Top 10 Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors in 2024


Do you want to protect your Apple watch? These watches don’t come cheap. So, to protect the screen from scratches and scrapes, you should add a screen protector.

Unfortunately, finding the best fit isn’t always easy. Some screen protectors fail to stay in place or easily leave bubbles behind.

You also need to consider the type of Apple watch that you own. There are quite a few different styles. This includes Series 0, 1, and 2 Apple watches. All series include 38 and 42mm watches. Though, some screen protectors are designed to fit any Apple watch.

Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors in 2024

The following list of the top 10 best Apple watch screen protectors in 2024 will help keep your screen free of scratches.

10. Apple Watch Case 38mm Series 1 Snap-on Cover Protector

The first screen protector on this list provides full coverage over your watch. It is a snap on case made from a clear, flexible material. With a case, you don’t need to deal with a complicated application process.

But, that’s not the only advantage. Here are a few more:

  • The case is incredibly durable and provides full access to all watch controls
  • There is an air cushion to help protect your watch against impact
  • Works with the Series 1 Apple watches

These cases are affordable and durable. Though, moisture may get trapped between the case and the watch if wearing in a humid setting or while working out. This moisture should dissipate shortly afterward.

This case will only work with the 38mm Series 1 Apple watches. If you have a different watch, you’ll need a different case. But, the manufacturers offer options for each type of Apple watch.

9. Spigen Rugged Armor Apple Watch Case with Resilient Shock Absorption and Screen Protectors

Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Apple Watch Case for 38mm Series 3/Series 2/1/Original (2015) - Black
This next choice offers full protection for the entire watch. It includes a rugged case with screen protectors designed for the 38mm Apple watch.

Here are the advantages and features of this case:

  • Rugged case with shock absorption
  • Includes 2 screen protectors for 38mm Apple watches
  • The rugged case is flexible
  • Works with Series 1 and 2 Apple watches

This is a solid protector, but you do need to be made aware of a couple disadvantages:

  • The case doesn’t sit tightly against the watch. This can allow dust and debris to get trapped between the case and the watch
  • Some consumers ditch the screen protectors and use the case

While the case doesn’t sit tightly against the watch, you can always remove it and clean the interior to get rid of debris. If you don’t like the screen protectors, you can replace them and still use the case. But, with a Series 2 watch, you shouldn’t have any problems with the protectors.

8. Apple Watch Case 5-in-1 Universal Full Armor Case with Screen Protector

iiteeology Compatible with Apple Watch Band, Rugged Protective iWatch Case and Band Strap with Built-in Screen Protector for Apple Watch Series 3/2/1 (5 in 1 Kit, 38mm)
If you want a stylish protector for your Apple watch, then consider this pack of screen protector cases. You get a 5 pack of watch cases with a durable, clear screen. They are compatible with both the Series 1 and 2 Apple watches, while also offering these benefits:

  • The 5 cases are all different colors – black, red, pink, orange, and tan
  • The cases simply fit over your watch
  • The screen protector surface has a matte finish – which helps reduce glare
  • Helps waterproof the Series 2 watches

There are also a couple disadvantages:

  • The waterproof advantage doesn’t apply to the Series 1 watches
  • You may have difficulty using the touchscreen near the edges of the screen

If you want full functionality with a Series 1 watch, this may not be your best option. But, it works great with the Series 2 watches.

7. Apple Watch Series 2 Case – Haoos Ultra-Thin Clear Hard Screen Protector Cover

Apple Watch Series 2 Case, Haoos [Ultra-Thin] Slim Clear PC Hard Screen Protector Protective Cover [2 Color Combination Pack] for Apple Watch Series 2 iWatch 2016 (Series 2 42mm PC Hard Case)
Next is this hard screen protector cover for the 42mm Apple watches. Instead of applying a film to the surface of your watch, you simply attach the protective case. This provides numerous advantages:

  • You don’t have to worry about bubbles or improper application
  • You’ll receive 2 screen protector covers
  • Does not cover the microphone or speaker on the Series 2 watches
  • Made from a hard, yet flexible material that will easily fit over your watch
  • Does not interfere with the operation of the touchscreen display

There is one drawback to these protectors. These cases are only meant for the Series 2 Apple watches. But, the same manufacturer also provides a separate set that is designed for the Series 1 watches.

6. Apple Watch 38mm Full Coverage Screen Protector for Series 1 and 2

Skinomi TechSkin [6-Pack] Clear Screen Protector for Apple Watch 38mm (Series 1/Series 2) (Updated Version) [Full Coverage] Anti-Bubble HD TPU Film
At number 6 is this option from Skinomi. It offers full protection for your Apple watch screen. The film is made from a flexible material that covers the entire screen, including the curved edges of the screen.

The full coverage is just one reason why this is a great choice. Here are a few more advantages:

  • Includes a liquid solution that allows you to adjust the placement of the screen during application
  • Comes with a lifetime replacement warranty
  • Features TechSkin technology to protect against scratches
  • Designed for 38mm Apple watches
  • The film has a UV clear coat which prevents yellowing and ensures a clear view of your watch screen
  • Self-healing film – the film stretches and absorbs scratches and damage
  • Includes 6 screens

Those are the advantages. Here are the disadvantages:

  • You need to be patient with the application process
  • The provided liquid for the application process isn’t enough to apply all 6 screen protectors

When you apply the screen protector, you need to be patient and follow the instructions exactly as described. Bubbles may be present when you first apply the protector. But, these should go away if you allow the watch to set overnight and then complete the application process the following day.

Basically, you get a great set of screen protectors. You just need to be careful with the application process.

5. 38mm Apple Watch Screen Protector iXCC 0.3mm 2-Pack

iXCC 38mm Apple Watch Screen Protector 0.3mm [2 Pack] Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Anti-Bubbles, Scratch Resistant [Only Covers The Flat Area]
If you’re worried about bubbles in your protector, then you’ll want to look at this Apple screen protector. It’s designed to prevent bubbles. This is due to the 9H hardness of the material. Along with anti-bubble material, you get the following benefits:

  • Includes a dust absorber, guide sticker, and cleaning wipes
  • You get 2 Apple watch screen protector films
  • The included items make it easy to install
  • 0.3mm tempered glass material for added protection

While this protector will protect your watch screen, there are two issues to point out:

  • Only covers the flat area of the screen on the watches with rounded edges
  • Slightly thicker than some of the other protectors

If you have an Apple watch with the rounded edges, this will only cover the flat part. Also, it doesn’t quite cover the entire screen, but enough to protect from scratches.

The material is made from tempered glass. It is 0.3mm thick, which is common. But, the glass material makes it slightly thicker. This can have a moderate impact on the sensitivity of the touchscreen.

Overall, this protector offers superior protection, due to the glass material. And, the fact that the glass material doesn’t cover the entire screen is normal for glass protectors.

4. Patchworks USG TOUCH PRO Apple Watch 38mm 2-Pack

No products found.

The 4th best Apple watch screen protector is this option from Patchworks. It includes 2 protectors, made with a military-grade urethane. While this entry is for their 38mm protector, they also offer a 42mm version.

Here is a closer look at the advantages of this Apple watch screen protector:

  • Anti-fingerprint and bubble-free material
  • Non-yellowing and durable
  • Includes a guide tip for easy application
  • You get 2 screen protectors
  • Thin material that doesn’t interfere with watch operation

Now on to the disadvantages:

  • There is a chance that you may mess up the first protector

As with almost all screen protectors for electronic devices, it’s easy to mess up the first time that you attempt to apply the protector to the screen.

Luckily, there are 2 protectors included in this package. You can consider the first one as a practice protector, as the correctly applied protector should last for quite a while. Plus, they are incredibly affordable. Almost all the protectors on this list are available for less than $20.

3. Julk 0.3mm Ultra-thin HD Clear TPU Screen Protector for 38mm Apple Watch

Julk Series 1 38mm Case for Apple Watch Screen Protector, iWatch Overall Protective Case TPU HD Clear Ultra-Thin Cover for Apple Watch Series 1 (38mm)
Next is a screen protector case that provides additional protection for not only the watch face but the watch case. It is designed for the Series 1 watch but also works with Series 2 Apple watches.

Explore the top features of this ultra-thin screen protector:

  • Protector case fits over the front of the watch. Not only does it protect the screen, it protects the sides of the watch
  • Thin material ensures that the protector doesn’t interfere with the use of the touchscreen
  • Crystal clear protector with a completely clear view of the watch screen
  • The protector is removable

There are also a couple of disadvantages to consider:

  • Works with the Series 2 watches, but partially covers the speaker and mic on the Series 2
  • Moisture may get trapped between the protector and the watch screen

If you choose to use this protector for a series 2 watch, even though the protector partially covers the speaker and microphone, this doesn’t interfere with regular operation.

The other issue is the moisture. There is a slight layer between the protector and the watch screen. Again, this doesn’t impact operation.

But, if you’re using the watch in a gym or while you work out, moisture could get trapped between the protector and the watch. If this happens, you simply need to remove the protector or allow it the watch and protector to dry out.

Overall, the real advantage of choosing this protector is that you don’t have to worry about bubbles or carefully applying a screen. It simply fits over the 38mm watch and is removable.

2. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield 38mm Anti-Bubble Ultra HD Screen Protectors

ArmorSuit (6 Pack) Screen Protector for Apple Watch 7 41mm Max Coverage Anti-Bubble HD Clear MilitaryShield Film
At the number 2 spot is this option from ArmorSuit. These ultra-clear screen protectors are the best quality, with advanced features that you won’t get from other protectors. This includes:

  • Ultra-thin material – this helps prevent any loss of clarity on the watch face
  • Easily aligns along the contours of the watch
  • Designed with a long-lasting material that resists scratches
  • Includes self-healing technology that reduces the appearance of scratches

Along with those advantages, you get 2 screen protectors. If you happen to improperly attach the protector, you have a backup. The protectors are built to last, but you get a spare one.

If you want to increase your chances of properly attaching the screen protector, make sure that you watch a video tutorial or take your time and read the instructions.

There are no drawbacks to this protector. It is affordable and one of the most highly-rated protectors available in 2024.

The bottom line is that these screen protectors are exceptionally clear. The material also helps to reduce oil and smudges on the watch, while also protecting from any damage. So, if you have a 38mm Apple watch, this is perhaps your best option.

1. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield 42mm Anti-Bubble Ultra HD Screen Protectors

Sale ArmorSuit 6 Pack for Apple Watch 42mm (Series 3/2/1 Compatible) Screen Protector MilitaryShield HD Clear Film - Made in USA
And here is the screen protector that makes the top of the list. These ArmorSuit screen protectors are intended for 42mm Apple watches and will work with either Series 1 or 2 watches. As with the previous entry, you can expect a quality protector and these advantages:

  • Ultra-clear and thin material to prevent any reduction in screen quality
  • Perfectly aligns with the contours of the watch face
  • The material is scratchproof and resistant to yellowing
  • Military-grade material uses self-healing technology to help prevent scratches
  • You get 2 screen protectors
  • Backed by a lifetime replacement warranty!

On top of the great benefits of using this screen protector, there are no disadvantages to mention.

As with any screen protector, you need to be careful while applying the protector. But, if you can attach the screen without any bubbles then this should be the only protector that you’ll ever need.

Find the Best Screen Protector for Your Apple Watch

With regular use, your watch is bound to eventually get a scratch. These top 10 best Apple watch screen protectors in 2024 provide the best chances of protecting your watch from damage.

Before you make your final decision, consider your options – compare prices, ease of application, and durability.

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  1. Ever since the first smart watch was introduced, nobody looked the same at regular watches, especially gadget enthusiasts. A smart watch does so much more than just to tell time. They can do all the regular activities that a smartphone can such as taking calls, sending text messages, checking social media feeds and so on.

    Apple hopped onboard a bit late with their Apple Watch. However, the popularity of their new product picked up the pace quite easily just like any other product they released. The Apple Watch quickly became the most popular model on the market and the competitors could do nothing about it.

    Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors in 2017

    One of the key features that makes the Apple Watch so popular how well it is integrated into the Apple ecosystem. The OS and the features it offers were tailored to complement an iPhone or iPad. However, there is a problem. Just like any other smart device, it can easily be damaged by scratches. The Apple Watch needs to be protected by a screen protector in order to preserve it as long as possible or prevent accidental damage. Due to its small size, most manufacturers offer only cases but we were able to find screen protectors as well. Here are the top 10 best apple watch screen protectors in 2017.

    10. OMOTON Apple Watch Glass Screen Protector

    The thing that makes glass screen protectors so efficient is their ability to dissipate impact force as they shatter into fragments when hit. This protects the screen from serious damage. The OMOTON Apple Watch screen protector comes as a kit that includes two protective films.

    Each film is only 42 mm in thickness and it is made of glass with a hardness of 9H. It is durable and quite resilient. It has a high optical transmittance which means it will not cause slowness in response and it will not alter the image quality.

    9. JideTech Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Apple Watch

    JideTech tempered glass screen protector for Apple Watch is an inexpensive option that can help protect the gadget from mild scratches and impacts. The product comes in the form of a thin glass film with a hardness of 9H.

    Being made out of glass means that it will not generate bubbles when applied on the screen of the watch. At the same time it is extremely easy to install using silicone adhesive. Its thin enough not to make the watch feel slow or react with a delay to user interaction.

    8. Kasima Apple Watch Case With Screen Protector

    The Kasima kit offers a great value for the money. It includes a small transparent case and a ultra durable screen protector. Even if some might not need the case, the film protector still makes it worth the buy.

    Its screen protector is made of a flexible clear plastic material that is thin and clear enough not to alter the quality of the display or create lag. Installation might seem a bit difficult as it takes a bit of care in order to avoid having bubbles beneath the screen protector.

    7. Orzly InvisiCase Apple Watch Screen Protector

    The Orzly Apple Watch screen protector is an interesting product that comes with a different approach. Instead of being cut to fit only the screen the film extends to the sides, leaving just the buttons exposed. This gives extra protections for the sides of the screen.

    Looking at the quality of the film, the model is made of a flexible material to make it easy to snap it on. Also it is extremely clear and quite thin which is a great plus as it does not take away the beauty of the watch.

    6. Suptech Apple Watch Screen Protector

    The Suptech Apple Watch Screen Protector is more than a mere film that goes over the display of the device. It is actually a bit larger with edges that extend to the sides but without going over the buttons.

    Unlike other film protectors the Suptech uses a crystal clear material. This means that it will not alter the quality of the display. Also the side rim was made to match the color of the watch in order not to alter its visual design.

    5. IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Apple Watch Screen Protector

    IQ Shield LiQuidSkin offers excellent protection and for the money it is difficult to find something better. The screen protector is made of a thin film that is easy to install without much difficulties. However it does require a bit of care in order to remove and prevent bubbles from forming under it.

    As expected the film is crystal clear and does not cause a slowly responding touchscreen. The sensitivity in response of the watch remains unaltered with the film on.

    4. Luxqueen Smart Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Apple Watch

    Luxqueen screen protector is a an affordable option for the ones that are concerned about damaging their Apple Watch. It is inexpensive and quite resilient. The model was made to fit perfectly onto the display of an Apple Watch.

    The screen protector is made of a hard and scratch resistant glass with a hardness of 9H. It has a high light transmittance and high sensitivity making up for a lag free experience. The model is available in both the 42 and the 38 mm version for both models of Apple Watch.

    3. Skinomi TechSkin Apple Watch Screen Protector

    The Skinomi TechSkin Apple Watch screen protector offers a great value for the money. It comes as a six pack and the total price makes each screen protector extremely cheap. Surprisingly they are just as good as more expensive protectors.

    While it is not made of tempered glass the screen protector was instead made of PET. This makes it flexible and easy to install. The thinness of the model makes it almost invisible to the naked eye and does not make the touchscreen feel slow in any way.

    2. iMacket Apple Watch Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    The iMacket Apple Watch screen protector is a great pick for the proud owners of such a gadget. It is a kit containing two tempered glass screen protectors. Each screen protector is made of high durability glass with a hardness of 9H.

    One thing that is unusual is the fact that the manufacturers offer a lifetime replacement warranty which is good to have but nobody will replace a damaged screen protector. On the other hand, the fact that there are two screen protectors in the kit will ensure that even if one breaks there is a spare available.

    1. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Apple Watch Screen Protector

    The ArmorSuit MilitaryShied Apple Watch screen protector is by far the most popular product on the market. It is an affordable screen protector made of PET . This means that is flexible and easy to install. Surprisingly the protector has been designed to prevent bubbles from forming when installing it.

    Once it is placed over the screen of an Apple Watch the protector will stay on yet it is easy to remove. Its thinness makes it almost invisible to spot and does not cause any delays in reaction time from the watch.

    As a general rule, screen protectors are either made of PED or tempered glass. Both of them have their pros and cons but the vast majority of users prefer PED ones. However, tempered glass is more resilient to scratches and can survive minor damage without forcing the user to replace it.

    For both options the result in terms of user experience is the same. As long as the film is fairly thin and clear, the touchscreen will not respond to user gestures with a delay. Also the image quality will be decent as screen protectors are made to be as clear as possible.

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