Top 10 Best Ice Buckets in 2024


People like to go out and have a few drinks with friends but there are also a lot of people that enjoy throwing a party at home. Being able to invite a few friends in a cozy and familiar environment gives a certain level of comfort that cannot be matched by a night spent out at a bar or in a club. It only takes a few basics such as a fridge to keep the drinks cold, the drinks themselves, some ice, and why not, an ice bucket.

Many tend to disregard the importance of the convenience that an ice bucket offers. Having ice close by and cold drinks is a matter of comfort and convenience. Something like a bottle of wine or champagne needs to be stored in a large bucket filled with ice. Surprisingly, very few people even bother buying a real ice bucket. What they end up doing is improvising. They tend to use other types of buckets or recipients to store their drinks and ice. While it can be practical it is not the proper way to do things.

What Ice Bucket To Buy?

A good ice bucket usually comes with everything needed including tongs with sharp teeth to handle the ice. The ones that already have the tongs might want to go for a simple ice bucket that does not come with anything. What is left is to decide what bucket to choose. The difficult part is that buckets come in various designs so it is a matter of personal preference. The vast majority are made out of stainless steel but there are models made out of glass or even plastic.

Best Ice Buckets in 2024

Our job was simple. We scouted the internet to find 10 different ice buckets that look great, offer great value for money and have a decent capacity. With these things in mind let’s jump right into our list of the top 10 best ice buckets in 2024.

10. Juvale Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

Juvale Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Tongs Portable Double Wall (2.5 L 7.5 in)

The Juvale stainless steel ice bucket is an affordable pick for the ones that do not need something fancy. It is a simple bucket made out of high-quality stainless steel, with thick walls and a complementary thing with sharp teeth. The bucket has its own lid that prevents the ice from melting and a solid handle. Unlike other models, the Juvale has thicker walls that reduce the thermic exchange between the ice and the room. It is a great choice for small parties or special events.

There is only one thing to complain about this particular model and that is the size. It is what some what call a hotel ice bucket. It can fit about 5 pints which are not a lot and it should be used for long drinks rather than to cool beer.

  • Simple design
  • Decent price tag
  • Comes with a lid to prevent the ice from melting
  • A bit small

9. Francois et Mimi Stainless Steel Double Wall Ice Bucket

Francois et Mimi 18/10 Stainless Steel Double Wall 3L Capacity Ice Bucket with Leather Handle, Lid and Stainless Steel Ice Tongs

Francois et Mimi offers a great ice bucket that not only looks great but also provides excellent utility. What makes this particular model so interesting is the double-wall construction that helps prevent the ice from melting. It also includes a lid that helps as well. The handle of the bucket is made out of leather which adds a distinctive touch. As expected the ice bucket comes with its own tong. In terms of capacity, it is a 3-liter ice bucket.

The leather handle on the ice bucket looks a bit cheap when having a closer look. It does have a certain value in terms of design and probably it should have been mane with better quality leather.

  • Great design
  • Stainless steel
  • Double wall construction
  • Leather handle looks cheap

8. Artland Oasis Ice Bucket

Artland Masonware Ice Bucket with Scoop, Galvanized, Metal

The Artland Oasis ice bucket has a rather interesting design. It looks like a regular metal bucket which gives it a vintage look. The model comes with two handles on the sides and has a galvanized finish which adds to its rustic look. On the handles, the manufacturers used wooden covers while on the side a hook has been installed for the ice scoop that comes with it. The model also comes with a matching lid to prevent the ice from melting too fast.

Judging by its design many would be tempted to believe that this is a large ice bucket. This is not the case. The bucket is average in size and can hold one or two bottles of wine. It would have been a much better product if it was a bit larger.

  • Vintage, classic design
  • Comes with a matching lid
  • Includes an ice scoop
  • A bit small

7. Oggi Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Tongs

Sale OGGI Double Wall Stainless Steel Ice Bucket - Insulated Ice Bucket with Elegant Steel Lid, Classic Handles & Stainless Steel Ice Tongs - Great for Home Bar, Chilling Beer, Champagne and Wine - 3 qt

Oggi offers a premium stainless steel bucket that comes with a slick and clean design. The bucket has a brushed finish and a double-walled construction that keeps the ice from melting too fast. It includes a matching lid as well as tongs. The bucket features two side rings that make it easy to move and probably they are a bit more practical than a regular handle. As for size, it is a regular 3-liter ice bucket making it large enough for a bottle of wine.

What most will notice that the tongs do not have spikes. The spikes would have helped grab the ice but without them, it makes it a bit more difficult. They do have sharp bent edges but still, it is not as easy to handle ice.

  • Premium construction
  • Includes a lid and tongs
  • Double wall construction
  • Tongs do not have spikes

6. Bormioli Rocco Dedalo Ice Bucket with Tongs

Bormioli Rocco Dedalo Ice Bucket With Stainless Steel Tongs | Etched, Star-Cut Design Italian Glass Bucket [30.50 oz] | Dishwasher-Safe & Perfect For Your Home Bar

The Bromioli Rocco Dedalo ice bucket is one of the few models made out of glass that is actually worth buying. It has a simple design with two side hooks that make it easy to grab. It has a distinctive pattern on the bottom half and thick walls that help prevent the ice from melting. The bucket comes with its own spiked tongs. Being made out of glass the model is dishwasher safe.

The ice bucket has decent capacity but it does have one problem. It does not include a lid. Having a lid would have helped maintain a cold temperature inside and prevent the ice from melting.

  • Low price tag
  • Modern design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Does not include a lid

5. OXO Steel Ice Bucket and Tongs Set

OXO Ice Bucket and Tongs Set - Brushed Stainless Steel

OXO Steel ice bucket comes as a set that consists of a bucket, a lid, and tongs with sharp teeth. The model features a premium brushed finish with a double-wall construction that reduces thermal transfer between the interior and the room. Its lid helps by maintaining a cold temperature inside while the handle will make it easy to move around. In terms of capacity, the bucket is great for a regular bottle of wine or a few beers.

For the money, better build quality would have been expected. The stainless steel does feel premium but its plastic parts do not offer the same feeling. It would have been better if it was made entirely out of stainless steel.

  • Simple and practical design
  • Comes with a complementary lid
  • Decent size
  • Plastic parts feel a bit cheap

4. Caphalon Barware Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Set

Calphalon Ice Bucket Set

The Caphalon Barware stainless steel ice bucket is truly a premium model with an excellent design and a large capacity. It can hold about two bottles of wine and still have some room inside. The model comes with a matching lid and a simple ice scoop. The double-wall construction ensures that the ice does not melt too fast while the brushed finish is fingerprint-resistant. Last but not least the lid is made out of clear glass which makes it easy to check the ice whenever needed.

The ice bucket is great from many points of view. It does have one issue and that it does not have any kind of handles. This means that it will be difficult to move around.

  • Great design, premium construction
  • Double wall construction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Good capacity
  • Does not have handles

3. BEST VALUE: Winco WB-8 Wine Bucket

Sale Winco WB-8 Wine Bucket, 8-Quart, Stainless Steel, Medium

Winco WB-8 is a great ice bucket and one of the largest in our list. It has a simple design made out of stainless steel with double walls and a brushed finish. The bucket has two handles on the side that make it easy to move around and a thick bottom. What makes it so appreciated is the fact that it has a large capacity. It can easily chill 2 bottles of wine and still have some room inside. At the same time, the ice bucket is quite affordable when compared with some of the other picks from our list.

The bucket itself is very simple. Its design makes it look great and feel practical. The only problem is that the bucket does not come with a lid that would have helped maintain a cold temperature inside.

  • Simple and clean design
  • Large capacity
  • Double wall construction
  • Does not include a lid or tongs

2. OUR FAVORITE PICK: Lenox Tuscany Classics Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

Sale Lenox Tuscany Classics Ice Bucket, 3.05 LB

The Lenox Tuscany Classics stainless steel ice bucket is a great pick for the ones that are looking for something that looks and feels premium. The model comes as a set that consists of the bucket, a matching lid and tongs to help handle the ice. To help maintain a cold temperature the bucket has a double-wall construction. One the sides, two small handles have been placed. Looking at its size the bucket is moderate and can hold about two bottles of wine. Last but not least the bucket is dishwasher safer and corrosion-resistant.

What some would complain about regarding this particular ice bucket is the finish. It is a simple stainless steel bucket but without that brushed finish, it will become a fingerprint magnet. It will need to be cleaned frequently otherwise it will just look dirty just by touching it.

  • Great and simple design
  • Comes with a lid and tongs
  • Decent size
  • It is a fingerprint magnet

1. BEST-SELLER: Oggi Double Wall Ice Bucket with Flip Lid

Sale Oggi Insulated Ice Bucket, 4 Quart / 3.8 L, Stainless Steel, Black.

Oggi double wall ice bucket with flip lid has a rather interesting design. The lid is not removable but it can be opened by simply flipping it. It gives it a more modern look. The bucket itself is made out of stainless steel with a black rubberized bottom that helps prevent thermal exchange. Also, the double-walled design helps keep the ice from melting. The kit includes a small ice scoop. In terms of cleaning, just like other ice buckets, the Oggi is dishwasher safe and its brushed finish prevents it from collecting fingerprints.

There are a few things about the model that might bother some. The biggest complaint would be the lid. It is functional and practical but it is made out of a clear plastic material. It will show smudges, fingerprints, and scratches. A stainless steel one would have been a much better choice for this particular model.

  • Great practical design
  • High-quality construction
  • Decent capacity
  • The plastic lid should have been replaced with a stainless steel one

What To Spend Money On?

First of all, it is important to set a budget. It is possible to find a good ice bucket below $20. Their capacity tends to be the same but the build quality is obviously inferior. Also, the design is not all that impressive but from a functional point of view, even the cheapest ice buckets are good enough. As we move up the ladder, the more expensive ones are usually made out of stainless steel with a brushed finish. The most appreciated models usually have a double wall construction. The double wall construction helps maintain a cold temperature on the inside. Last but not least, a good ice bucket needs to have a lid. Tongs are not that important but a lid is.

For our list, we managed to pick up 10 ice buckets from a wide range in terms of pricing and design. It should make it easy for anyone to find something suitable by just browsing through our picklist.

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