Top 10 Best Leaf Mulcher Vacuums in 2024


Mulch is used in gardening and boasts a multitude of benefits.

It protects plants from moisture loss, greatly reduces the rate of growth of weeds, serves as decorative purposes and adds nutrients to the roots of plants.

Mulch is anything that you place on the surface of the soil surrounding plant roots and is extremely beneficial to the growth and health of plants.

When the yard has been cut or leaves have fallen from trees, doing a clean-up becomes necessary. The thought of making and collecting the leaves becomes daunting and is a very time consuming and labor-intensive task.

Guide To Choose The Best Leaf Mulcher VacuumsBest Leaf Mulcher Vacuums

Having a well-groomed yard is awesome and appealing, but the process of getting it there is not. Leaf mulcher vacuums have been developed to address this problem and to take the hassle out of raking.

The first generation of leaf mulcher vacuums was powered by gasoline, while newer models are now either electrical or battery operated.

Not only do they have the ability to blow leaves and plant matter, but they also shred them while they are being collected, creating a finer mulch to be used in your garden.

Mulched plants are more effective and are beneficial for other plants, even in the cold and wintery periods. They help with the regulation of the plants’ temperatures.

If you are in need of a leaf mulcher vacuum, these are the key components you should look for when you are ready to buy:

  • The weight of the product: you do not want something that is too heavy while using because it can cause strain and make the job harder to do.
  • The speed of the vacuum: the more powerful the vacuum, the quicker the time to finish the job.
  • Multipurpose: finding an all-in-one device that will vacuum, blow and mulch your lawns or gardens, will enable efficiency and keep you from needing multiple tools.
  • Mulch ratio: With mulch ratios from 10:1 to 24:1, finding a vacuum that will mulch in the capacity required should be considered before making a purchase.
  • Price: Of course, the ultimatum when deciding on a new product often comes down to the price. While going for the top of the line vacuum may be tempting, finding one that will fit your personal needs and budget is very important.

Types of Leaf Vacuum Mulchers

Leaf Mulcher Vacuums

There are mainly two types of leaf vacuum mulchers.

These types depend on the source of their power. These vacuums are either Gas-powered Vacuum or Electric-Powered Vacuum. Let’s take a look at the differences between them:

Gas-Powered Leaf Vacuum Mulchers

  • The main power source is gas.
  • They are handheld and can be used as a backpack.
  • Extremely noisy.
  • Tend to be bulky and heavy.
  • It causes air pollution in vast numbers.
  • It can be found expensive than others.

Electric-Powered Leaf Vacuum Mulchers:

  • Run-on electric power source.
  • You can get this in a corded variant or cordless variant.
  • Usually handheld.
  • Produces less pleasant sound.
  • It is found to be lightweight.
  • There are no emissions.
  • Less expensive when compared to the Gas-powered Leaf Vacuum.

Benefits of MulchingMulching

Mulching is a practice for professionals or a mark of a professional. Mulching is important in those gardens where you are growing various plants and trees so that they can’t be outsourced.

I know you might be confused but Mulching is a process where you create a barrier around your plantation of organic substances such as wood chips from different tree species, rocks, landscape fabrics, recycled tires.

This barrier can be created by any substance like organic and non-organic from which your plants can draw some energy as the bacteria is exerted.

Here are 5 benefits of mulching that we are going to mention in this article.

1- Control Weeds

Because of the various uses of Mulch, the limit of the weed that grows in the spring of the open spaces of your garden.

The Mulch around your plantation acts as a barrier that prevents the sunlight from entering the field of weed.

2- Retains Moisture

When you are planting organic Mulches then it can absorb water. Either way both organic and non-organic Mulches create a variety of prevention and also allows you to preserve the evaporation process.

Retaining moisture, especially during hot, dry seasons can not only help out your plants, but it can also help out your water bill.

3- Avoids Soil Erosion

The perks of Mulchingis not only keeping the water stored and preserved in the soil. Due to Mulching, your soil erosion process is inevitable. As it avoids the rain to disrupt the soil pattern.

This is possible because Mulching breaks the water flow and pressure hence resulting in saving your soil.

4- Maintains Soil Nutrients

As it preserves the soil is also preserves its nutrients from being carried away due to rain, but if you are using the organic Mulching process then it can provide your soil with further nutrients.

This is because when the organic materials decompose on the top of the soil it extracts different forms of nutrients into the soil.

5- Pests Control

If you are facing a problem of pests in your Mulching then it can also look after that.

As it covers most of the entry points to your plantation then you don’t have to worry about different insects inserting to your plantation territory and destroying it. When you are doing such a thing then you might want to care for it from the insects and pests.

Best Leaf Mulcher Vacuums in 2024

The top 10 best Leaf Mulcher Vacuums have been highlighted to assist you with making a decision on the best one based on a variety of factors.

10. Remington RM193BVT Shredder 12 Amp Electric Mulcher Combo

No products found.

This first leaf mulcher vacuum on our list is the Remington RM193BVT.

We like this vacuum because:

  • It has 3-in-1 functionality working as a blower, a vacuum, and a mulcher.
  • The 12 amp motor is able to operate at a speed of 200 miles per hour at a rate of up to 300 cubic feet per minute while boasting 2 speeds.
  • This innovative electrical Remington features a dual-blade, anti-clog design powered by a unique suction system. Its titanium-coated shredder blades can mulch even wet leaves and debris.
  • This vacuum reduces fourteen bags of mulch down to one.

It may pose a few problems for users because:

  • For its complexities, an amateur may not be able to use it easily without taking some time to read through the directions.
  • Cleaning can be an issue because of all the different components it contains.

It includes a cord lock mechanism to prevent the cord from becoming disconnected and also has a two-year limited warranty. This powerful little leaf vacuum mulcher packs quite a punch with its ability to reduce mulch by a ratio of 14 to 1.

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9. Black & Decker BV6600 High-Performance Blower

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum/Mulcher, Corded, 12-Amp (BV6600)

Coming on the list at #9 is the Black & Decker BV6600 High-Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher. This brand is known a highly respected for producing some of the best home use and heavy-duty tools.

We did note that it has a lot of great benefits:

  • The 12 amp motor gives it more power than the Remington, that of 250 miles per hour
  • It has variable speed selections.
  • It comes along with a disposable bag system, which includes three one time use ones and one reusable bag.
  • The high impact metal fan prevents clogging while mulching.
  • The conversion between blower and vacuum is easy and it breaks mulch down at a ratio of 16 bags to 1.

A few complaints would be that:

  • This Black and Decker Leaf Mulcher Vacuum is a little smaller than normal vacuums.
  • The transition speed variations can be glitchy when switching in between functions.

8. Black & Decker BV3100 12-Amp Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher

Sale BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum, Mulcher, 12-Amp (BV3100)

At #8 is this Black and Decker Leaf Mulcher Vacuum BV3100.

We like this on our list because:

  • With the same 12 amp motor as its counterpart, it blows up to speeds of 210 miles per hour
  • It performs at a ratio of 10 bags to 1 for mulch reduction.
  • It has a conveniently placed strap on the vacuum bag to help with load-bearing.

It could use some improvements due to the following:

  • This vacuum mulcher only has two operating speeds.
  • Although more compact than the BV6600, it is lighter and slightly less powerful.

The BV3100 is lightweight and more conducive to operating for longer periods of time. For less than half the price of the BV6600, you can get a more lightweight and easy-to-carry leaf mulcher vacuum with impressive ratio and speed.

7. WORX TURBINE Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, and Vacuum

WORX WG510 TURBINEFusion 12 Amp Electric Leaf Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

Our #7 is this electrical 3-in-1 leaf mulcher vacuum by WORX.

This device made our list because:

  • It has a Turbine fan technology that allows for clearance of debris at a rate of 525 cubic feet per meter and uses airspeed of up to 65 miles per hour.
  • The WORX Turbine Fusion produces mulch at a rate of 24 bags to 1, a very impressive ratio.
  • It comes with a large leaf collection bag, a shoulder strap, and a three-year warranty.

It should be mentioned that it does have some drawbacks:

  • The larger bag makes it a little more cumbersome to empty at the end of use.
  • This model has been known to be a little louder than others due to the powerful fan.
  • The turbine fusion technology detects the bag attachment and automatically switches the machine into vacuum mulch mode, without the need for a switch.

This WORX Turbine Fusion 3-in-1 leaf blower/ mulcher/ vacuum has a powerful turbine fan which accounts for its high capacity to convert mulch very efficiently.

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6. Black & Decker BV6000 High-Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher

BLACK+DECKER Leaf Blower & Leaf Vacuum, 3-in-1, 12-Amp, 250-MPH, 400-CFM (BV6000)

#6 is the Black & Decker BV6000 High-Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher.

We recommend this product because:

  • It is a 3-in-1 vacuum/ mulcher/ blower.
  • The box includes two disposable bags made of compostable material as well as a reusable bag assembly.
  • The included shoulder strap makes for easier weight-bearing than using the handle alone.
  • It can convert 16 bags of mulch down into 1.

Some complaints can be made about this product as well:

  • It only has two speeds which can limit its use.
  • The strap can sometimes feel uncomfortable with longer use.

A noted new design feature is that it sees a reduction of the noise by a whopping 50%. The price is very reasonable and both lightweight and heavy-duty jobs can be covered by this model.

5. WORX TriVac WG500 12 amp All-in-One Electric Vacuum

No products found.

On the list at #5 is this WORX 3-in-1 leaf mulcher vacuum.

This product is impressive because:

  • It has some excellent design features to increase its functionality and make it more comfortable to use.
  • It operates at a maximum speed of 210 miles per hour.
  • It has a mulch ratio of 10 bags to 1.

A con that should be mentioned is that:

  • The nozzle of the tube is turned upward to facilitate access to storm drains and under bushes. This may not be ideal for those who are used to seeing it turned the opposite direction.

The ergonomic design of the WORX TriVac WG500 makes it very easy and comfortable to use and the rubberized grip eases holding during use.

Its lightweight nature makes it easy to operate using only one hand, but the strap on the bag supports its carriage. The unique and comfortable design was manufactured with the comfort of the user in mind.

The unique shape of the nozzle, easy-grip handle, and ergonomic design make it convenient to use.

4. Black & Decker BV3600 12-Amp Blower Vac

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum and Mulcher, Up to 230 MPH, 12 Amp, Corded Electric (BV3600)

Sitting at #4 is Black & Decker’s BV3600 12-Amp Blower Vac.

This blower makes our list because:

  • It is an electrical 3-in-1 leaf mulcher/ blower/ vacuum
  • It was made with flower beds in mind.
  • It is able to convert 10 bags of mulch to 1

A few complaints we had about it include:

  • It only weighs 8 pounds which is convenient and comfortable for long usage, but it means that you get less power because it is compact.
  • The machine has a built-in cord retainer because the cord is known to get unplugged easily.

The Black and Decker BV3600 model is powerful enough to pick up even matted leaves. This lightweight machine with heavy-duty and lighter capability functionality certainly value for money.

The anti-clog mechanism ensures that the job can be carried out worry-free and is an incredible value for the money.

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3. WORX TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-in-One Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

Worx WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower/Leaf Vacuum/Mulcher, Metal Impeller for Fine Mulching

In the top 3 of the list is yet another WORX Trivac. This WG509 model features the standard 12 amp motor and a motor blowing speed range from 75 to 210 miles per hour

This blower has a lot of great benefits:

  • It has the capacity to convert 18 bags of mulch into just 1 bag.
  • The conversion between blower and vacuum is carried out by flipping the toggle switch.
  • It comes with one leaf collection bag and a strap that can be extended for a wide range of lengths.

There were some noticeable cons to this blower as well:

  • Since it is more compact, it will be a little less powerful than its counterparts.
  • The upturned tip of the nozzle can take a little getting used to for someone who is accustomed to a downward tip on other models.

The variable speed range allows for very great control over the usage of the machine.

The nozzle on the vacuum tube is upturned to allow for the cleaning of hard-to-reach places. Downtime to stop and change the bag for the conversion is eliminated with the flip of a switch, so it can be operated while the bag is still attached.

You can get the unique and innovative design features of this multifunctional 3-in-1 leaf blower/ vacuum/ mulcher.

2. BLACK+DECKER BV5600 High-Performance Blower

Black & Decker BV5600 High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher

#2 on the list is the Black & Decker BV5600 Leaf Mulcher Vacuum.

We like this vacuum for the following reasons:

  • It can go as high as 250 miles per hour and has the standard 12 amp motor.
  • It has a mulch ratio of 16 to 1 with the conversion between blower and vacuum being an easy transition.
  • It has a built-in cord retainer for uninterrupted power and is 50% quieter than some of its previous counterparts’ designs.

Though, there are some things that concerned us about the vacuum:

  • It has two-speed options that limit its use.
  • It is lightweight which does limit its power.

This BV5600 model has received very high ratings from its users.

It is suitable for lightweight and heavy-duty cleaning projects, including tackling heavily matted leaves.

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1. Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum, Variable-Speed (up to 250 mph)

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum, Variable-Speed (up to 250 mph) with Metal Impeller, 12 amp,Red

And #1 goes to the Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum. This is the most highly reviewed leaf mulcher vacuum on Amazon to date, with the most impressive ratings.

We believe it makes the top of the list because:

  • The package includes the vacuum tube, bottom-zip bag, cord storage hook, shred-all shred ring, and time-saving oscillating tube.
  • It reduces more than 97% of the mulch to less than 1/2 inch pieces and works at variable speed settings.
  • This model automatically sweeps air back and forth without making you move your wrist, thus creating a wider blowing path.

To be honest, it was difficult for us to find any cons with this vacuum. It really does everything you need it to with all the functions to make it the best on the market.

Extensive lab testing has gone into ensuring that this model leaf mulcher vacuum would perform at superior levels to the existing competition.

The innovative, automatic airflow conserves time and preserves the user’s energy.

Buyer’s Guide – Best Leaf Mulcher VacuumsBest Leaf Mulcher Vacuums

This buyer’s Guide will help you in determining the best Leaf Mulcher for you and what can be the ideal choice that you should go for.


As I have mentioned in the types of Mulchers section that a Leaf Mulcher can either be of Gas-powered or Electric Powered hence it has its own perks of being that.

Gas-Powered is less versatile and usable because of the heavyweight and compact use. While on the other hand, the electric-powered Mulcher is lightweight, easy to use and works efficiently.

The Mulching Ratio

Reducing the rate of piled up leaves on your porch is one of the advantages of Leaf Mulching. Now, this process makes it easier and convenient to empty that set of leaves that you sucked in the trach can.

There is a sucking ratio of these devices and the higher the ratio the better it works.

Most of the manufacturers promise to provide 10:1 and 18:1 ratio. Now, this ratio is enough to work efficiently but it has to be tested practically either it is providing a complete ratio or not.

Now: the leaf mulching ratio also depends on the items that you are vacuuming in the suction compartment. And it also depends on the dry and wet leaves while other items that you are sucking.

Size of the Bag

What I mean by the size of the bag is how much is the capacity of the collection bag that is provided by the Mulcher too store the vacuumed leaves or other items.

By this, you would have guessed it that the bag capacity should be larger. Yes, it should because if it is larger then you can clean more and more quantities of leaves from your garden or porch.

So, when getting a Mulcher you need to be to be sure that you are getting a larger capacity in the collection bag. So, that you are saved from the hustle of collecting leaves in installment.

Adjustment of Speed

Here is another vital factor you should consider. When you are in the market then you would see different types of Mulchers and those which allow you to change the speed of suction.

This feature is important because when you are blowing off the leaves in some delicate areas such as near your plants or flower set up then you might want to decrease the speed of that vacuum Mulcher.

Moreover, be sure that you are getting the Mulcher that is providing the highest speed as possible because the higher the speed the better it is. For your general information, the leaf vacuum speed is calibrated in MPH.

Suction Capability

When you are selecting any vacuum either for your house or for collecting leaves this factor is worth your consideration. When it comes to the power comparison then the more powerful the vacuum is the faster and efficient it works. All comes down for you to check the motor’s power rating that how much it has been rated to provide power.

If you are using a 12-amp motor in a vacuum cleaner especially leaf vacuum cleaner then it can perform some high-quality results and can do a fascinating job.

Checking the airflow of a leaf vacuum cleaner is an essential factor to determine the use of it. And to measure this you need a CFM reader because the capacity of the airflow is measured in CFM that is Cubic feet per minute.

For instance, if the leaf vacuum has 100CFM then it moves the air up to 100 cubic centimeters and that can result is working efficiently. So, the more the CFM the more effective work it can produce.

FAQ’s for the Best Leaf Mulcher Vacuums in 2024

Leaf Mulcher Vacuums

What is a Leaf Vacuum Mulcher?

As it vacuums then this Mulchers are the best because not only the collect leaves from the garden they also are equipped with some impellers that help you cut off some leaves into small and debris particles so that those leaves when collected does not cover a sufficient space in the collection bag that is situated either are the bottom or at the back fo the vacuum.

And you don’t have to throw out these particulate leaves they can be used as a fertilizer that you can spread throughout the lawn or garden.

How Does A Leaf Vacuum Work?

If you are curious about how this Leaf Vacuum works?

Well, it is quite simple yet easy to understand. When the air is pushed aside, on a tiny low-pressure area it creates a temporary vacuum space in that tiny space.

That space is initially left behind the compartment. After that, a suction is established right after the pressurized air is rushed through the intake pipe.

Then that pressurized rushing air collects the air that is stored in that tiny compartment and sucks all the air that is present around its hose combining the air that is stored in that tiny compartment.

How To Use A Pool Leaf Vacuum?

When you are doing a routine vacuum of your garden or anywhere else the filter is kept intact to its normal position. After this is done this drives the dirt and any other residue that it is sucking in towards the filter that is left in its original position.

This clears off every dirt and debris that it is collecting.

Then afterward, it transfers all the dirty water that is collected in the filter after filtering it redirects it towards the pool. The filter settings are altered when you require less or light moderation in the pool sediments.

Can You Use A Leaf Vacuum on Gravel?

Lightweight dry leaves weigh far less than gravel, making it possible to vacuum them up.

Use a leaf vacuum on the lowest setting to suck up the leaves. … Start with a small section to see if the gravel stays in place when you vacuum. You can buy dedicated landscape vacuums or a leaf blower with vacuuming capabilities.


Not all machines are created equal.

When choosing the machine that you need for your lawn care needs, take into account what you want from it. Whether it be power, durability or load capacity, there is a mulcher that will do its job.

Be sure to review this list and find the right machine that fits your lawn care needs.

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