Top 10 Best Laptop Bags in 2024


There is almost no laptop owner that does not have a bag or backpack. They are an essential accessory that will prove to be mandatory especially for travelers or people that like to take their laptop with them or work even while not being at home. A good bag is essential and mandatory and there is not much to them. They usually have the same design with minor cosmetic differences. Also, the fabric plays an important role as some might want a waterproof bag or a bag that has some sort of protection against shocks.

Things get a bit more complicated when it comes to utility. There are simple bags with only a couple of pockets and there are larger ones that offer enough storage space to store additional items. As for the fabrics used, they can range a lot. We have anything from polyester to cotton and leather. This also influences their pricing. Also sizing can vary a lot but most manufacturers offer the same bag in multiple sizes. Getting a 15 inch bag for a 13 inch laptop is not such a good idea as the laptop will just move around inside and it will not be stored safely. For our list we selected 10 different laptop bags from all categories and with various designs.

Best Laptop Bags in 2024

To keep things short let’s jump right into our list of the top 10 best laptop bags in 2024.

10. Case Logic 15.6″ Laptop Case

Sale Case Logic 15.6-Inch Laptop Case (VNCI-215) , Black , computer

If simplicity is a main focus then the Case Logic 15.6 inch laptop case is a decent option. It has good construction and just enough storage space to carry the bare minimum. It has a large compartment for the laptop and an additional inner pocket. The model also comes with a shoulder strap and two handles but here are the pros and cons in short:

  • Durable polyester construction
  • Compact size, good placement of side and inner pockets
  • Detachable should strap
  • Not much room for anything else except documents
  • A bit larger than the standard 15.6-inch size, laptops will linger a bit lose inside
The laptop bag itself is not the most appealing model but it does have a low price tag. Its price is one of the main reasons it managed to grab the number 10 spot. However, the minimalistic design makes it lightweight and comfortable.

One of the good things about the model is the Velcro strap that helps secure the laptop to a certain degree. Its interior pockets do add a bit of utility but the limited storage space makes it more of an office type of laptop bag which is not bad but for traveling, a larger model might prove to be better suited.

9. Wowbox Messenger Satchel Laptop Bag

WOWBOX Messenger Satchel Bag for Men and Women,Vintage Canvas Laptop Computer and Tablet Briefcases Shoulder Bag Carrying Case 13'(L) x10.5(H) x 4.1'(W)(Gray)

Wowbox may not sound familiar as a brand but their messenger satchel bag is an interesting product. It is not like a traditional laptop bag. It attempts to combine a fashionable design with the utility of a laptop bag.

  • Leather elements
  • Adjustable leather shoulder strap and handle
  • Made using genuine cowhide leather
  • Magnetic latches
  • Limited to 14 inch devices.
  • A bit heavy for a simple laptop bag
Despite being heavy the bag does compensate with its stylish design. The use of brown leather and a conservative design makes it an attractive option for the ones that need a laptop bag for office use. It offers plenty of space for additional items such as a charger, small tablet and documents. Perhaps if it was a bit lighter it would have scored higher but right now, a messenger bag is already uncomfortable and being heavy is a big disadvantage.

8. Snugg PU Leather Laptop Bag

Snugg PU Leather Laptop Bag, 17-Inch, Brown

Snugg PU laptop bag is not a traditional bag at least in terms of design. Being made out of leather gives it a certain appeal. Also is it significantly larger that most bags since it is a model suitable for 17 inch laptops. For most part it does things well but there are some downsides to the bag.

  • Magnetic latches
  • Durable PU leather construction
  • Comfortable shoulder strap and handle
  • Large interior pockets and secure laptop compartment
  • Large and heavy
  • A bit expensive
For the price, many would expect the bag to be made out of genuine leather. There are models in the same price range that are made of real leather but this does not make it a bad product. It does not look cheap in any way and it is quite resilient to scratches and wear and tear.

In terms of utility the bag is quite decent. It offers a large main compartment for the laptop and several additional pockets for smaller objects. It can even fit a laptop and a tablet along with the chargers but it will get very heavy and this is the main problem with having a lot of space. Filling it up will mean that the bag will get very heavy.

7. Mosiso Chevron Style Fabric Laptop Sleeve Case

MOSISO Laptop Shoulder Bag Compatible with 2019 MacBook Pro 16 inch with Touch Bar A2141, 15-15.6 inch MacBook Pro Retina 2012-2019, Notebook, Chevron Carrying Handbag Briefcase Sleeve, Hot Blue

It is difficult to see a guy wearing the Mosiso Chevron laptop bag but we have to admit that it is has a nice design. The laptop bag will be more appealing to the ladies with its colorful design and slim profile. Here`s what to expect from it:

  • Slim form factor with a minimalistic design
  • Multiple sizes to fit 11 inch, 13 inch or 15 inch laptops
  • Durable textile construction with a padded interior for added protection
  • The fabric used is a bit questionable and the colors are a bit washed out
  • The inner foam padding is not very resilient
For a simple laptop bag or sleeve it gets the job done quite well. It can be a good pick for travelers even with its compact size that does not allow for much else to be stored. A good use for it would be for an office laptop since most people leave the charger at home and have a docking station at their workplace.

The biggest downside is the quality of the fabric. Its shoulder strap is comfortable and its light weight makes it quite convenient to travel with around the city. Its washed out colors might be a bit of a turnoff but the low price tag should still make it a tempting purchase.

6. Brinch 15 Inch Waterproof Laptop Case Bag

Brinch 15, 15.6-Inch Waterproof Laptop Case Bag with Handle for Apple Macbook, Chromebook, Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba - Purple

Brich made an interesting laptop bag that seems to be more suitable for ultrabooks and other slim laptops. It is quite small and it barely has any additional room for small items such as a notebook. Despite its slim profile it does have some perks.

  • Padded interior that will protect the laptop against shocks
  • Bonus pouch included that can be used for the charger
  • Anti-slip design using a special fabric
  • No shoulder strap. It only has the two handles
  • Just one small additional pocket for storage
Storage space is significantly limited on the Brinch laptop bag. It has just one additional pocket on the outside. Other than that not much of anything else will fit inside the laptop bag which at this point we can call a sleeve. What does make it an attractive purchase is the slip provide and the rather stylish design.

For the price it is a decent sleeve for just getting around the city while carrying a laptop. The build quality is quite decent and the fabric does not feel cheap in any way. As for variations the model is available in several different colors including purple, black and red.

5. V7 CCV21-9N 16″ Vantage 2 FrontLoad Laptop Case

Burxoe V7 CCV21-9N 16' Vantage Notebook Carrying Case

V7 might not be a brand with which many would be familiar with but their products are quite decent. In fact the CCV21-9N laptop bag is one of their most popular models. It is a simple bag with a large compartment that can vary from depending on the version and ranging from 13.3 inches and all the way up to 17.3 inches.

  • Padded inner wall and Velcro strap that protects the laptop
  • Zippered compartments and small pockets for smartphones and other small items
  • Water-resistant construction and durable construction
  • Unappealing design
  • Looks and feels a bit cheap
While it might not look like an appealing laptop bag from a design perspective, it does offer decent utility. Its padded wall are a good addition while the small inner pockets will prove to be useful when storing additional small items that also need protection.

The low price tag of the model makes it a very popular pick for the ones that need something basic. Also, being so cheap makes it more of a disposable bag and if it becomes damaged due to wear and tear, replacing it is very cheap.

4. Brinch Unisex Oxford Laptop Sleeve Messenger Shoulder Bag

BRINCH Messenger Bag Oxford Fabric Portable Messenger Bag Shoulder Briefcase Handbag Travel Carrying Sleeve Case w/Shoulder and Luggage Strap for Men Women, Black

Most people look at laptop bags based on their design. Just like any other bag, it need to be stylish a bit and match the clothing style of the person using it. The Brinch Oxford laptop bag is a great pick mainly because it looks professional and stylish while still having a low price tag. However it is not ideal in certain situation as this is a bag mostly recommended for the ones that carry a laptop to their day job.

  • Reinforced walls, makes it feel rugged and solid
  • Padded shoulder strap and leather covered handle
  • Two inner pockets and a back strap that makes it easy to travel with
  • Textile material used is good but not great, has a certain cardboard texture to it
  • Not a lot of storage space and might not fit a laptop charger
Whit its pros and flaws the bag managed to score decently. As long as not much needs to be packed it is a great option for the price. The main compartment that holds the laptop has a Velcro strap that adds more security while the padded walls offer protection against shocks.

The way it could have been improved is if it was a bit thicker and offer more storage space. Also the fabric from which it is made could have been better even if it meant paying a bit extra. It has a great design and with a few improvements it could become a great laptop bag.

3. Samsonite Classic Business 3 Gusset Business Case

Samsonite Classic Multi Toploader Briefcase, Black, Triple Gusset 15.6-Inch

Everyone should be familiar with Samsonite as a brand. While they make mostly trolleys they also have a few laptop bags and as expected, they do not disappoint. The Classic Business Gusset case is a laptop bag that will probably be more appealing for the ones that like to dress formally. It is not the greatest choice for office but for travelers it will prove to be extremely useful due to its resilience and the amount of storage it offers.

  • High quality, high durability materials that will make it survive in almost any circumstance
  • Two main compartments and additional side pockets that can fit a lot of stuff
  • Padded laptop compartment for added protection
  • It is not a waterproof bag which is a bit of a shame
  • Only one size available for laptops of up to 17 inches. Small laptops will just move freely inside

2. AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag

Amazon Basics 15.6-Inch Laptop Computer and Tablet Shoulder Bag Carrying Case,1 Pack , Black

Many different products wear the AmazonBasics branding. What makes them so popular is the extremely low price tag. Even if the build quality does not feel premium they are still decent. It was made to be functional while maintaining a low price tag so a compromise has been made in terms of design.

  • Two main compartments with padding for the laptop and an outer side pocket
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Can be found in multiple sizes unlike other models that have an universal size
  • Not very appealing in terms of design
  • Not very versatile as it is mostly an office type of laptop bag
The design of the laptop bag makes it suitable for people that need to carry their laptop to the office. It has a decent amount of storage for accessories such as a mouse or a charger but it is not great for travelers. It does not offer good enough protection against shocks and it is not waterproof.

In terms of functionality, the compartment that holds the laptop is padded. The other inner compartment has small separators for items such as small notebooks and smartphones. Overall it is decent laptop bag and worth having a look at especially for its low price tag.

1. Case Logic VNA-216 16-Inch Laptop Attache

Case Logic VNA-216 16-Inch Laptop Attache (Black)

Case Logic offers a wide range of bags for laptops, cameras and other electronics. The VNA-216 might not mean much for many but it is their most popular laptop bag and for a good reason. It has a great build quality, slim profile, even slimmer price tag and it works great with any laptop of 16 inches or smaller.

  • Padded laptop compartment that offers excellent protection against shocks regardless of the laptop size
  • Small inner pockets for smartphones, chargers and other accessories
  • Padded handles and shoulder strap, durable fabric that makes it survive for many years
  • Limited storage space that does not allow for much to be packed

Things to Consider when Choosing a Laptop Bag

For many, a laptop bag is more of a fashion accessory. Design matters but it also needs to fulfil a functional purpose. Getting something that looks great does not mean it will serve the purpose very well so it is better to look at multiple models then trim down the list a bit but before that here are some things to take into consideration:

  • Design is not everything. There is no purpose in getting a gorgeous laptop bag if it is too small or too big
  • Storage space is important. It might not seem like something to think about in the beginning but it matters a lot
  • How many compartments should it have? Just for carrying the laptop from home to the office means that the bag does not need more than two compartments. For traveling, something with more pockets and better padding would be more suitable
  • Pricing matters. Just because something is cheap does not mean it is a good laptop bag. With a cheap price tag comes cheap materials and in some cases, manufacturing defects

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  1. 10. AmazonBasics 14.1 in laptop and tablet case

    When budget is a problem, AmazonBasics products seem to be the best option. The 14.1 inch laptop bag from Amazon is a decent travel companion for the ones that own small notebooks and tablets. The model comes with a small side pocket, a medium size compartment and a large one for the laptop. It offers decent space and it is probably the most affordable one in our top 10.

    9. AmazonBasics 14.1 in laptop and tablet case

    SOLO Tech is a relatively small brand but their products can compete with the more popular ones. Their 16 inch laptop bag comes with an interesting design and a sturdy build with padded pockets. It includes a shoulder drop and a zipper closure. It was built mainly to be slim and easy to carry around looking stylish and professional.

    8. AmazonBasics 14.1 in laptop and tablet case

    The Alpine Swiss is mainly recommended for the ones that need to travel a lot with their laptop. It is a bit larger than most usual bags and comes with two large interior compartments. Only one of them features an interior padding for extra protection. The model also offers plenty of storage for additional accessories such as chargers, phones, tablets and even books.

    7. Samsonite At Air Mesh Shuttle 16 Inch Laptop Bag

    Samsonite entered this particular market segment rather recently. Their Air Mesh Shuttle laptop bag is a great looking product with a simple design. It uses a special mesh material that makes it both light and visually impressive. The interior comes with a padding for extra protection as well as additional pockets for accessories.

    6. HandMadeCart Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

    HandMadeCart offers quite a few genuine leather products. Their laptop messenger bag has been selling like hotcakes due to its rugged design and durable build. It can fit most 13 inch or smaller laptops and comes with padded interior walls for extra protection. Additional storage space is provided by two zipper pockets.

    5. Case Logic 15.6-Inch Laptop Case

    The Case Logic laptop case is a simple bag that gets the job done and fits best the ones that need to carry their device around the city. It is fairly compact and lightweight with large compartment that holds and additional interior pocket for documents. It is mostly suited for people that work in an office and need something simple and stylish.

    4. Targus CityLite Top-Loading Case

    Targus offers a great laptop bag that comes with plenty of storage and proper protection for 16 inch laptops or smaller. The central compartment features a padded interior. Inside the frontal storage section users will find designated small pockets for pens, accessories and business cards. Compared with most other bags the Targus offers a bit more space making it viable for travelers and people that are frequently away from home.

    3. JOMEI Laptop Messanger Bag

    The JOMEI is one of the few models that offer protection against water. It is made of a waterproof material and it was designed to be a fashionable item as well as a practical bag with plenty of storage pockets and a padded interior laptop compartment. The model can fit laptops of 15.6 inch or smaller and comes in five different colors.

    2. Snugg Crossbody Shoulder Messenger Bag

    Snugg offers a premium laptop bag for the ones that need something that looks well-built and feels solid at the same time. The model is made of high quality PU leather and it includes interior padding for extra protection against shocks. The model is mostly recommended for business usage, commuting, traveling or even school.

    1. Targus Ultralife Thin Canvas Slipcase For Laptops

    The Ultralife from Targus was mostly built for thing laptops of 14 inch or smaller. It is made of synthetic leather and comes with a soft suede interior. The biggest assed of the Ultralife is its visual design. It provides a relatively small storage space with only a small side pocket which is enough for a notebook, a smartphone or a tablet.

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