Top 10 Best Apple Watch Cases in 2023


There’s no denying the appeal of Apple products. Their cool appearance, user-friendly features, and versatility make them universal favorites.

That said, they are also not cheaply priced. If you’re going to spend the money to buy an Apple Watch 2, then it makes sense to keep it as safe and protected as possible while you wear it.

One of the best ways to protect your Apple Watch 2 is to invest in a case for it. A good watch case does nothing to affect the usability of the watch. Instead, it provides protection for the screen from all angles cover that will keep your Apple Watch 2 safe even if you fall or accidentally hit it with something.

To help you out, we’ve compiled our list of the top 10 best Apple Watch 2 cases in 2023. We’ll give you pros and cons for each so you can make the right choice for your needs and budget. But first, let’s talk about what a good Apple Watch case should do.

What to Look for in an Apple Watch 2 Screen Protector

Before we list our ten favorites, let’s talk about the things you should consider when buying an Apple Watch 2 Case.

  • The first consideration is the material the case is made of. You have two basic choices when it comes to choosing a case for your Apple Watch 2.
  • Some watch protectors are made of metal that wraps around the edges of the watch. These cases protect the edges of the watch screen and also provide some protection to the screen itself by virtue of the raised lip around the edge.
  • Other watch cases are made of plastic. Some are designed in a way similar to the metal cases that wrap around the screen without covering it, while others incorporate a screen protector as well.
  • The next consideration is the appearance of the case. Some cases are bulkier than others. Men may not mind a case that adds some heft to the watch, while women may prefer a thinner case. This is very much a matter of personal preference.
  • Finally, the price is always a consideration. Some of the cases available are very affordable while others qualify as a bit of a splurge.

Now that you know what to consider, let’s talk about our picks for the top 10 best Apple Watch 2 cases in 2023.

Best Apple Watch Cases in 2023

10. X-Doria 42mm Apple Watch Case

The first product on our list is the X-Doria 42mm Apple Watch Case (Defense Edge) Premium Aluminum and TPU Bumper Frame (Charcoal) – Compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, Series 2 and Nike+. Here’s why it made our list:

  • Anodized metal exterior provides serious protection for your watch
  • Rubber lining ensures that metal won’t come into contact with or scratch your watch
  • Easy-to-use, snap-on design

As you might expect, there are a few potential downsides to consider, too:

  • The case is a bit bulky and may be too big for some people’s taste
  • Improper attachment may result in the case popping off
  • The case traps moisture from sweat, hand washing, etc., and needs to be cleaned regularly

This case isn’t inexpensive, but it comes in an array of colors and gives the Apple Watch a cool look.

9. Apple Watch Series 2 38mm Case

The next case on our list is the Apple Watch Series 2 38mm Case, Caseology [Vault Series] Flexible TPU Slim Body Shield [Matte Black] [Stealth Armor] for Apple Watch Series 2. We like it for a lot of reasons, but here are a few of the most impressive:

  • Extremely affordable model makes protecting your Apple Watch easy
  • Case is a single piece made of resilient, shock-absorbent TPU material
  • Raised lip provides full protection for the watch corners and protection for the screen, too

As you might expect, there are a few potential caveats:

  • The case offers some protection for the screen but does not cover it entirely
  • There’s only one color choice – black
  • Fits only the 38 mm watch

On the whole, this is a very affordable and stylish case. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, but it gets the job done.

8. Apple watch Series 2 42MM Case

The #8 case on our list is the Apple watch Series 2 42MM Case, Monoy 2-Pack (Clear+Grey) New Design Slim Clear 2nd PC Hard Screen Protector for iwatch Series 2 42mm 2016 (PC Hard Case). Here are some of the things we like about it:

  • Snap-on case is made of durable, clear PC
  • Offers full protection for the screen and corners with easy installation
  • Allows access to all watch features without affecting its look

There are a few potential cons to keep in mind:

  • If you work out with the watch on, the screen may fog as moisture accumulates
  • The fit around some of the buttons is a bit tight and may make scrolling a bit slow
  • Case may pop off if used during vigorous activity

On the whole, this is an affordable case that allows the Apple Watch to shine without adding bulk.

7. X-Doria 42mm Apple Watch Case

Coming in at #7 on our list is the X-Doria 42mm Apple Watch Case (Defense Edge) Premium Aluminum and TPU Bumper Frame. We like this because it offers full protection:

  • Aluminum frame provides protection for the entire watch while still looking stylish.
  • The lining is soft rubber so the aluminum does not come into contact with, or damage, your Apple Watch 2.
  • Easy snap-on design works in seconds.

There are a few caveats to consider:

  • This design protects the edges of your Apple 2 Watch perfectly but will not protect the center of the screen.
  • Only has one microphone cut-out, which may impact your ability to hear the music clearly.
  • Price tag is on the steep side.

If you’re looking for a stylish and modern way to protect the edges of your Apple Watch 2, this is a good choice.

6. Apple watch 2 Case , Sfmn Soft Clear TPU Cover Case

Appearing at #6 on our list is the Apple watch 2 Case , Sfmn Soft Clear TPU Cover Case for iwatch Series 2. This is a case and not a protector, but it makes our list of these reasons:

  • Easy, snap-on design actually enhances the appearance of the watch, providing full protection.
  • Raised edges protect the watch even if it lands face down.
  • Specially designed for the Apple Watch 2, the case allows full access to all ports.

Before you buy, here are a few potential issues to keep in mind:

  • While the design does offer a good amount of protection for the screen, it does not actually cover the full screen.
  • It does add a little – but not much – bulk to the watch because it snaps on over the face.

With the exception of those two things, this is a great case at an affordable price.

5. Apple Watch 2 Case,Misxi iphone Watch 2 PC Hard Screen Protector

Next up, at #5 on our list, is the Apple Watch 2 Case,Misxi iphone Watch 2 PC Hard Screen Protector Ultra Thin All-around Cover For New iWatch Series 2. This is what we like about it:

  • A cover is made of very thin, PC material that conforms to the shape of the watch.
  • All-around design offers the combined protection of a screen protector and a case.
  • Protects from dust, fingerprints, and scratches while offering full access to the watch’s functions.

This is a great case because it covers the whole watch, but there are a few potential negatives:

  • There may be a slight rainbow effect when looking at the watch in bright light.
  • While the cover is very thin, it does slightly impair the swiping motion to switch between screens.
  • The lack of adhesive means that this cover may fall off if not properly attached.

On the whole, this is a great case that offers full protection for your Apple Watch 2.

4. Fintie Apple Watch Case 42mm

The #4 case on our list is great if you want to be able to change the appearance of your Apple Watch depending on your move. It’s the [6 Color Pack] Fintie Apple Watch Case 42mm, Ultra Slim Lightweight Polycarbonate Hard Protective Bumper Cover for All Versions 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 / 1 / Original (2015) with Retail Packaging, and here’s why we like it:

  • Six premium polycarbonate cases to fit any 42 mm Apple watch
  • Comes with a total of six cases in the following colors: black, silver, red, rose gold, light blue, and bright green
  • Slim design protect your watch without adding bulk to it

There are a few things that could use improvement here, such as:

  • Case provides protection for the edges of the watch but not the screen
  • Dust may build up between the edge of the case and the watch, so you’ll need to clean it regularly
  • The color choices may not be for everybody

If you like variety, then these slim little cases offer the opportunity to make one watch look like six.

3. Spigen Rugged Armor Apple Watch Case

The #3 Apple Watch 2 screen protector on our list is the Spigen Rugged Armor Apple Watch Case with Resilient Shock Absorption. Here why we added it to our list:

  • Cool design features a clear cover and carbon fiber textures.
  • Flexible frame hugs the watch while providing full access to all ports and features.
  • Durable TPU material lasts a long time, even with constant use.

And here are a few potential negatives to keep in mind:

  • Because this is a snap-on case, it does add a bit of bulk to the watch.
  • The case can be somewhat difficult to remove.
  • The rugged look may not be ideal for everybody.

At this price, it’s hard to find a case that’s going to do a better job of protecting your Apple Watch 2. The only real downside is that it adds some bulk to the watch.

2. Spigen Tough Armor Apple Watch Case

Coming in at #2 on our list is the Spigen Tough Armor Apple Watch Case with Extreme Heavy Duty Protection and Built-In Screen Protector. This is an attractive case that’s tough as well. Here’s why we like it:

  • All-cushion technology and dual protection keep your watch safe from harm.
  • Shock-absorbing TPU interior + Polycarbonate exterior protect watch even if you fall.
  • Attractive rose gold color adds a bit of flair to your watch.

As always, there are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • The screen protector is separate and can bubble up a bit in the middle.
  • Snap-on design can be a bit difficult to attach.
  • The screen is not watertight, so you may need to remove it and dry your watch after swimming.

What we really like about this product is that it looks beautiful and the color is unique, but it also offers serious protection.

1. Apple Watch Case Series 1 Series 2, iitee 5-in-1 Universal Full Armor Case and Band Strap

Finally, our top pick is the Apple Watch Case Series 1 Series 2, iitee 5-in-1 Universal Full Armor Case and Band Strap with Screen Protector. This is a great case that offers terrific protection:

  • Kit includes an Apple Watchband, snap-on cases in five different colors, and screen protectors.
  • Full-body design protects your entire watch while offering full access to its features.
  • Affordable price and versatility make this a real bargain.

While there’s a lot to love about this watch, there are a few things to think about:

  • The cases are usable only with the band that comes in this package, so if you have another band you want to use you’ll need a separate case and/or screen protector.
  • Like all cases, it adds a bit of bulk to the watch itself.

If you can get past these minor inconveniences, this case offers a nice versatility combined with stellar protection.


If you’re going to spend up to $400 on an Apple Watch 2, it makes sense to protect your investment. The 10 screen protectors and cases on this list are a great way to enjoy your watch while still protecting it from harm.

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  1. The Apple Watch is an expensive accessory and like anything else it is permanently exposed to scratch and drop damage. Fortunately, cases started to become available for the device and most of them are quite good. Some of them come in the form of transparent rigid screen protectors while others are a bit more bulky. With no further ado here are the top 10 best Apple Watch cases in 2017.

    10. Monoy Apple Watch Case

    The Monoy is an ultra thin Apple Watch case that comes with a simple design which does not take away the beauty of the device. It is also one of the more affordable models mostly due to its simplicity and ease of use. It comes in the form of a clip-on transparent display case that protects it from scratches and direct impacts. The model features cutouts for the watch buttons and it is easy to snap on the Apple Watch.

    9. Poetic Apple Watch All In One Ultra Rugged Active Workout Case

    The Poetic case basically converts the Apple Watch into a spots watch. It has a rugged build that feels solid and protective enough to keep the watch away from any kind of harm. It as a large cutout for one of the buttons while the rest are covered by the case. The band and the case itself are made of a soft elastic material that offers excellent impact absorption.

    8. Spigen Air Cushion Apple Watch Case

    Spigen focuses a lot on cases by building products that offer excellent protection. The Air Cushion Apple Watch case is made of a soft TPU material that is flexible yet provides excellent protection and maintains the design minimal. The model is available in two colors and it is compatible with the 2015 version of the watch.

    7. Luvvitt Cristal Case For Apple Watch

    Luvvitt made an extremely thin and compact case for the Apple Watch. It is actually a transparent case that covers both the front and back of the watch but leaving a space open so it can be connected to a charging dock. The model is made of a hard polycarbonate case that offers excellent protection against dust, scratches and shocks.

    6. Spigen Resilient Apple Watch Case

    The Spigen Resilient Armor Case for the Apple Watch offers premium protection in a decent form factor. It is not the slimmest case but it is certainly not the largest one. The model comes with a flexible TPU case and a soft wrist wrap. It includes two screen protectors and comes with covers for the side buttons. The model is compatible with the 2015 edition of the Apple Watch.

    5. i-Blason Rugged Protective Apple Watch Case

    i-Blason offers a simple yet efficient Apple Watch case for a reasonable price. The Rugged case is made of soft polycarbonate and has a snap-in design. It was made to protect the screen and the back of the watch. It does not have button covers but due to its shape it does protect them in case of a drop. The model is currently available in five different colors and come with a matching wrist band.

    4. JETech Apple Watch Case

    The JETech is probably the most affordable Apple Watch case on the market. It has a simple design that only protects the front side of the watch and it comes with matching wrist bands. The model is quite sturdy and features a snap-on design. It is made of PC and TPU that offers a comfortable sensation and reliable protection.

    3. Spigen Tough Armor Apple Watch Case

    Spigen’s Tough Armor apple watch case is a solid option for the ones that need something to offer them full protection. It is one of the few models that comes with a built-in screen protector and a front and back cover. It includes matching wrist bands and it is made of a combination of hard PC and soft TPU.

    2. Spigen Ultra-Thin Apple Watch Case

    The Spigen Ultra-Thin case for the Apple Watch is a great case for the ones that do not want something that alters the beauty of the device. It is actually made of a clear soft TPU polycarbonate that is both durable and flexible. The model is extremely easy to install and it is compatible with the 2015 version of the Apple Watch.

    1. Spigen Exact Fit Apple Watch

    The Spigen Exact Fit is probably the slimmest model available on the market. It is made of a thin layer of TPU polycarbonate that offers premium protection and durability. The model is easy to install and come sin four different colors. Just as the name says the Spigen was made to offer a perfect fit for the 2015 version of the Apple Watch.


    The prices of most Apple Watch cases are in the same range making the budget available almost irrelevant. The difference between them is the level of protection they offer for the watch and how big they look. Regardless all the models in our top 10 have a visually appealing design and offer excellent protection for a reasonable price.

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