Top 10 Best Adjustable Bar Stools in 2024


There are not that many people that actually have a bar setup at home. For some, it might seem like something out of place or not suitable for a living room but if done right it can truly add personally to the interior of an apartment or house. The very first thing that needs to be on the shopping list is a set of an adjustable bar stool. They will prove their worth when having someone over or hosting a small party. Barstool simply adds a special touch that transforms the room.

Having adjustable bar stools does bring in some advantages. The first major plus is that they take very little floor space. They are made to be compact but comfortable enough. Speaking of comfort, bar stools are not that bad. Even if they are small, they still provide decent support. Some of them even have a bit of back support and a soft padded surface. As for adjustments, most of them have a variable height. The most important aspect that makes a bar stool so easy to recognize is the fact that they swivel. A good stool is designed in such a way that it is difficult to knock down and comfortable enough.

The good news is that there is no shortage when it comes to model diversity. There are plenty of greatly adjustable bar stools to choose from but we had to pick just 10. Only 10 of them were deemed purchase worthy due to their build quality, design and overall utility. Here is what we assembled for our list of the recommendations for the top 10 best adjustable bar stools in 2024.

Best Adjustable Bar Stools in 2024

10. HomCom Modern Adjustable Pub Swivel Barstool


The HomCom adjustable barstool is surely appealing in terms of design. It has a sleek design without using any leather but comes with all the functionality one would expect. The seat can have its height adjusted and it can swivel like any barstool. It offers decent back support and can handle a maximum load of 280 pounds. The base of the seat is made out of metal and comes with a chrome finish.


  • Modern, appealing design
  • Comes as a set of 2
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors


  • Not very comfortable and difficult to clean

The barstool looks very appealing but the material used is quite difficult to clean. Unlike leather, it has small perforations and it does not have enough padding. Sitting on the stool for several hours might prove to be quite uncomfortable.

Sale HOMCOM Adjustable Bar Stools Set of 2, Rattan Bar Height Barstools with Swivel for Pub Counter Kitchen

9. Homall Bar Stool Walnut Bentwood Adjustable Height Leather Bar Stool


Homall bar stool is a great pick for the ones that like a more conservative design. It a wooden back with leather that makes it comfortable to sit on. The seat itself also comes covered in leather. Being a bar stool means that the stainless steel frame allows the heights to be adjusted and it can swivel. In terms of durability, it is fairly well constructed and can support a maximum weight of 288 pounds. As for design and diversity, the model can be found in either black or white leather.


  • Stylish conservative design
  • Genuine leather for the back and seat
  • Wooden black


  • A bit smaller than expected

The seat is a bit smaller in reality. All the pictures of the product give a false impression that is quite large when it is not. Even if it is smaller, in reality, the chair is large enough and comfortable to sit it. The ones that are looking for something large should consider other models.

Homall Bar Stools Walnut Bentwood Adjustable Height Leather Modern Barstools with Back Vinyl Seat Extremely Comfy Bar Stool 1 Piece (Black)

8. Flash Furniture Walnut Bentwood Adjustable Height Barstool with Button Tufted Black


The Flash Furniture Walnut Bentwood bar stool is remarkably appealing with its design. It is a modern stool with walnut at the bottom and back of the seat. The leather is used to give it a modern look while the cushioning makes it very comfortable to sit in. The model has a small lever right under the seat to adjust the height and can swivel. The base is made out of stainless steel and has a designated frame to offer foot support. It can be found in 3 different colors and comes with a decent price tag.


  • Modern design
  • Durable construction
  • Walnut finish


  • Poor instructions manual

The manual is not very helpful and there is a problem with that. Beneath the seat, the top column has a black plug that prevents the seat to have its height adjusted. It basically blocks the seat for safety reasons during transportation. The manual does not tell much about this.

Sale Flash Furniture Magnus Walnut Bentwood Adjustable Height Barstool with Button Tufted Black Vinyl Seat

7. Flash Furniture Walnut Bentwood Adjustable Height Barstool with Curved Back


Flash Furniture managed to have several of their models on our list and their walnut barstool with curved back is the most popular seat. It has a walnut back and seat finishes with leather and a comfortable padding. The frame of the stool is made out of stainless steel and has a chrome finish. As any other bar stool, it as a designated support for the feet and can have the height adjusted using the lever beneath the seat. The seat and also swivel and comes in two different colors.


  • Modern design
  • Walnut finish and padded leather
  • Durable steel frame and chrome finish


  • Walnut finish gets scratched easily

The finish of the seat makes it gorgeous product. It looks great but it required a bit of care. The issue comes from the actual finish of the wooden parts. It is very easy to get it scratched and ruin the aspect of the seat.

Sale Flash Furniture Farley Walnut Bentwood Adjustable Height Barstool with Curved Back and Black Vinyl Seat

6. Roundhill Furniture Masaccio Cushioned Leatherette Upholstery Barstool


Roundhill Furniture Masaccio bar stool has a very interesting design that makes it look like the seat and the back are a single piece with just a small gap separating them. The seat is completely covered in leather with just a thin chrome trim. For better looks, the metal frame has a chrome finish and has a 360-degree swivel. The model uses faux leather but it looks almost the same as the real thing. It can be found in several different colors for the leather and it is shipped as a set of 2.


  • Comes as a set of 2
  • Durable faux leather construction
  • Durable metal frame with chrome finish


  • The faux leather is not very durable

The faux leather used does not a natural look and feel but sadly it is not as durable as the real thing. It should be able to survive for a couple of years but in time, it will develop wear and tear issues that cannot be fixed all that easy.

Roundhill Furniture Masaccio Cushioned Leatherette Upholstery Airlift Adjustable Swivel Barstool with Chrome Base, Set of 2, Caramel

5. Homall Bar Stools Swivel Black Bonded Leather Barstool


Homall bar stool is probably the most comfortable model on our list. It is covered entirely in faux leather but the padding makes them very soft. The seats can support a maximum load of 280 pounds making them quite durable. The seats can swivel and have a small lever beneath that can be used to adjust the height. For the frame, the manufacturers used a chromed finish that is easy to clean. As for value, the model comes as a pack of 2 and features a really attractive price tag.


  • Inexpensive
  • Very comfortable padding
  • Easy to assemble


  • Leather is not very durable

The PU leather used for the seat makes the stool very easy to clean. It does have some issues with durability but it is not as bad as some of the other models on our list. The leather will last for a few years but after some time, it will start to develop cracks and tears depending on how frequently they are used.

Homall Bar Stools Modern PU Leather Adjustable Swivel Barstools, Armless Hydraulic Kitchen Counter Bar Stool Synthetic Leather Extra Height Square Island Barstool with Back Set of 2(Black)

4. BestOffice Black 2 PU Leather Modern Adjustable Swivel Barstool


The BestOffice black PU leather bar stools are a good pick for the ones that are on a tight budget. They are decently made using PU leather and a metal frame. Unlike other stools, the frame has a matte black finish that does not get as dirty as the chromed ones and has a rubber ring on the bottom that prevents them from scratching the floor. The seats can have their height adjusted and can swivel. In terms of weight capacity, the stools can support up to 300 pounds.


  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable padded leather seats
  • Matte black finish


  • Easy to assemble, almost impossible to disassemble

The quality of the chairs is not that bad. Assembly is very easy and straightforward but when it comes to taking them apart, the seats are almost impossible to disassemble. The parts fit well together but they cannot be taken apart easily.

Sale BestOffice Bar Stools Set of 2 Counter Height Swivel Stool PU Leather Modern Height Adjustable Swivel Barstools Hydraulic Chair Bar Stools

3. BestOffice Modern Adjustable Synthetic Leather Swivel Bar Stool


The BestOffice modern adjustable bar stools will fit well inside a living room or kitchen. The modern design combined with durable synthetic leather and a stylish chrome rim on the edges of the seat makes them quite appealing. The seat comes in a set of 2 for a decent price tag. In terms of durability, the frame is made out of metal with a chrome finish which can support about 280 pounds. Last but not least, the seats can be found in 3 different colors.


  • Comes as a set of 3
  • Durable supports up to 280 pounds
  • Modern design


  • Small imperfections on the chrome finish

Not all the seats will have imperfections but it seems that some of them do. There are some that will come with imperfections on the frame. The chrome finish might have some small cracks and warps.

Sale Set of 2 Bar Stools, Counter Height Adjustable Bar Chairs with Back Barstools PU Leather Swivel Bar Stool Kitchen Counter Stools Dining Chairs (Black)

2. Roundhill Furniture Contemporary Chrome Air Lift Adjustable Swivel Stool


Roundhill bar stool is an excellent pick for the ones that like minimalist designs. They do not have support for the back but they are decently comfortable to sit on. It is made using white leather covering the entire seat and a metal frame with a chrome finish. Assembly is very simple and straightforward. Height adjustment is done using the lever beneath the seat while the bottom side of the frame has a special extension to support the feet.


  • Minimalistic modern design
  • Comes as a set of 2
  • High-quality faux leather


  • Not as comfortable as most other seats

The stool tries to preserve a minimalistic design and that means that the seat itself is quite thin. This translates into a thinner cushioning layer which is good enough but not nearly as comfortable as most other bar stools that made it to our list.

Roundhill Furniture Contemporary Chrome Air Lift Adjustable Swivel Stools with White Seat, Set of 2

1. Winsome Wood Air Lift Adjustable Stool


The Winsome Wood adjustable bar stool is quite similar to the Roundhill model. It has the same minimalistic design but with black leather and a thicker padding that makes it much more comfortable to sit on. The seat supports a maximum load of 200 pounds and has a metal chromed frame. Height adjustment is done with the lever beneath the seat and has a metal support for the feet. As for pricing, the seats are inexpensive and come in a set of 2.


  • Minimalistic design
  • Chromed metal stool base
  • Easy to assemble


  • Rubber protective plastic beneath the base is not very durable

The seats have a rubber gasket glued to the base of the seat that should prevent it from scratching the floor. Sadly, these gaskets are not that durable and will come off after a while. They can also break into pieces which is why it is better to ensure that the surface on which they stand does not get scratched easily.

Sale Winsome Wood Air Lift Adjustable Stools, Set of 2

What Makes a Barstool Worth Spending Money On?

There have been a lot of comments from people that are just not happy with their purchase. The barstools they purchased are just not up to par in terms of quality or they do not meet expectations. Returning an unwanted set of barstools can be annoying since they need to be disassembled, repacked, sent back then wait for a refund. Getting the right model in the first place can help avoid this annoying process. What matters the most is to look at the right things that matter when it comes to barstools. Here are some vital pointers:

  • Air or hydraulic? Bar stools can have an air or hydraulic height adjustment. Hydraulic is always better and much more reliable. There are fewer things that can go wrong with it.
  • Comfort: A barstool needs to be comfortable to sit in. This means that it needs to have some cushioning and support for the back.
  • Maximum supported weight: Maximum supported weight can be important. Some stools support as little as 150 pounds while others can go up to 280 pounds. This value is dictated by the build quality and durability of the stool base.

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