Top 10 Best Macbook Air Cases, Covers and Sleeves in 2024


The MacBook Air is one of Apple’s most popular products due to its versatility and form factor. When it was first introduced it was one of the thinnest laptops in the world. Many saw just how successful the product was and now we have tens of ultrabooks that copy the same design from Apple. While it might not be a true workhorse, the MacBook Air is the ideal choice for travelers that prefer Apple products. They are more expensive but their design, build quality and the hardware and OS compatibility are difficult to match by any other laptop manufacturer.

Since we are talking about a premium product that not everyone can afford, we need to think about suitable accessories. A mouse is always on the list and so is a case, cover or sleeve. Protection is important and it should not be disregarded. Also it makes much more sense to have a dedicated sleeve or case when traveling rather than to pack the MacBook Air in a trolley. We managed to select 10 gorgeous and useful cases, covers and sleeves for the MacBook Air.

Best MacBook Air Cases, Covers and Sleeves in 2024

With no further ado here are the top 10 Best Macbook Air Cases, Covers and Sleeves in 2024

10. Omoton MacBook Air 13 inch Case Sleeve with Stand

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When combining functionality with style you end up with something along the lines of the Omoton MacBook Air case. It is a simple sleeve that at first does not look much different than your average model but it can be converted into a stand. This added functionality makes it a stylish accessory for the ones that like to take their laptop with them when leaving home.

  • Leather design with a soft padding on the inside
  • Secure Velcro strap to keep the laptop safe inside
  • Convertible design that makes it a stand for the MacBook
  • No additional pockets, not even a small one for a credit card
  • The stand of the sleeve is not very stable. It works for watching a movie or improving airflow but typing on the laptop will make it feel flimsy
For most part the sleeve is worth the money since it is quite cheap. The ones that think of buying it just for the stand feature might want to think better about their choice. The insert that is supposed to make the stand rigid is not as strong and typing on the laptop will reveal just how fragile it is.

In terms of style points the sleeve does manage to score well. It has a certain executive look with its black leather design. In terms of durability it is important to note that this is not made from genuine leather. It is made from PU leather which is less resilient in terms of wear and tear.

9. GMYLE Vintage Book Case for MacBook Air/Pro 13

GMYLE Book Case Vintage for MacBook Air/Pro 13 inch (A1369/A1466/A1278) - Brown Crazy Horse Pattern Zipped Sleeve [Not Fit For Macbook Pro Retina 13(A1425/A1502), New Macbook Pro 13 2016(A1706/A1708)]

Not all sleeves are made equal and some models simply stand out. The GMYLE is a gorgeous sleeve for the MacBook that was shaped to look like a vintage book. It is not suitable for someone that likes to carry the laptop to the office but for everyone else it is a great option and it is cheap too.

  • Gorgeous design
  • Padded interior for added protection and elastic straps to keep the laptop safe
  • Secure zippered closure
  • No vent holes despite the fact that the laptop can be used without taking it out
  • No additional pockets or room for anything else
Despite having such a great design the model is flawed. According to the manufacturers the MacBook can be used without being taken out of the sleeve but the biggest problem is that the sleeve does not have vent holes which means that heat accumulates inside. This means that it is better to just take the MacBook out when needed.

Other than that, there is not much to say against the GMYLE. It is inexpensive, well-built, and great looking. If it was not for the design flaw that makes the laptop overheat, the sleeve would have surely scored higher on our list.

8. Snugg Leather Sleeve for Apple MacBook Air

MacBook Pro 13 and Air 13 Sleeve, Snugg - Red Leather Sleeve Case Protective Cover for MacBook Pro 13 and Air 13 with Touchbar (2016)

Sometimes, going for something basic seems like the more easy option. Choosing a basic sleeve without thinking too much will end up with something like the Snugg Leather Sleeve. It is a simple model with a decent price tag that offers great diversity in terms of color options and good protection with its padded interior.

  • Durable PU leather construction
  • Magnetic flap that makes it easy to open but still strong enough to keep the laptop save inside
  • 11 different colors to choose from unlike other sleeves that are found in just one color
  • Even if it is advertised as being able to fit both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, the sleeve will not fit the MacBook Pro 13
  • No room to carry anything else
In terms of design, simplicity seems to be the key idea for this sleeve. It is functional but the lack of additional pockets will prove to be annoying. There is not additional space for the charger or even a small smartphone. If that is not a problem then the sleeve should serve its purpose quite well.

In terms of durability the PU leather used is very resilient even to scratches. It will survive wear and tear and it does not feel cheap in any way. Surely there are other similar models for the same price tag but the quality of the leather used makes it a much better option.

7. Tomtoc 360° Protective 13 Inch Sleeve Case Cover for MacBook Air

tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve for 14-inch MacBook Pro M3/M2/M1 Pro/Max A2992 A2918 A2779 A2442 2024-2021, 13.8-inch New Surface Laptop 7th Edition, Copilot+ PC, Water-Resistant MacBook Case

Tomtoc might be a small brand but it does have a few laptop sleeves that are worth looking at. Their protective sleeve case for the MacBook air is a good option for the ones that like to travel light. The sleeve itself is lightweight and has a foam padded interior that offers excellent protection against shocks. It is not perfect but it is more than decent for the price.

  • Foam padded interior with small bubbles that prevent damage from small drops and shcoks
  • Extra zippered side pocket for small accessories
  • Durable fabric exterior that makes it look stylish as well
  • Does not properly fit the latest MacBook Pro model as advertised but it works great for the MacBook air
  • No strap or anything that would make it easy to carry around
For most part, the sleeve is quite decent. It offers good protection and utility. If traveling without a charger is not a problem then it should be a great pick but other than that it does not offer a whole lot of storage space. The outer zippered pocket is useful but it will not fit thick objects.

Looking at its design, the sleeve is targeting a more youthful public. It has a pleasing design but it is not suitable for an office environment. Maybe the black version would work but the grey, pink, and blue ones not so much. Last but not least, it there was one thing to make it better and maybe a top 3 sleeve, it would have been a waterproof design. If it could protect the laptop from water the sleeve would have been one of the hottest sellers in our list.

6. Mosiso PU Leather Book Folio Stand Case for MacBook Air 13 Inch

MOSISO Compatible with MacBook Air 13 inch Case A1369 A1466 Older Version 2010-2017 Release, PU Leather Case Portfolio Protective Stand Cover Sleeve, Brown

There are not that many laptop sleeves that have an executive look yet can be suitable in every environment. The Mosiso leather folio case is one such example of a great design that serves a functional purpose and does not cost a lot. It is a slim case that can go by as a cover but offers good protection without making any design compromises.

  • A gorgeous design that makes it look like an original accessory
  • Makes it easy to use the laptop without taking the sleeve off
  • Very low price tag and a good selection of colors to choose from
  • The raising stand beneath it does not feel all that rugged
  • No cutout for vents which might cause the laptop to heat up a bit
The design of the sleeve makes it a great option but it is not without flaws. The absence of a gent cutout will make the MacBook warm up more than usual. If it is not used for something CPU intensive it should be just fine using the sleeve, otherwise it is better to just take it out when using it.

It is difficult to talk about storage since there is none. It is more of a case with a stand. The stand itself will prove to be useful but not when typing as it is not rigid enough. It can be used when watching a movie but other than that it is better to just not use it to avoid pushing too hard and just breaking it.

5. Inateck 13 MacBook Air Sleeve Carrying Case

Inateck 13-13.3' Laptop Sleeve Compatible with MacBook Air/Pro Retina Sleeve Carrying Case Cover Protective Bag, Water Repellent - Black (LC1300B)

A good MacBook Air sleeve does not have to be complicated. While Inateck is a rather unknown brand, their MacBook Air sleeve should get more attention. It is a simple product with a great design but what recommend it the most is the combination of a low price tag and excellent build quality. It is basically a large wallet for the laptop as it is very thin and quite basic.

  • Durable textile fabric and padded main compartment
  • Additional zippered side pocket that can hold small or thin objects
  • Very slim and compact. It can even be folded and placed inside another bag which is a bit ironic
  • Feels a bit flimsy at first when it is empty
  • Zipper quality is not great. They will not break after a few uses but they most likely will not last for years
The biggest problem that the sleeve has is the quality of the zippers. They are not bad but they do not feel as if they would survive for years. Thinking that the sleeve might not be used on a daily basis, this might not be such a big issue but it is worth mentioning.

Thinking about the arguments that recommend this particular sleeve, the price tag is the first thing that comes to mind. Its design is fairly simple with the all-black exterior and the padded inner compartment. Protection is decent and the outer zippered pocket will prove to be a great bonus but storage space is still limited and build quality is not stellar. Yet for the price it is difficult to find anything better.

4. Inateck 13 Inch Macbook Air Sleeve Case Cover

Inateck 13-13.3 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Briefcase Compatible Macbook Air/Macbook Pro Retina, 13'' MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017/2016, 12.3'' Surface Pro X/7/6/5/4/3, Surface Laptop 2017/2/3, Dark Gray

The Inateck MacBook Air sleeve is quite similar to the previous model we reviewed. There are some marginal differences that make this model a bit better. The first one would be the build quality. Using better materials and more durable fabric for the exterior, the sleeve manages to look and feel a bit more premium. However, it does have a few pros and cons.

  • Zippered closure with a padded main compartment
  • A small handle mounted at the bottom that makes it much easier to carry
  • Extra side pocket that offers just a bit more storage space
  • Zipper quality is not stellar. It will not break after a few uses but it will not last for decades either
  • Not waterproof. It would have been a great bonus
Listing the fact that it is not waterproof as a con might seem a bit harsh since most of the sleeves in our list are not as well. However, the Inateck sleeve is quite close to being a flawless product and the only thing that could have made a bit difference is if it was waterproof. The zipper quality can be considered neglectable.

One aspect that will make some willing to spend money on the sleeve is its stylish, yet minimalistic design as well as the small handle that makes it so much convenient to carry around. It can be a great sleeve for the ones that need to take their MacBook at a business meeting or at the office.

3. Mosiso Plastic Hard Case with Keyboard Cover with Screen Protector for MacBook Air

Sale MOSISO Compatible with MacBook Air 13 inch Case (Models: A1369 & A1466, Older Version 2010-2017 Release), Protective Plastic Hard Shell Case & Keyboard Cover & Screen Protector, Marsala Red

Mosiso offers a great plastic hard case for the MacBook Air. Even if it shares the same design as so many other cases, the build quality and the bonuses included in the kit make it a rather tempting option. Besides the case itself the manufacturers included a screen protector film and a cover for the keyboard.

  • Easy installation. Everything snaps properly into place with minimal effort
  • Keyboard cover does not alter the typing experience
  • Can be found in many different colors
  • Only fits certain models of the MacBook Air. The case should work with all A1XXX versions
  • The screen protector will prove to be a bit annoying as it makes the display show colors a bit differently
For the money it is a steal deal. The case does not take away the beauty of the MacBook Air which is a major plus. It is also very thin yet it offers decent protection against scratches and mild drops. It will not save the laptop of it is dropped from the hands.

One thing worth talking about is the bonus included in the bundle. We did not mention before but the kit also includes additional rubber feet. Everything is very easy to install and all the essential ports have cutouts to make them easy to access even with the case mounted.

2. iBenzer Basic Soft-Touch Series Plastic Hard Case & Keyboard Cover for Apple Macbook Air

Sale IBENZER Compatible with Old Version MacBook Air 13 Inch Case (2010-2017 Release). Models: A1466 / A1369, Plastic Hard Shell Case with Keyboard Cover for Mac Air 13, Rose Quartz, A1301RQ+1

The iBenzer is very similar to the Mosiso MacBook Air case. It has a similar design but the material used is a bit different. Despite being advertised as a hard case, the model is a bit flexible and has a smooth rubberized finish that improves grip when holding it in one hand. It does have a few problems but it is still a great choice.

  • Low price tag but it does not feel cheap in any way
  • Bonus keyboard cover included in the kit.
  • Everything is easy to install as the cover just snaps into place
  • The case is a bit thin which raises some questions with regards to its level of protection.
  • Only fits MacBook Air models from the A1XXX series
There is not much to improve about the iBenzer case. It works like a charm and it does not make the laptop look thicker. Surely it is no sleeve but having it on and never having to worry about taking it off simply makes it a bit more useful and easy to use.

One important thing worth mentioning is the fact that the keyboard cover can protect the laptop from liquid damage. Surely spilling liquid onto the ports of the laptop is a bad idea but if for example a glass of water is spilled over the keyboard, the cover should prevent any kind of damage.

1. ProCase Laptop Sleeve Cover Bag for Surface Book, Macbook Pro Air

ProCase Laptop Sleeve Case, 14 inch Laptop Bag Compatible with MacBook HP Dell Lenovo ASUS Chromebook -Light Grey

The ProCase laptop sleeve for the MacBook Air is probably the best option we were able to find. To some degree, consumers tend to agree, otherwise, it would have not been selling so well. It is an inexpensive model that managed to become very popular and here is why:

  • Stylish design. It is a simple case and the fabrics used feel premium
  • Large main compartment with padded walls
  • Extra side pocket and a small handle to make it easy to carry
  • The side pocket cannot hold anything ticker than a smartphone without looking weird
With a gorgeous design, the ProCase offers a very tempting deal. The low price tag is deceiving as the build quality, the look and feel makes it almost as good as an official accessory. It is just a sleeve with a side pocket and a handle and that should be enough.

For the sake of diversity the manufacturers offer the sleeve in 3 different cases and 3 different sizes. It can be used with other ultrabooks as well but it is being advertised mostly as a sleeve for the MacBook Air.

Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for a MacBook Air Case or Sleeve

It is important to decide what to get, either a sleeve or a case. They are two different things but both of them are used to protect and transport the MacBook Air. We made some key notes to get a better picture of the difference between the two:

  • Cases do not offer any kind of storage options. They are just like a smartphone case
  • Sleeves usually have one large compartment but some might have an outer pocket as well
  • Build quality matters since we are talking about an expensive laptop and protection is important
  • Design is not everything. While a case might be prettier, a sleeve offers better protection
  • Most of them are affordable so it is better not to look just at the first cheap model found. There are plenty of decent options

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One Comment

  1. 10. SlickBlue Hard Case Frosted for MacBook Air

    The SlickBlue is an decent case for the MacBook Air in the sense that it does not take away the beauty of the device. It was built to be light and thin using a rubberized cover for the lid and bottom. It comes in several colors and it is quite affordable.

    9. Inateck Macbook Air Envelope Case

    Inateck offers a rather decent sleeve type of case for the MacBook for a modest price. It is actually made of a syntetic leather Velcro that provides reliable protection from shocks. Despite being a textile material it is mold proof and wear resistant. To provide a bit of functionality the model comes with two pockets on the back and a it is extremely lightweight.

    8. SlickBlue Hard Case Frosted for MacBook Air

    HDE made a rather slim and practical protective skin for the MacBook Air. Their hard shell model comes with a cover for the lid, bottom and a keyboard skin that should be able to protect the laptop from mild shocks and scratches. It is available in a wide selection of colors and textures and it is quite affordable.

    7. Candance Hard Case Cover for Apple MacBook Air

    The Cadence hard case cover for the MacBook Air is similar to other models that come as clip-on hard-shell cases except for the fact that it is made of a much more durable material. It still is a slim protective cover that can protect the notebook from scratches and mild shocks. The model comes in two parts which are the lid cover with the Apple logo cutout and the bottom side that has the vent grill exposed.

    6. Mosiso Chevron Gray Canvas Fabric MacBook Air Sleeve

    Mosiso offers a great looking sleeve for the MacBook Air. It has a simple design with no pockets and a pleasant texture. The model is made of a textile fabric with padding on the interior to protect the laptop from light impacts, dust and scratches. The sleeve will serve best people that like to carry their MacBook Air with them.

    5. Snugg Macbook Air & Pro 13 Case

    While the Snugg is a bit more expensive than other sleeves for the MacBook Air it does have a few features that compensate the high price tag. It is actually made of high quality leather and it includes a lifetime warranty. In terms of design it is available in 10 different colors and it has a large pocket on the back. The model also uses a magnetic flap to secure the notebook inside the sleeve.

    4. Sinoguo Gray Felt & Leather Handmade Case For MacBook Air

    While the Sinoguo is advertised to be compatible with multiple notebooks it fits the MacBook Air like a glove. It is made of high quality real leather and felt that offers superior cushioning and protection. The model also comes with a complementary sleeve for the adapter or a mouse. Surprisingly the model is quite affordable making it a decent pick for the ones with a limited budget.

    3. Plemo MacBook Air Case

    The Plemo is a great looking case for the Air. It is made of polyester foam covered in a lycra fabric. This type of construction offers excellent protection from accidental drops and scratches. The model also comes with a handle and it is available in 3 different colors.

    2. Kuzy Lace TEAL Hot BLUE Rubberized Hard Case for MacBook Air

    The Kuzy Lace is probably the best hard case for the MacBook Air that money can buy. Its slightly higher price is well justified judging by the quality of craftsmanship and the superior materials used. It has a texturized rubber finish that offers a superior grip and it does not take away the beauty of the laptop. It was made to look good and provide excellent protection.

    1. IC Clover MacBook Air Sleeve

    The IC Clover is a great leather sleeve that can even be used atthe office. It was built to be stylish and solid enough to protect a MacBook Air from any kind of damage. The model uses PU leather and allows the user to operate his notebook without removing the cover. On top of all this it is also one of the mode affordable models on the market.

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