Top 10 Best Driving Gloves in 2024


A lot of people think about driving gloves as something useless that does not help with anything. To some degree it is true. Driving gloves do serve a particular purpose and not everyone will benefit from using them. However, since the first time they were introduced, driving gloves have been also used as a fashion item. They have a certain aspect that simply makes them cool to wear. The leather ones are probably the most popular ones which are kind of obvious.

Now that the fashion aspect is out of the way, let’s talk about their utility and why they were introduced in the first place. Driving gloves are recommended mostly for people that spend many hours driving. Keeping the hands on the driving wheel for longer periods of time and having a tight grip will cause the driver to develop a callus on his palms. Driving gloves can help reduce the odds of developing a callus.

It is still possible to get them but it is much more unlikely. The downside is that using driving gloves during the summer will cause the palms to sweat, especially in high heat. Since most of them are made out of leather or PU leather, it tends to get the palms to heat up more.

Best Driving Gloves in 2024

For our list, we selected 10 different driving gloves from the hundreds that are available. To keep things short let’s jump right into our list of the top 10 best driving gloves in 2024.

10. MATSU Mens Traditional Fingerless Leather Gloves

MATSU Mens Traditional Fingerless Leather Gloves,Half Finger,Driving Black Open Back M813

MATSU Mens Traditional Fingerless Leather Gloves are a great pick for the ones that spend a lot of time on the road. They are made using genuine lambskin and have a design that is meant to reduce palm sweating and provide a more comfortable experience. The model can also be an accessory to a punk rock outfit and can be used for casual situations besides driving due to their modern and stylish look.

  • Genuine lambskin leather
  • Fingerless design for better grip and less palm sweating
  • Secure Velcro strap
  • Sizing is inaccurate
The gloves fit just right is the correct size is purchased. They tend to have inaccurate sizing as they are much smaller than one would expect. The only solution is to get the larger or swap them for a different size in case they do not fit. If they do fit, the gloves will offer a good grip and protection for the palm area. The gloves are available only in black.

9. Shaf International Men’s Basic Driving Gloves

Milwaukee Leather SH247 Men's Black Leather Unlined Classic Style Driving Gloves - Large

Shaf International makes some rather decent driving gloves. The model they offer is quite inexpensive and as expected, for the money, these are not made out of genuine leather. Instead, they are made out of PU leather of high quality to ensure durability and comfort. They fit very well on the hand and can be secured with the Velcro strap on the wrists. The cutouts on the knuckles improve handling while the fingers come with perforations.

  • Very inexpensive
  • Stretchable PU leather
  • Holes in the knuckles and perforations on the fingers
  • Leather is not very long lasting
As good as the PU leather is, it will never be as durable as genuine leather. The Shaf gloves can be comfortable but they will not last for many years. They do have a modern and interesting design and the fabric, being so thin, makes them follow the shape of the hand perfectly. Combined with their low price tag, the gloves are worth at least having a look at.

8. Riparo Genuine Leather Full-finger Driving Gloves

Riparo Genuine Leather Full-finger Driving Gloves (XX-Large, Black/Red Thread)

Riparo leather gloves offer a great driving experience for a low price tag. The gloves are made out of genuine leather and have a tight fit. The leather used is very thin which means they make the hands look quite natural when having them on. They have cutouts for the knuckles and perforations on the fingers that will help reduce palm sweating. The gloves can be found in multiple sizes but only in black.

  • Lightweight, made with thin leather
  • Very comfortable
  • Perforations across the entire gloves for better ventilation
  • The leather does not look premium or genuine
The manufacturers state that the gloves are made from genuine leather. Even if that is the case the gloves surely do not look like it. They look and feel cheap but the leather is quite soft and very comfortable when using them. The perforations surely help as they prevent the hands from sweating or overheating while the cutouts for the knuckles allow for better handling.

7. Fratelli Orsini Everyday Men’s Italian Lambskin Leather Driving Gloves

No products found.

Fratelli Orsini Italian lambskin leather driving gloves can be considered premium from many points of view. They are made from genuine lambskin leather and have better attention to details. This can be observed on the cutouts, perforations and the additional stitching. The gloves can be found in either black or brown and in multiple sizes.

  • Premium lambskin leather
  • Simple, classic design
  • Great attention to details
  • Sizing is off
It seems that the fit for the most part but there are some issues with sizing. To be more specific, the proportions are not exactly correct. The thumb sleeve is a bit small. They are still wearable but there are other gloves that fit much better. Giving them a few wearings will cause the leather to become a bit softer and stretch a little which could solve the problem.

6. Anccion Men’s Genuine Leather Warm Lined Driving Gloves

Anccion Men's Genuine Sheepskin Leather Driving Gloves, L, Black

The Anccion leather warm-lined driving gloves are surprisingly cheap when compared with other offerings from our selection. Despite their lower price tag, they are made out of genuine leather and fit quite well. The difference comes from the fact that they are made to keep the hands warm thus the gloves are mostly recommended for driving in cold weather. The interior has a thicker padding and they have no perforations.

  • Very comfortable
  • Help keep the hands warm
  • Low price tag
  • Leather quality is not so great
Despite being made out of genuine leather, the quality is not all that impressive. They still look and feel better than PU leather gloves. This means that they are quite resilient and will last for many years. The inner padding does have a warming effect. They do not have a Velcro strap but they do fit securely onto the hands.

5. Interstate Leather Men’s Basic Driving Gloves

Interstate Leather I7000L Men's Basic Driving Gloves (Black, Large)

Interstate Leather offers a great pair of driving gloves. They might not look impressive but they are quite decent. The price tag is low and they are made out of genuine leather. As with other driving gloves, they have cutouts for the knuckles and perforations on the fingers. The inner side of the palm has a double padding for added comfort and protection while the wrist is secured with a Velcro strap.

  • Low price tag
  • Made from genuine leather
  • Extra padding on the palms
  • Elastic wrist
  • Powerful chemical smell
Leather products do tend to have a particular smell in the beginning that fades away after wearing them a few times. The Interstate Leather gloves seem to have a much more intense chemical smell that takes some time to disappear. It is recommended to remove the gloves from their packaging and just let them sit for a couple of days in a well-ventilated area.

4. Harrms Genuine Leather Driving Gloves

Harrms Leather Gloves for Mens, Full-Hand Touchscreen Mens Warm Cold Weather Gloves for Texting Driving Gift (L-8.9'(US Standard Size), BROWN)

A good pair of driving gloves also needs to be stylish and modern. The Harrms genuine leather driving gloves offer a lot for a modest price tag. They are made using high-quality durable leather but without any cutouts or ventilation holes. From a design perspective, they can be used as driving gloves and as regular leather gloves as they have a certain high-class aspect.

  • Stylish design for both driving and wearing as regular gloves
  • High-quality genuine leather
  • Perfect fit
  • Not good for driving in the summer
The gloves are quite good for driving but not in all situations. Not having ventilation holes and cutouts for the knuckles make them accumulate heat inside which in turn causes the palms to sweat. They are comfortable to wear and they tend to fit perfectly if the size is right. The gloves are available in all sizes but only come in a brown color.

3. Bionic Men’s Driving Gloves

Bionic Men's Driving Gloves, Black, Medium

Bionic Men driving gloves are a bit different when put side by side with the other models in our list. They look like the kind of gloves a biker would wear but they do not offer the same protection. The model is made with a mesh material in the place where there are cutouts. This helps reduce palm sweat and adds something extra to the design of the gloves.

  • Made with durable genuine leather
  • Allows the air to ventilate and reduce sweating
  • Offers improved grip
  • They look a bit bulky
For some odd reason, they tend to look bulky. Regular driving gloves do not add much as they do not make the hands look much bigger. The material used is usually quite thin. These gloves look a bit large. They still work quite well as driving gloves and they manage to keep the hands cool and prevent sweating.

2. Interstate Leather Men’s Basic Fingerless Gloves

Interstate Leather Men's Basic Fingerless Gloves (Black, Medium)

Interstate Leather basic fingerless gloves are a good pick for the ones that need something simple just for its utility. The gloves are inexpensive and have a decent construction using PU leather. They have a fingerless design for better grip and knuckle holes which make them easier to wear. The gloves have a Velcro strap on the wrist and can only be found in black.

  • Fingerless design for better grip
  • Prevent the hands from sweating
  • Unlined
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Leather quality is not stellar
It is difficult to find something wrong with the gloves especially since they are so cheap. If there is one thing that could be improved is the quality of the leather. It makes them look a bit cheap but it is much softer than regular leather. This does make them more comfortable to wear. The gloves also stretch a bit which makes them fit much better than most driving gloves.

1. Pratt and Hart Traditional Leather Driving Gloves

Silverstone Our Bestselling Men's Leather Driving Gloves Size M Black

Pratt and Hart traditional leather driving gloves are by far the most popular model in our list. The gloves are made out of genuine leather and can be found in brown and black. They have knuckle holes, perforations on the fingers to allow air to ventilate them and an elastic wrist wrap. The gloves are also unlined and fit quite well.

  • Breathable design that prevents palm sweat
  • High-quality genuine leather construction
  • Elastic wrist wrap and knuckle holes
  • Sizing is inaccurate
The sizing of the gloves is not that great. It is not as bad as with other gloves but they are still smaller than expected. Getting one size larger might prove to be a good idea in order to prevent returning them. The gloves do a fairly good job of protecting the palm and manage to keep the hands cool and prevent sweating.

Which Gloves Are Better For Driving

There are several different types of driving gloves. Most of them have just some cosmetic differences and the leather from which they are made can vary in quality. Our list managed to incorporate almost all types of driving gloves. Here are some things to think about when getting a pair of driving gloves:

  • Full-finger or fingerless gloves? Full-finger gloves offer better protection for the hands but they do sacrifice grip. Fingerless gloves make it easier to grab things.
  • Genuine or PU Leather? Genuine leather is always the better choice. They are much more durable and offer better protection. The only downside is that genuine leather gloves are expensive. PU leather gloves are almost always the cheaper alternative.
  • With or without perforations? Perforations usually allow the air to ventilate the gloves. This prevents the palms from sweating especially when driving during the summer. Gloves without perforations are much better for driving in the colder season.

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