Top 10 Best Pen Tablets for Graphic Designers in 2024


If you work as a graphic designer, a pen tablet – also known as a graphics tablet – is an indispensable tool to have at your disposal. With it, you can draw directly onto your tablet and have the images you create appear on your computer screen, no scanning required.

As is the case with any electronic item, there are many brands and models of pen tablets available. It can be a challenge to sort through them and pick out the best one for your needs, and that’s why we’ve done the legwork for you. Let’s start by talking about some of the features you may want to consider before making a purchase.

What to Look for in a Pen Tablet

There are only a few real competitors in the market for pen tablets, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have choices. Here are the main components to review.

  • Pressure Sensitivity: The first and most important element to consider is the pressure sensitivity of the tablet in question. When you draw with a pen or pencil, you’re limited to three or four points of sensitivity. Not so with a pen tablet. In fact, the tablets available can provide anywhere between 512 and 2048 points of sensitivity. The more sensitivity a tablet has, the better you will be able to control the intensity and flow of your strokes. What you’re looking for is a tablet that gives you the maximum amount of control.
  • Hot Keys: Some pen tablets offer designers a series of hotkeys that they can program to eliminate the need to use keyboard shortcuts. This option can save a lot of time, particularly if you use the same shortcuts frequently. After all, the goal is to make your designs better and make your job easier to do.
  • Size: The size of the tablet matters too. You might prefer a small tablet that you can easily take with you on the go, or if you’re using it for CAD, a large tablet might be the best option for you. Tablets come in a wide range of sizes so there is an option for everybody.
  • Price: It would be great if we never had to worry about the price, but for most of us, it’s a consideration. Some tablets are more affordable than others. You’ll have to think about what you need and what you can afford to spend and then set an appropriate budget for your new tablet.

Best Pen Tablets for Graphic Designers in 2024

Now that you know what some of the key options to consider are, it’s time for us to reveal our picks for the top 10 best pen tablets for designers.

10. Artist 12 Graphic Drawing Tablet

Drawing Monitor, XP-Pen Artist 12 Graphic Drawing Tablet Display, FHD IPS Panel, 72% NTSC Color Gamut, 6 Hot Keys, Touch Bar, 8192 Pressure Battery-Free Pen Stylus with Tablet Stand for Windows Mac

Key Features:

  • 11.6 Inch Vibrant Display.
  • 1920×1080 Resolution.
  • Intelligent Pen Tablet Stylist.

At its core, the Artist 12 Graphic Tablet has everything an artist needs. With an 11.6-inch display, artists are given more than enough room to create anything they want. In addition to that, it offers more than needed pixel display with a 1920×1080 resolution. One more key feature it has is an intelligent stylist. The stylist serves more fast-paced artist that want to multitask while they work. Although it has simple features, it more than delivers as far as expectations are concerned.

  • It Is Beginner-Friendly With Improvable Lessons.
  • Point Measurement Technology.
  • The Tablet Can Glitch Out Due To Pressure.
  • Downloadable Gimp May Limit Drawing Abilities.

Final Product Verdict:

Overall, this tablet is for anyone with the patients to create. Even with experienced digital artists, This tablet takes some getting used to. The downloadable software also limits even the most creative artists to the max capabilities of the downloads. However, it more than makes up for its simplicity once the user interface is learned. The main reason to but this tablet is because of its offers extras such as a smartpen for fast access to features, a set of fixed keys with a touch bar, and other beginner-friendly accessories.

9. VEIKK A15 Drawing Tablet

Drawing Tablet, VEIKK A15 10x6 inch Drawing Pad with 12 Shortcut Keys, 8192 Levels of Pressure and Battery-Free Pen, 20 Additional Nibs, Graphic Tablet for Win/Mac/Linux/Android OS (Red)

Key Features:

  • Type-C Input Design.
  • Ultra Large 10×6 Drawing Area.
  • Digital Pen Tablet Stylist With Computer Integration.

Above everything else, what the VEIKK A15 Drawing Tablet prioritizes is the size. It makes sure to give artists plenty of room with its ultra-large 10×6 area. This is in combination with a type-c design and a digital stylist that offer a convenient user-interface. There are smaller perks that add to its effectiveness such as computer-integration technology, indicator lights, and special artists gloves as well. These key features make up for the fact that it does have a subpar customer service experience.

  • Has Many Shortcut Options With Easy User-Interface.
  • Has A one-year warranty.
  • Has A lifetime technical support for all our pen tablets & displays.
  • Tablet Website Has Subpar Customer Service.
    Installation Instructions Are A Bit Vague.
Final Product Verdict:

In terms of value for the price, this tablet should be a tool priority for creators. It has all the small features that make a tablet easy to use. However, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Given its price, it can’t utilize professional-grade artist technology like other tablets. Another reason to get this tablet is how fast and easy it is to learn the features and downloadable software.

8. VEIKK A30 Graphics Drawing Tablet

Sale VEIKK A30 V2 Drawing Tablet 10x6 Inch Graphics Tablet with Battery-Free Pen and 8192 Professional Levels Pressure

Key Features:

  • Light For Its Size.
  • Responsive Batter-Free Pen.
  • Compatible With Different Devices.

The main benefit that the VEIKK A30 Graphics Tablet offers is the fact that it is well-rounded. It covers a wide area of features that can help both professional and amateur artists. To name a few of its main features, this tablet has a responsive battery-free pen, compatibility with different platforms, and is very lightweight for its size. By all accounts, this is another tablet that offers more value than what its price suggests it has.

  • Has Over 8000 Pressure Points.
  • It Has A Passive Stylist.
  • They Don’t Have The Best Customer Care, Service Providers.
  • Some Pens Don’t Last As Long As Advertized.
Final Product Verdict:

As a well-rounded tablet, this tablet can be used by virtually anyone. However, practical or amateur artists tend to gravitate towards this tablet more because of the tablet’s complementing and convenient abilities. On the other hand, this might not be the most challenging tablet to learn for professional artists. In this case, professional artists will mostly be met with basic drawing features. That said, artists should consider buying this tablet because of the ability to freely create with little restrictions.

7. HUION KAMVAS Pro 12 Drawing Tablet

HUION KAMVAS Pro 12 Graphics Drawing Tablet with Screen Full Laminated Tilt 8192 Pen Pressure Battery-Free Stylus Adjustable Stand Compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux, 11.6 Inch Pen Display

Key Features:

  • 120% sRGB Wide Gamut.
  • 8192 Pressure Sensitivity Points.
  • Durable Construction With Adjusting Stand.

The HUION KAMVAS Pro 12 Tablet is known for being durable in all areas. For starters, its 120% sRGB wide gamut allows for the display of amazing colors and effects that are unique to this tablet. Also, with more than 8000 pressure points, it offers artists with responsive sensitivity making it a very accurate tablet. The build itself is also quite sturdy with its additional thick adjustable stand and aluminum structure.

  • Easy Set Up & Installation
  • Constant Updates For Software Improvements.
  • Not Enough Shortcut Buttons.
Final Product Verdict:

  • With the many features already mentioned, perhaps the best reason to get the HUION KAMVAS Pro 12 Tablet is style. This tablet beautifully integrates features such as a touch bar, large canvas, and position adjustability controls in a way that is not noticeable. This leaves artists with a work station tablet that can be customized at every turn. These small personal touches are by far the reason it is gaining traction as one of the best bang-for-your-buck tablets around.

6. GAOMON IPS Screen Drawing Tablet

Sale Drawing Tablet with Screen GAOMON PD1560 Drawing Monitor Art Tablet with Adjustable Stand, 10 Shortcut Keys, 15.6-inch Graphics Tablet for Mac, Windows PC

Key Features:

  • Full HD 5080LPI Resolution.
  • 10+ Shortcut Keys.
  • Adjustable Stand.

The main features of the GAOMON IPS Screen Tablet include full HD resolution, more than 10 shortcut keys and adjustability in many areas. With the HD vision, the resolution provides amazing views at ver 5090LPI. When mixed in with the other main features, this tablet delivers creative touches to crisp definition for the efficient operation of drawing features. These features also allow for accurate movement for a smooth drawing experience.

  • 2.5 hr Full Charge.
  • Versatile Program Compatability.
  • No Support For USB-HDMI Adapter.
Final Product Verdict:

Despite all the amazing drawing features this tablet has, perhaps the main reason artists choose this tablet is because of its fast charging time. In most cases, an artist spends hours in a day working on one project. With charging capabilities to charge fully in under 2.5 hours, this tablet turns out to be an essential tool for many professional artists. For that matter, amateur artists can benefit from fast charging as well.

5. Huion H610 Pro Graphic Drawing Tablet

Huion H610 Pro Graphic Drawing Tablet 8192 Pen Pressure Sensitivity with Carrying Bag and Glove

Key Features:

  • Fast & Responsive Pen Pressure Sensitivity.
  • 10×6.25 Working Area.
  • 8 Customizable Shortcuts.

Overall, the main qualities that artists get from the Huion H610 Pro Graphic Tablet are precision, customizability, and an ample working area. The qualities come from its three main features which are a fast and responsive pen, eight customizable shortcuts, and a 10×6.25 drawing area. Altogether, these features give artists the benefits of drawing smooth at every stroke at a fast and efficient pace.

  • Windows & Mac OS Compatible./
  • Smooth Paper-like Surface
  • Pen Is Not The Most User-Friendly
Final Product Verdict:

If there is one feature that stands out above the rest with the Huion H610 Pro, that would be its ultra-smooth surface. This tablet self-describes its surface as paper-like. As far as what this allows for, it allows the artist to make easy transitions and movements during the drawing process. In other words, it cuts down on mistakes. That said, it’s quick access to customizable keys make it easy to fix those mistakes if they still happen.

4. Huion GT-191 KAMVAS Drawing Tablet

Huion KAMVAS 20 Drawing Tablet Pen Display with HD Screen 8192 Pressure Sensitivity - 19.5 Inches

Key Features:

  • 19.5 Inch Interactive Display.
  • 72% NTSC Color Gamut
  • Two Digital Pens.

The Huion GT-191 KAMVAS Tablet is proof that less is more. Instead of going overboard with extravagant features, this tablet keeps it simple with a large 19.5-inch display and 72% color gamut. It also gives the artists not one, but two creative digital pens to use. This gives the artist quick access to other features that the tablet has to offer.

  • Lightweight Ergonomic Design.
  • Wide Range Of Platform Compatability.
  • Tends To Have Some Driver Issues.
Final Product Verdict:

Other than its main features, the Huion GT-191’s main attraction is its wide range of platform compatibility. While other tablets also have the feature, they are not nearly as versatile as this tablet. The Huion can work with Windows seven, eight, and ten to name a few of the platforms. Additionally, it is compatible with Mac OS X10.12.0 or above.

3. XP-PEN Artist12 FHD Drawing Monitor

Sale XP-PEN Artist12 11.6 Inch FHD Drawing Monitor Pen Display Graphic Monitor with PN06 Battery-Free Multi-Function Pen Holder and Glove 8192 Pressure Sensitivity

Key Features:

  • Optimal Touch Bar For Zoom Control.
  • 8192-Levels Of Pressure Sensitivity.
  • 11.6 Inch display area

Perhaps the most professional-grade tablet around is the XP-PEN Artist12 FHD Drawing Monitor. This tablet comes ready to go with an optimal touch bar, lots of pressure sensitivity levels, and an amazing 11.6-inch display area. These features give the artist firm control of tablet abilities in an accurate and efficient display. It’s an ideal monitor for any project an artist might want to do.

  • Pro: P06 Passive Pen With Pencil Like Feel.
    Pro: Wide Range Of Software Compatability.
  • Needs Tethering To A Computer For Some Apps.
Final Product Verdict:

The stand out feature that brings many artists towards the XP-PEN Artist12 has to be its wide range of software compatibility. Apart from the Huion GT-191 that has a wide range of platform compatibility, the fact that this tablet can work with different software arguably makes it a more versatile tablet. Of the many different software, it can hold, some of the main ones include Photoshop, SketchBook Pro, And MediBang.

2. Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet

Sale Wacom Intuos Small Graphics Drawing Tablet, includes Training & Software; 4 Customizable ExpressKeys Compatible With Chromebook Mac Android & Windows, photo/video editing, design & education,Black

Key Features:

  • 4096 Levels Of Pressure Sensitivity.
  • USB Connectivity To Any Mac Or PC.
  • Extremely Easy Setup & Installation.

The main features that the Wacom Intuos Graphics Tablet has are many pressure sensitivity levels, USB connectivity to both Mac 7 Windows and easy installation. these features might not seem like much. However, they add up to create an accurate and easy-to-learn tablet for both professional and beginner artists. In other words, it undervalues and over-delivers and most of its features.

  • 3 Bonus Registration Software.
  • Additional Editing & Animation Software.
  • Has System Requirements.
Final Product Verdict:

Perhaps the most unique feature that the Wacom Intuos Graphics Tablet has is the additional editing and animation software that it comes loaded with. Apart from the three bonus software that could also be added, the animation software comes prepared for any project that may include image editing, 3D-sculpting, and anything else in between. By all accounts, these features make up for the system requirements it has.

1. Huion H420 USB Graphics Drawing Tablet

No products found.

Key Features:

  • Compatible With All Major Graphics Software.
  • Pen Scrolling Capabilities.
  • Three Additional Express Keys.

Last but not least, the Huion H420 USB Graphics Tablet is another well-rounded tablet but, with more to add than your normal tablet. Its main features include compatibility with all major graphics software, pen scrolling capabilities, and three additional express keys. Altogether, they make up a do-it-all professional-grade tablet at a reasonable price.

  • Convenient Plug & Play Driver.
  • USB Interface.
  • Confusing Configuration Setup.
Final Product Verdict:

The only slight disadvantage that users have with this tablet is a rather confusing configuring setup. After that, it is a popular tablet because of its unique plug & play driver. No need to do any configuring after the initial setup to get the best out of this tablet. Not to mention, it also has a USB interface if needed. All in all, it is the smallest details that make the biggest difference with this tablet. Small features such as pen scrolling add to an already packed design.


Whether you’re a professional graphic designer or an aspiring artist, having the right pen tablet can help you express yourself through your work. The 10 tablets on this list have some amazing features, and they are our favorites for 2018.

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  1. 10. Wacom Bamboo Create Pen and Touch Tablet

    Wacom Bamboo pen tablet is more of a professional model. It has a resolution of 2540 and comes with a lot of free software. It includes a pen and offers an active area that is twice the size of regular tablets. The model also comes with four express keys that can be configured as shortcuts. Its only downsize is the price of the pen tablet as it is one of the more expensive models.

    9. VT PenPad

    The VT PenPad is an excellent option for the ones that never owned a pen tablet before. It is inexpensive and quite reliable. The model is fairly small but offers a decent work surface area and comes with a learning tool that can help develop and enhance graphic design skills. The model includes a pen and the tablet itself and comes with a resolution of 2048.

    8. Turcom TS-6580B

    Turocom TS-6580B is one of the most affordable pen tablets making it a decent option for the ones that have an extremely limited budget. It has a resolution of 4000 LPI and a report speed of 200. The package includes 4 spare tips, the pen and the tablet. In terms of working area the model offers a surface of 8 by 5 inches that simulates the natural feel of working with a pen on paper.

    7. VT Realm Graphic Pen Tablet

    VT Realm is a mid-range pen tablet that offers a generous working surface and excellent response rates. It has a high resolution working area and comes with several tools that makes it much more convenient to use. The VT actually includes handwriting recognition software and gesture flicks. It also comes with side buttons that can be fully customized.

    6. Ugee M1000L

    Ugee is more of a productivity tool that can be used by graphic designers as well. Despite its large size the model offers a working surface of only 10 by 6 inches which is fairly decent. It has a 2048 level pressure sensitive pen that comes with a mouse and eraser function. The model is compatible with a wide selection of software and comes with fully customizable buttons that make it much easier to work with.

    5. Huion 4 x 2.23 Inches OSU Tablet

    The Huion is a small pen tablet that was designed with portability in mind. It has a working surface of just 4 by 2 inches and comes with a resolution of 4000 LPI and a report rate of 200 RPS. The model is compatible with both PC and Mac and comes with a digital pen. The model is actually extremely basic but if is ultra-portable.

    4. Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small Tablet

    Wacom Intuos is a decent pen tablet designed to combine a practical design with a professional grade working surface. It has a high resolution and an included digital pen that is compatible with most operating systems. The model supports multiple gestures and can be used as a productivity tool as well as a graphic design pen tablet.

    3. Huion H610PRO Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet

    The Huion H610PRO is one of the most appreciated pen tablets on the market due to its high 5080 resolution and excellent report rate. It has a working area of 10 by 6.25 inches and works with most operating systems. The model comes with the tablet and the digital pen that can be recharged.

    2. Turcom Graphic Drawing Tablet

    For the price the Turcom Graphic Drawing tablet is an excellent option. It is a budget pen tablet that comes with a high 4000 LPI resolution and a report rate of 200. Pen pressure sensitivity is limited to 2048 and the total active surface is 8 inches by 6 inches. The model comes with its own dedicated software and it is compatible with most operating systems.

    1. Wacom Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet

    Wacom Bamboo Splash pen tablet is one of the most popular models on the market. It is a mid-range model that offers superior results with its high resolution and large working area. It has an ergonomical design with a battery free pen and an excellent response rate. The model is compatible with most operating systems and it is quite portable due to its small size.

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