sets of top-loading bags (2 for microns and 2 for large debris)
  • Programmed to clean your pool in less than 2 hours
  • Works with inground and above ground pools

There are a couple of issues that you’ll need to consider:

  • Not designed to work on the walls
  • May require a couple of passes to fully clean the floor of your pool

This cleaner isn’t designed to clean walls and steps.

Though, it can partially clean along the lower sides of the walls. You may also need to complete several passes before it fully cleans the floor of your pool. But, with regular use, it can do a great job of keeping the bottom free of debris and dirt.

If you need a cleaner to keep the bottom of your pool clean, this is an economical choice. It costs about a third of some of the other cleaners and doesn’t require any installation.

7. Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner

Zodiac MX8 Suction Pool Cleaner for All In-Ground Pool Surfaces, 39 ft Reach, Excellent Traction for All Surfaces

The suction side cleaner connects directly to your skimmer or vacuum line to clean the floors, walls, and waterline of any pool. Other advantages and features include the following:

  • Features a slim design so that it can easily maneuver over curved surfaces
  • Compatible with variable-speed pool pumps
  • This cleaner works with pools of any shape or size
  • Dual cyclonic suction provides greater vacuuming power
  • It has a wide cleaning path

The cleaner works as advertised. But, during regular use, you may notice some of these disadvantages:

  • The cleaner could get stuck on steps or drains
  • Large debris could get stuck in the gears

If you have plants with large leaves, this cleaner might not be the best choice.

Large leaves and other debris could get stuck in the machine. Also, the machine itself can get stuck on steps or drains.

So, if your pool has a smooth surface and your yard doesn’t have a lot of plant life, these disadvantages shouldn’t be a problem.

Overall, this is one of the best inground suction cleaning robots for use with an existing pool skimmer. It provides a wide cleaning path and 39-feet of hose to thoroughly clean the surface of your pool.

6. Xtremepower US Pool Cleaner Floor Vacuum Robotic Style Cleaner

XtremepowerUS Pool Cleaner Floor Vacuum Robotic Style with 43 Feet Swivel Cable

The 6th best pool cleaner is lightweight and easy to use. It is designed for both above ground and inground pools. Easily filter 80 gallons per minute and clean the entire surface of your pool without any hassle.

Explore the rest of the features and details:

  • Includes a 43-foot kink-free swivel cable – the cord doesn’t get tangled
  • 24-volt power supply with 115-volt input
  • The cleaner is affordable
  • Only weighs about 12-pounds – one of the lightest cleaners in the list

There is only one disadvantage. This cleaner doesn’t include the advanced tracking technology or robotic features found in the more advanced units. This is simply a self-vacuuming cleaner. But, this also makes it easy to operate.

You just drop it in the water and allow it to clean.

The bottom line is that this robotic cleaner does a superb job of cleaning. Though, it doesn’t have programmable settings or additional robotic features.

What it does is keep your pool clean.

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5. Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark Quick Clean Robotic Pool Cleaner

Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum (Automatic Pool Cleaner)

The Tiger Shark cleans quickly and thoroughly. It can get the job done in just 90-minutes. Also, it works separately from your pool’s filtration system, so no installation is required.

You just plug the machine into an electric outlet and drop the machine in the water. Here are a few other reasons to consider getting this robotic cleaner:

  • Includes 2 cleaning speeds
  • Maintaining the robotic cleaner is easy – thanks to the unique cartridge filter system
  • The cleaner is easy to transport and store
  • 55-foot cable
  • Weighs 21.5-pounds
  • Works on granite, vinyl, fiberglass, pebble, and tile surfaces
  • Cleans the floors, walls, and waterline of your pool
  • Measures just 11.5 x 16.5 x 15.5-inches
  • Gets all the dirt and debris in your pool

The only disadvantages include:

  • The cleaner is relatively expensive
  • The cord gets tangled

The cord will often get tangled during operation. This isn’t a problem until you are ready to store the cleaner. You’ll need to untangle the cord before putting it away. This is a minor inconvenience. But, with the higher price, you would expect a swivel cord.

In the end, this cleaner will help keep your pool free of any debris or dirt.

It’s easy to use and easy to clean. It should offer years of reliable use.

4. Aquabot Pool Rover S2 40 US Jet Pool Cleaner


The 4th best robotic pool cleaner for 2020 has a sleek design and EZ swivel cable to keep the cord from getting tangled. It’s also one of the most affordable choices. Along with the low price, you might be interested in these benefits:

  • Cleans your pool floor, coves, and part of the wall
  • The filter is located on the top – making it easy to change
  • Filters 80 to 85 gallons per minute
  • Perfect for above ground pools
  • 2 cleaning cycles
  • Plug and play operation – no installation is required

There are a couple of drawbacks. Before choosing this cleaner, pay attention to the following issues:

  • This cleaner will not climb up your walls – it only cleans part of the walls
  • The cord is only 40-feet in length

The cord is a little shorter than other power cords. Most of these cleaners have cords measuring 50-feet or longer. But, depending on the layout of your pool, this may not be an issue.

The other potential problem is that it doesn’t completely clean the walls. It will get part of the walls, the floors, and the coves.

Overall, this cleaner does what it is supposed to do.

3. Polaris 9550 Sports Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Polaris 9550 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Vacuum for InGround Pools up to 60ft, 70ft Swivel Cable, Remote Control, Wall Climbing Vac w/Strong Suction & Easy Access Debris Canister

Next, check out this inground pool cleaner with a rear water propulsion system. It can reach debris under stairs and in tight corners. It also has a 4-wheel drive with Aqua-Trax tires for traversing all pool surfaces.

The other features include:

  • Includes a 7-day programmable timer for a regular cleaning schedule
  • Comes with a handheld remote control for simple operation
  • Includes a powder-coated alloy caddy for easy transport
  • The cleaner has a motion sensor to avoid moving objects
  • Capable of picking up small and large debris
  • Easily keep your inground pool perfectly clean
  • Measures 22 x 22 x 22-inches and weighs 43.6-pounds

There is just one disadvantage – the cleaner won’t work with above ground pools. It is only meant for inground pools.

Other than this one drawback, this is one of the best cleaners available.

It is easy to assemble and operate. Within minutes, you can begin cleaning the surface of your pool.

2. Smartpool NC22 SMartKleen-Robotic Pool Cleaner

No products found.

At number 2 on this list is a robotic cleaner that is capable of cleaning above ground pools and smaller inground pools. It features floor specific cleaning and a quick drain system for quick removal from the pool. There is also a 40-foot power cord and these features:

  • It comes equipped with an extra-large filter bag
  • Includes a 2-hour auto shut off to prevent unnecessary cleaning
  • Capable of cleaning all pool surfaces, including fiberglass, vinyl liner, and concrete
  • Includes built-in tracking technology to properly clean the surface of your pool
  • Uses a powerful direct-drive motor for slip-free traction and powerful vacuuming
  • Compact and durable design
  • Works independently from the pool filter and pump

The only important drawback is that this robotic cleaner has a 40-foot cord that tends to get tangled. It tangles during operation and you need to untangle it before you put it away.

This is a minor inconvenience and doesn’t impact the function of the cleaner.

Overall, this is a great buy, especially for above ground pools. Though, it also does a great job on smaller inground pools.

1. Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner with Swivel Cable

DISCONTINUED Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Dual Filter Cartridges, Two Scrubbing Brushes and Tangle-Free Swivel Cord, Ideal for In-ground Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet.

The top robotic pool cleaner is the Nautilus by Dolphin. This nifty appliance will clean the pool floor, cove, and walls. It is recommended for in-ground residential pools up to 50-feet in length.

Lightweight and easy to use, it also provides these advantages and features:

  • Measures just 20 x 24 x 20-inches and weighs 34.5-pounds
  • It can scrub, vacuum, and filter your pool surface in just 3 hours
  • It also includes an easy to clean cartridge filter
  • The patented swivel cable measures 60-feet in length and don’t get tangled
  • No pre-installation needed – the cleaner is ready to use out of the box
  • Self-programmed for optimal pool scanning
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty on spare parts and labor
  • Does not need to connect to your pool system

There are no major disadvantages. Though, it should be mentioned that it doesn’t really “learn” the layout of your pool. After you turn it on, it simply starts cleaning. You can leave it in the pool for up to 3 hours to complete the cleaning cycle, which should

The bottom line is that the Dolphin Nautilus is the most cost-effective and efficient way to keep your pool clean. It costs less than 15 cents to clean your pool – based on average energy rates.

So, if you want to save time while maintaining a clean pool – this is your best bet.

How to Find the Best Pool Cleaner for Your Backyard Pool

If you want to use a robotic pool cleaner, there are several features to pay close attention to. You’ll want to make sure that it is designed to work with your pool. For example, some cleaners are designed specifically for inground pools while others may only work on above ground pools.

Other features include the length of the cord, the vacuuming power, and the duration of the cleaning cycle. Compare these features as you review the top 10 robotic cleaners and then make your final decision.

Buyer’s Guide – Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic Pool Cleaners

The Surfaces

The whole point of spending a chick load of money on an automated pool cleaner is to preserve the time that you were about to spend cleaning it.

When you are out scouting for such gadgets to clean your pool then you might want to look for a model that can help you clean all your surfaces of your pool.

What I mean by surfaces is that when you own a pool there are several surfaces included with that. First, is the surface of the pool, then there is the surface of the walls in which your pool water is concealed.

And last but not least there is the surface of the ground and the pool floor.

So, the robot that you want should be able to clean all those surfaces if not then what’s the point as you have to clean other surfaces by yourself.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Motors:

When this type of robot has a powerful motor then it means that it can provide you with a high-performance factor.

When there is a motor included then it means that the brush that cleans the pool works efficiently and helps you clean your pool with every cleaning method.

Such robotic pool cleaners have motors that are efficient for cleaning pools but not only that their motors also affect positively on the suction process of these robots.

Well with that, the DC motor is not necessary but if it has a DC motor then that’s well and good because it can be energy efficient, and can run smoothly with providing you high performance.

Run Time:

Whenever you want to have a dip in your pool you would want to have your pool swim-ready. So, to achieve that you would want to have a cleaner that consumes less time in cleaning your pool.

That is the reason that when you are going to buy such a robot then check for this feature.

That is if your preferred robot is able to take less time when it is cleaning your pool and the cycle is limited and less time-consuming.

With this factor in mind, it can take up to 3 to 4 hours for that robot to clean your pool and makes it swim-ready.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Navigator

To navigate these robots the manufacturers have installed it with Bluetooth sensors, gyroscopes Sensors. With these sensors manufacturers also have installed them with various technologies that will aid them in navigating around and cleaning all the surfaces.

With the aid of Artificial Intelligence, some are able to move in some unique and distinct movement that makes them more efficient in cleaning the surfaces.

While on the other hand some robots are programmed to adapt to the environment and learn the layout of the pool so that it is easy for them to clean frequently and it also saves time.

In addition to navigation purposes, and high-tech and well-equipped robots should be able to climb on the sides of the walls of the pool without falling. To make it a perfect climbing and movement option you should check your preferred robot that is either equipped with a well set of all-terrain wheels or tracks to perform different movement tasks at once.

The Brush System

When we talk about the Brush system of these robots this can vary from one model to another.

Just like some models that equip brushes are made with PVC bristles or pleated materials and other models that equip such technology are rather formed with blades.

What are brushes for in such a robot?

They aid in cleaning some leaves and stems that fall in the pool from the garden and they should be good at it.

It doesn’t matter what type of brush is equipped in a robot but that brush should revolve and rotate at a high speed to rip off all the trash and grime from the pool.

With that, there are some premium constructed models that are modular.

What I mean is? That they allow you to change the brush according to tot your need hence being convenient and feasible for various situations in cleaning the pool.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Control

Robotic Pool Cleaner Control

Now: at this point, you might be wondering that how can we control these devious gadgets that are cleaning your pool.

You can control them by the pre-equipped buttons on the top of these robots but if you got hands-on some advanced models then you might be surprised with their functions.

The function of being controlled through an app that is created by the manufacturers. So you don’t have to do anything just download the app and pair the robot with that app to control its movement and switch between its modes.

Hence this can be a feasible feature because you have had to come near the robot you can do it by sitting on your poolside chair while the robot is in water cleaning the pool.

However, if you want a more affordable yet remote robot in the control point of view then there are some robots that are controlled by a remote control that is provided with their package.

Robotic vs Suction vs PressureRobotic Pool Cleaners

This is a fair comparison between three types of pool cleaners that are head to head on this market. You might want it if you are buying such a product as it can be a one-time investment because of the pricing problem.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are meant to the true companion for you when it comes to cleaning the pool for you. Firstly they are completely automatic hence it can be a useful feature because you don’t have to put in any sort of effort when it comes to cleaning the pool.

Secondly, when it comes to cleaning pool robots have carved their own way to the top of the technological lineup in cleaning the pool because of the relentless jo and their efficient work ethics.

So, choosing a robot over anything can be a vital and life-changing choice because it can mean a lot when it comes to cleaning a pool. With that, it covers automatically all the surfaces of the pool hence not leaving any spot uncleaned and making your pool swim-ready in just 3 to 4 hours of your time.

So, getting yourself a robotic pool cleaner can be a vital choice because the pool in your house is more deserving than you expect it to be as it is providing you with some awesome summer swims and some heated swimming experiences so that pool also deserves better from you in case of maintenance.

Suction-Side Pool Cleaners

What is a suction-side pool cleaner and how does it work, I guessed you might be wondering that?

Well, this is a gadget that relies on the pump of your pool water. When the water is just about to renew itself then at that moment it swoops in and sucks in all the debris and dust that the pumped water had and this is a process of pumping water.

Suction-Side Pool Cleaner is a part of this process so if you are getting that then make sure that you are equipped with some pumping pool water method to make this gadget work.

Pressure-side Pool Cleaner:

With this type of pool cleaner, you have to waste your time and effort in order to clean your pool. Now: why would you do that when you have robots to do that? Right.

But still, some people love it to be more realistic and worthy before swimming in a pool they want to clean the pool by themselves.

So, if you are one of those people then this product can be the perfect fit for your choice as it wipes out all the dust and debris from the pool surface.

The only downside of this pool cleaner is that it is not able to cover all the pool surfaces as a robot can do.

FAQ’s – Best Robotic Pool CleanersRobotic Pool Cleaners

What Are the Main Benefits of Using Robotic Pool Cleaners?

If you already are using Robotic Pool Cleaners and want to know it benefits or you are out there in the market to buy this product then here are the benefits of this product that can place a vivid image of the cleaning your pool.

  • They are environment-friendly.
  • These robots are energy efficient.
  • It can be a money saver.
  • Preserves your pool chemicals.
  • Saves pool water for you.
  • It requires low maintenance.
  • Equipped with advanced cleaning technology.
  • Easy to use just plug-and-play.

What Is a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

This is a gadget that is installed with several sensors and technical features that aids you in cleaning your pool. These are the Robots that make your life easy without overtaking the world.

They are equipped with various types o brushes and suction mechanisms to either cut through the trash that is present on the pool or in the pool nor they are equipped with a suction mechanism to such in all the dust and debris of the pool.

How Robotic Pool Cleaners Work?

The function similarly like a vacuum cleaner.

In what sense just take them like a vacuum cleaner for your swimming pool. Similarly to a vacuum cleaner the sucks in all the debris and dust particles are is stored in your pool with preserving your pool chemical from getting erased or expired.

With that, the filters installed in this robot ensures you that the water is cleaned properly and circulated back to the pool where it belongs. Other than that, some of the robots are equipped with brushes that aid in cleaning some stubborn dust or debris and algae from the pool.

To move around they are made with either wheels or tracks depending on the model that you buy.

Are robotic pool cleaners worth it?

If you are second-guessing your decision too buy a robotic pool cleaner then you should drop that thought because they are totally worth buying.

This verge of technology can change the future and the ways in which we will live.

Getting a Robotic Pool Cleaner is one step towards the modern future that you have always dreamed of. Have a smart home and does not have a Robotic Pool Cleaner will make you go down a spiral that will never end until you buy one.

I know some can be expensive and some can be affordable but they are worth the money because when it comes to clean ing pools they do a relentless job keeping you effortless and relaxed.

How long do robotic pool cleaners last?

These are a part of electronic items and it is hard to say how much time they are gonna last. But when you buy it you will get a year or two warranty for your personal satisfaction.

But it is hard to say how much time these electronic gadgets gonna last.

With that said, they require low maintenance hence it is easy to maintain them to make it a long run for them but when it is time for them then it is time for them. You can’t do anything to prevent that you just have to take care of them and make sure that they are following every safety protocol.

But I would say one thing that they won’t get destroyed right after two or three times of use.

So, be free to use them and clean your pools.


If you are worried that they are going to take over the world then you are wrong they are completely environmental-friendly and they care to provide you with a quality of service that you actually need to clean your pool.

So, don’t be hesitant and buy yourself a Robotic Pool Cleaner to prevent any effort in cleaning a pool by your hands.

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