Top 10 Best Bike Racks in 2024


While most casual bike riders own just one there are quite a few that are more enthusiast about it and own at least two. In most cases, cyclists own a bike for regular city commuting and another bike for long rides. Regardless of the case indoor storage is always an issue even for someone who owns just one bike. Bike racks make it a bit more manageable. Owning a bike rack means that each bike has its designated storage place. Out of all the models available, only 10 made it to our list. Here are the top 10 best bike racks in 2024.

10. Rage Powersports 2-Bycicle Rack

APEX LEGENDS BR-STD Bike Storage Rack, 1 Pack blue

The Rage Powersports rack was designed to be used indoors in a garage or inside a small apartment. It has an upright design and a maximum capacity supported of 88 pounds. The model is fully adjustable and each of the four arms and is moved vertically. The holders are made of plastic in order to protect the bike paint from scratches and comes with a simple construction that does not require any kind of physical fixation. It can be used as is leaned on a wall.

9. CyclingDeal 2-Bycicle Rack

CyclingDeal 2 Bike Bicycle Vertical Hanger Parking Rack Storage Stand for Garages or Indoor Apartments

CyclingDeal offers an inexpensive and practical bike rack that is both light and easy to install. The model features a telescopic pole with two arms to support two bikes. Each arm is covered with a plastic material to prevent scratching the bike and both of them are adjustable in terms of their vertical position. The rack is extremely easy to install and can be used in a garage or inside an apartment.

8. SportRack Adjustable Bike Rack

Thule SportRack Adjustable Bike Stand

The SportRack bicycle rack is a reasonably affordable product with a simple construction that does not require any kind of installation. As soon as it is assembled it is ready to be used. The model is perfectly balanced and can support up to two bikes. Its support arms can have their position adjusted and come with rubber holders to protect the bike frame from paint scratches. Having a steel construction also means it is solid and durable.

7. Gear Up Oak Rack

gearup OakRak Freestand Storage Rack, Dark Walnut

Gear Up Oak rack is one of the few models that are made out of wood. It is self-balancing and does not require to be installed or leaned against a wall. The model has four fixed arms that can hold two bicycles for a maximum load of 200 pounds. It well finished and quite stable even while holding two bikes. The model is a bit more expensive than others but it compensates with its ease of use and the fact that no walls need to be drilled in order to install it.

6. Saris Bike Bunk 2-Bike Gravity Rack

Saris Bike Home Storage, In-Home Bicycle Bunk, Store 2 Bikes, Black

Saris gravity rack is an extremely simple designed model that offers just enough functionality. It comes with two pairs of adjustable arms that have cushioned pads which protect the bike’s paint and does not require any kind of drilling to install. It is designed to be leaned against a wall and being extremely light makes it easy to move it around or put it away somewhere.

5. Stoneman Sports DBR-820 2-Bike Rack

Stoneman Sports DBR-820 Sparehand Freestanding Adjustable 2-Bike Storage Rack for All Frames Types, Black Finish

Stoneman’s DBR-820 is a great budget solution for the ones that need a rack that can hold two bikes. It was made to be a self-standing model with two pairs of arms that can be adjusted vertically and soft plastic coating to protect the paint on the bike. The model is made of solid steel and comes with a black finish. It can support two bikes or a total weight of 80 pounds and it includes a one-year limited warranty.

4. Gear Up Oak Rak Floor to Ceiling Bike Rack

gearup OakRak Floor to Ceiling Storage Rack, Golden Pecan

The Gear Up Oak two bike rack is a great model for the ones that do not want to drill any holes in their walls. It is made out of solid American Oak and comes with support arms for two bikes. The model is solid enough to support a load of up to 200 pounds and comes with a natural wood finish. It is a bit more expensive but highly convenient as it saves space and it is extremely easy to install.

3. Allen Sports 2-Bike Rack

Sale Allen Sports Wall Mounted 2-Bike Storage Rack, Model 201B , Black

The Allen Sports two bike wall mounted rack is probably the most affordable model and also the smallest one available. It requires one wood screw to be installed and comes with a foldable design that saves a lot of space. The model includes foam padding to protect the wall from damage after it is installed and can be used as a repair stand as well.

2. Swagman Hang It Bike Hanger

Sale Swagman HANG IT Adjustable 2 Bike Storage System

Swagman Hang It two bike rack is yet another model with a telescoping pole and a floor to ceiling design. It takes just a couple of minutes to install it and no holes need to be drilled into the wall. The model comes with two pairs of arms that can be adjusted vertically and it is extremely sturdy. What recommends the model the most is its low price and convenience.

1. Saris Cycle Hottie Bike Rack

Saris The Hottie Two Bike Home Storage, White

Saris Cycle Hottie is yet another model made as a self-standing rack with a wooden frame. It can hold up to two bikes of 35 pounds each and it is extremely easy to assemble. The model comes with cushioned arms to prevent any kind of scratch damage and it includes a lifetime warranty. Due to its design, the rack is easy to assemble install or move whenever required.

Bike racks tend to be quite a different one from another. The vast majority do not require the user to drill holes into walls to install them while some might not be that simple. If the location of the rack will not be changed anytime soon then the models that need to be drilled into the wall are a better choice as they are much more secure. In the end, it is all a matter of preference and regardless of the case, our top 10 has more than enough models to choose from.

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