Top 10 Best Cooling Pillows in 2023


Everyone knows how difficult it is to get a good sleep during a hot summer night. There is a degree of discomfort caused by the head and the most annoying one is having a normal pillow that gets warm or hot when in contact with the skin. Almost all pillows are the same and they heat up.

To mitigate this problem, cooling pillows have been invented. Also known as chillows, cooling pillows use special materials that help them dissipate the heat efficiently and remain cool during the night. There are several different materials and fabrics that have this cooling effect and some work better than others.

For the rest of our presentation, we will have a quick glimpse at some of the most appreciated and comfortable cooling pillows. They will surely help get better sleep with the aid of their cooling sensation. Let us get right into our list of recommendations for the top 10 best cooling pillows.

Best Cooling Pillows in 2023

10. PharMeDoc Contour Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel

The PharMeDoc memory foam pillow with cooling gel is a great pick for the ones that struggle during the summer. It can have a significant impact on sleep quality and it does not even cost all that much. Even if it is so affordable, it works exactly like advertised.

To help it offer a cooling sensation, the pillow uses a gel layer. The gel layer can help transfer the heat better instead of retaining it thus instead of offering a warm sensation, it has a cooling effect.

The pillow has a contoured shape that helps reduce neck pain. It comes with a removable cover that can be machine washed and it is made out of hypoallergenic materials. The pillow is completely BPA-free and does not contain any latex, lead or Phthalate.

We recommend this because:

  • Hypoallergenic cover
  • Cool gel layer for better heat transfer
  • Contour shape to prevent neck pain
  • Quite affordable

9. Beckham Hotel Collection Plush Cooling Gel Fiber Filled Pillow

Even if Beckham Hotel as a brand offers mostly hotel supplies they do offer products for the masses. Their cooling pillow is a great product that is capable of transferring heat better rather than retaining it.

The pillow is made using a special gel fiber filling that can expand and can transfer heat better which also keeps it cool. With the aid of the cover, the pillow manages to remain cool even during the hottest summer nights.

One useful aspect is that the pillow is fade resistant and stain resistant. It is quite easy to clean and it is machine wash safe. The model is available in 2 different sizes and both of them are chemical and allergen free.

We recommend this because:

  • Allergen and chemical free
  • Gel-fiber filling to help it provide a cooling sensation
  • Fade and stain resistant
  • Machine wash safe

8. Relax Home Life Reversible Memory Foam Stay Cool Pillow

Relax Home cooling pillow is a great replacement for a standard one that will retain heat and make it difficult to sleep during a hot summer night. The pillow is able to maintain a cool sensation with the aid of a thick cooling gel layer.

The pillow itself has a regular shape and it is made out of memory foam. It is reasonably soft and provides good support especially for the ones that wake up with neck pain in the morning. The foam itself is anti-bacterial and can absorb temperature better than regular pillows.

As for softness, this is a medium soft pillow. Some might find it a bit hard but it helps it provide better support. The memory foam helps it a lot in terms of offering a comfortable position and a good sleep.

We recommend this because:

  • Medium soft memory foam
  • Thick gel layer to maintain it cool
  • Odor-free foam
  • Help reduce neck and back pain and promotes a proper sleeping position

7. Comfort & Relax Cool Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow

Comfort & Relax is a brand that most should be familiar with. Their cool gel pillow is the perfect solution for the ones that suffer from bad sleep during the summer. With a basic but efficient design, the pillow will be able to provide a cooling sensation even during the hottest nights.

The pillow has a gel layer on the top side. Beneath the gel, the pillow has a memory foam layer that helps promote a proper sleeping position. It will mold better so that it provides proper support for the head.

Another benefit of the Comfort & Relax pillow is the fact that it does not retain odors. It also comes with a removable cover that is machine wash safe. The fabric from which it is made is hypoallergenic and free of any types of harmful chemicals.

We recommend this because:

  • Thick memory foam to provide improved support
  • Promotes a natural sleeping position
  • Maintains a cooling sensation
  • Reduces neck and back pain

6. PharMeDoc Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel

PharMeDoc orthopedic memory foam pillow has many health benefits over regular pillows. Despite having a regular pillow shape, the memory foam will help promote a proper sleeping position that helps reduce neck and back pain.

Since it has a gel layer, the pillow will remain cool during sleep even during a hot summer night. The gel is completely safe and free of allergens. Even if the gel layer is placed right on top of the pillow, it is soft enough in order not to be annoying.

Like most other pillows, the PharMeDoc has a removable cover. The cover is machine wash safe and is hypoallergenic. People with sensitive skin will be able to sleep comfortably with the cover as it is also free of any kind of allergens.

We recommend this because:

  • Hypoallergenic and dust resistant
  • Help reduce neck and back paint
  • Thermoregulating gel to better disperse body heat
  • Removable cover

5. Classic Brands Cool Sleep Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Gusseted Pillow

Classic Brands cooling pillow is not only inexpensive but quite effective at dispersing body heat. The pillow uses a gel layer like most other cooling pillows but it is not placed right on the surface. It is hidden as it is infused into the memory foam.

The pillow can be found in 3 different sizes and has a standard shape. It is made entirely out of memory foam and has perforations that help it dissipate heat. The pillow also comes with a hypoallergenic cover which will help the ones with a sensitive skin.

Because the gel is infused into the pillow, the pillow can be used on either side. The removable cover is machine washable and it is made out of a soft fabric that does not cause any kind of allergic reactions.

We recommend this because:

  • Inexpensive
  • Gel infused memory foam
  • Hypoallergenic cover, machine washable
  • Can be used on either side

4. Sleep Restoration 1800 Series Gusset Gel Pillow

Sleep Restoration gusset gel pillow is an excellent pick for the ones that have frequent issues with neck and back pain in the morning. It is a soft pillow made out of gel fibers that can help dissipate body heat much better than a regular pillow.

Unlike other pillows that use a gel layer, this particular model uses thin and soft gel fibers spread throughout the pillow. Not having memory foam makes it much softer than a regular memory foam pillow.

The pillow is stated to be fade and stain resistant. It comes with a protective removable cover that is machine washable thus make it is easy to remove odors and keep it clean. The pillow is also chemical free and does not contain any kind of allergens.

We recommend this because:

  • Made from plush cooling gel fibers
  • Fade and stain resistant
  • Completely chemical free and without any allergens
  • Helps reduce neck and back pain

3. Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Pillow

Classic Brands reversible cooling pillow is quite similar to most other pillows. It is made from thick memory foam with a thin gel layer on top. The gel layer helps dissipate the body heat better while the memory foam ensures a proper sleeping position.

The main benefit of using the pillow is that it can reduce neck and back pain. It also remains cool even during the hottest summer nights. The pillow is also reversible which means that both sides can be used but just one has the gel layer.

As expected, the pillow comes with a protective cover. The cover is very easy to clean and does not retain any kind of odors. Last but not least, the pillow is available in just one size but in two different colors.

We recommend this because:

  • Reversible design with one side for warm nights and one side for cool nights
  • Gel layer to help regulate temperature
  • Improves sleeping posture
  • Easy to clean and does not retain odors

2. Sleep Restoration Plush Cooling Gel Pillow

Sleep Restoration Plush cooling gel pillow offers great value for money. It is an inexpensive pillow with a decent build quality and works very well when it comes to dissipating body heat during a hot summer night which greatly improves sleep quality.

The pillow is made from thin gel fibers that make it as soft as a regular pillow. The fibers also make it durst, mold and mildew resistant. Cleaning it is fairly simple as it has a removable cover and the gel fibers do not retain any kind of unpleasant odors.

As far as allergens go, the pillow is chemical free. It will not cause any kind of allergic reactions, rashes, and skin irritations. The pillow will prove to be suitable for anyone that has trouble sleeping during a hot night and has frequent back and neck pain.

We recommend this because:

  • Fade and stain resistant
  • Very soft gel fiber filling
  • Completely safe for sensitive skin
  • Highly efficient heat dissipation

1. Coop Home Goods Cooling Bamboo Derived Foam Pillow

Coop Home Goods is a popular brand when it comes to housewares. The brand now offers cooling pillows made out of premium materials. Their pillow uses bamboo for the cover which helps dissipate heat much better.

The pillow is filled with soft pieces of foam that makes it much softer than regular memory foam pillows. For obvious reasons, the manufacturers chose shredded hypoallergenic Ceptipur memory foam that will not cause any kind of rashes or allergic reactions.

In terms of maintenance, the bamboo cover for the pillow can be machine washed. It is dust resistant and does not retain bad odors. The pillow will remain cool during the night and will help promote a proper alignment for a deeper sleep.

We recommend this because:

  • Promotes proper alignment for a deeper sleep
  • Filled with shredded memory foam
  • Hypoallergenic materials free of formaldehyde and phthalates
  • Premium removable bamboo cover

Things to keep in mind when looking for cooling pillows

We all value a good night sleep but the summer heat can make things difficult for most of us. A good cooling pillow can make a huge difference. As there are multiple types of pillows, getting a suitable one can be a bit complicated.

Most cooling pillows are made using memory foam which is great for people that wake up with neck and back pain. The ones that do not have such issues may want to look for other types of pillows. To help pick a suitable pillow, we made a list of things that need to be taken into account when looking for a cooling pillow.

  • Memory foam or other types of fillings. Cooling pillows may have one large piece of memory foam, shredded memory foam or they may even have just small gel fibers. The ones that are made from a large piece of foam may not seem very comfortable but it helps promote a proper sleeping position.
  • Sizing. Most pillows come in various sizes. A lot of people forget to select the size they want and end up getting the standard one.
  • High-quality cover. The cover for the pillow needs to be made out of a high-quality fabric and it needs to be not too thin but not too thick either. If the cover is thick, the cooling gel will not have a noticeable effect.


Cooling pillows are probably the most useful invention to improve sleep quality during the summer. The cooling gel is the preferred material used by most manufacturers and for a good reason. The gel is quite efficient when it comes to dissipating heat.

A good cooling pillow also needs to be reversible. One side will provide a cooling sensation while the other will get warmer for the cooler nights. The vast majority of pillows are reversible but what matters the most is the impact they have on sleep.

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