Top 10 Best Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powders in 2024


Activated charcoal is more popularly known for its use in absorbing poisons and toxins from the body in the event of ingestion. Its highly absorbent surface adheres to toxins and then moves through the digestive system to be expelled. Activated charcoal is created from regular charcoal that is then heated by gas. Thus, this makes it very effective at toxin and poison removal.

This is the same principle of absorption that is used to whiten teeth. The finely milled powder draws toxins from the mouth and removes stains from the teeth. It has also been proven to affect the PH level of the mouth in a positive way. It prevents the growth and proliferation of harmful bacteria in the mouth that causes cavities and as well as the gum disease, gingivitis.

More and more people have become knowledgeable in using activated charcoal to promote healthy oral health. This popular trend has made waves in the world of natural, hygiene maintenance.

  • Here are some major components you should look for when you select your activated charcoal teeth whitening powder:
  • Has the power to whiten your teeth.
  • The container should be a considerable amount that allows you to see benefits through the duration of use of that one container.
  • Natural ingredients that will not be too harsh on your enamel.
  • Price should be reasonable.

Best Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powders in 2024

We have looked up some of the top rated brands and products and provided some sound advice on which ones make the cut of top ten. Some of the most popular ones in 2024 are listed here.

10. Activated Charcoal Powder from Majestic Pure

Majestic Pure Activated Charcoal Powder for DIY Recipes - Facial Masks, Facial Scrubs, Knee Lightening, Underarm Lightening, Homemade Eyeliner, Mascara, and Teeth Whitening , 8 oz

First up is this activated charcoal powder from Majestic Pure. Here a few reasons why this makes our list:

  • This product is all-natural, but you should definitely do a patch test be done to ensure that allergic reactions will not occur.
  • We think this product is great for DIY recipes such as facial masks, facial scrubs, underarm lightening, knee lightening, elbow lightening, homemade eyeliner, homemade mascara, and teeth whitening paste.
  • The jar label comes with a few recipes for other suggested uses outside of teeth whitening, which is very helpful for beginners.

We do have a few concerns about the product such as:

  • It is a little messy in the jar and on the application.
  • It is not safe for children.

Overall, this versatile, all-natural product has many uses and is a safe alternative to whitening toothpaste.

9. Activated Charcoal Toothpaste by Moody Zook

No products found.

Next, we have the Moody Zook activated charcoal powder that is made from burnt coconut shells and added sage.

There are notable positive points about this powder:

  • Sage promotes the overall health of the oral cavity. When it is combined with charcoal, they help prevent mouth infections as well as maintain white and healthy teeth and gums.
  • It helps to boost skin’s resistance to inflammation while delaying the signs of aging.

The downsides that we noticed are:

  • It may take up to three weeks to really see results, which is not horrible, but we would prefer faster results.
  • It can also be known to feel a little dusty which can get messy.
  • It does not contain multifunctional charcoal, so it limits this product to oral care only.

The verdict is that it does leave the mouth feeling fresher, longer and does not leave any awkward aftertaste.

8. Natural Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Teeth Whitening with Organic Cinnamon by Sagano

Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit,Waterproof Black Smooth Liquid Eyeliner and No Glue 3 Pair 3D Reusable 5 Magnets False Lashes with Eyelash Tweezer for Party Dating Wedding

Coming in at #8 on the list is the Sagano-activated charcoal powder that has added cinnamon, giving it another dimension of flavor.

We appreciated the following things about this powder:

  • The cinnamon is a natural pain reliever and can help to alleviate sensitivity in the teeth and gums.
  • Using it two to three times a week can help you see improvements in your oral discomfort.

However, we did notice that:

  • The addition of cinnamon is supposed to provide flavor, but it does not have enough to be noticeable.
  • Cinnamon may also deter customers from this product because of a personal spice and smell preference.

It can be worth noting that this is a good option for those trying to whiten their teeth through natural means. The Cinnamon may add more of an aromatic smell rather than taste which can work well in all users’ favor.

7. Majestic Pure Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Powder – Natural Teeth Whitener with Coconut Charcoal

Teeth Whitening Charcoal 4 Oz Old Package Version

At #7 on our list is the Majestic Pure activated charcoal powder.

We recommend this product on this list because:

  • It is 100% natural which is always a plus for a consumer.
  • You can simply just add it to your wet toothbrush. Using a soft toothbrush would definitely be ideal.
  • The baking soda helps with whitening your teeth, as well as providing a debris removal effect.
  • The formula helps with both stain removal and polishing of the teeth. We do like that flavors are enhanced naturally with the use of essential oils. A plus is that they are also germ-killing agents.

There are a few cons that consumers should be aware of:

  • We would advise you to be cautious about overly using this product. It can cause your teeth to feel more sensitive and your enamel may be at risk.
  • Although essential oils are considered natural and if you are concerned about their purity level, you may not be getting that with this powder.

Looking for 100% natural products can be difficult. This one in particular provides users with a safe confidence that they will not be absorbing any harmful chemicals.

6. Black Pearl Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening – Organic & All Natural – Remineralizing Tooth Powder

Activated Charcoal Powder with Bamboo Toothbrush for Teeth Whitening | Made in USA | Teeth Stain Remover | Safe for Gums & Enamel | Natural Toothpaste with Vegan Coconut Charcoal & Bentonite Clay

Making it to #6 is the Black Pearl activated charcoal powder that helps to naturally whiten teeth.

We were impressed with the following characteristics:

  • It removes the stains from the enamel and remineralizes the teeth.
  • This powder uses a perfect blend of herbs and spices to eliminate bad breath, which is caused by bacteria. At the same time, it gives your mouth a clean taste and feels similar to what would be experienced with traditional toothpaste.
  • The herbs and spices add extra benefits to maintain healthy, oral hygiene. We strongly believe that natural odor control and oral care are more effective.

Our complaints would be that:

  • The artificial mint flavoring and added menthol provides the familiar feel of toothpaste, yet they can be harmful to someone looking for a more natural product.
  • It can also be very messy in your bathroom. The black components tend to get all over your sink after rinsing your mouth.

Being reasonably priced for the types of ingredients you get with the product can be appreciated.

5. InVitamin Natural Whitening Tooth & Gum Powder with Activated Charcoal

InVitamin Natural Whitening Activated Charcoal Powder for Teeth and Gums (Spearmint)

Ranked midpoint in the list is this InVitamin Natural Whitening Tooth & Gum Powder jar.

The pros of this product include:

  • You get twice as much use as you would from any standard-sized toothpaste. You may also choose to add it to your regular toothpaste.
  • The ingredients are 100% naturally occurring. InVitamin has been certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Program. That is reassuring to customers who prefer brands that are community conscious.
  • It contains very effective activated charcoal. By simply adding natural ingredients, consumers are able to experience additional oral health benefits.

The cons would be that:

  • This product can get very messy.
  • Sometimes, small particles can get stuck in your teeth and gums so it is important to rinse thoroughly.

The amount you get in one tube is definitely something that many consumers can back. Especially for families, it makes it more value for the money. Being considered cruelty-free can also give you confidence that it was made with intention.

4. Fine Vine Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder for All Natural Teeth Whitening

No products found.

The #4 pick on our list is the Fine Vine Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder.

We like this powder because:

  • This particular brand whitens teeth two times better than regular whitening toothpaste, strips, kits and gels.
  • Fine Vine’s powder is yet, another very effective blend for use on its own or in combination with your regular toothpaste.
  • It has a good supply of product that should last you between 3 to 6 months, depending on your usage amount.

There are some dislikes to this powder that include:

  • It does tend to leave an aftertaste in the mouth that is not preferable for some consumers.
  • It can be abrasive to enamel so you should not use more than the recommended amount. You may want start with daily use before you begin aggressive treatment just to be sure you ease yourself into it. Then, go ahead and scale it down to two or three times a week for maintenance.

As long as you follow the directions, this product can give you the benefits of whiter teeth without the need for harmful strips or gels that can strip your enamel.

3. Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder

Zen Charcoal Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder, 100% USA Trees, 8 oz

In third place comes the Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder.

Reasons that we like this one is:

  • This 100% pure activated charcoal features a free scoop.
  • It is convenient that the bag is resealable to lock out moisture and retain freshness.
  • It is very versatile where it can be used on the teeth, skin, hair, body and as well as being ingested for detoxification.
  • It has been CERTIFIED FOOD GRADE. It contains no other additives and is also supported by a money back guarantee, fulfilled within 30 days.

The reason we would say it could use some improvement is:

  • Unfortunately, if not used with caution, it can get everywhere and can be pesky to clean up. It might leave your sink and towels blackened so be sure to be mindful when using it around those areas.

Having a resealable option is a plus for any consumer, which makes it ideal for travel. It is also high standard graded so you know that you will not be getting any harmful ingredients to absorb.

2. Dental Duty ToothBrite Activated Teeth Whitening Charcoal

Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening 2oz| Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder 3-6 Months Supply| Vegan Teeth Whitening - Better Than Strips & Gels| Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Made in USA

The runner-up on the list is the Dental Duty Toothbrite Activated Teeth Whitening Charcoal.

We like this charcoal for the following reasons:

  • This great alternative to teeth whitening treatments offers a chemical and bleach-free option.
  • It is more effective and safer than using teeth whitening strips, gels, pens, lights, or any other whitening products that will eventually erode the tooth enamel.

There are some concerns regarding this product that include:

  • It has been known to make some consumers feel sensitivity and in some cases, pain from use.
  • Users mentioned that it was abrasive and they reported stopping use after feeling pain in their gums.

This product is a good alternative to traditional whitening methods that have been known to strip enamel. Although it should be used with caution as the effects may be different for each individual.

1. Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Natural

Active Wow Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder - Whitening Activated Charcoal, Charcoal Vanilla Toothpaste, Fluoride Free, Sulfate & Paraben Free, Charcoal Toothpaste Powder

The final product with the most reviews and comes highly rated is…

The Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder is the number one bestseller on Amazon and here is why:

  • The ingredients are derived from the highest-quality coconut sources.
  • Active Wow’s activated charcoal formula is safe to use for whitening your teeth while being easy on the gums because it is not too abrasive.
  • Active Wow is able to achieve teeth whitening without the use of harmful chemicals and peroxides, etc.
  • It is impressive enough to remove stains from coffee, wine, cigarettes, and other highly pigmented foods.
  • It is safe and gentle enough to be used on a daily basis, or until the desired whitening effect is achieved.

A few complaints would be:

  • For someone who is looking for an immediate effect, this is not the product for you. It whitens the teeth gradually so it could take some time to notice a difference.
  • It does come in a small amount so some would say that it is a little expensive for the value.
  • It can also leave your teeth feeling gritty so be sure to rinse off thoroughly.

This gentle treatment is great for people looking for natural options for whitening their teeth. It does take some time to notice a real difference but with patience, it can be very rewarding.


With so many choices for natural toothpaste and whitening agents, it may become overwhelming to find one that fits your needs and situation. Of course, be cautious of products that may contain active ingredients that cause reactions to your body. Utilizing this list would be a great place to start and getting yourself to whiter, healthier, oral health.

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