Top 10 Best Oven Mitts in 2024


Nobody can call themselves a cook without having a few tools in their kitchen. The most delicious dishes need some essential items that will assist a lot when coking. Some of the most appreciated dishes are usually prepared in the oven. We are talking about roasts, pasta dishes and many others. One of the key items that should not be missing from a kitchen are the oven mitts. Some people have the bad habit of using something to replace the mitts such as a towel but that does not help that much. Everyone has a story of getting burned when using something else other than mitts while trying to pull out a hot tray from the oven.

Which Oven Mitts To Get?

There are several types of oven mitts available. The classic ones only have the thumb separated and they are made out of a textile material. They work but they do not offer a good grip. For better grip we have the silicone coated mitts. These mitts are usually a bit more expensive but they make it much safer to work with hot pots. In both cases we have the option to choose gloves that have a full finger design or gloves that cover the entire hand without offering a free movement for the fingers except for the thumb. Both options are just as good.

Best Oven Mitts in 2024

For our list we picked all types of oven mitts from the above mentioned categories. They are affordable, resilient and quite good at protecting the hands from burns. To keep things short let’s jump right into our list of the top 10 best oven mitts in 2024.

10. OUUO Extreme Heat Resistant Kitchen Mitts

OUUO 932°F Extreme Heat Resistant Kitchen BBQ Gloves Oven Mitts With Fingers For Cooking Grilling or Baking EN407 Certified(2 Gloves, Grey)

The OUUO oven mitts are a food pick for the ones that love dishes prepared in the oven. While they are mostly made out of a textile material they have silicone strips that offer a decent grip. The model is very easy to clean and it can be cleaned in a washing machine. The fabric used is cotton which is certified to survive even as temperatures as high as 932°F. The gloves comes in a universal size and are available only in a grey color. Their interior is insulated with a special fabric while the wrists are elastic to ensure a tight fit.

Used in the kitchen the gloves will surely provide utility. Their silicone straps help a lot in terms of grip but they tend to come off after some time. After they come off the grip is still decent but they will require more care when handling a hot tray.

  • High thermal resistance
  • Comfortable insulation
  • Good grip
  • The silicone straps will not last long

9. Home Collection Kitchen Oven Mitts

Kitchen Oven Mitt Pot Holder Set Red Kitchen Linens Oven Mitt Pot Holder Pack

Some of the oven mitts in our list might seem expensive. That is not the case with the Home Collection oven mitts. They are inexpensive and quite decent. In fact they even come with a small bonus consisting of two pot holders. The mitts are made out of a textile material that provides proper insulation. They can be cleaned in a washing machine and they only come in one size but the come in multiple colors. To improve grip the mitts have a quilt stitching pattern.

Compared with other mitts, these ones are fairly thin. The insulation is not as thick which means they are not recommended to be used for more than a few seconds otherwise the use can get small burns.

  • Cheap
  • Come with two hot pot holders
  • Quilted pattern for improved grip
  • The fabric is thin, insulation is not the best

8. Heat Guardian Heat Resistant Gloves

Sale Heat Guardian Heat Resistant Gloves – Protective Gloves Withstand Heat Up To 932℉ – Use As Oven Mitts, Pot Holders, Heat Resistant Gloves for Grilling – Features 5” Cuff for Forearm Protection

The Heat Guardian heat resistant gloves are more of a general purpose pair of mitts. They can be used for barbecues, handling hot items or just in the kitchen as regular oven mitts. Insulation is quite good as its fabric is thick enough. The model also has a silicone pattern on the inner side of the hand that helps improve grip. Their price tag makes them affordable and they come with a manufacturer warranty of 3 months.

The only problem that the mist have is the silicone on the palms. It will come off in time and their grip will not be as good. They will just need a bit of extra care when handing hot pots or trays.

  • Good design
  • Thick material
  • Good grip and insulation
  • The silicone on the palms will wear off

7. Mr. Grill Silicone Oven Gloves

No products found.

Mr. Grill silicone oven gloves are a great pick for the ones that are looking for something cheap and simple. They have no fabric and they are made entirely out of silicone. This gives them a high thermal resistance and an excellent grip even when working with ceramic pots. The model is also very easy to clean as all it takes is a simple rinse with water or they can be tossed in the dishwasher. The model is also BPA free and quite thick which ensures they will not tear.

What could have been better about this model if there was a textile insulation inside. Holding a hot pot more than a few seconds can actually transfer the heat into the hands which can lead to minor burns.

  • Affordable
  • Simple and easy to clean
  • Great grip
  • They are a bit thin, thermal insulation could have been better.

6. RedLantana Silicone Oven Mitts

No products found.

RedLantana silicone oven mitts offer great quality for a decent price tag. The model is a simple pair of oven mitts that has an outer silicone layer and an inner textile one. This creates a proper insulation and properly protects the hands when handing pots straight out of the oven. The model is also much easier to clean and can be used for pretty much anything including a barbecue. Due to the outer silicone coating they also provide better grip than regular mitts.

The only problem that these mitts have is that they are very large. They are not available in multiple sizes and the default one is simply too large. They are still usable and they still work but it would have been much better if they were smaller.

  • Affordable
  • Good construction, proper insulation
  • Excellent grip
  • Too large

5. Nouvelle Legende Flame Retardant Quilted Oven Mitts

Nouvelle Legende Flame Retardant Kitchen and BBQ Heavy Duty Burn Protection Quilted Mitt, 17 Inches, Black, 2-Pack

The Nouvelle Legende oven mitts are an excellent pick for the ones that do not want to spend all that much money. It is an inexpensive product with a great construction and superior protection against heat. The model is made entirely out of cotton and are thick enough to prevent burns even when used for longer periods of time. Being made out of a textile material the gloves can be washed by hand or tossed in a washing machine.

It is important to note that these gloves are made only out of cotton. This means that there is no rubberized silicone layer on the outside to improve grip. Regardless, their quilted pattern does help with the grip.

  • Affordable
  • Made entirely out of cotton
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Not the greatest grip

4. Cuisinart Oven Mitt with Non-Slip Silicone Grip

Cuisinart Silicone Oven Mitts - Heat Resistant up to 500 degrees F Handle Hot Cooking Items Safely - Non-Slip Grip Oven Gloves with Soft Insulated Deep Pockets and Convenient Hanging Loop - Green, 2pk

Cuisinart is a brand that needs to introduction. Their oven mitts have been a popular product due to their simple design and the fact that they combine cotton and silicone for a better grip. Basically the part that is used to grab hot items has a silicone coating while the rest of the glove is made out of fabric. They are decently thick which means proper insulation and they come with hanging hooks for easier storage.

The gloves are quite decent for the price. They offer proper insulation but the inner lining is not as some would expect. It tends to tear after some time and might need to be repaired or just replace the mitts.

  • Good price tag
  • Proper heat insulation
  • Good grip
  • Inner lining will eventually tear after some time

3. The Triumphant Chef Oven Mitts

No products found.

The Triumphant Chef oven mitts are some of the best silicone ones that made it to our list. The common issue with silicone mitts is that they are made too large. This is not the case here. Their size is a bit larger but manageable. The insulation they offer is also quite impressive as the mitts have an inner textile layer. As for safety, the mitts offer excellent grip and cleaning them is quite simple. They include a small brush and they can be rinsed just with water.

Even if they are smaller than other silicone mitts they are still a bit large for the ones with small hands. Regardless they are still usable but some might find them a bit uncomfortable to work with.

  • Great design
  • Good price tag
  • Good thermal insulation and grip
  • A bit large for the ones with small hands

2. Fred & Friends Oven Mitts

Sale Genuine Fred BEAR HANDS Oven Mitts - Quality Cotton with Heat Resistant Silicone - Fun & Function Kitchen Gadgets - Funny White Elephant Gift - Great Gift for Home Cooks, Bakers, & Animal Lovers -

Fred & Friends oven mitts are a bit unusual in terms of design. Some will love their childish design that makes them look like bear paws. The important fact is that they provide proper insulation and a decent grip. The model is made mostly out of cotton and have heat resistant silicone on the pads that makes it easier to work with hot pots. The model comes as a pair of gloves and both of them are made the same. Their build quality is great and their price tag makes the mitts an worthy purchase.

The gloves do work well. They manage to provide proper insulation and functionality but they do have one issue. Most users complain that the thumb is a bit too small. This can cause the user to be unable to properly grab a pot but it should not be a major issue.

  • Interesting paw shaped design
  • Good grip and thermal insulation
  • Machine wash safe
  • Thumbs are too small

1. DII Heat Resistant Oven Mitts

Sale DII Basic Terry Collection 100% Cotton Quilted, Oven Mitt, Blue, 2 Piece

The DII oven mitts are by far the best selling model in our list. It is a simple pair of mitts made entirely out of cotton that offers great insulation and feature a low price tag. The mitts have a quilted pattern that helps with the grip especially since they do not have a silicone layer to help. The inner padding offers great thermal insulation while the outer side has a fabric that is similar to a towel. They are machine wash safe and come in multiple colors.

One problem that most users mentioned is the fact that the mitts are stiff at first. The moment they arrive the gloves feel a bit difficult to handle but as time goes by the fabric softens and they become much more manageable. This can be considered a minor con.

  • Affordable
  • Great design
  • Proper thermal insulation
  •  The mitts are stiff at first

Things To Take Into Account

There are a few things that need to be mentioned. Depending on the type of the oven mitts there are some key differences. For example, most silicone oven mitts tend to be oversized. They are much larger than regular mitts that are made out of cotton. This is because if they would have been smaller then it would have been difficult to put them on. The good side is that they offer better grip than textile ones. However the insulation is not that great. Some models have an inner textile layer beneath the silicone that does help. On the other hand, regular cotton oven mitts do not offer the same type of grip. They are not as reliable from that perspective but their thermal insulation is better.

From a pricing perspective, there is not much of a difference between them. The main difference is made by their properties. For the sake of diversity we included models from all categories. All the oven mitts in our list are well made and are worth having a look at.

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