Top 10 Best Concealers in 2024


Not everyone was blessed with a perfect skin. Even a healthy facial skin can have blemishes, variations in skin tones in small regions or even scars or birthmarks. While men may get away this these small imperfections, women prefer to use cosmetic products to deal with these issues.

The easiest way to deal with facial skin imperfections is to buy and use a concealer. An important aspect to keep in mind is that the shade or color of the concealer is very important. There are many different variations and sometimes it is possible to get a shade that does not match the natural color of the skin.

Currently, on the market, thousands of concealers can be found. Some brands even offer ten or more concealers which can make things a bit confusing especially for someone that is looking to try a new product that they did not test before. Usually, consulting other opinions helps a lot but it can still be a bit of a hassle to search for a good concealer that is actually decent.

Best Concealers in 2024

To make it a bit easier we selected the 10 most appreciated concealers made by brands with which most women should be familiar. The vast majority of them are affordable and offer great results. To keep things short let’s get right to our list of the top 10 best concealers in 2024 reviews.

10. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Smoothing Stick Treatment Concealer

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Smoothing Stick Treatment Concealer, Medium 03, 0.10 Ounce

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Soothing Stick Treatment concealer is an interesting product that provides rather decent results. It comes in the form of a simple stick that greatly simplifies the way the concealer can be applied onto the skin and and can be stored safely without having to worry about it leaking inside a bag.

The concealer uses a special blend of ingredients without the use of any fragrances plus it is completely free of oil. It is hypoallergenic and it can be found in three different tones. The product can be used to correct almost any type of skin problem and can last throughout the day.

9. L.A. Girl Pro Coneal HD. High Definiton Concealer

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L.A. Girl Pro Conceal is a professional concealer that can be found at a very competitive price tag. It is a simple product that provides good results even when a thin layer is applied.

What makes this concealer a great pick is its special formula that is crease-resistant and opaque. It can cover dark circles and deep lines, especially around the eyes. The concealer comes in the form of a small tube that simplifies how it can be applied to the skin and has a modest price tag.

8. CoverGirl Invisible Concealer Light

Sale COVERGIRL Clean Invisible Lightweight Concealer Light, .32 oz

CoverGirl is yet another brand that everyone has head of. They offer a wide range of products but the Invisible Light Concealer is by far their most popular. It is a simple concealer that comes in the form of a tube and a fairly low price tag.

Unlike other concealers the product comes with a sponge tip. This makes it a bit easier to spread an even layer every single time. It blends perfectly with the skin and hides most skin imperfections. It has been dermatologically tested and should last throughout the day.

7. L’oreal True Match Super-blendable Concealer

Sale L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-blendable Concealer, Fair/Light Neutral, 0.17-Fluid Ounce

L’oreal True Match Super-blendable Concealer is a product that is considered to be premium at least from a pricing standpoint. It is still within the affordable range and its results will surely not disappoint.

The concealer comes in a small tube with a top cap that includes a small brush. It has a neutral tone that makes it almost invisible when applied onto the skin and it is highly effective at hiding skin imperfections. A full tube should last for several months and one when applied directly onto the skin it should last an entire day.

6. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Radiant Creamy Concealer - Custard by NARS for Women - 0.22 oz Concealer

The NARS Radiant Creamy concealer is a great professional-grade product but some might find its high price a bit of a turnoff. However, it does offer excellent results and has been used a lot by professional makeup artists.

Using a new blend of ingredients the concealer will be able to survive throughout the day. It is completely crease-proof and does a very good job at hiding various skin imperfections such as dark spots, pigmentation, and many others. The concealer is free of any kind of fragrance and does not contain alcohol or parabens.

5. Revlon Photoready Concealer

Sale Revlon Concealer Stick, PhotoReady Face Makeup for All Skin Types, Longwear Medium- Full Coverage with Creamy Finish, Lightweight Formula, 003 Light Medium, 0.11 Oz

Revlon Photoready is a reliable concealer for women that are trying to find something that provides excellent results yet do not want to waste too much money. It is inexpensive and offers excellent results.

The concealer comes in the form of a small tube that resembles a lipstick. This makes it very easy to apply directly onto the skin without having to worry about putting too much. It is not as liquid as some other concealers but it offers the same results.

4. NYX Cosmetics Concealer Wand

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP HD Studio Photogenic Concealer Wand, Medium Coverage - Light

NYX Cosmetics has several interesting products amongst which their Concealer Want is probably the most well-known. It is inexpensive and provides a natural coverage even when a thin layer is applied to the skin.

Unlike other concealers, the NYX uses a special blend of ingredients that hydrates the skin without the use of any harmful substances. For this reason, the concealer can be used for all types of skin.

3. Maybelline New York Fit Me! Concealer

Sale Maybelline New York Fit Me Liquid Concealer Makeup, Natural Coverage, Lightweight, Conceals, Covers Oil-Free, Light, 1 Count (Packaging May Vary)

The Maybelline New York Fit Me! Concealer is a decent product with a rather compact form factor making it easy to carry it around in a bag. It is simple to apply and has a rather small price tag.

The concealer works with all types of skin imperfections including dark circles around the eyes. It comes in the form of a small thin bottle with an included brush to help spread it evenly across the skin. It can be found in several different tones including very light and very dark ones.

2. NYX Cosmetics Concealer Jar

NYX Professional Makeup Concealer Jar, Beige, 0.25 Ounce

NYX Cosmetics Concealer Jar is a premium product and a bit different from other products. It comes in a small jar and has a rather thicker consistency. This can help get the exact right amount to apply on the skin.

One of the things that makes it such a popular pick is the use of emollients that help keep the skin hydrated. It works with all types of skin and offers excellent coverage. The concealer also comes in 12 colors and 2 sizes to choose from.

1. Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

Sale Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Multi-Use Concealer, 150, 1 Count (Packaging May Vary)

The Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind concealer is a decent pick for women of all ages. It can help all types of skin and it can handle even the dark circles under the eyes.

The concealer comes in a small bottle with a sponge at the top. It is fairly liquid which means it has a simple means of applying it across the skin. The product comes with a decent price tag and it can be found in multiple sizes.

There are a lot of different concealers on the market. Some of them are more solid than others but what is important is how they are applied on the skin. A liquid concealer usually comes with a brush or a sponge while the rest can be applied directly.

For our list we selected only the most popular concealers available on the market based on the results they offer and how well they work with various types of skin. All of them are affordable and can be found in multiple different shades.

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