Top 10 Best Hoverboards in 2024 – Buyer’s guide


Make the right choice before you buy a hoverboard. As with any product, you want to make an informed decision before purchasing a hoverboard. You will need to consider many different features and options, including important safety features when deciding which hoverboard is right for you.

So, before you make a purchase, take a moment to learn more about hoverboards with our Buyer’s Guide and read our Top 10 List to discover which hoverboards are the best on the market today.

Are Hoverboards Safe Now?

The brand is the first thing you can search for when shopping for a secure hoverboard. It is always better to trust a trusted brand than an unknown company that can not be held responsible.

Some companies have more resources and contacts to develop their hoverboards. Small businesses may attempt to get around rules and fail to meet customer’s expectations of protection and efficiency.

Some of the world’s most popular hoverboard brands are included in this list.

How to Choose the Best Hoverboard?

Best Hoverboards

The word hoverboard is actually a bit of a misnomer, as they don’t actually hover. Instead, they have two wheels and a base that you stand on. Using self-balancing technology, the hoverboard can keep you upright and move you in any direction.

Sensors detect your movement, allowing you to control the device through your movement. Hoverboards are essentially personal transporters that can be used on flat surfaces, such as sidewalks and roads, and some may even be used on rougher terrain.

Hoverboards are also referred to as self-balancing scooters. To operate a hoverboard, you lean forward to move forward and lean back to slow down or to go in reverse.

Choosing the Features That Matter to You

Thinking about how you plan on using your hoverboard could help you find the right one for you. For all-terrain travel, you’ll want a hoverboard with larger wheels.

You will need to consider how far you plan to travel on your hoverboard, too, as the possible range is different from various models. You may also want to consider criteria such as Bluetooth availability, price, and overall weight. Consider the features that matter most to you, and keep these in mind as you start comparing hoverboards.

How Does Hoverboards work?

A hoverboard features the following main components:

  • A core pivoting steel frame
  • A logic board
  • Double inertial sensors
  • Two electric motors (located inside the wheels)
  • Two tilt/speed sensors (located inside the wheels)
  • Change of power
  • A battery pack
  • LED lights
  • Pressure pads
  • Plastic covering
  • Port for charging

Let’s take a look at how the components work.

The Wheel Sensor

Electrical motors carry the spokes of the hoverboard. The tilt and speed sensors are also included. This senses the torque of the individual rotor, which is positioned inside the main body, next to the wheels, and transfers it to the gyroscope and the speed control panel.

Gyroscope / Speed Control Boards

The RPMs and tilt input from within the wheels of the gyroscope and speed control panels are obtained and sent to the central logic board in response.

The gyroscopes are essentially “zeroed,” as you calibrate the screen. As in, you state that the gyroscopes are flat then when the inclination on the hoverboard is at 0.”

The Battery Pack

The battery pack allows the device to go. There are different packs there, but most of them are battery packs of 36V 4400mAH.  Some manufacturers can sometimes build a cheap hoverboard with smaller batteries.

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Best Self Balancing Scooters/Hoverboards in 2024 Comparison Table

Below, our Top 10 List gives you more information on all of these models to help you find the hoverboard that’s right for you.

10- Jetson Nitro

You can enable this hoverboard from your smartphone with the free Ride Jetson app downloadable from the App Store or Google Play. This little hoverboard also has impressive Bluetooth speakers to play your music.

The LED lights on the All-Terrain wheels illuminate regardless of where you ride. With the durable heavy-duty tires, you can take the board to its maximum capacity.

What I Like

  • The personalized frontal LED lights pulse and flash to the rhythm of your music. You can use the Ride Jetson Companion App to further customize the lights from your smartphone or tablet.
  • It includes All-Terrain Galaxy Wheels with LED Lights that also light up while you move. The wheels have heavy-duty treads and are 6.5″ in diameter.
  • While the board itself only weighs around 20 lbs, it can easily support up to 250 lbs.
  • The Active Balance Technology corrects the board balance to keep you steady, utilizing a bar that sits inside and corresponds between the left and right footpads.
  • It has a 400-watt dual hub motor and a quality lithium-ion battery. It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the battery and you can go for 10 miles on a single charge.

What I Don’t Like

  • It does not work very well on inclines or bumpy surfaces.
  • Inclines tend to quickly drain the battery.
  • There are criticisms regarding the instruction manual which appears to be written in vague or broken English.


The Jetson Nitro Hoverboard is a great starter hoverboard since it works best on smooth surfaces such as concrete, tile, and asphalt. This is a product that you will want to choose for a nice personalized ride while enjoying the music you prefer.

The use of high-quality components in the building of this board renders it sturdy and adequate to hold up against relentless treatment for a very long time. Even though this is not a heavy-duty hoverboard whatsoever, it can successfully hold its own against a number of high-quality boards from well-known brands on the market.

While there were complaints about the user manual, a lot of purchasers did not have have an issue and said that they did not actually need the guide.

9- Gyroor Warrior 8.5 inch

Its moniker, “Warrior”, hints that this smart scooter is one of a kind and can tackle anything you dish out to it. This is due to the simple fact that its frame is built from a blend of aluminum and ABS components. This kind of an impenetrable outer shell is what makes this device perfect for all-terrain and all-weather utilization.

Inspired by the formula one racing supercars, it is the embodiment of pizzazz and smooth performance. It’s not often very easy to design a hoverboard that catches the eye while additionally providing it with the power to navigate through rugged terrain. Yet, the manufacturer is managed to accomplish this perfectly.

Driven by 700-watt motors (1 350-watt motor on each side of the board), two 8.5 inch rubber firm tires, non-slip comfortable pedals, and solid metal rim, this self-balancing hoverboard sports a heavy-duty frame that can bear taxing loads without issue.

What I Like

  • The broad SUV tires make this hoverboard extremely versatile on all surfaces with great braking ability. It can work on all pavements. There is a wider wheelbase between two motors which allows for larger foot space.
  • It lives up to its race car influence with a smart sound and speed synchronization program. The manually changeable racing sound makes you feel like you are really at the race track; however, you can disable the sound if you do not want it.
  • The carrying handle allows for easy transport. The replaceable and rechargeable battery can be charged anywhere. The charging time is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. When the battery is spent, it can be pulled out by hand to charge by itself. No need to carry the entire hoverboard to charge it up. In this way, it guarantees the safety of the battery component and delivers consumers more protection.
  • The intelligent self-balancing technology promises faster and more maneuverable steering than all others on the market while guaranteeing you remain entirely safe. It accomplishes this with small sensing units within the wheels which recognize the shifts in speed and slant. These alerts are then transmitted to the main control board which is based in the hoverboard’s frame.
  • It can quickly reach up to 10 to 12 mph maximum speed while ensuring that you remain in control. This makes it one of the best self-balancing scooters for individuals who are more experienced.
  • For rookie users, there is a crucial safety feature. Within the main logic board are computer processor chips that intervene to guarantee that you have an effortless, easy ride. Therefore, it helps safeguard you from the likelihood of losing control while traversing at rapid speeds.
  • The Hoverboard also has its own smart app that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet. The app helps you monitor the battery life, speed, music playlists, and color customization of the LED lights. The app can also set to either kid or adult mode.
  • The high-end Bluetooth speakers sync up with your smartphone to produce a top-quality sound of your favorite music. When riding, colorful LED lights change easily for bright illumination and visibility.
  • The unit is UL2272 inspected and validated, as well as UL2271 battery certified. All hoverboards are crafted and constructed to comply with the best levels of safety assessments, so no worries about possible fire hazards. It has a grade of IP 54 for water resistance.

What I Don’t Like

  • While the racing audio can be switched off while riding, the sound that mimics the revving race car engine when the board is initially turned on cannot be disabled.
  • The larger sized wheels may add to the total weight and size of the hoverboard. As a result, the board is pretty hefty at 33 lbs and should most likely be carried by adults only. No carrying case is supplied although the grip handle is convenient.


The SUV racing hoverboard from GYROOR makes off-road riding an actuality for this day and age. It is able to comprehend all landscapes, take on uneven pavements, gravel, sand, dirt, and grass courses, enabling you to indulge in an effortless ride while getting the very best out of this awesome machine. Consumers often refer to it as a little “mini-tank” and one of the best hoverboards they have used.

It can hold up to 265 lbs so both kids and adults can enjoy it. The unique design very much resembles a race car. The child mode ensures that your child won’t go too fast on this hoverboard before getting used to it while the adult mode is geared toward more seasoned riders.

Whether a novice or pro, you’re bound to get good value for money with the Gyroor Warrior hoverboard. It’s very moderately priced for an electric scooter of its quality, and as an all-terrain unit, it is tough, sturdy and can ride effortlessly around a number of terrains.

8- Skque X1/I Series

Although this company is fairly new – established in the year 2003 – it has developed and preserved a solid consumer base and thus, its new product, the X1 collection, has made quite a hit.

You get to choose from 2 colours – blue or rose gold and the unit boasts an upgraded motherboard. Some models include Bluetooth speakers while others do not. You can select from 3 sizes of 6.5″, 8″ and 10″. While the LED lights are not as fancy as others, they do provide good night visibility. The highlight – this scooter has the capability of a zero turning radius.

What I Like

  • This board passes all UL safety requirements, ensuring your hoverboard is 100% safe and fire-resistant for you and your family. It gives balance to the user, preventing the dangers of tumbling off and getting hurt. More balance makes it a lot easier and more enjoyable to maneuver and guide also.
  • The upgraded motherboard with properly tuned gyro-sensors provides you with the best and smoothest ride.
  • The motherboard has a durable covering and frame for better longevity and enjoyment.
  • No one can miss you if you ride at night with the built-in vivid LED Lights.
  • The zero turning radius allows you to simply stand in one spot and turn the hoverboard in a complete 360-degree circle. This makes it exceptionally entertaining for doing continuous doughnuts! You can also deftly maneuver this device in really tight places and in spaces where it is generally difficult to perform anything other than walking.
  • Even with the highest weight capacity of 264 lbs, its speed can achieve up to 7.45 mph, meaning you’ll get a kick out of the light breeze as you coast on this device.
  • The charging mechanism has been improved and increased by 15% of the speed by which the device gets charged. With a battery capacity of up to 44000mAh and required charging time of just 1-2 hours, it can go up to 20 km on one solitary charge.
  • The X1 hoverboard has two motors of 350 Watts each of which are calibrated inside the wheels of the unit. As a result, they can simply be guided with the feet. They also guarantee a quicker response and hence, provide the rider with the convenience of effortless speedup, brakes, turns, and rotations.
  • This hoverboard includes a 1-year limited warranty that includes parts and labor.

What I Don’t Like

  • It does not include a valve stem extension adaptor required to pump air in the tires.
  • There are no rubber foot liners to trigger self-balancing on the edges at the farthest sides.
  • Lights are only in the front and not at the back.
  • It is on the pricey side.
  • There are a few reports that the plastic frame is prone to scratches and breakages.


The LED lights are not as fancy as others but they are bright and do the job at night. It’s important to keep in mind that this particular model is not meant for off-road use so make sure to use it indoors or on the pavement. The stand-out feature about this product is its ability to make 360 degree turns on a zero radius as well its quick response times.

With a peak speed of 6 mph, it’s not the swiftest board on the market which makes it the best hoverboard for younger teens and older people who are concerned about hoverboards taking off from under them. The slow speed makes the most of safety and eases concerns for unskilled riders who are uneasy about the possibility of inadvertently colliding into objects or people.

Skque has continuously been enhancing its hoverboards to develop a solid customer base and providing its users with excellent customer satisfaction. The Skque X1 collection is an example of their ever-improving self-balancing scooters.

Finally, what also makes X1 hoverboard so trustworthy is the 1-year warranty that accompanies it. This 1-year warranty is a limited warranty that takes care of the parts of the Skque self-balancing scooter. If anything fails or malfunctions, you can always get an efficient resolution from the company.


This is another great first-time hoverboard with multicolor lights. Not only that, but it also comes in several colors including camouflage. The strong motors are mounted below the pads and are capable of operating for approximately 75 miles with the highest speed of 6 miles per hour.

The batteries are equipped to last for over an hour and they charge quickly – just 2-3 hours – so you are ready for the next 75 miles.

What I Like

  • Ideal for every age – the minimum weight capacity is 45 lbs up to 165 lbs, so it’s ideal from 7 years to adult.
  • Quick and easy hoverboard learning for first-time users.
  • 7 different colors to choose from.
  • The speakers provide strong precision and rich bass even outside. The price sticker is lower than a lot of the rivaling hoverboard brand names.
  • Bright multicolor lights and anti-slip rubber pads.
  • A featherweight at just 19 lbs.
  • UL2272 approved for safety.
  • 1-year genuine manufacturer warranty provided.
  • Affordable price.

What I Don’t Like

  • According to a few consumer reports, one side tends to stop working.
  • No significant upgrades in the look or design.


I love the different colors available, especially the camouflage design. The different colored lights are always a plus as well. This device has good power and long-lasting battery charge for 75 miles, not to mention the great quality, nice appeal, the perfect level of sensitivity, and terrific speakers for the Bluetooth capability. The cool looking 8.5″ rubber wheels are a big hit with the multicolor lights.

The XPRIT Hoverboard w/Bluetooth Speaker is well able to aid your child with an easy learning process when playing with this product. For that reason, you will have the ability to guide him in mastering how to ride a hoverboard with minimal instruction and direction.

The technique of using this hoverboard has been a smooth adventure for everyone. Parents can make sure that their children become familiar with the hoverboard and grasp the playing method within a quick time span. If you have small children just starting out with hoverboards, this is a perfect choice.

This unit can take quite a beating and still keeps going despite many flips and crashes by daredevil kids. It is very speedy; therefore, it is recommended that small children (and uncoordinated adults) wear a helmet and pads.


Gotrax E4 All Terrain Hoverboard, 8.5' Offroad Tires Self Balancing Scooters with Music Speaker, UL2272 Certified, 144Wh Battery Up to 7.5 Miles, Dual 250W Motor Up to 7.5Mph(Black)

GOTRAX is the pacesetter in the individual transport market due to the fact that the organization is recognized for delivering first-rate transport devices which is exactly why their hoverboards are still the most well-known and sought after of 2019. Available in 9 trendy colors, this hoverboard provides a nice, smooth ride for a reasonable price.

Modern technology has gone through giant leaps since the popularity of hoverboards surged in 2016 and these boards are surprisingly user-friendly, effortless to ride, and perfect for newbies. This is largely due to the sophisticated software program and self-balancing technology.

What I Like

  • This is a budget-friendly and lightweight device that can be enjoyed by anyone.
  • Itself balances with or without a rider on it and remains level to the ground.
  • The unit has a training mode with decreased speed to help first-time riders learn the essentials safely.
  • It has brilliant futuristic lights. The front and rear have LED’s and there are also LED bands on the wheels which illuminate vividly.
  • Not only for kids but for people of all sizes and has the capacity to transport up anyone as heavy as 175 lbs.
  • Electrical, battery, and charger systems evaluated & certified to UL 2272 safety requirements.

What I Don’t Like

  • No low battery warning. The battery simply runs out while you use it and brings the hoverboard to a complete stop. As a result, the rider can fall forward or backward.
  • This hoverboard does not come with an app for your smart device, nor does it include Bluetooth.
  • Charging will take approximately 3-4 hours with an entirely consumed battery. This can be quite frustrating for some users since not only does the ION have the shortest distance in the Gotrax range, it also takes the longest to charge.
  • It is not certified as water-resistant.


I love the fact that this unit is able to self balance whether or not you are on it. The colors are also pretty cool, especially the aqua. While some people may be disappointed in the lack of an app or Bluetooth for their music, it’s important to remember that this unit was designed with the novice in mind.

Given that this hoverboard is intended for rookies, Gotrax did a remarkable effort of allowing it just the ideal level of power and support. This makes it feel quite good to jump on and experience the dynamism below your feet, yet not be confused. Rookies can get immediately on and blaze the road.

The self-balancing mechanism enables the hoverboard to self-level for more convenient handling. This feature is ideal for persuading many additional kids to ride where they may have been a little wary about riding until now.

If you are a novice rider, rest assured that you are getting exceptional bang for your buck with the Hoverfly ION.

5- Razor Hovertrax Prizma

Sale Razor Hovertrax Prizma Hoverboard with LED Lights, UL2272 Certified Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter, Prismatic Color, for Kids Age 8+

Razor is a reputable company due to their scooters and they have now come out with an amazing little hoverboard that packs a lot of punch.

It features the latest EverBalance Technology which provides a brilliant engineering concept, easy ride, and cutting-edge traveling. This product is also constructed on the safest superior quality frame which is supportive and durable and is guaranteed to take you to exciting limits.

What I Like

  • The unit is manufactured by Razor, the trusted multinational innovator in electric recreational devices.
  • It is UL 2272 certified for safety.
  • The Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard has very quiet 350-watt motors and a run-time of up to 60 minutes of constant use.
  • The device has been evaluated for emissions and has complied with eco-friendly criteria to which it stands up flawlessly and is deemed safe to use.
  • The hoverboard includes a smart battery management system. Just one charge is adequate to keep the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Self Balancing Scooter going for up to an hour, transporting riders up to a maximum of 220lbs. The battery has completed comprehensive safety inspections.
  • The unit is created with Razor’s special EverBalance technology, which automatically levels the device for an easier mount and effortless ride. In addition, anti-slip rubber encompassing the foot platforms produces a solid grip between your shoes and the board. These rubber platforms incorporated with the EverBalance technology collaborate to protect against any accidents and make the ride as responsive as possible.
  • The new characteristics feature cool-blue LED light bar display, fender bumpers, aluminum hubs displaying the Razor logo, LED battery power gauge, and two riding settings for training and regular use.

What I Don’t Like

  • There are some reported issues with the battery not properly charging.
  • Because of the small tires and lack of suspension, it is not recommended that you take these boards outdoors. As a result, it could be dangerous if you ever hit a large bump or considerable crack.
  • It is not certified as water-resistant.


With today’s technology focusing on practical and environmentally friendly means of transit, the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is a smart electric scooter with self-balancing and dynamic engine to provide you with the best adventure while cruising on your journey.

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 was the very first of its kind to obtain a UL 2272 accreditation. For a rate that will also not set fire to your budget, this design is a considerable improvement on the Hovertrax 1.0, both in regards to appearance and also performance.

The dependability of this hoverboard, along with its convenient exchangeable battery packs, excellent price, top-caliber, and fun riding experience makes this board a fantastic value.


Sale TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard for Kids and Adult Two-Wheel Self-Balancing Scooter- UL2272 Certificated with Music Speaker- Colorful RGB LED Light

This hoverboard boasts a strong, protective frame along with an app for your Smartphone to control lights and other functions. With the flashing LED lights, you will be clearly visible at night. It includes plenty of incredible and fun features for your child to enjoy.

What I Like

  • The manufacturer provides universal top safety measures – UL2272 Certified of hoverboard and MSDS/UN38.3 and UL2271 safety of the battery.
  • The sturdiness of the frame resembles those of the iPhone Otterbox, which offers protection from heat and fire resistance along with durability.
  • You or your child can climb hills as steep as 20 degrees.
  • It includes Bluetooth 4.0 technology and has a smoothly connected cavity design with stereo surround sound. When riding, a captivating RGB LED light design delivers colorful lumination.
  • LED lights synchronously change color and sparkle as the musical beat shifts. The hoverboard also provides an app that enables you to control the hoverboard. Using the app, you can handle the driving force, the speed, and the sensitivity of steering. You can likewise manage the LED lights using the app.
  • Powered by two 300 watt engines, this board has more powerful engines compared to a number of the basic 6.5 ″ hoverboards on the market.
  • It packs a traveling speed of 12 km/h and accommodates riders up to 220lbs. Just 17.6 lbs make it effortless to carry anywhere!
  • The foot pedals are considerably more elevated which provides great grip and also makes them much easier to depress for kids of lesser weight around 40-60 lbs. This makes it an ideal riding adventure for young children.
  • The 2-hour charging time allows for extended usage. The battery also includes a protection feature which adds to its longevity.
  • One year warranty for wheel hub motor, battery, and controller, half a year warranty for charger from the date of sale.

What I Don’t Like

  • There is no ON/OFF switch for the LED lights.
  • There are no other colors to choose from; just standard black.


The TOMOLOO Music-Rhymed Hoverboard can carry weight up to 265 pounds which is more than virtually every other hoverboard around, making it ideal for adults to also enjoy. The tires’ treaded exteriors and broad size aid with weight sustainability in addition to permitting off-road expeditions through mud, grass, or gravel.

The battery which makes all of this possible is made by Samsung and built with superior procedures to guarantee that there’s no chance of flammability or danger.

On the whole, the TOMOLOO Music-Rhymed Hoverboard is among the top ones available for adults or those who prefer to take their boards off-road. Its durable, top-notch design will guarantee that there aren’t any concerns with breakage to either the board or its battery.

3- Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580

Swagtron T580 App-Enabled Bluetooth Hoverboard with Speaker, Smart Self-Balancing Wheel, Red

This is a “dual-glider” type hoverboard with a smartphone partner APP linked up with Bluetooth as well as a built-in speaker near the bottom of the hoverboard to enjoy music while riding. The aluminum rimmed wheel dimension is 6.5″ and the tire is constructed from solid rubber.

This hoverboard includes “smart self-balancing” which helps with stabilization employing the built-in sensors that prove to be very helpful when getting on/off the hoverboard.

What I Like

  • Using the Bluetooth speakers and the included app, you can change modes, connect to the map feature, check batteries, and play music during rides. You can also check real-time speed, current battery, and also change modes. The standard model has a pre-programmed restriction on settings including max speed so it’s safer for new users. The speaker is adequate with decent bass. You are able to hear the music in loud surroundings.
  • You can accelerate up to 7.5 mph and climb slopes of up to 30 degrees with the electric smart hoverboard’s 200W dual motors.
  • This unit is versatile for a large age range. With 3 modes, it can travel up to 8 miles per charge and accommodate riders between 44 – 220 lbs. Prior to riding, charge the Li-ion batteries for just 2 hours and choose between 3 settings.
  • The device boasts UL-approved components and 6.5″ strong rubber tires that provide improved toughness while ensuring easy rides. The hoverboard has satisfied rigorous electrical and safety assessments to guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • The top speed is 7.5 mph and it can go up to 8 miles per charge. The charging period is about 90-100 minutes with the provided charger.

What I Don’t Like

  • There are reported issues with the battery and charger. It is recommended to not overcharge the battery; however, this is not noted in the instructions.


Swagtron, previously known as Swagway, is an American operated sports goods producer who has observed the rise, downfall, and major comeback of the hoverboard in recent years.

This company then produced one of the leader hover-boards available for purchase meeting all guidelines of the UL specifications, so no worries about it spontaneously combusting!

If you love music and are tech-savvy, you are sure to get a fun experience with this unit. On the whole, the riding sensation is rather effortless and it’s very easy to steer.

2- Segway miniLITE

Segway miniLITE Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter, White

Manufactured by Segway, a well-known and trusted company, this self-balancing unit is not a toy for young children but for older children and adults. It is classified as an EPAMD – electronic personal assistive mobility device – and is legal in many states and areas where a wheelchair is permitted. It is strongly recommended to consult the Instructional Video and the User Manual prior to use.

It is not a hoverboard but the next notch in the advancement of individual transport. Powered by Ninebot innovation, the miniPRO is a hands-free, two-wheel electric scooter with better capabilities, higher speeds, and longer battery life and is developed to quickly tread a range of outdoor and indoor surfaces.

What I Like

  • You can lock up your miniLITE, change light colors, customize safety characteristics, update firmware, operate vehicle analysis, and even remotely command the device to operate.
  • It sports a trendy appearance and innovation.
  • The application coordination is cross-versatile.
  • It is very easy to regulate and ride.
  • It’s simple to carry and all set to stash in the trunk of a car. The knee control bar can be conveniently separated to make the scooter fit in small areas in a flash.
  • It achieves peak speeds of 10 miles per hour and traverses range up to 11 miles on a solitary charge. You can shop, travel, and get around at 3 times the speed of walking.
  • It can be convenient to travel through an airport, or event meeting.
  • The UL 2272 Certified unit complies with high requirements of fire and electrical safety established by world-renowned universal safety science firm Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
  • It boasts a heavy-duty aircraft-grade magnesium alloy body and 10.5-inch pneumatic air-filled tires with military-grade shock absorption capacity.
  • It is easily regarded among the most technologically-advanced and best self-balancing scooters ever to reach the wider market.

What I Don’t Like

  • Its price is a bit hard-hitting despite its magnificent features and capabilities.
  • Segway established the speed limit to 10 mph, which is understandable for legal reasons; however, when the device detects a speed faster than 10 mph, it unexpectedly slams the brake on, slows down considerably, and throws you off balance.
  • Again, in order to avoid potential lawsuits, updates to the firmware severely hinder certain features of the machine.
  • Lithium batteries are difficult to find and are quite expensive.
  • It is not recommended to ride when the temperature is lower than 23 degrees Fahrenheit as the cold climate causes issues in performance.


While pricier than other scooters and hoverboards, the Segway miniLITE has many of the same features as the original Segway scooters in the early 21st century. Furthermore, it is a smaller and more affordable version of the original Segways.

This transporter is ideal for people with disabilities who want to be able to move upright as opposed to always sitting and being looked down on. The Anti-theft system, vehicle diagnostics, pneumatic tires, and upgraded firmware are perfect features to help you get around effortlessly.

It is hands-free, self-balancing and uses cutting edge technology for its steerings. This could be an excellent choice for wild-experience enthusiasts and leisurely riders alike.

It provides a lot of aspects and capabilities which other scooters will most likely not deliver. If you are a newbie, you will find this scooter extremely efficient and practical for day-to-day commutes.


EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board, All-Terrain 8.5” Alloy Wheel, 400W Dual-Motor, LG Battery, Board Hover Tough Road Condition [Classic Series, Black, Model: EL-ES03]

Despite its overdue entrance into the self-balancing electric scooter industry, EPIKGO has stepped up to the plate with a super reliable hoverboard that contends with the competing players on level ground.

The fact that they are a little late in the game gave them the advantage of addressing the prevailing safety issues resulting in a cutting-edge hoverboard.

What I Like

  • The EPIKGO has acquired the highest possible criterion in relation to safety after effectively becoming UL 2272 certified; guaranteeing users that fire and electrical hazards are now only problems of the past.
  • In addition to being safer, EPIKGO stands apart since its heavy-duty build helps it handle practically any hurdle in its way. You can travel through grass, mud, dirt, and sand with this new gadget constructed to move everywhere and do more.
  • The motor unit can move the scooter to speeds of about 12 km per hour and this speed is kept constant even on an ascending ride of a 15-degree slant. When stacked up with the other related hoverboards, the 400-watt motor is almost 80% more powerful.
  • The wheel cover is constructed from unbreakable aluminum and the ABS body frame is very resilient.
  • The ABS cover stops the majority of the wrecks and accidents while the steel covers on the wheel offer a superb shield from the wreckage to the interior. The hoverboard is, therefore, tougher than all other hoverboards with no breakage worries.
  • Not only can you ride through almost any terrain, but the IP65 accreditation ensures you can also ride through water without any concerns.
  • The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty.
  • This hoverboard is virtually 2x more powerful and 30% larger than the top competition which means more foot space, a more steady ride, and more control.
  • It can accommodate weight as heavy as 240 pounds and as light as 44 pounds.
  • It comes with built-in 2-hour rapid battery charging technology.

What I Don’t Like

  • The instruction manual advises against overcharging the battery; however, there is no automatic shut off mechanism once the batteries are fully charged.
  • The larger wheels put your center of gravity higher which can cause some problems with balance.


On the whole, the EPIKGO hoverboard offers a superb balance when it comes to functions and cost. This is a perfect hoverboard to invest in if you are looking to use your hoverboard on gravel or grass. It is safe, sturdy, and racy with a superb balance.

With a substantial variety of thrilling and advantageous features, it is not surprising that it is one of the best hoverboards for all hoverboard lovers.

While more expensive than other brands out there, if you are looking a tough as nails all-terrain board, you will not be sorry with the EPIKGO. Matched up to other showcased self-balancing boards assessed here, it is unrivaled.

All-terrain capability, 30 percent bigger size, and water resistance offer exceptional performance. If you truly want to project that rugged, tough, and outdoorsy persona, the EPIKGO is an absolute necessity.

Things to keep in mind when looking for the best hoverboards

Hoverboards have improved a lot since they were first introduced. There were plenty of different brands but everyone was selling the same thing. Picking a hoverboard used to be about pricing since there was nothing else to look at when comparing models.

Now that we have a bit of diversity, picking a hoverboard is a bit more difficult. The technology has improved and while there are still a lot of brands that sell the same stuff with a different label, there are still plenty of models to choose from. To keep track of the most important aspects worth checking out we made a small list of important features.

  • Maximum speed and range. The maximum speed is usually linked to the power of the electric motors used. However, the higher the maximum speed is, the faster the batteries will drain. It is a trade-off. Also, anything above 10 miles per hour can be considered dangerous
  • Charging speed. The time it takes to charge the battery pack can vary between 3 hours and 8 hours depending on the model and capacity. For some might not matter but the ones that want to use their hoverboard more on a particular day, 8 hours charge times sound unreasonable
  • Additional features. Bonus features are always welcome but not always mandatory. Some models have Bluetooth support and allow the user to control some functions with their smartphone. Others may have a built-in speaker or flash LED lights. Not all features are appealing to everyone and some might not be willing to spend extra just to get flashy LEDs.

Best Hoverboards – Buyer’s Guide

Best Hoverboards

When considering which hoverboard is right for you, there are many features and details to consider. These include:

  • Top speed
  • Battery life
  • Ease of use
  • Size of the tires
  • Weight capacity
  • Weight of the hoverboard
  • Special features
  • Price range
  • User reviews

Top Speed

Hoverboards can get you moving swiftly. But, the top speed is limited to about 15 mph or less, depending on the hoverboard that you choose.

The average top speed of the scooters listed above is about 8 to 10 mph. For comparison, the average person walks at about 3 mph. A swift jog would be about 6 mph, while the average running pace is about 8 mph.

Battery Life

Most batteries provide enough power to offer an hour or two of riding, though the actual riding time can vary depending on user weight and travel speed. These factors impact the total range of the hoverboard. As you read the reviews, you’ll notice that the average range is about 7 to 10 miles on a single charge.

While 10 miles may not seem like a great distance, these devices aren’t meant for distance travel. You could take a trip to the local store, zoom around the block, or take a trip through the neighborhood.

The charge time for the battery can also vary. But, unless you’re getting a lot of use out of your hoverboard, this shouldn’t be an issue to worry about. The average charge time is about 3 hours, though there are some batteries that can charge in an hour or less.

Ease of Use

Hoverboards are relatively easy to operate. You simply lean forward to move forward and lean back to slow down or reverse. Leaning to the side will turn the scooter. To help you get used to the operation of your hoverboard, it is recommended that you practice in a confined space, such as your driveway, away from traffic and other hazards.

You’ll also find that some hoverboards are equipped with more sensitive sensors, which detect your movement and adjust your direction and speed accordingly. A quality sensor should offer improved balance and movement. Reviews should include information about the ease of use of a particular hoverboard.

Size of the Tires

The size of the tires impacts the ease of use. With larger wheels, you tend to get a smoother ride. Tires also affect the weight capacity, stability, and possibly the ability to traverse rough terrain. The typical tire size is between 6.5- 8 inches. A few of the all-terrain hoverboards have larger wheels.

Weight Capacity

The average weight capacity of most hoverboards is about 220 pounds. This should be sufficient for most adults. Scooters with a lower weight capacity are generally intended for children and young adults.

Weight of the Hoverboard

You may want to consider the weight of the hoverboard. As mentioned, the use of these in certain public areas may be restricted. If you need to lug it around, the weight could be an issue.

Special Features

In addition to the features discussed, some hoverboards have special features worth exploring. For example, LED lights, reflectors, Bluetooth speakers, and mobile applications are features you might consider useful or important when purchasing a hoverboard.

Lights on hoverboards generally aren’t intended to illuminate your path but instead are meant to keep you safe. As with a bicycle, you want people to be able to see you in the dark. If you do plan on traveling in the evening, then look for LED light features that do illuminate your path.

Other special features include different operation modes. There are hoverboards with a learning mode, which lets you slowly get used to the operation of the board.

User Reviews

User reviews are a great source of information when considering a purchase. You can get honest opinions from real people that have used and tested the product. You can find user reviews on any retail site that carries hoverboards, such as Amazon or eBay.

FAQ’s about Best Hoverboards

Best Hoverboards

Does a Warranty Come With a HoverBoard Purchase?

Newly purchased hoverboards generally come with a warranty that their machines function properly. This ensures that your board is protected by the manufacturer’s guarantee during your first year of use.

It simply means, regardless of what happens to your machine, that you can give it back to the place where you bought it and repair it for you free. It involves removal of parts, technical repairs, and even controls board software issues. No matter what, you know someone will patch the hoverboard.

You do not get into such trouble as long as you are fitted with a hoverboard guarantee. The trouble with insurance from the supplier is that it only takes a certain amount of time. Many brands offer only 30 days, and others give up to 90 days generously.

That’s all fine and you can definitely enjoy your first year of usage because you can fix it or uninstall it absolutely regardless of what happens.

Are Bluetooth Speakers and Apps Important for You?

Everybody seems to have come together to enjoy activities listening to music. Fast attention is paid to boards with Bluetooth speakers.

It signals your presence, and this is why almost all are drawn to be attracted to it. Whether you are in the park on the holidays or on a busy sidewalk, music blasting from your hoverboard will attract the attention of the people.

It can sometimes take a while to go on a ride on your board to work or to college. It’s not helpful to ride with hundreds of people in your area. A small amount of music will give you plenty of pleasure as you go to your destination.

How Do You Ride A Hoverboard?

Controlling the board is not rocket science. You just need to understand the small basic system of control. You won’t be able to use it properly if you’re not ready to learn the basics. If you want to be a professional all the tricks, movements and techniques that will support you need to be learned. Use the foregoing criteria correctly.

Moving Forward

It’s easy to Move Forward. You just have to lift your toes up to the edge. You can still rotate the body and push the board forward. Some of them use both techniques and others use just one type.

As the weight is pushed forward, it makes the board lean faster and therefore speeds up. So by using the ankles, you can regulate the speed. The more downward you lean, the faster it becomes.

Moving Backward

Returning is the same approach as you move forward and that you are trying to pitch the heel down. You can also lean your body back somewhat, so the screen starts going backward. You must be extra careful not to move too much if you lean in any way. Be sure that the center of gravity is right at the peak of the board else you can fall.

One error most people make is to attempt to lean their bodies too much to collapse. A tiny lean is all right, and you’ll collapse if you want to overdo it. Leaning on board is close to leaning a bicycle. What is specific is that when using a board you need to lean a little less.

HoverBoard Vs Skateboard.

Electronic skateboards are smoother and will have a better time over holes, rocks and short curbs. You are more relaxed to travel and stand on and are better suited for long distances.

They’re cooler and an electric skateboard is easy to ride. All of them can be altered But the price reflects that as well. The price assures the longevity of the skateboards.

Frankly, any hoverboard is generic. All of them use the same philosophy, build and work with the same strength and battery life. Most of them go as high as 6-10 mph with some versions hitting 12 mph. The standing platform is approximately the same size but it comes in several widths.


In this article, we aim to give you all the knowledge about hoverboards. And we hoped that we would be successful in that.

This article includes all the essential things you need to know about a hoverboard. Read the article and get yourself the best hoverboard in town.

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    1. The 8′ and 10′ are best boards you can buy. They are all pretty much the same coming from just a few manufacturing companies. They just change the name. Same shyt..

    1. Clearly you’ve never ridden one. Hoverboards use your leg and core muscles A LOT. Controlling, turning, stopping, and overall balance is a work out for me. I’m 130 lbs and I get a pretty good muscle work out from riding a hoverboard. When you get off, your legs can feel like jelly as if you’ve been running and your stomach is tight from use of balance. Sure you walk less, but it isn’t like sitting in a moving chair, it does require some muscle and BALANCE.

  1. “Doesn’t tell me which ones are approve with the UL label.” CNET and other consumer organizations are pointing out that UL labels are an important element of safety. Why aren’t you advising on this aspect when people are getting hurt – they can be dangerous when not used properly. Why should I consider your “final thought” when you aren’t willing to address the widely known potential for damage ? ! ?

    1. Hi J,

      Since the explosion of Hoverboard went viral on the news, amazon once removed all hoverboard listing from its shelve. and then amazon only let the hoverboard with battery warranty + certified list on its site.

      sorry for haven’t mention in the post.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. To those supposedly “UL certified” are lying because none the “hoverboards” passed the official “UL” testing.

  3. Are you serious?! The Monorover R2 is the most safe and secure model. They have warranties, their chargers are UL certified, and they do not blow up. They are the only real company that sells these.

  4. pros ans cons always go side by side. apart from its fun loving side bad thing is you become lazy. you will not walk on you feet even when you are home. ultimately weight gain issue. also nowadays explosion of hoverboards become viral. so it becomes very dangerous..!!

    1. I’m thinking of getting one for my daughter since she has knee problems that walking aggravates and it will definitely save money instead of using Uber for her to get back and forth to work

  5. one of the best information you share about hoverboards but the main issues is that amazon has keep only some top hoverboards there is no hoverboards for kids.
    thanx for information

    1. Most hoverboards are suitable for kids but they need to be a certain weight to be able to control them properly. I think I read somewhere that the minimum weight a kid should be is 45lbs? From about the age of 8 onwards most kids should be able to use any of the UL certified hoverboards.

  6. Yes you are right, after those problems the things are changed. Many best online stores selling only Ul 2272 certified hoverboards.

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  9. Great Thanks Admin Good article for Best information that you share with public..
    I am thinking about buying a self balancing scooter and after reading your article i can make a much better decision… Thank you

  10. My 9 year old son saved all his money to buy this for himself and it has been well worth it! He is having the best time with it. I write this review, because I tired to do as much research as possible before hand, to be sure we were getting a decent product for the money. I find that reviews really do help out a lot when trying to decide between certain products. We have been very pleased with this purchase and he is off making memories! =)

  11. EPIKGO hoverboard is the best self-balancing hoverboard.its Weight capacity up to 265-pounds and also Can ride up 18-degree incline its high 400-watt dual motors. Large terrain wheels to provide a stable ride.

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