Top 10 Best Balconette Bras in 2023


There are literally dozens of different types of bras and even if it might sound surprising, each and every type serves a different purpose. Out of all of them, the most versatile type of bra is the balconette. Their design and shape makes them stand out by offering a sensual and flattering look for all women.

The balconette bra has a distinctive design that makes them similar to half-cup bras which can cause a bit of confusion. They were introduced back in the early 1950s in the US and several other parts of the world. What women wanted to achieve by using this type of bra was support for the underside of the breasts which creates a more filling effect. It was initially designed by Marilyn Monroe which probably helped boost its popularity in the early days.

Best Balconette Bras in 2023

For our list we selected 10 different models of balconette bras that for most part offer the same lifting effect. They are made using various fabrics which makes some more comfortable than others. Most of them have wire insertions and padding but for most part they are quite comfortable. The pricing can vary a bit but it is possible to find something affordable and well made. Here are the top 10 best balconette bras in 2023.

10. Self Expressions iFit Lace Balconette Bra

Self Expressions iFit Lace Balconette Bra (05071) 36DD/Black

Self Expressions iFit Lace balconette bra is a great pick for women with a limited budget. This inexpensive bra comes with a simple design that makes it comfortable to wear even for an entire day. It has wire insertions beneath each cup and it comes with medium padding.

The model has two adjustable straps that makes it easy to put on. It is made mostly out of nylon and elastane as comes in four different colors. The model needs to be washed by hand using only cold water.

9. Parfait By Affinitas Women’s Athena Balconette Padded Bra

Affinitas Parfait Athena Balconette Bra Style 3802-CHAMPAGNE-30E

Parfait by Affinitas is a reputable brand that offers premium products. Their Athena Balconette bra is a great pick that comes with a straight forward design which makes it very comfortable.

Like most other balconette bras it has underwire support for the cups and comes with two straps and a hook and eye closure. It does not use any kind of padding for push up and comes in two different colors.

8. Rosme Women’s “Annija” Balconette Bra

Rosme Women's Balconette Bra Plus Size Lace Demi Shelf Half Cup Push Up Effect Low Cut “Annija”, Beige, Size 34D

The Rosme Women’s “Annija” Balconette Bra is a great product made using high quality fabrics and a design that makes it very comfortable. It is made using nylon, cotton and elastane. As expected it has underwire support for the cups and comes with a hook and eye closure for the straps.

The model features padded cups and a floral pattern. It is available in multiple colors and sizes in order to find a perfect fit. The model is reasonably priced and it is very easy to put on. According to the manufacturers it is recommended to be cleaned by hand using cold water in order to avoid damaging the fabric.

7. fruitVogue Women’s Demi & Balconette Underwire Lace Lightly Padded Elastic Bra

fruitVogue Women's Demi & Balconette Underwire Lightly Padded Lace Bra 40 B Black (SL_554_90B)

Some might not like the animal print pattern on the fruitVogue Women’s Demi & Balconette bra but this does not make it a bad product. In fact, it is quite well made and offers a comfortable sensation making it a great pick for everyday way.

The model has underwire support for the cups and medium padding. As with most other models, it has adjustable straps and a hook and eye closure. The model can be found in other colors as well and comes with a rather modest price tag.

6. La Isla Women’s Full Coverage Embroidered Underwire Balconette Bra

DELIMIRA Women's Full Coverage Lightly Padded Embroidered Underwire Balconette Bra Beige. 44H

La Isla has several different bra models to offer out of which their balconette bra seems to be the most popular. The model has a sturdy construction that offers a push up effect and feels very comfortable at the same time despite having underwire support.

In terms of quality the bra is made mostly out of polyamide and spandex. It has a simple lace design with adjustable straps and full coverage cups that reduce the “spill over” effect. It is wider than most other models which significantly reduces pressure.

5. Curvy Kate Women’s Ritzy Padded Balconette Bra

Curvy Kate Women's Ritzy Balcony Bra, Black/Blush, 34DD

The Curvy Kate Ritzy balconette bra is a great pick for women with a limited budget. Despite its modest price tag the quality of the bra does not disappoint. It has underwire support for the cups while the cups themselves have a modern and appealing design with colored stripes.

The fabric used for the bra combines nylon with polyester and elastane. It is fairly lightweight and comes with a simple hook and eye closure. The model is recommended to be washed with cold water by hand.

4. Calvin Klein Women’s Lace Balconette Bra

Calvin Klein Women's Lace Balconette Bra, Ivory, 36C

Calvin Klein is one of those brands that everyone heard of. Their lace balconette bra is a great pick for women that like premium products with great attention to detail. It has a floral pattern with lace cups and underwire support. The cups are a bit smaller than usual yet they provide decent support.

The model features a hook and eye closure with adjustable straps. For the cups the manufacturers decided to skip the padding in order to reduce pressure. As with other similar models the bra needs to be washed by hand using only cold water.

3. Panache Women’s Andorra Balconette Bra

Panache Women's Andorra Balconnet Bra, Bluebell, 36E

Panache Andorra balconette bra is a great option for women that need more support. It has a wider design that prevents “spill-overs” and large cups with a push up effect. The cups themselves have underwire support yet still feel comfortable.

In terms of build quality the bra is made using polyamide, elastane and viscose. It is reasonably lightweight and relatively easy to put on with its hook and eye closure. The straps can be adjusted for a better fit. As with other models in our list the product can be found in multiple colors to choose from.

2. Rosme Women’s “Grand” Balconette Bra

Rosme Womens Balconette Bra Collection Grand, Size 34DD Ivory

The Rosme Grand balconette bra was designed to provide better support for women with larger breast sizes. It has a stylish floral pattern with adjustable straps and padding for the cups. As with any other balconette bra it has underwire support and feels rather comfortable even when used for an entire day.

The model is made using a combination of cotton, elastane and nylon. For the sake of diversity the manufacturers offer the model in 3 different colors and multiple sizes.

1. Panache Women’s Tango II Balconette Bra

Panache Women's Tango Balconnet Bra, Chai 38H

The Tango II balconette bra from Panache is a great option for women that need a premium product with a modest price tag. It has a simple floral design with adjustable straps and padded molded cups. The bra has a supportive design with a push-up effect as well as an underwire that does not make it feel uncomfortable in any way.

In terms of build quality, the bra is made using nylon, polyester, and elastane. It is fairly lightweight and quite comfortable. As recommended by the manufacturer the bra needs to be washed only by hand.

Balconette bras can offer great support and an excellent push-up effect. Their design determines how comfortable they are which can be a very important aspect. The fabric used can play an important role and sadly there are only a handful of models that are made using cotton.

For our list, we were able to select a wide variety of balconette bras. All of them are well built, come with an appealing design, and offer a stunning effect that would make any woman feel sexy and admired.


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