Top 10 Best Portable Radio Headsets in 2024


People seem to have forgotten about radio stations. Everyone is now listening to their own music on mp3 players, smartphones, and tablets. It was a time when smartphones had a built-in FM radio tuner but such models are now extinct. The only moment when a person might be listening to an FM radio is while driving.

For some, it might be surprising but radio stations are not dead. There are still a lot of people that enjoy listening to a good radio station. In fact, some of them would rather listen to a radio station while working, going for a run or even exercising in the gym. It is an alternative that offers the option to listen to the news or new music while doing something else.

What Is The Best Way To Listen To A Radio Station?

Since a lot of people enjoy listening to a radio station while working on something else, a good choice would be to get a headset with a built-in FM tuner. There are multiple models to choose from and several different types. The most popular ones are the regular headphones and the ones that are designed for people that work in environments with a lot of noise. These headphones offer noise insulation and have large capacity built-in batteries that should offer multiple hours of continuous playback. The models that are designed for industrial use are usually more expensive and an average person might not need to use them for their utility. Regular headphones with a built-in FM radio should do.

Best Portable Radio Headsets in 2024

Since there are some that might need headphones that offer good noise insulation we decided to include a few models that are designed for this specific purpose. We also managed to find some great models that have Bluetooth and can be connected to smartphones. There is a great deal of diversity when it comes to features and we managed to pick a good diversity of radio headsets. There are some key elements that set them apart and of course, their pricing can vary based on the build quality and features. Without wasting any more time let us get right into the top 10 best portable radio headsets in 2024.

10. Levin Bluetooth Headset With FM Radio

No products found.

There was a time when smartphones had a built-in FM radio. The Levin Bluetooth headset is a good pick for the ones that need to listen to music from their headphones or even check their favorite radio station. It is a cheap pair of headphones that have a stylish design with a blue around the headband and foam padded drivers. The controls are placed on the drivers whole the charging port has been hidden on one of the edges.

In terms of features, the model can also support playback directly from a memory card. However, the most important feature is the FM radio. Charging them for 3 hours will offer a total standby time of 175 while playback time can vary depending on the volume and several other factors.

  • Inexpensive
  • Supports Bluetooth capable devices
  • Conveniently placed controls
  • Build quality could have been better

9. ZANYA Sports Headphones And FM Radio Player

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The ZANYA sports headphones are a great pick for the ones that have a limited budget and cannot afford to spend too much money. They have a reliable FM radio tuner and they can play regular mp3 audio files. The device does not have a built-in memory but it does support memory cards of up to 32 GB.

Using the FM radio tuner will not drain the battery more than listening to mp3 files. Its internal battery offers more than enough power for multiple hours of continuous playback. Also, they work with any Bluetooth capable device such as smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. Their design is quite stylish with a glossy black finish and a thin but durable around the neck headband.

  • Affordable
  • Stylish design
  • Great FM tuner
  • Not very comfortable due to their foam padding over the drivers

8. ECOOPRO Foldable Wireless Headset With FM Radio

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The ECOPRO are a great pair of headphones that both look good and come with a very low price tag. It is actually surprising how well they are made for how inexpensive they are. The headset is mostly white with blue accents on the drivers and blue buttons around the side for the controls. All the controls can be used to either play music from a memory card, Bluetooth or just listen to the radio.

Powering them a high capacity rechargeable battery has been used. A full charge should provide about 8 hours of listening when using the FM tuner. The Bluetooth function will drain the battery faster. The headphones have a decent sound quality but they will not impress an audiophile. For their price, they are a great choice for the ones that are looking for an FM radio capable headset.

  • Great design
  • Good build quality
  • Can play mp3 files or music over Bluetooth
  • Audio quality is not great

7. Pyle Sound 7 Headphones

Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, SD Wireless Card Reader, Dual Listening Mode - Listen w/ a Friend, MP3, Built-in Mic for Call Answering, FM Radio, Portable Folding Design, from Pyle (PHPMP39)

Pyle is a brand with which most people should be familiar with. They have a wide range of audio products including several models of headphones. Their Sound 7 headphones were built to be affordable and quite convenient as they can be used in a wide range of situations. The built-in Bluetooth makes them work with tablets and smartphones while the FM radio makes them completely independent.

The FM radio of the headphones is quite good with excellent signal reception. Their build quality is also decent which is a major plus for an inexpensive pair of headphones. All the controls are placed on the side of the driver while the charging port is found on the other one. The headband is very resilient while the ear pads are very soft and comfortable making them excellent when used for several hours without interruption

  • Comfortable
  • Great design
  • Excellent battery rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth signal losses

6. Andoer LH-811 Headset

No products found.

As the name states the LH-811 is a headset which means it can be used with smartphones and it has a built-in mic that can be used to take voice calls. It can be connected to almost any Bluetooth capable device and it is very easy to use as the controls have been placed on the side of the driver in order to be easy to use.

As expected the headset has a built-in FM tuner. Signal reception is quite good and the sound quality is decent. It is not impressive but it is not bad either. The design of the headphones makes them quite practical as they can be folded in order to take even less storage space. A bonus feature is the capability to play audio files from a memory card. Most will probably look at the model mainly because it has a built-in FM tuner and because it is very inexpensive.

  • Great design
  • Foldable, making them very compact
  • Padded ear cushions
  • The headband is not as strong as some would like

5. Move&Groove On Ear Bluetooth Headphones With FM Radio

No products found.

Move&Groove is a small brand that offers some interesting products. Their Bluetooth headphones come with a lot of features and a decent price tag. The build quality is also decent when compared to other similar headphones form the same price range. They are made with a strong headband that is covered with a textile material and soft ear padding. The headphones are completely black with control buttons placed on the side.

In terms of features, the headphones have an FM radio that offers great signal reception and good sound quality. They can also play mp3 files directly and have a fast recharge. The batteries should be able to handle several hours of continuous playback.

  • Good construction
  • Low price tag
  • Can also play mp3 audio files
  • Sound quality could have been better

4. Venstone BT-06 Wireless Bluetooth and FM Radio Headphones

No products found.

Despite the fact that the Venstone BT-06 headphones can be connected to a Bluetooth and have a microphone, the model is not recommended for voice calls. The microphone is not as great as some would like but the price tag does make then a tempting purchase. Also, their design places them ahead of many other models from the same price range.

Being a pair of headphones with an FM tuner makes them a good pick for the ones that like to listen to a radio station while working without bothering the ones around. They have a built-in battery that can be charged over USB and they should offer several hours of continuous playback.

  • Stylish
  • Moderate price tag
  • Can be used for voice calls
  • The microphone is not too great

3. Blue House 709B Headphones with FM Radio

No products found.

Blue House offers a great bundle that consists of a nice pair of headphones and a 4 GB memory card that can be used to play audio files directly. Their MP3 player feature will prove to be useful but most people will look at them for their FM radio function. For the money, the headphones will prove to be a great pick for the ones that have a limited budget.

For a simple FM radio headset, the model is made pretty well. It has folding ear cups that makes them take less storage space inside a backpack and soft ear padding to improve comfort while wearing them. The FM radio signal reception if good and the sound quality is quite decent. What some will not like is the time need to charge them.

  • 9 hours of playback of a full charge
  • Includes a memory card
  • Good sound quality
  • Long charging time

2. Granvela A809 Foldable Headphones With FM Radio

No products found.

Granvela A809 is a great pair of headphones that can be found in a wide selection of colors. All of them have a durable head strap that is covered with a textile material and very soft ear padding. Their design makes them very stylish while the audio quality is quite decent. What these headphones do not have is Bluetooth capabilities but most people should consider them mostly because they have an FM radio.

The model can be used as an MP3 player as it can read audio files directly from a memory card. Its FM radio feature is very easy to use and signal reception is great. The controls that are placed on the side are easy to reach and should be quite straightforward.

  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Very cheap
  • Sound quality could be a bit better

OUR FAVORITE PICK: 1. Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Wireless Headphones With FM Radio

Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic/Micro SD Card Slot/FM Radio (Black)

The Bluedio T2 should be a great recommendation for the ones that are looking for a good pair of headphones to listen to the radio. They are very stylish and inexpensive. At the same time, the audio quality is more than satisfactory. Also, they come with plenty of useful features such as Bluetooth support so that they can be used with smartphones and tablets.

The headphones do not have a microphone but they do have an MP3 player function. It can play music directly off a memory card and offers about 40 hours of continuous playback with the air of a high-quality rechargeable battery pack. Very few other models offer the similar battery performance. The FM radio is quite good with a great signal reception. All the controls are placed on the driver and its head strap is padded for extra comfort.

  • Stylish
  • Affordable
  • Good sound quality
  • Can work as an MP3 player, Bluetooth headphones or FM radio
  • None

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

There is a great deal of variation when it comes to battery life. Some models have great capacity while others can offer playback for just a few hours. This is an important aspect that should matter to most buyers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most of the headphones selected by us are quite inexpensive. They have some cons mostly when it comes to audio quality but the truth is there are not that many options to choose from to begin with. There are no models of premium quality available on the market which might be a problem for some that have higher expectations. On the other hand, for the price, these headphones are quite decent. Their FM radio is great and some models are also extremely stylish. For some design matters and that is understandable which is why we attempted to select a good diversity of radio headphones in order to provide more than enough options.

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  1. Best Portable Radio Headsets In 2016

    One of the preferred means to enjoy a radio station while performing an activity is to get a stereo radio headset. There are quite a few models of headphones that have an FM radio and a built-in battery pack which makes them completely independent. Some of them comes as simple sports headphones while others are full-sized over the ear headsets with additional bonus features. With no further ado here are the top 10 best portable radio headsets in 2016 reviews.

    10. Elegiant TF FM Radio

    The Elegiant TF FM radio headset is a sports model with a very basic build. Even with its mediocre build quality and plain design, it is quite surprising just how inexpensive the heat set it. For the price, it offers much more than some would expect it to offer.

    As expected it has a built-in FM radio as well as a 16 GB internal memory. The model can be charged using a mini-USB cable providing a few good hours of listening on a full charge. The model is quite lightweight and reasonably small.

    9. Howard Leight by Honeywell

    Howard Leight by Honeywell is a decent pair of full size headphones that comes with a few useful features. The model is made to be durable and reliable. It has a cushioned head band and padded ear cups.

    The FM radio comes with an auto search feature as well as an LCD display to make it easier to find radio stations. Despite their size the model is quite lightweight. It was mainly made for workers as it has noise insulation and allows communication between workers using a built-in microphone.

    8. Walkers Game Ear AMFM Radio Muff with Digital Display

    Walkers Game might not be a brand that many have heard of but their products are quite decent. The AM/FM radio muff is one of their best headsets for a work environment. They have a durable construction with a cushioned head band and a metal frame to keep them from breaking.

    The FM radio is completely digital with an auto search and an auto tune feature. It has a built-in antenna as well as a small LCD display. The model runs on two AAA batteries and features an noise insulation function.

    7. Tayogo Waterproof Fm Player Radio Receiver

    The Tayogo is a great pick for active individuals that enjoy an FM radio mode than their MP3 player. It is a basic model with a decent construction and a simplified menu. It has a one-button press auto search feature as well as a skip button to jump to the next station.

    The model uses a built-in rechargeable battery that offers several hours of continuous hours of listening and a mini USB port for charging. Its price tag makes it rather affordable when compared with other models.

    6. Sport Wireless Headset With FM Radio And MP3 Player

    The Sport Wireless FM radio and MP3 player headset is a decent model that offers all the basic features of such a device. It has an MP3 player feature that might prove to be useful but most importantly it has an FM radio with a built-in antenna.

    Being such a small headset does not mean that playback is limited to just an hour or so. The rechargeable built-in battery is enough to last several hours on a full charge. In terms of user-friendliness the model has just a few buttons that can be used to skip to the next radio station or jump to the previous one.

    5. RadioShack AMFM Stereo Headset Radio

    RadioShack AM/FM stereo headset is a full size pair of headphones with over-the-head buds. It is quite comfortable to wear and feels rather lightweight despite having the extra hardware and built-in battery inside.

    The model comes with 20 presets for AM and FM radio stations as well as an auto search function and a convenient LCD display. As a bonus the headset is also capable of playing MP3 files that can be stored on its internal memory.

    4. 3M TEKK WorkTunes Hearing Protector

    The 3M TEKK WorkTunes headset is great for people that work in loud environments. It has a noise insulating design with a large radio antenna sticking out in the back. The head band comes reinforced with a metal frame while the headphones feature over-the-head buds for maximum comfort.

    As with other similar headsets it has a digital AN/FM tunner with an internal memory to store stations and an MP3 player. They run on a AA batteries that need to be purchased separately.
    Read also: Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players in 2016 – Buyer’s Guide.

    3. RadioShack 12-590 AMFM Stereo Headset

    RadioShack’s stereo headset is a great option for everyday listeners of FM radio stations. It is a small pair of headphones with a built-in internal antenna and rechargeable batteries. The model features a digital tunner and an internal memory that makes it easy to jump from one radio station to another.

    For the price, the headphones have a lot to offer. They are well built and quite comfortable despite having an on-the-ear design.

    2. Blue House 709B Wireless MP3 Headphones With FM Radio

    The Blue House 709B are a pair of gorgeous headphones. Surprisingly they are reasonably priced and have a great build quality. Unlike other models the headset has a built-in battery pack that can provide up to 9 hours of playback on a full charge.

    The FM radio uses a digital tuner and an internal antenna. Jumping from station to station is extremely easy using the side placed buttons. When that is not enough the model can be switched to its MP3 player function. Audio files can be stored on its 4GB internal memory.

    1. Granvela A809 MicroSD CardFM Radio Player Cordless Headsets

    The Ranvela A809 headset is a great companion for all the ones that enjoy listening to FM radio stations. It is a well-designed headset with a sturdy construction and comfortable ear buds.

    Ranvela used a digital FM radio for their headset paired with an auto seek feature. They are powered by a built-in battery that provides about 2 hours of continuous playback. The headset also comes with an audio cable which converts them into a regular pair of headphones.


    There are several different models of headsets with an FM radio built-in. The vast majority of them also have an MP3 player function or include an audio cable to convert them into regular headphones. Our picklist includes all these types and more.

    Before even looking for a pair FM radio headphones it is important to know what type would serve best. Some models are specifically made for loud work environments. A few are made for active individuals while others are just plain everyday headphones. Knowing which type to buy is the first and most important step.

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