Top 10 Best iPad Mini Cases in 2024


A lot of people were skeptic about tablets. It was difficult to estimate their utility in the beginning but as time went by and the app market increased its library, tablets started to gain some purpose. They can now be used for entertainment and productivity. Apple remains the most dominant pioneer when it comes to tablets. The iPad has proven to be a successful product but for some it is a bit too large. The iPad Mini changed things. Easier to handle but with a screen larger than on a smartphone, the iPad Mini is the perfect tool for travelers and people that like to be mobile.

The iPad Mini also fills a segment that covers the needs of users with a limited budget. Being a bit more affordable contributed to its popularity. However, just like any other tablet or smartphone, the iPad Mini is a sensitive device. Even a minor drop can cause it to become unusable or shatter its screen. A case is the first accessory that all iPad Mini owners should consider buying. There is no need to explain why a case is always a good idea. They do take away the beauty of the device but an iPad Mini with a broken screen looks much worse. For our list we selected 10 different cases that offer a bit of utility and decent protection while still being affordable.

Best iPad Mini Cases in 2024

With all these things said let`s get right into our list of the top 10 best iPad Mini cases in 2024:

10. ESR iPad Mini Case

ESR iPad Mini Case, Folio Stand Case Cover with Elastic Strap and Auto Wake Up/Sleep Function [Business Style Case] Compatible for iPad Mini 3 / iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini (Brown)

There are many different types of cases for the iPad. The ESR iPad Mini case is impressive at least from a design perspective. It is a stylish stand case with a front cover and a secure magnetic strip that keeps it properly closed. The materials used are quite decent and for most part there is not much to complain about.

  • Stylish design with leather elements and black anti-skit textile material
  • Very slim with a magnetic strap
  • Can be converted into a stand
  • The anti-slip clip does not do anything. It still slips quite easily
  • The inner plastic protective shell that holds the iPad is not rubberized as advertised
There is a bit of false advertising here. The manufacturers state in the product description that the inner case that holds the iPad is rubberized. That does not seem to be the case. It is not rubberized yet it is still good enough to offer decent protection.

As for the design, the use of the black anti-skit material and leather gives it a certain executive design. It is stylish and quite slim. It is the kind of case that one would use at the office or while traveling especially for the protection it offers and for the fact that it can convert in a stand.

9. Spigen Tough Armor iPad Mini 3 Case

Spigen Tough Armor Designed for iPad Mini 3 Case, iPad Mini 2 Case, iPad Mini Case - Metal Slate

Spigen is one of the dominant brands in terms of cases for mobile devices. Their Trough Armor iPad Mini case is a good pick when protection for the device is the main priority. It is not the prettiest of cases but the protection it offers is respectable to say the least. Its design is simple but what stands out is the fact that it is quite thick.

  • Very good protection with a raised lip to protect the screen from frontal drops.
  • Cutouts for all the buttons and the camera
  • Simple snap-on design with rubberized elements to prevent scratches
  • It is a bit slippery when holding it
  • A bit expensive as there are similar models for lower price tags
Despite having rubberized edges, the case is a bit slippery when holding it in the hands. It has rubber elements on the edges that does help it stick to flat surfaces but pretty much the entire back is slippery. Other than that the case is fairly stable and safe to use.

Looking at the protection it offers the case is very decent. The iPad will not slip out once snapped in. Also the cutouts are quite well made and all the buttons are very easy to access. Pricewise, the case is a bit more expensive and there are cheaper alternatives with similar designs and probably a bit thinner than the Spigen.

8. JETech iPad Mini Case With Keyboard

JETech Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Mini 1 2 3 (NOT for iPad Mini 4), 360 Degree Rotation, Multi-Angel Stand

JETech iPad Mini case is an interesting product. It adds mode functionality to the tablet as it can convert it into a small laptop. It’s simple and convenient but it will make the iPad much thicker. The thickness comes from the fact that it has a built-in keyboard that works over Bluetooth. There are some other interesting perks that the case has which we will mention below.

  • Works with the iPad Mini 1, 2 and 3
  • High quality keyboard with excellent response times
  • Slim profile for the iPad Mini case and a rotating pivot that also works as a stand
  • Quite heavy and the side that has the keyboard is thicker than expected
Despite its utility, the case is quite thick. The thickness comes from the keyboard. The part that holds the tablet itself is very thin. Also the back pivot that converts into a stand also adds a bit of thickness. There are cutouts for all the buttons and ports including the camera.

One major downside is the price. It is quite expensive for a case and this comes from the fact that it includes a keyboard. The keyboard itself almost doubles the price of the case. Build quality is decent and the protection it offers should be good enough. For the keyboard, the manufacturers used a rechargeable lithium battery cell.

7. HOCOCASE HoneyCase Extreme-Duty Case For iPad Mini

Honeycase Extreme-Duty Military Transformer Hybrid Shockproof & Drop Resistance Anti-slip Soft Silicone Case Cover for iPad Mini (Black)

HOCOCASE offers a really impressive case for the iPad Mini in terms of protection. It really keeps the tablet safe even from frontal drops. The drawback is the fact that it adds thickness and it does not look pretty at all. In fact it is quite unappealing but it does serve a functional purpose which is the main reason why one would get the case.

  • Made out of an eco-friendly material that helps absorb impacts
  • Anti-slip finish. Even when holding it the case will make it difficult to drop
  • Low price tag. It is one of the more affordable cases in our list
  • It actually has a rather unappealing design
The design of the case is the biggest problem most users will have. Some might even see this as a good reason not to buy it which is a bit harsh. It looks rugged but it has small cutouts for the camera, buttons and ports.

In terms of utility the case offers superior protection. It has a raised lip that goes over the sides in order to keep the screen safe. The case comes in 3 different colors using the same design. It was made to work with the iPad Mini 1, 2 and 3.

6. Saveicon Hybrid Leather Folio Case For iPad Mini

SAVEICON Hybrid Leather Folio Case Cover for Apple New iPad Mini/Mini 2 / Mini 3 Case 7.9 Inch WiFi 3G 4G LTE with Built-in Stand and Card Slots Auto Wake/Sleep Smart Cover (Blue)

Saveicon hybrid leather folio case is one of the most affordable option in our list. It has a surprisingly appealing design as it comes with white synthetic leather for the bottom side and a colorful top half. The leather has a soft touch feel but most importantly it is very thin and it does not make the tablet look ugly in any way.

  • Very low price tag yet it does not feel cheap in any way
  • Good protection despite the fact that it is quite slim and barely adds any thickness
  • Smart cover feature with auto wake/sleep
  • Convertible design. It can be turned into a stand just by flipping it
  • Leather quality is not great. It does not look cheap but it gets scratched easily
For such a cheap case, there are not that many things that can be counted as cons. The case has a very nice design and it is available in a wide range of colors. Some variations even use just one color instead of two and they still look great. It is also a very versatile model as it can be easily used at the office or casually.

As for the bad things, the only thing that comes to mind is the leather durability. Synthetic leather is well known for not being very durable. This particular leather will get scratched quite easily but with a little bit of care it should survive wear and tear.

5. Dteck iPad Mini Case

iPad Mini Case, Mini 2/3/4/5 Case, Dteck Slim Fit Folio Stand PU Leather Wallet Case with Auto Wake/Sleep Magnetic Smart Cover for Apple iPad Mini 1/2/3/4/5 (Gold Sand)

Dteck might not be a big grand but their accessories for iPads are quite decent. The iPad Mini case they offer is fairly simple in terms of design and works pretty well. It is a flip cover with a magnetic flap and a synthetic leather construction. It can convert into a stand and works with the iPad Mini 1, 2 and 3.

  • Smart cover feature with auto wake/sleep
  • Multiple printed patterns to choose from
  • Simple design and good protection without making the case feel too thick
  • The magnets for the auto wake/sleep are not aligned properly. Sometimes they work, sometimes they do not
Given the price tag, the product is not perfect. The case does seem to have some issues with the magnets that are supposed to wake or put the tablet into sleep mode automatically just like an original case from Apple. The magnet seem to be aligned a bit off which caused them to sometimes not work.

From a design perspective, the case is decent. The printed patterns are nice but some of them are a bit too flashy. The simple, uncomplicated prints seem more appealing. In terms of protection, the case works pretty well. Also, the fact that it converts into a stand will prove to be a useful feature.

4. Supcase iPad Mini Case

SUPCASE [Beetle Defense Series] Case for iPad Mini 3 Case Full-Body Rugged Case Cover with Built-in Screen Protector [Fit Apple iPad Mini 2 & 3, Not Fit iPad Mini 4] (Black)

Supacase iPad mini case is one of the more rugged options in our list. It is a thick rubberized case that covers pretty much every corner of the tablet except the screen. Using a raised lip the case managed to protect the tablet even from drops facing down. The downside is the design. It kind of takes away the beauty of the iPad Mini.

  • One of the best cases around when it comes to protection
  • Almost entirely out of a soft rubber material that proves to be excellent when it comes to absorbing shocks.
  • Cutouts for microphone, camera, buttons and ports which makes everything accessible
  • Quite unappealing design. It adds a lot of thickness to the tablet. Not for everyone
Being such a thick case and the protection it offers makes it the kind of case that is not for everyone. It is a good case without a doubt but its design is a setback. However, the build quality, attention to details and the material used outshine the cons.

The kind of public this case targets is active individuals. People that work with their tablets outdoors or in environments in which it can get damaged easily. The case has a certain industrial look and design to it and it works very well. The price tag is right and it is just as easy to take off as it is to put on.

3. Fintie iPad Mini Case

Fintie Rotating Case for iPad Mini 3/2 / 1-360 Degree Rotating Smart Stand Protective Cover with Auto Sleep/Wake for iPad Mini 1 / iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini 3, Purple

Fintie iPad mini case is a great pick for travelers. It has a great design and comes in multiple colors and patterns. The case is quite slim and fits the iPad Mini 1, 2 and 3. Its strong points and the convertible stand design and the large cutouts that make it easy to reach any button or port.

  • Great design, slim with cutouts even for the Apple logo
  • Can be converted into a stand
  • Can be found in a wide range of colors and prints
  • Automatic sleep when closing the case does not work well. The magnets might not be aligned properly
The main issue with the case is the way the magnets are aligned in order to put the tablet to sleep when covering the screen. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails. This means that the tablet needs to be locked manually just to be sure.

One of the major pluses of the case is the design. It covers both the screen and the back, offering decent protection. The iPad should be safe from scratches even when stored into a bag. The price is reasonable and the wide selection of colors and prints should make it easy for anyone to find a case that suits their personal taste.

2. JETech Gold Serial 2nd Edition Slim-Fit iPad Mini Case

JETech Case for iPad Mini 1 2 3 (NOT for iPad Mini 4), Smart Cover with Auto Sleep/Wake (Black)

JETech Gold Serial iPad Mini case tends to copy the official case sold by Apple. In fact it looks almost the same and it does not feel cheap despite being very affordable. The case has small cutouts for buttons and camera and it can be found in multiple colors.

  • Very affordable yet it feels well made without any kind of manufacturing defects
  • Covers the front and the back. From the front it looks like the official Apple case
  • Magnetic cover. Can put the iPad Mini into sleep automatically
  • The front cover is just a few millimeters larger than it should
The fact that the case is a bit large and has some overlap is a problem but can be overlooked. What could be improved is the magnet. A larger magnet would make better contact and would keep the case closed better. It works as it is but it can be a bit better with some minor improvements.

In terms of functionality, the case can be converted into a stand. It offers protection for the screen and the back and it is very slim. The case should be capable of protecting the iPad Mini from scratches but it might not do all that well against drops.

1. KHOMO iPad Mini Case

KHOMO iPad Mini 1 2 3 Case - Dual Series - Ultra Slim Black Cover with Auto Sleep Wake Feature for Apple iPad Mini 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation

KHOMO has become the biggest seller in terms of cases for the iPad Mini. Their standard case is a clone of the official Apple iPad Mini but it covers the back as well. It can be considered an upgrade that comes with a significantly lower price tag while offering similar quality.

  • Great price tag and excellent build quality
  • Covers the screen and the back
  • Magnetic cover with automatic sleep/wake that actually works
  • Fits perfectly on the iPad Mini 1, 2 and 3
  • Nothing notable worth mentioning
The design of the case is very simple and simple can be better. It can be found in multiple colors but the black one seems to be the most popular. It was designed to work with all versions of the iPad Mini and the magnetic cover works without any issues.

In terms of functionality, the case comes with cutouts for all the ports, buttons and the camera. The front cover can be used to convert the case into a stand while the other side covers completely the back.

How to Choose the Right Case for the iPad Mini

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing a case. It is important to think ahead how the tablet will be used. Depending on how the tablet is used, different types of cases might be more suitable. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  • Case or cover? A case should be a better choice for use at home. For travelers, a case with a cover for the screen is much better since it is highly likely that the iPad will be stored in a backpack bag.
  • Thick or slim? A thicker case usually offers better protection and it is usually made from a rubber material. Slimmer ones are mostly made out of synthetic leather and have a cover for the screen as well.
  • Magnetic or non-magnetic screen cover? The cases that have a cover usually have a magnet that wakes or puts the iPad to sleep. In most cases they are not properly aligned and do not work properly. It might be better to just go for something without a magnet

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One Comment

  1. 10. ShopNY Apple iPad Mini Case

    iPad cases do not have to be expensive and the ShopNY iPad Mini version is a good example of what it means to be affordable and well made. The case uses synthetic leather and comes with a 360 rotating design that coverts it from a case to a stand. Both the front and back have a dual layer hard cover for extra protection and it comes in 10 different colors to choose from.

    9. ESR Yippee Color iPad Mini Case

    The ESR is a thin and compact iPad case that does not take away the beauty of the tablet. It was built to be as thin as possible without compromising protection. The model is foldable and can be converted from a simple case to a stand making it much more convenient to watch movies or work on the iPad. It is available in multiple colors and it is priced quite fair.

    8. Inateck 2 in 1 Apple iPad Mini Protective Bag Envelope Case Cover

    Inteck made a rather interesting iPad Mini case. It is one of the few models that is made completely out of a soft textile material and despite all this it is still light and slim. Its construction offers great protection and it comes with a practical design. It can be converted into a stand with just a couple of moves and it features a magnetic buckle protection.

    7. JETech® Diamond 2 Serial Apple iPad Mini Case

    The JETech is a great looking iPad case that offers premium protection and excellent build quality. It makes the tablet look more like a hardcover notebook giving it a light a slim feel. The model is available in four different colors and it can sever as a stand making it more pleasant to watch movies or use productivity tools along with a keyboard.

    6. INVELLOP Black Leatherette Case Cover for Apple iPad Mini

    INVELLOP’s iPad mini case is excellent for someone that needs something stylish with a premium feel and functionality. The hard leather front and rear covers will provide plenty of protection while the design will make it easy to convert it from a case to a simple stand. The model was made to leave all the buttons and the camera uncovered and it is available in a wide selection of colors.

    5. Honeycase Transformer Hybrid Case Cover for iPad Mini

    When it comes to protection there are very few other models that can compete with the Honeycase. It was made to provide extreme protection and to achieve this the manufacturers used a thick layer of silicone that offers an anti-slip feel and great flexibility. It will not make the iPad mini look any prettier but it will protect it from any kind of damage.

    4. Fintie iPad mini Slim Fit Case

    The Fintie is a great case for the ones that need something slim and easy to use. It provides excellent protection and a simple design that allows it to convert from a case to a stand. The model uses a magnetic cover that is able to lock and unlock the tablet and it is available in a wide selection of colors and textures.

    3. ZAGG Folio Case with Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple iPad Mini

    The ZAGG offers an all-in-one case that comes with a keyboard and a rubberized finish that provides superior grip and better shock absorption. Looking at the keyboard the model is quite well made and comes with a backlight. Overall the model offers great value for money and it includes a keyboard thus eliminating the need to carry a separate one.

    2. KHOMO iPad Mini Case

    KHOMO’s iPad case managed to become one of the bestselling models on the market. Using a simple design and thin front and back covers the model manages to preserve the beauty of the tablet. Like most other cases it comes with a sleep/wake function and it can be converted into a stand.

    1. iBerry iPad Mini Case

    The iBerry values the idea of esthetics when it comes to cases. Their iPad mini case is a perfect example of how you can get a case for the tablet without taking away its beauty. The model comes with a foldable design that coverts it to a stand and it is available in several color options. On top of all this the case is quite affordable and it features a sleep/wake function.

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