Top 10 Best Hands-Free Breast Pump Bras in 2024


Pumping breast milk can be a time-consuming process. It’s one of the many inconveniences that mothers must deal with. But, there are products that are designed to make this process easier. This includes the use of hands-free breast pump bras.

These bras are made to support your chest, the same as a traditional bra while providing an opening for attaching breast pumps. Many of these bras fit over your nursing bra or offer support for your electronic pumping device. To help you choose the right bra, here is a list of the top 10 best hands-free breast pump bras in 2024.

Choosing the Right Breast Pump Bra

When choosing the best hands-free breast pump bra, you should use the same consideration as shopping for a regular bra. You want a bra that is comfortable, supportive, and breathable. This is especially true if you plan on wearing the bra while performing other tasks. Here are some of the details to consider:

  • The size of the band
  • The size of the bust
  • The material
  • The design

First, you want to make sure that the bra fits properly. Hands-free breast pump bras don’t use the standard bra sizes. Instead, they are typically listed as extra-small, small, medium, large, or extra-large. They may also include the circumference of the bust and the band in inches. Before purchasing, measure these areas to ensure the right fit.

You should also consider the material used to make the breast pump bra. Cotton is highly breathable. Though, there are other options. Since you’ll likely wear the bar with other clothing, you don’t want to choose a bra that is too thick or made with unbreathable material.

Finally, consider the design. Think about your pumping device and which design will work best. Some of these bras have an opening that provides a better seal for the pumping device. They also come in varying colors and styles. The design also impacts the ease of use. Some bras zip along the front, which is easier to put on and take off.

Best Hands-Free Breast Pump Bras in 2024

With these details in mind, begin reviewing the following list of the top 10 best hands-free breast pump bras in 2024.

10. Valerie Venetta Pumpsecu – Hands-Free Pumping Band

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The first hands-free breast pump bra is compatible with all pumps and offers an easier way to pump. The bra can fit over your nursing bra and is made with non-slip cotton for breathability and comfort. The material is stretchy, which should make it easier to get a good fit. It also features a front closure, with 3 sets of hooks and eyes so that you can adjust the bra as needed.

We couldn’t find anything wrong with this breast pump bra. Though, it is not available in a small size. Women with smaller chests may need to look for another option. It comes in two sizes – medium and large. Medium is for bust sizes 38 and 40, while large is for 40 to 42-inch chests. Overall, this is a good entry. It’s affordable and gets the job done, but doesn’t come in small.

9. HOFISH 2-Pack Easy Hands-Free Breast Pump Bras with Free Bra Extenders

Next is a pair of hands-free breast pump bras. You get two bras, which are available in 4 sizes. You can also choose the color combination – either two beige, two black, or one of each. The bras are made from a mostly cotton blend. It is 92% cotton, 8% spandex, to increase the elasticity of the pumping bra and help it stretch to accommodate your size. This increases comfort. They are also machine washable. And, it comes with a money-back guarantee. The bar holds well and should be able to help prevent leaking while pumping, while also allowing your hands to remain free.

One potential issue is the sizing. Several people mentioned that they should have gotten a size smaller. If the sizes run a little large, you should consider going down one size. Again, there is a money-back guarantee and a great return policy. In the end, this is one of the best bars, because you get two for the price of one.

8. LANFEI Women’s All-In-One Nursing Bra Hands-Free Pumping Bra

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This all-in-one nursing bra and hands-free pumping bra is designed to make pumping as comfortable as possible. It is made of a soft cotton and spandex blend that easily stretches and breathes to ensure maximum comfort. The liner is 100% cotton. It also features adjustable straps and a hook-eye closure on the back. It is a wire-free bra and comes in multiple sizes. Yet another advantage is the price and the refund policy. It is affordable, but if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can get your money back. It also has a unique design along the cups, which improves the way you secure a bottle to prevent leaking. Finally, this bra is machine washable.

What about the disadvantages? Everyone loves it. It is comfortable and supportive for everyday wear. Though, some women feel that it could offer a little more support. The bottom line is that this breast pump bra is one of the most comfortable options and one of the cheapest.

7. Tootsie Mama Hands-Free Universal Breast Pump Nursing Bra for Multitasking

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Another solution for hands-free pumping is this breast pump bra with free nursing pads. You get a free pair of washable pads to prevent leaking. The wireless bra should work with all breast pumps so that you can enjoy discreet nursing or pumping. The top straps like a regular bra, which results in a better position for pumping or feeding. Choose from medium, large, or extra-large sizes. You also get a free extender to give you an extra 2-inches. This ensures a good fit, even if the basic size is just a little off.

The breast pads are machine washable, but the bras need to be hand washed. That is really the only disadvantage that we could find. So, this is another wonderful solution for keeping your hands free while you pump breast milk.

6. Bravado Designs Women’s Clip and Pump Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory

Bravado Designs Women’s Pumping Bra Hands Free | Clip and Pump | Pumping Accessory | Dove Heather | M

This next hands-free nursing and pumping bra has a sleek design that attaches securely over a standard nursing bra. It is made from a blend that is 49% cotton, 32% modal, and 19% spandex. The material is breathable and stretchy. It forms to the shape of your chest while providing enough stretch to ensure a snug fit. The nipple opening is unique and designed to make the bra more discreet when worn during the day. It has an elastic-enforced figure 8 design that holds the bottle in an upright position. This also eliminates the need to detach the breast shield from the bottle.

Overall, this breast pump bra is easy to use. Your hands remain free and it works with most nursing bras. But, it should be noted that this is not a full nursing bra. It is designed to connect to a nursing bra. So, you will still need to purchase a nursing bra separately.

5. VIGOO Women’s Maternity Nursing and Pumping Bra with Underwire

Vigoo Womens Maternity Nursing and Pumping Bra with Underwire Nude 36C

This bra is made with a combination of cotton and spandex, which is flexible and soft. It is a full bra that looks like a regular bra but allows the easy connection of a pumping device. It should work with all electric pumps and provide extra support. This extra support comes from an underwire. You can use this bra as a nursing bra or a pumping bra and it comes in sizes 36 to 40-inches.

As mentioned, this bra contains an underwire. When it comes to nursing bras and pumping bras, some women prefer a wireless bra, as the underwire may become uncomfortable. This isn’t always the case, but it is a possibility.

4. Pump Strap Hands-Free Pumping Bra – Adjustable Breast Pump Bra

Pump Strap Hands-Free Pumping Bra, Breast Pump Bra for Breastfeeding Pumps for Women, Hands Free Pumping Bustier Tan

This hands-free pumping bra can be used for pumping or nursing. It is adjustable, so that you may not need to change sizes as your breasts change. Also, you don’t need to fully undress to use this pumping bra. The openings can also be adjusted to accommodate the bottle. There is no struggling with a zipper. Instead, this bra uses Velcro. You also have the option of wearing the bar by itself or over a nursing bra. The manufacturers also offer a 1-year warranty.

The only issue is that it needs to be washed by hand and allowed to air dry. Washing and drying in a machine can cause the bra to shrink and will also limit the elasticity of the material. If you want this bra to last long, only wash it by hand as needed.

3. RUMINA Relaxed Pump & Nurse Nursing Bra with Built-in Hands-Free Pump Bra

Essential Pump&Nurse All in One Nursing and Hands Free Pumping Bra, US Company, Black M

The 3rd best hands-free breast pump bra comes in black, white, or beige. It is made with 90% cotton, 10% spandex. It also has a pull-on closure, which means that there are no hook and eye closures. This the only hands-free pumping bra that doesn’t have holes for the nipples. It has folding layers that help provide support for the bottle and improve suction. This design also allows you to massage as you pump to improve milk supply. You lift the top layer of the bra to reveal the inside layer that the opening. Slide the breast pump funnel through this opening and position over your nipple. You then position the top layer over the funnel. It’s simple and secure.

Most women love this bra. Though, some do not like the design. If you prefer a traditional hands-free pumping bra, there are other options. But, if you want to try something that may offer superior suction and less leakage, this is worth a try.

2. MEDELA Easy Expression Hands-Free Bustier – Large, Black

Medela Easy Expression Hands-Free Bustier, Large, Black

The 2nd best hands-free breast pump is machine washable and is compatible with most electric breast pumps. This gives you the freedom to perform other tasks while you pump. The bra is made of a cotton and spandex blend that can be worn on its own or over a nursing bra.

There is one minor problem. This bra is on the small side. You should purchase one size larger than you normally would. This increases the likelihood that the bra will fit properly. In the end, this is one of the most comfortable breast pump bras available.

1. Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breast Pump Bra – Pink – X-Small to Large

Hands-Free Pumping Bra - Comfortable, Adjustable, Customizable - Converts Nursing Bra or Maternity Bra to Breast Pump Bra - Bra for Breastfeeding Pumps for Women - XS/L - Pink

At the top of the list is a fully adjustable hands-free breast pump bra that works with all electric breast pumps. It has a 10-inch adjustable Velcro back panel to make sure you have the perfect fit. As you nurse, your body will change, and this bra can be adjusted to continue providing a snug fit around your chest. You can wear it on its own or over a nursing bra. The cotton/spandex blend is 83% cotton and 17% spandex. It also comes in multiple sizes to fit any woman.


Overall, this is the top-of-the-line choice. It is effective, whether you wear it throughout the day or only when pumping. Though, most people choose to put this bra on over their nursing bra when it is time to pump at work or home. The Velcro closure is also an advantage, as zipper closures tend to break or get stuck after regular use. And, you shouldn’t have to deal with any spillage or leakage. This bra works well and should hold up long enough to last through the nursing stage. In fact, this may be the only pumping bra that you’ll ever need.

Those are the top 10 best hands-free breast pump bras in 2024. These bras will keep you covered while supporting your electronic pumping device. This keeps your hands free so that you perform other tasks while pumping your milk. And, you have 10 great options to choose from.

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