Top 10 Best Monopods For GoPro in 2024


With a monopod designed for the GoPro, you can easily record yourself while enjoying your outdoor activities. Monopods are available in a variety of designs – with features that can help make self-recording a little easier.

Best Monopods For GoPro in 2024

Here are the top 10 best monopods for the GoPro in 2024. Find the ultimate selfie stick for your GoPro camera.

10. SmaTree SmaPole X1 Aluminum Foldable Multi-Functional Pole for GoPro

Smatree X1 Aluminium Foldable Pole 3-Way Ajustable Selfie Stick Compatible for GoPro Hero 12/11/MAX//10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3+/3/Hero(2018),DJI OSMO Action Camera.
The first monopod in this list has a unique design. Instead of a telescoping pole, you get a monopod that unfolds. There are 3 arms to the pole, along with a foldable extension arm. This allows you to adjust the length of the monopod from 5.9-inches to 19.3-inches.

Other features and advantages include:

  • Adjusting the foldable pole into different shapes gives you more versatility for setting up a shot
  • Includes a ¼-inch universal mount – should work with all GoPro cameras and most other cameras and mobile phones
  • Weighs less than 1-pound
  • Includes an adjustable wrist strap
  • Includes a tripod mount – easily convert your monopod into a tripod

This pole is good, but you also need to explore the disadvantages:

  • The pole is shorter than the others on this list – only reaches 19.3-inches
  • The folding design may not work for everyone
  • This pole is not waterproof

The folding design is interesting. It does give you more options for positioning the camera but also limits the total length of the pole. For example, you could adjust the pole to reach around corners, over the top of a ledge, or simply extend the arms so that they are flat.

Overall, this is a convenient monopod, but it does have a few issues. The short length and the fact that it’s not waterproof could be a problem, depending on how you plan on using your monopod.

9. Vicdozia 19-inch Waterproof Hand Grip Adjustable Extension Selfie Stick

Vicdozia 19'' Extension Selfie Stick, Portable Hand Grip Waterproof Handheld Monopod Adjustable Pole Compatible with GoPro Hero 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 AKASO SJCAM DJI OSMO and More Sports Cameras
The next best monopod is this short 19-inch waterproof hand grip. It is an adjustable extension stick for small cameras, including the GoPro cameras. It extends from 7.25-inches to 19-inches, which may be short compared to other options, but also helps this stick work as a stabilizer for your camera.

Here are the other advantages of this monopod:

Includes a comfortable wrist strap for securing the stick to your hand
The shorter length gives greater control of your camera
Compatible with the GoPro cameras, along with other cameras

There is one drawback that you need to be aware of. The bottom of the stick doesn’t have a nut for connecting a tripod. The other sticks have this located on the bottom so that you can easily mount the monopod on top of a tripod to give the tripod more height.

Other than this problem, this is a decent monopod. It gives greater control so that you can get great shots while on the go.

8. Dolica WT-1003 67-inch Lightweight Monopod

Dolica WT-1003 67-Inch Lightweight Monopod
Here is an incredibly long pole. With this monopod, you can extend your stick to 67-inches. That is over 5-feet in length, so that you can get a greater view of the surrounding area. At that height, you can take impressive shots from above your head.

Along with the length of the pole, you should explore the other advantages:

  • Made from ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy material – weighs less than a pound
  • Supports cameras weighing up to 6.7-pounds
  • You get a secure fit for almost all cameras – including the GoPro cameras
  • Includes a carrying bag and a built-in adjustable wrist strap
  • The 4 leg sections have non-skid rubber footing
  • Quick flip locks for securing the length of the pole
  • The base thread is ¼-inch, which should support most cameras

The drawbacks are not major problems, but they should be part of your overall buying decision. Here is a closer look at the potential disadvantages:

The dye that is used on the foam handle can start to come off on your hands
When the monopod is not compact – even when collapsed

When you collapse the monopod into its original size, it is still rather large. You may have trouble fitting in smaller bags.

Also, the dye that is used on the foam can start to rub off on your hands. This isn’t always the case and depends on how sweaty your hands get. If you find this to be a problem, you could wrap the grip with hockey stick tape.

7. ActionSports Aluminum Waterproof Telescoping Monopod for the GoPro

The next choice is a waterproof monopod for the GoPro. It features a universal mount that should be compatible with most cameras. You shouldn’t have any issues connecting your GoPro. It has 3 sections, allowing you to extend the pole from 14 to 35-inches.

Examine the rest of the features and benefits:

  • You get a lifetime warranty – most of these poles come with a 30-day warranty
  • Aluminum tightening screw ensures a tight and secure connection with your camera
  • Include an adjustable wrist strap for making sure you don’t let go of your monopod
  • The monopod is constructed from durable aluminum and is also waterproof

The disadvantages include:

  • Some people have had problems with the tripod mount when connecting certain cameras – but not the GoPro cameras
  • The 14-inch length of the collapsed monopod is long – you may not be able to fit in your backpack or bag

The bottom line is that this is a quality monopod, especially if you’re looking for a waterproof option. You can take it scuba diving or swimming, without having to deal with rust.

6. AmazonBasics 67-inch Monopod

Amazon Basics 67-Inch Monopod, Black
AmazonBasics releases a wide variety of products, including this extendable monopod. This is one of the cheapest poles in the list. Despite the price, it has quite a few positive features, including:

  • Extends up to 67-inches – one of the longest monopods available
  • Includes a built-in cushion grip and adjustable wrist strap for more comfort and security
  • Includes a universal ¼-inch thread mount for attaching most cameras, including the GoPro series of cameras
  • Made from lightweight, yet durable, aluminum – weighs less than 1 pound
  • Nonskid rubber foot and retractable spikes

Are there are any issues to pay attention to? The following drawbacks could pose a problem for some users:

  • Does not have a quick release feature
  • It is not waterproof

This is another monopod that is not waterproof. While you could still take it in the water, you’ll want to make sure that it is thoroughly dry before you use it again.

The other issue is that this doesn’t have a quick release. Again, not a big deal, but there are selfie sticks with a quick release to make it easy to remove the camera.

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5. Selfie Stick for Use as GoPro Pole and Monopod

QEONIX iPhone X/XS Privacy Screen Protector 5.8 inch, Premium Anti-Spy Real 9H Tempered 3D Glass / Case Friendly, Scratch Proof
Next is a monopod accessory kit. It is built for the GoPro series of cameras but also works with most smartphones – including the iPhone 6 and 7. In addition to compatibility, it brings these benefits:

  • Rugged and durable extension pole – reaches 36-inches
  • Compatible with tripods – there is a tripod nut on the bottom of the pole
  • The monopod is lightweight and easy to extend – weighs just 7.2-ounces

The disadvantages need to be considered, as this pole does have its limitations:

  • This is not a waterproof pole
  • You should not rely on the wrist strap to keep the pole secure

The wrist strap is connected to a ring that is attached to the monopod. This ring can become loose, which would make the wrist strap a useless feature.

As mentioned, this pole is not waterproof. If you intend on taking your selfie stick in the water, then you’ll need to use extra care. This means taking the pole apart and allowing the individual components to dry before putting it back together. Otherwise, it may rust.

That’s the biggest issue with this pole. Other than that, it’s a great choice. It extends to 36-inches and is built with quality materials.

4. Smatree SmaPole S1 All-Aluminum Alloy Handheld Telescopic Pole

No products found.

At number 4, this aluminum alloy telescopic pole keeps your camera secure at the end of the stick while you extend the pole up to 40.5-inches. It comes with a built-in nut for attaching a tripod mount – and you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Extends from 15.8 to 40.5-inches
  • Aluminum alloy construction ensures durability
  • Comfortable grip to prevent slippage
  • You can use this pole in the water without worrying about rust
  • Suitable for use with the GoPro Hero 4
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • You get a tight fit with the camera – you don’t have to worry about the camera falling off the end of the pole

While those are great reasons to consider buying this pole, there are a couple disadvantages:

  • The camera can only rotate 180-degrees – not 360-degrees
  • After using underwater, you need to take the pole apart to allow the parts to dry

Those disadvantages may not deter you from buying this monopod. This is a top choice due to the durability of the pole and the included accessories.

You get the pole, a wrench, and an aluminum thumbscrew. The end of the pole has a removable blue rope that can be wrapped around your wrist for added security while using the pole.

3. Professional 10-in-1 GoPro Monopod Waterproof Selfie Stick

No products found.

Another option is this extendable monopod. It has numerous features that increase the function of the stick. This includes the following features and benefits:

  • Extend from 15 to 47-inches – quickly extend using the quick extend release clips
  • One of the longest selfie sticks in this list
  • Includes a nylon carry bag
  • The stick is constructed from a durable waterproof material – you can use this stick in the water while diving
  • Includes a GoPro mount and phone attachment
  • The bottom of the stick has a tripod screw

The only disadvantages include these issues:

  • Marketed as a 10-in-1 stick – this refers to compatibility and not the features or functions
  • Larger and heavier than the next two options

It’s not the most lightweight selfie stick, but it is durable. If you want a sturdy extendable stick that can be used in nearly any setting, this is a great choice. The drawbacks are minor and the features are useful.

2. Luxebell Selfie Stick Telescopic Pole Pocket Size with Phone Clip

No products found.

At number 2 is this telescopic pole. The manufacturers claim that this is the smallest on the market. Easily store in your pocket or purse. It also provides the following advantages:

  • All one piece – there are no parts to lose
  • Weighs just 3.4-ounces
  • Includes phone clip holder – fits phones 2.36 to 3.34-inches
  • The phone clip has a foam grip to prevent scratching
  • The twist and lock system makes it easy to adjust the length of the pole
  • Made with rust-free aluminum to prevent rusting – making this suitable for use in water
  • Adjust the pole between 6.6 and 18.1-inches

This is a convenient monopod for the GoPro cameras and there aren’t any disadvantages that need to be addressed. The only potential issue is the length of the pole. It can extend to 18.1-inches, which is about half the length of the next option.

1. Smatree SmaPole Q3 Telescoping Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand for GoPro

[amazon box=”B00XN1P9QI?tag=toptenbest-20″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”> Check price on Amazon

The top choice for GoPro monopods is this telescoping stick. It features a flexible ball head that provides 360-degree rotation. Easily get the best shooting positions with this extendable monopod or convert it into a tripod with the provided tripod stand.

Here is a closer look at the rest of the advantages and features:

  • The selfie stick can be adjusted from 11.8 to 36.6-inches
  • Constructed from high-quality aluminum for extra durability
  • The selfie stick is easy to adjust – simply twist counter clockwise to release and clockwise to lock

There are no disadvantages, as this is the top option. When the stick is contracted, it is compact and easy to store. It’s also incredibly versatile. You can extend it 3 feet or attach the tripod pod. Overall, this is the best monopod for the GoPro series of cameras – it also works with most compact cameras and cell phones.

Choosing the Best Monopod for the GoPro

When shopping for a monopod for your GoPro, you should consider the length of the stick and other features that are important to you.

This selection of the top 10 best monopods for GoPro in 2024 covers a variety of styles that should suit any of your needs. Before you make your final decision, you should double check the features – including the size of the monopod.

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  1. The GoPro cameras have quickly become popular amongst those who live crystal clear images, and who like to invest in high-end gadgets that can film and take pictures of an irreproachable quality. However, taking a selfie with a GoPro Hero4 camera can be more challenging than thought, and for that you need a monopod! Here you will find the top 10 best monopods for GoPro Hero4 in 2017:

    10. The Telescopic Handheld Monopod For GoPro

    This is a universal and multipurpose handheld monopod device for GoPro Hero 1, 2, 3 as well as 4. This professional monopod can also be used for Galaxy S5 or S6, as well as for other smart phones – the best thing about it is that it can easily be rotated 180-degrees in order to control the shooting angle. The handle of this monopod is made from high-quality, non-slip soft foam!

    9. The Smatree SmaPole S1 for GoPro Hero 4

    This is a handheld monopod that is entirely made from lightweight and durable aluminum of the highest quality – this is what makes the monopod light yet strong enough to last for a lifetime! The monopod for GoPro Hero4 also comes with quick and effortless length adjustments, and it is specifically designed to offer the best shooting effect you can get.

    8. The FLOUREON Extendable Handheld Monopod

    This is one of the most advanced monopods for GoPro Hero4 available on the market – made and sold by Floureon, this extendable handheld monopot can easily increase the distance between you and your camera, so you can get the best shooting effect possible. Moreover, you can easily rotate your GoPro as you wish, and on top of that it is fully compatible with most digital cameras as well!

    7. The Portable Camera Extender Monopod

    This is more than just an average monopod or extender – it also doubles as an efficient selfie stick designed to keep your camera or your smart phone steady, thanks to the screw staple that controls the head ball of the monopod. Moreover, this monopod for GoPro Hero4 also comes with two attachment straps, and it is made from an advanced aluminium alloy.

    6. The GoScope – GoPro HERO4 Telescoping Monopod

    This monopod for the GoPro Hero 4 is certainly one of a kind – and it is versatile enough to be used for just about any GoPro camera. Featuring an advanced dual buckle mount head that allows users to lock in two cameras at once, this monopod only weighs four ounces and it is very durable in the long run.

    5. The Kansang GoPro Monopod

    Made and sold by Kansang, this Monopod is suitable for all the GoPro camera models, and it can also be used for your iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung and your digital camera.

    4. The SHINEDA Aluminium Alloy Monopod Pole

    This is a telescopic monopod pole sold by Shineda, and it features an advanced twisting lock system designed to stop any and all vibrations that may occur when you are trying to shoot a video or to take a picture. Moreover, the ball head of this monopod pole is made entirely from aluminium and it rolls 360-degrees. The handle is made from high density foam that ensures a great grip, too!

    3. URPOWER handheld monopod for GoPro Hero Cameras

    This is another versatile and fairly easy to use handheld monopod that can be used for every GoPro Hero model – 1, 2, 3 and 5. There is also a remote control that you can use if you plan on coupling this handheld monopod with your smart phone.

    2. The CamKix Premium Telescopic Pole

    This telescopic pole and handheld monopod for GoPro Hero 4 is great both for amateurs and for professional photographers who want to make the most of their cameras. Made with durable, lightweight and reliable materials, this monopod also features a removable cradle for effortless wifi remote attachment, and it also comes with a safe and efficient clip lock extension! This is basically an all in one selfie stick that can be used not just for the GoPro Hero series, but for most smart phones and compact cameras as well.

    1. The EnKo Extendable Handheld Monopod

    The number one on the list is undoubtedly this extendable handheld monopod by Enko, which can be used for all types of GoPro Hero cameras. This is actually a professional sports monopod that features an advanced anti-slip handle and a very lightweight and waterproof ergonomic design. It comes with a 24-month money back guarantee as well!

    To conclude, these are the most appreciated and most commonly bought monopods for GoPro Hero 4 cameras in 2017!

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