Top 10 Best Pooper Scoopers in 2024


Owning a pet is not just about fun time and cuddling. There is also a maintenance part involved and truth be told, pets can require quite a bit of time when it comes to caring and being a responsible owner. Feeding is just one part of the equation. Cleaning up after them is just as important.

A civilized way of cleaning up after a dog or other types of pets is to get a pooper scooper. They are the most convenient way to handle this issue and the most hygienic way of dealing with waste.

Pooper scoopers are a better alternative to plastic gloves. The gloves are not biodegradable and only cause more waste. A pooper scooper is basically exactly what the name states but designs might vary but they are all quite inexpensive. We picked 10 different pooper scoopers that should help. Here are the top 10 best pooper scoopers in 2024.

Best Pooper Scoopers in 2024

10. DogBuddy Pooper Scooper

DogBuddy Pooper Scooper, Portable Dog Poop Scooper, Sanitary Dog Waste Pick Up, Heavy Duty Dog Waste Cleaner with Bag Dispenser, Dog Leash Clip and Pooper Scooper Bags Included (Small, Pink)
When it comes to practicality, it is difficult to go wrong with the DogBuddy Pooper scooper. It is a compact, easy to use and convenient scooper that is also inexpensive. Even if it is made out of plastic, it is durable and even easy to carry when going with the dog for a walk.

The scooper comes in the shape of a clam and has a soft rubber wall that can be compacted so that it takes even less space. It also has a small opening that can be used to insert a plastic bag so it does not get dirty.

For this scooper, the manufacturers made 3 available sizes. They are also made in 4 different colors and come with a low price tag. All of them have a small spring that makes it easy to use the scooper with just one hand. Read more:Top 10 Best Dog Sofas and Chairs in 2024

We recommend this because:

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Very compact and easy to use
  • Backside can be adjusted
  • Integrated waste bag compartment

9. Petphabet Foldable Pooper Scooper

Doggy Poop Scoop, Foldable Pooper Scooper Dog Poop Scooper, Large Orange
Petphabet pooper scooper has a rather practical design that makes it very convenient and easy to use. It was made to be foldable thus taking little storage space but it can be expanded so that it can scoop without having to bend down.

The pooper scooper has a double handle system with a spring that makes it easy to open the scoop and keeps it closed. The jaws were made to scoop off flat surfaces and stay closed all the time.

In terms of construction, the scooper is fairly durable. It uses lightweight materials such as plastic and aluminum. The only part that might raise questions in terms of durability is the springs. Read more:Top 10 Best Dog Chew Toys in 2024

We recommend this because:

  • Practical, foldable design
  • Made using lightweight material
  • Reasonably large, suitable for large dogs
  • Practical spring-loaded jaw opening mechanism

8. Four Paws Small Allens Springs Action Dog Scooper

Sale Four Paws Allen's Spring Action Dog Scooper For Hard Surfaces 3.75' x 4.5' x 15.5'
Four Paws Small Allens dog scraper is a good pick mainly for owners that have a small pet. It was made to be compact but functional. The scooper works quite well, does not get stuck and can be operated with one hand.

As this is a spring-loaded scoop, it stays closed when the second handle is not pulled. Pulling it will open the jaws. The jaws themselves are designed to work on flat surfaces. They are not great when used on something like grass.

Construction is fairly decent even if the pooper scooper is made out of plastic. This does make it lightweight which can be considered as a plus. The springs used are made out of steel and should be durable enough. Read more:Top 10 Best Dog Strollers Carriages in 2024

We recommend this because:

  • Lightweight construction, made mostly out of plastic
  • Easy to use with just one hand
  • Jaws close firmly when the second handle is released
  • Available in 2 sizes

7. Four Paws Sanitary Dog Pooper Scooper

Four Paws Wee-Wee Pooper Scoopers for Dogs l Outdoor Rake l Spade & Pan l Pooper Scooper Set
Four Paws sanitary dog pooper scooper was made to be sturdy and reliable. It is not as practical as other scoopers since it does not have a spring-loaded mechanism but it is easy to use. The scooper aims to make cleaning up quick, sanitary, and easy.

Unlike other pooper scoopers, this model is made out of metal mostly which gives it better durability. Despite being made out of metal, it is not that heavy. The handles are covered with a rubber material to prevent them from slipping while the jaws are easy to clean.

The scooper itself was made to be used on flat surfaces such as concrete. It will not work that well on something like grass. It is not very large as it measures 33 inches in height and it is made to be rust-resistant.

We recommend this because:

  • Rust-resistant construction
  • Rubber-coated handles to prevent slipping
  • Made for flat surfaces such as concrete
  • Made out of metal but quite lightweight

6. AmazonBasics Foldable Jaw Clamp Scooper

Amazon Basics Jaw Clamp Pet Poop Scooper, 36-Inch
AmazonBasics products are known to be simple and easy to use. The foldable jaw clamp scooper offers great value for money as it is inexpensive and very practical. Being able to fold means that it does not take all that much storage space and it is tall enough to be easy to operate.

The scooper is made mostly out of plastic parts to keep it lightweight. For the jaws, a spring mechanism was used so that it remains closed all the time and can be opened with a simple pull of the handle.

Since it is a clamp jaw, the scooper can be used on all types of surfaces including grass, concrete, and even dirt. To make it easy to clean, the jaw was made out of a non-stick plastic material.

We recommend this because:

  • Non-stick plastic jaw
  • Spring-controlled jaw opening
  • Can be used on all types of surfaces
  • Foldable design with a locking mechanism

5. Nomad Pets Pooper Scooper

Complete Pooper Scooper Gift Set for Dogs with Large Poop Bags Included - Best for Small, Medium, Large, XL Pets - Long Handle Scoop - Portable and Heavy Duty - Great in Grass and Cement
Nomad Pets pooper scooper is a great pick for virtually every dog owner. It has a large enough jaw and it is practical in the sense that it is foldable. The scooper bends from the middle which makes it quite compact when it needs to be stored.

The jaws of the scooper are made using lightweight but durable plastic. It stays closed all the time and opens only when the second handle is pulled. A spring-activated system will open the jaw.

Practicality is the main feature of the scooper. Being foldable helps a lot but most importantly, it is easy to clean. The jaw has some sort of non-stick finish that makes it easy to rinse and maintain clean.

We recommend this because:

  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Easy to clean, non-stick surface for the jaw
  • 24 inches high, can be used without bending
  • Can be used along with a plastic bag making it very hygienic

4. Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop

Dogit Jawz Waste Scooper - Dog Pooper Scooper for Easy Grass and Gravel Pick Up
Dogit Jaws waste scoop is a great product that will prove to be useful to every dog owner. It is not exactly portable in the sense that carrying it around when walking the dog is not very practical. It is foldable but it will not fit in a small bag.

The pooper scooper is made mostly out of plastic which means it is lightweight. It uses a spring-loaded mechanism to open the jaws and stays closed all the time. The handle itself ensures a firm grip and the trigger is well placed so that it can be operated with one hand.

Cleaning the scooper is quite simple. It has a non-stick kind of material for the jaws. It can also be used along with a bag meaning that it does not get dirty at all.

We recommend this because:

  • Compact, foldable design
  • Easy to clean jaws
  • Jagged teeth making it easy to use on grass
  • Can be used with just one hand without bending

3. Petmate Clean Response Waste Management System

Petmate Clean Response Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper, Plastic Handle
The Petmate clean response waste management swivel bin is not a scooper in the traditional sense of the word. It was made to be used around the house in a yard for example. The long handle and the rake tool make it easy to just pick up waste without much trouble.

Using the Petmate swivel bin is quite simple. Because it swivels, nothing will get out of the bin when lifted. Also, putting a bag in the bin makes it even easier to clean and it is much more hygienic.

Both the rake and the swivel bin are made out of plastic. This means that they are lightweight and durable. The long handle eliminates the need to bend and makes it easy to dispose of the waste.

We recommend this because:

  • Swivel bin, nothing falls out when lifted
  • Lightweight rake included for surfaces such as grass
  • Long shaft and rubber coated handle
  • Can be used while standing, reducing back strain

2. Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake

Sale Arm & Hammer Pooper Scooper Swivel Bin & Rake Dog Poop Scooper, Black (2 Scented Waste Bags Included)
The Arm & Hammer swivel bin and rake are similar to the one offered by Petmate but with a few design improvements. Unlike other swivel bins, this one has adjustable poles. Their length can be modified and they just snap into place. This means that it is much more convenient to store.

The bin and the boles are mares out of plastic to make them lightweight. Being a swivel bin, it will not let anything fall out when lifted while the rake will make it easy to pick up waste even off the grass.

Cleaning the bin is as easy as it gets. It is recommended to put a bag in the bin just like a trash can. This will let the waste be collected in a bag, meaning that the bin will not get dirty at all. Only the rake will need to be rinsed.

We recommend this because:

  • Adjustable poles, easy to store
  • Tall enough to be used without bending
  • Rake helps pick up waste off the grass
  • Swivel bin, nothing falls slides out when lifted

1. Nature’s Miracle Advanced Jaw Scoop

Nature's Miracle Non-Stick Advanced Jaw Scoop for Pet Waste Pick Up
Nature’s Miracle pooper scooper is similar to most other models on our list but it is just a better product. It is a bit more expensive but it is much better built. It has more metal parts and has improved durability.

The pooper scooper uses a metal frame with plastic parts. Two springs were used for the jaw to keep it closed and can be opened just by pulling a small lever right beneath the handle. Because of how it is placed, it can be used with just one hand.

Cleaning the scooper should be simple. A bag can be placed inside and around the jaws so that all the waste that it traps will end up in a bag. It is worth mentioning that the scooper is not foldable and will take a bit of storage space.

We recommend this because:

  • 39 inches high, can be used without bending
  • Mostly made out of metal
  • Non-stick surface of the jaws
  • Works on all types of surfaces

Things to keep in mind when looking for pooper scoopers

Best Pooper Scoopers in 2024

There are several different types of pooper scoopers available and picking a suitable one also means getting the right type of design. Even if most look the same there are some design differences. Several questions need to be asked before spending any money.

For an average dog owner, any pooper scooper is good but, depending on the situation, one model may prove less practical than another. For this reason, we listed a few essential questions to look at that should help chose the right pooper scooper.

  • Size: Size is important. Not everyone owns a large dog and the waste is proportional to the dog. It is something that most people do not the think about but getting a scooper that is unnecessarily large means that it is difficult to carry around and for no practical reason.
  • Foldable or not: There are some scoopers that can be folded. This is a useful feature because it makes them more compact when it comes to storage. However, the scoopers that are not foldable tend to be more durable.
  • Regular scooper or bin: Pooper scoopers with two closing jaws are practical but bins can be just as good. The advantage with swivel bins is that they use longer poles and can be used without having to bend.


Pooper scoopers are a must for every dog owner. If we want to have a clean and hygienic neighborhood, buying a scooper is the responsibility of the owner. Cleaning the waste is also a way of taking care of your pet and respecting the others around.

Most dog owners understand this aspect of having a pet and assume this responsibility. Pooper scoopers make the job much easier and there are even travel-friendly models. Our list of scoopers contains enough different models to fit every type of need and they do not cost that much.

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