Top 10 Best Outdoor Bikes for Kids in 2024


Bike riding is an excellent way for small children to develop their large motor skills and to, of course, get some recommended exercise. It is a fun and healthy activity that takes them away from the dull indoors, the internet and television as well as encouraging them to get some fresh air. Going outdoors such as a public park will also give them the opportunity to interact with other children. These experiences are what they need to grow and develop into socially balanced human beings.

Here are some key features to keep in mind while you hunt for the perfect bike:

  • Color: certain bikes may only come in certain colors. While this detail may seem minute, the colors or graphics on a bike can be the feature that draws a child to a bike and makes them want to ride it.
  • Size: Making sure a bike is the right size for a child is crucial. Finding a bike with size options or adjustability ensures a child will be able to use the bike properly and for years to come.
  • Safety features: accessories such as reflectors, horns, and brakes are necessary in ensuring a child’s safety while riding a bike. While many bikes come with these, some do not and it would be wise to double-check before making your purchase.
  • Comfortability: Bike seats and handlebars can become very uncomfortable, especially with extended use. Look for bikes with extra padding and grip to make for a more enjoyable experience.

Check out what 2017 has to offer in the way of pedal and pedal-less bikes with the following review of these top 10 rated bikes for kids. The size of each bike is related to the diameter of the main wheels.
Kids’ Bikes WITH Pedals

Best Outdoor Bikes for Kids in 2024

Bikes With Pedals for Kids

10. Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Toddler Tricycle Tough Trike Bike with Handlebar Grips and Storage for Kids (Amazon Exclusive)

Starting the list is Fisher-Price’s Harley-Davidson Tough Trike. Fisher-Price is a popular household name in the way of creating awesome kid’s toys.

This model is a pick on our list due to:

  • It has gray, easy-to-grip handlebars, mimicking the silver color of a real-life Harley Davidson bike and large foot pedals for easy reach.
  • The tires are durable and rugged with a stable base, which makes the bike solid on the ground.
  • There is even a hidden compartment below the seat which can be used for storing snacks or other toys.

A few downsides are that:

  • The design seems to cater more to boys, but it may appeal to some girls.
  • With only one theme to it, interchangeable colors and stickers are not an option for this bike like others.

This model will make bike riding outdoors so much fun for kids. kids from ages 2 to 6 years old are ready to go zoom outdoors. This awesome and stable bike will provide a lot of fun and is an excellent physical development tool for younger toddlers.

9. RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike, Boy’s Bikes and Girl’s Bikes with training wheels

Sale Royalbaby RB14B-6B BMX Freestyle Kids Bike, Boy's Bikes and Girl's Bikes with training wheels, Gifts for children, 14 inch wheels, Blue

At #9 sits the RoyalBaby BMW Freestyle Kids Bike.

We would recommend this bike because it has the following characteristics:

  • This unisex pedal bike comes in 6 colors and 4 sizes.
  • All come with a water bottle, a set of training wheels, an adjustable seat post, and a bell.
  • They are 95% assembled on the purchase, where you only need to attach the training wheels, pedals, handles, and seat.
  • The rear and front-wheel brakes give kids more than one option to stop safely while the handles are designed with stars on them for a secure grip and hold.
  • The chain is protected by a chain guard which helps to prevent the feet and hands of children from becoming caught in and injured.

A few cons to note would be:

  • Only the 12 – 16” sized bikes come with a carrying handle attached to the seat.
  • Rubber versus silicon grips would be based on preference, but it should be noted that this bike has rubber ones.

These bikes are suitable for children from 3 to 7 years old. They have truly been manufactured with the safety of the riders in mind. In fact, the company which makes them specializes only in children’s bikes, so they could focus entirely on filling the recreational and safety needs of children.

8. RoyalBaby Space No. 1 Aluminum Kids Bikes

No products found.

In the #8 slot is the RoyalBaby Space Aluminum Kids Bike. The range of bikes available in this model is for children aged 3 to 8 years old.

This bike is impressive as it boasts the following traits:

  • Each bike comes with a bell, training wheels, tools for assembly, a water bottle and holder, as well as reflectors.
  • The bike is unisex.
  • The chain is housed by a chain guard and the pedals are fitted with reflectors for easy spotting at night.

However, we would say that the following could have been better:

  • Only the 16” and 18” come with an installed kickstand.
  • The colors are limited to just red, silver, yellow, and black.
  • The frames are made of aluminum and have a punk-style design, which may not be preferred by all children.

The Royal Baby bikes generally are among the best on the market for children of all ages and this one is no different. The safety features remain consistent and the presence of the training wheels on this model will help any child as they develop their dexterity and skill in outdoor bike riding.

7. Paw Patrol 12″ Bicycle

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Toys Bicycle, Kids to Toddler Bike, Paw Patrol Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Skye, and Ryder on a Red Steel Frame, Includes Training Wheels, 12-Inch Wheels

At #7 is the Paw Patrol Bicycle. This cool red Paw Patrol-themed bike will win the hearts of every little boy or girl who enjoys the cartoon.

Here are a few notable, positive traits of this bike:

  • This steel-framed bicycle comes with a 3D character number plate and suits children from ages 3 to 5 years old.
  • Kids can easily stand over the frame to hold the bike upright.
  • 12” bike comes with foot brakes for easy stoppage.
  • The pedals have reflectors for easy detection when it gets dark.
  • The training wheels are durable.
  • The chain is protected by a guard to prevent body parts from becoming snagged in the chain.

There is one con that was identified:

  • The brakes are by foot which can be more of a preference issue. Some parents prefer the bike’s brakes to be on the handlebars for added safety.

A parent’s decision to purchase this bike will be more than just about the fact that it is a character-themed bike. The safety features are key for selecting a bike for children aged three and up. This bike possesses all of those buying points.

6. RoyalBaby CubeTube Kid’s Bike

No products found.

In at #6 is the RoyalBaby Cube Tube bike that is designed to reflect the personality of a child who does not need all the fancy attachments.

We recommend this model to parents due to:

  • This bike comes with training wheels.
  • All come with tools to complete the assembly, bells, and reflectors.
  • The design is unisex, so they can choose based on their color preference.
  • The handles have soft grips, and the reflector-embedded pedals are nonslip.

However, we are noting a few improvements that could have been made:

  • The 12” and 14” bikes do not have kickstands, but the 16” and 18” bikes do.
  • The brakes for the 12”- 16” bikes are located on the handle and rear wheel, while the 18” bikes have hand brakes only.

Based on the design of this bike, it is clear that much careful thought was put into it. The fact that RoyalBaby put so much emphasis on creating a bike to suit the various personalities of children is impressive. The typical safety features are present in common RoyalBaby fashion and the innovation of the foam seat makes it all the more comfortable.

5. Huffy Bicycle Company – Disney Frozen Bike

No products found.

Here comes #5 from Huffy Bicycle Company. Another character-themed bike, this one has a Y-shaped steel frame.

Here are a few things that we liked about this model:

  • The tires are 1 ¾” wide and made for the sidewalk.
  • As a bonus feature, it comes equipped with a detachable Frozen bag with Anna and Elsa graphics.
  • It comes with a padded ATB seat and had an adjustable integrated seat post.

But, there were a few things that we feel could have been done better:

  • It comes in gray or blue. This greatly limits the options for all children.
  • It is only suitable for girls.

The training wheels are sturdy for the stability of the ride. This girl-designed bike is not only safe but also greatly appealing to Frozen fans. It is a great choice of bike for girls from 3 to 5 years old.

Pedal-less Bikes for Kid

4. Tauki Kid Balance Bike No Pedal Push Bicycle

No products found.

Starting the pedal-less bike list at #4 is the Tauki Kid Balance Push Bicycle.

We really liked this bike for the following reasons:

  • It is ideal for 18 months to 5-year-olds to help them develop their leg muscles.
  • It comes almost fully assembled, with just the seat and handlebar requiring installation.
  • The adjustable handlebar helps with raising the comfort level so the child can reach it.
  • A portable pump and assembly tools are included.

There is one thing that we wish could have been implemented for this bike:

  • The bike is a little small in comparison to others. This may be a problem for taller 4 to 5-year-olds.

This is one of the ideal starter bikes to help young children learn to ride before you introduce them to pedals. The handles are covered with small and rubberized soft grips. The seat is also comfortable and adjustable to seat the child at the ideal height. The construction is solid with a durable paint finish to last for years.

3. Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike

Strider 12” Sport Bike, Black - No Pedal Balance Bicycle for Kids 18 Months to 5 Years - Includes Safety Pad, Padded Seat, Mini Grips & Flat-Free Tires - Tool-Free Assembly & Adjustments

In the #3 slot is Strider’s Sport Balance Bike.

We really liked this bike because:

  • It was designed to help children develop greater control, coordination, balance and confidence when learning to ride.
  • It is also covered by a 2-year factory warranty.
  • The bike takes only 5 minutes to assemble and comes with the necessary wrench.
  • The well-padded seat and handlebars are adjustable to give children the perfect fit.

There was an issue that we had, which included:

  • This bike is not suitable for any child over 18 months.
  • Children are able to start learning to ride as soon as 18 months old, which will help them to develop and hone their skills early on. As a bonus, this model

includes an extra-large seat post to cater to children up to 5 years old or who weigh less than 60 pounds. This bike is a good investment as it covers such a wide age range of starter riders. It is built sturdy so that it can last a long time.

2. Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

In the #2 spot is yet another bike aimed at helping kids develop balance. This Chicco Red Bullet is designed for children from three years old and older.

There were great things we noticed about this bike:

  • The lightweight frame makes it easy for young ones to manage the whole bike.
  • While soft, the tires are resistant to piercing and contribute to a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

We had a few cons that we wanted to note:

  • The weight limit for using this bike is 55 pounds. The height-adjustable seat and forward adjustable handlebar makes it possible for them to adjust to their comfort.
  • There is no integrated footrest to accommodate the feet when practicing to balance.

Since this bike caters to children from an older age group, it would have been served well by the inclusion of a footrest to encourage balance. Older toddlers are much closer to being ready to take on a pedal bike. However, if the child is just starting to learn to use this bike, that aside, this bike is an excellent purchase.

1. Vilano Ripper Balance Bike No Pedal Training Bicycle

No products found.

At the top of this list with the #1 slot is Vilano’s Balance Bicycle. The final pedal-less bike, the Vilano Ripper has some cool design features for the older toddler.

Some great things we liked about this bike are:

  • It comes with a handlebar pad which is both decorative and functional, providing added protection for the crossbar.
  • The steel frame and 12” wheels make for durability and stability, respectively.
  • The running board at the base of the frame serves as an adequate footrest for children to practice improving their balance.
  • The assembly required is minimal and easy.

A few downsides we want to mention are that:

  • Some 2-year-olds may also be ready to manage it, however, the ideal starting age is 3 years old.
  • There are no training wheels attached to this bike.

This bike is ideal for the older toddler who is close to mastering balance on a no-pedal bike. It serves as an excellent transition bike and the running board encourages them to work hard at achieving balance.

There are many products out there that claim to be safe and fun for children. However, you should do your research and carefully go through this list of reviews to find a bike that is perfect for your child’s needs. Of course, you want something that is related to their personalities, but you also want to find something that is safe and durable.

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