Top 10 Best Dog Strollers Carriages in 2024


Dog strollers are more of an exotic accessory. They do have a functional purpose that many owners may not realize until they actually need one. In fact, dog strollers may prove to be useful more often than expected.

One of the more common uses for a dog stroller carriage is for vet visits. Small and medium size dog breeds are much easier to transport to the vet using a stroller. Transportation is the key here. The stroller can be used to transport the dog in heavily circulated areas, outdoor events or it can even protect him from other aggressive dogs.

Now that dog stroller carriages make more sense, it is time to have a look at what various pet supply brands have to offer. Here is our selection for the top 10 best dog stroller carriages in 2024.

Best Dog Strollers Carriages

10. Sepnine 2 in1 medium pet dog bike trailer bicycle trailer and stroller

Sepnine Dog Cart of 2 in 1 Large Pet Dog Bike Trailer Bicycle Trailer and Jogger, Foldable Frame with Hand Lock Brakes and Universal Bicycle Coupler (Red)
Stephanie 2-in-1 medium pet trailer and stroller is a great pick for the ones that want to get the most out of their trailer. It is a bit more expensive but its utility makes it an appealing purchase.

First of all, the trailer can be attached to a bicycle which makes it easier to transport the dog over longer distances. It has one wheel in the front that can be steered and two in the back. It also works as a regular stroller if needed.

Construction quality does not disappoint. The model is made using a strong steel frame, a large window and zippers that makes it easy to access the interior. The walls and top are made out of a waterproof material and the maximum supported weight is 66 pounds. Read more:Top 10 Best Dog Bed Covers in 2024

We recommend this because:

  • Durable steel frame
  • Large front window and a waterproof top
  • Can be used as a bicycle trailer or regular stroller
  • Can be folded to make it easier to store

9. Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller

Pet Gear Travel Lite Pet Stroller for Cats and Dogs up to 15-pounds, Black
Pet Gear ultra lite travel stroller is exactly what the name states. It is a travel-friendly stroller mainly because it is quite compact and if needed, it can be folded to take even less storage space.

The stoller is made using a metal frame that supports a maximum weight of 15 pounds which means small to medium size dog breeds. It is also available in 3 different colors but just one size.

In terms of construction, besides the foldable frame, the stroller uses a waterproof fabric for the top and walls while the front is a zippered mesh wall. This allows the dog to always have access to fresh air and have a vision of what is in front of the stroller. Read more:Top 10 Best Dog Chew Toys in 2024

We recommend this because:

  • Foldable metal frame
  • Mesh front wall with side zippers
  • Waterproof top and side walls
  • Lightweight and travel friendly

8. BestPet Pet Stroller

Sale BestPet 3 Wheels Pet Stroller Dog Cat Cage Jogger Stroller for Medium Small Dogs Cats Travel Folding Carrier Waterproof Puppy Stroller with Cup Holder & Removable Liner,Black
BestPet stroller is a valid option for the ones that have troubles traveling with their pets to the vet or in crowded areas. It provides a safe transportation method without costing too much.

To make it as practical as possible BestPet made their stroller foldable. The frame is made out of aluminum while the plastic parts are made our of recycled materials. The cover is waterproof and has a large opening for the dog to get fresh air and vision ahead.

Storage is quite generous. The stroller has a large basket at the bottom. The caster wheels have a soft rubber rim that absorbs shocks while the handle has an anti-slip surface. Read more:Top 10 Best Dog Sofas and Chairs in 2024

We recommend this because:

  • Foldable metal frame
  • Waterproof cover with a zippered top
  • Large storage basket at the bottom
  • Made using recycled plastic

7. Paws & Pals OxGord Double Pet Stroller

Paws & Pals Double Pet Stroller - 4 Wheels Lightweight Two Puppy, Dog & Cat Strollers - Best for Walking 2 Small/Medium Size Animal, Cats or Dogs - Foldable Pets Twin Carriage - Black
Paws & Pals pet stroller is a popular pick, especially amongst owners that have more than just one dog or cat. It is a versatile stroller that can be used for both cats and dogs, offering more than enough space.

Unlike most other strollers, this model can hold 2 pets. Each pet has its own room. Both rooms have a mesh front zippered cover and waterproof top. This allows the pet to breathe safely inside and remain protected against bad weather.

The frame of the stroller is foldable and it is made out of metal. It manages to still be quite lightweight. The bottom side holds two individual trays that can be used for storage.

We recommend this because:

  • 2 large trays for storage
  • Caster wheels with braking systems
  • Foldable metal frame
  • Mesh front with zippers and waterproof cover

6. HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty Pet Stroller

HPZ PET Rover Premium Heavy Duty Dog/Cat/Pet Stroller Travel Carriage with Convertible Compartment/Zipperless Entry/Reversible Handlebar/Pump-Free Rubber Tires for Small, Medium and Large Pets (Blue)
The HPZ Pet Rover can be considered a premium product, at least when it comes to pricing. It is a bit more expensive but at the same time, it feels premium. The metal frame is very sturdy while storage space and accessories add enough utility.

Like most other dog strollers, the model has a mesh front with zippers so that it can be easily removed. It also has a small storage tray at the bottom and a bottle holder mounted onto the handle.

The stroller is made using 1000D polyester that offers UV protection and can be machine washed. Its size makes it suitable for small to medium size dog breeds and supports a decent amount f weight.

We recommend this because:

  • Durable and foldable metal frame
  • Tear-resistant 1600D polyester fabric
  • Large storage tray and bottle holder
  • Offers UV protection and it is machine wash safe

5. BestPet Posh Pet Stroller

Sale BestPet Pet Stroller 4 Wheels Posh Folding Waterproof Portable Travel Cat Dog Stroller with Cup Holder,Orange
BestPet Posh pet stroller is a great pick for owners that do not need a stroller all that often. Build quality is not that impressive but it gets the job done. It is more than suitable for transportation and traveling.

The dog stroller has a basic aluminum frame and a basket-like tray for the pet. For the top, a waterproof material has been used while the front has a mesh material to allow the air to properly ventilate the interior.

Being such a simple stroller also means that it is lightweight. It is suitable for small and medium size dog breeds and it is very easy to travel with especially since it is foldable.

We recommend this because:

  • A lightweight frame with a foldable design
  • Extremely cheap
  • Comfortable padded interior
  • Large front mesh wall

4. Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller

Pet Gear PG8450NVS Zipperless Entry, Easy One-Hand Fold, Air Tires NV Pet Stroller, Large, Sky Line
Pet Gear No-Zip NV pet stroller was built to last. It is extremely durable and well-made. This is also reflected in the price as it is a bit more expensive. It is packed with features and it will prove to be easy to travel with and comfortable for the dog.

The stroller uses large wheels with thick tires that absorb shocks on bumpy pavement. Also, it has a bolster pad and a removable cover. The interior space is generous and despite its size, it is easy to store when folded.

Durability is ensured by the metal frame. The fabric used is tear-resistant and provides protection against UV light. At the bottom, the stroller has a small storage basket while right beneath the handle, cup holders have been placed.

We recommend this because:

  • Large storage basket and cup holders
  • Removable top and mesh front
  • Large caster wheels with rear breaks
  • The lightweight frame and foldable design

3. VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller

VIVO Black 3 Wheel Pet Stroller for Cat, Dog and More, Foldable Carrier Strolling Cart, STROLR-V003K
VIVO three-wheel pet stroller is a great option for the ones that are on a tight budget. It is inexpensive but good enough even for long walks. Being foldable means that it is travel friendly while the lightweight frame makes it easy to carry.

The stroller uses an aluminum frame with large caster wheels. It offers a good amount of storage space with its bottom-mounted basket and comes with two cup holders installed close to the handle.

To protect the dog, the stroller uses a thick and durable polyester fabric. The front window is zippered and it is made out of a mesh material that allows good visibility for the dog and permits air to ventilate the interior.

We recommend this because:

  • Inexpensive, well built, and practical
  • Has a large storage basket and two cup holders
  • Available in multiple different colors
  • Easy to fold and carry around

2. VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller

Sale VIVO Black 4 Wheel Pet Stroller for Cat, Dog and More, Foldable Carrier Strolling Cart, STROLR-V001K
VIVO four wheel pet stroller is quite similar to their 3 wheel version. This time around, having 4 wheels will prove to offer better stability and increase the maximum supported capacity. It can sustain a maximum weight of 30 pounds.

The design of the stroller makes it a practical product. Two cup holders have been placed right beneath the handles and a large storage basket can be found at the bottom. The caster wheels offer a smooth ride and reduce shocks.

For the main compartment area for the dog, VIVO used a durable polyester material that blocks UV light. It also features a large opening with a mesh window that can be taken off if needed. The cover can be retracted while the entire stroller can be folded.

We recommend this because:

  • Retractable top and removable front mesh window
  • Foldable metal frame, easy to transport
  • Has a large storage tray and two cup holders
  • Inexpensive and sturdy, can support up to 30 pounds

1. Paws & Pals City Walk N Stride 4 Wheeler Pet Stroller

Paws & Pals Pet Stroller Cat/Dog Easy to Walk Folding Travel Carrier Carriage, Lavender Purple
Paws & Pals City Walk N Stride pet stroller is a great pick for both dog and cat owners. It offers a generous space for the dog and plenty of storage with its large bottom-mounted basket. The top side has two cup holders right next to the handle for extra practicality.

The stroller itself is made using polyester to make it tear-resistant. It has two zippered openings in the front that are made out of a mesh material and large caster wheels that absorb shocks and impacts.

As expected, the stroller is foldable and has a lightweight frame. The fabric used is waterproof and the rear wheels have been fitted with breaks. As for the handles, they have been coated with anti-slip rubber.

We recommend this because:

  • Inexpensive but does not feel cheap
  • Foldable frame, lightweight construction
  • 2 cup holders and a large storage basket
  • Rear wheels with breaks and two peak windows in the front

Things to keep in mind when looking for dog strollers carriages

Buying a dog stroller carriage is a matter of patience. The issue comes with the fact that manufacturers do not bother to offer enough details about their strollers. Not all dogs are the same and one stroller might prove to be unsuitable for someone but perfect for someone else.

Pet strollers are not the most comfortable means of traveling with a dog but it is practical. Here are some important aspects to take into account when looking for dog stroller carriages.

  • Size: Not all brands clearly state the size of the stroller. This will prove to be important as not all of them are suitable for medium-sized dogs.
  • Protection: Some strollers offer protection against UV light or are waterproof. This is not the case with all the models but it is not a must. Not everyone lives in an area that gets a lot of sun and heat.
  • Storage: Storage space will prove to be useful. The vast majority of strollers have a storage basket at the bottom. Some do not offer any storage space but they are much more inexpensive and take less space when folded.


Right off the bat it is important to understand that large dog breeds cannot be transported using a stroller mainly because there are no strollers that are large enough. Also, they might not support the weight of a large dog.

Before rushing to buy a dog stroller it is important to look at the aspects mentioned above. Even a cheap stroller can get the job done but for dog owners that will find themselves using one more often, it is better to spend a bit extra to get a higher quality product.

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